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Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 42, Issue 5: Published January 30, 2015

Executive Intelligence Review; Volume 42, Issue 5: Published January 30, 2015

by Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.


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From the Editors:

The contrasting alternatives before mankind became even starker this week, as the global financial and strategic crises intensified. On the one side, we have the first definitive government break with the London-Wall Street austerity system, with the results of the Greek election. This is our Cover Feature, and it represents the opportunity to be seized, immediately, if the economic catastrophe portended by the collapse of the euro is to be avoided. The euro system is at an end, and the choices that nations make now will decide our fate. Ironically, the electoral victory against austerity in Greece will also accelerate the panic in London that is behind the drive for a thermonuclear showdown with Russia. Day by day, more foreign policy experts are warning of the danger of the nuclear war being detonated by the Ukraine crisis-as we report in International; what is lacking is the understanding that the solution lies in a different domain, that of abandoning the monetarist system for a new world financial architecture. It is for that reason that we once again devote a substantial part of this issue to the programmatic solutions to the current crisis that have been developed by Lyndon LaRouche and his colleagues. Our focus this week is the new scientific paradigm required to solve the western United States' water crisis, a crisis that is threatening the food supply and livelihood of not only the U.S., but the rest of the world as well (Feature). After an introduction pointing to the consequences of the current drought, we reprint the section titled, "Solve the World Water Crisis," from EIR's Special Report "The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge," which defines the "metrics of progress" in this critical area of world infrastructure. Fortunately, the ideas elaborated in this article are, at least in some degree, being acted on by the BRICS nations, especially China. Our commemoration of the role of the late Taras Muranivsky in spreading LaRouche's ideas in Russia underscores the potential in that nation as well. As our National lead notes, President Obama's adoption of the Wall Street-London program remains one of the greatest obstacles to moving forward on those ideas. His confrontational program against Russia and China demands decisive action-bankrupting Wall Street and implementing a Hamiltonian credit system now. You'll find that program outlined once again in our editorial, "After Wall Street's Bankruptcy."

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