Explorations in the Ethnography of Speaking

Explorations in the Ethnography of Speaking

by Richard Bauman


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ISBN-13: 9780521098892
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 01/31/1975
Pages: 508

Table of Contents

Introduction to the second edition; Part I. Preface and Introduction: Preface; Introduction; Part II. Communities and Resources for Performance: Introduction; 1. A quantitative paradigm for the study of communicative competence Gillian Sankoff; 2. Language identity of the columbian vaupés indians Jean Jackson; 3. 'Our ancestors spoke in pairs': rotinese views of language, dialect, and code James J. Fox; Part III. Community Ground Rules for Performance: Introduction; 4. Warm springs 'indian time': how the regulation of participation affects the progress of events Susan U. Philips; 5. Contrapuntal conversations in an Antiguan village Karl Reisman; 6. Norm-makers, norm-breakers: uses of speech by men and women in a malagasy community Elinor Keenan; 7. Speaking in the light: the role of the quaker minister Richard Bauman; Part IV. Speech Acts, Events, and Situations: Introduction; 8. Strategies of status manipulation in the wolof greeting Judith T. Irvine; 9. Rituals of encounter among the Maori: sociolinguistic study of a scene Anne Salmond; 10. Speaking of speaking: Tenejapa tzeltal metalinguistics Brian Stross; 11. Black talking on the streets Roger D. Abrahams; 12. Namakke, Sunmakke, Kormakki: three types of cuna speech event Joel Sherzer; 13. The concept and varieties of narrative performance in east European jewish culture Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett; Part V. The Shaping of Artistic Structures in Performance: Introduction; 14. Correlates of cree narrative performance Regna Darnell; 15. An analysis of the course of a joke's telling in conversation Harvey Sacks; 16. When words become deeds: an analysis of three iroquois longhouse speech events Michael K. Foster; 17. The ethnographic context of some traditional mayan speech genres Victoria R. Bricker; 18. To speak with a heated heart: Chamula canons of style and good performance Gary H. Gossen; Part VI. Toward an Ethnology of Speaking: Introduction; 19. Data and data use in an analysis of communicative events Allen D. Grimshaw; 20. The ethnography of writing Keith H. Basso; 21. Ways of speaking Dell Hymes; Notes; References; Index of names.

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