by Kris Bryant


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Shaylie Beck just wanted to go home.

She managed to snag the last seat on a late flight from New York to Denver. No one thought anything would go wrong. Nobody expected the unimaginable to happen. When the plane crashes, Shaylie fights for her life and is one of only eleven survivors.

Piper Cole wants answers.

Why did her fiancée’s plane crash? She lost everything that night, and the investigation is taking too long. To help cope with losing the woman she loved, Piper attends a support group for survivors.

The friendship Piper and Shaylie develop helps each to heal, but as their feelings turn to love, Shaylie’s torn. She can follow her heart to the woman she loves, or she can come clean about what really happened right before the plane crashed and risk losing Piper forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781635553734
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books
Publication date: 05/14/2019
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 427,963
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Kris Bryant grew up a military brat living in several different countries before her family settled down in the Midwest when she was twelve. Books were her only form of entertainment overseas, and she read anything and everything within her reach. Reading eventually turned into writing when she decided she didn't like the way some of the novels ended and wanted to give the characters she fell in love with the endings she thought they so deserved.

Earning a BA in English from the University of Missouri, Kris focused on poetry, and eventually decided to write her own happily ever after books.

Her debut novel, Jolt, was short-listed for a Lambda Literary Award. Her second novel, Whirlwind Romance , was a Rainbow Award finalist.

Kris can be reached at krisbryantbooks@gmail.com, @KrisBryant2014, and krisbryant.net.

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Falling 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Judeinthestars 14 hours ago
I’ve got dyspraxia so sometimes when I get too enthusiastic about what I’m reading or when I’m tired, my eyes go faster than the rest of me and I end up spoiling myself by reading the end of the page before the middle. So I’ve learned to hide the lines below the one I’m reading with my hand (like little kids). I don’t usually need to do it all the time, except maybe with mysteries, but I ended up reading almost this whole book with my hand hiding what was coming next. I got so invested in what Shaylie was feeling that I didn’t want to miss even one word. I even almost had to take a break when I was two thirds in, there were so many emotions. The premise for this novel is a lot of people’s worst fear, a plane crash. Shaylie survives. Piper’s best friend doesn’t, and neither does her fiancée. When Shaylie and Piper first meet at a support group for survivors, then a second time by chance, they’re immediately drawn to each other but at first they don’t know whether they want to be friends helping each other to heal, or more. Bryant dealt with that beautifully. Like other reviewers, I could have had a bit more on Shaylie’s PTSD but I get why the author would want to focus on the good that comes from the bad. As I wrote above, there were already so many feelings coming from that good, I didn’t feel like I was missing out. And though I knew there was a HEA coming, I nevertheless sometimes had doubt as to whether Shaylie and Piper would reach it. They had a lot of heavy stuff to deal with, and as meant as they were to be together, it could not be easy. Definitely one of my favorite books so far this year. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Bugs-cheeky 6 days ago
First off, I'll read anything from Kris Bryant, that’s for sure. So when the blurb of her latest novel, "Falling," came out, I couldn't wait to read it, obvs, not just because it’s Bryant, but the book’s subject matter! And then that aesthetically photographed cover....Let's just say that's prolly the first-ever book cover featuring a photo of a model as its focal point that caught my full attention. There's just something about it - which I have me own interpretation about it in relation to the title and what the content of the story represented ultimately. But I won't bore you to tears with me endless gobbin' about it here. Except for one word: Acquiescence. Take it however you want. Speaking of the title - I like to play on words, see. A plane "falling" out of the sky. A survivor "falling" for the grieving fiancée of one of the crash victims. "Falling" from grace due to a secret. A premise ripe for an inside look into the journey of survival, second chance at life and second chance at love between two people, I'd say. Needless to say, I finished the book in one short sitting. The first chapter literally jolted my senses to a point where I was hanging on to every word Bryant used as her tale-weaving took me to an intense, adrenaline-filled, thrilling ride from the moment Shaylie, the main character, stepped into the plane's lavatory to the plane falling from the sky and crashed. Not-to-be-missed moment! Riveting! As usual, Bryant's brilliant portrayal of two people falling into each other - in desire, passion, and love through intimacy was characterised with resonating effect. Shaylie and Piper's connection, their physical and emotional intimacy as their relationship became more prevalent was utterly palpable through Bryant's knack for bringing passion/desire-filled words to life! I loved every moment that Shaylie and Piper shared together, particularly their interactions. There was one particular moment involving the word, "heartbeat," that transformed into something utterly sensual, emotional, heartwarming, affecting. Gosh, you really need to hear the passages recited in your mind related to the hypnotic heartbeat sounds of of the heart as you read them in order to get that deep, resonating effect! Just shows how Bryant always so effectively manipulates words to create expressions of love, desire, passion for her characters that translate into deep resonance in the heart and soul of the reader is a skill that I cherish every time I read her books. All in all, I really enjoyed the story of second chance at life and romance between Shaylie and Piper. Instead of delving into the psychological intricacies of their post-traumatic experiences, Bryant opted to focus on the bright side of romance, of love and life, giving us a pure, sweet, untainted (from the dark side of trauma and loss) love story between two unlikely souls through the journey of one very lucky survivor. I was delighted with their happy ending already but Bryant injected an extra dose of happiness, joy and everlasting love with an epilogue that would put to rest any question about Shaylie and Piper's future as a loving couple. I'd recommend this to all who love romance through and through. A lovely, nevermind entertaining read for me, obvs! Another good one in the bag, Bryant! Well done! *An ARC copy of this book was given to me by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*
JJarvis 7 days ago
Kris Bryant knocks it out of the park with her latest work, Falling. Shaylie Beck is one of only 11 people who survive a plane crash. During one of the information sessions after the crash, Shaylie meets Piper Cole, a yoga instructor whose fiancee and best friend both died in the crash. The story covers how these two women become friends and much more. I loved the character development in the book and the difficult feelings that were involved. I can't imagine what something like surviving a plane crash would be like or how I would react to others who lost loved ones while I was still alive. This story kicks things up a notch by introducing attraction and love into that mix of emotions. The sex scenes are HOT and are definitely worth reading for. It is a very enjoyable read that I am sure I will come back to. I look forward to an audiobook version, hopefully in the near future. I was provided a free ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review.
diversified-reader 11 days ago
Falling is a great title for this story and a perfect fit regarding the progression of the characters’ relationships. The characters, to certain degrees, were impacted by the traumatic event of a plane crash. Shaylie survived the plane crash with the help of fellow passenger, Jason. Marisa, Shaylie’s best friend, was then introduced to Jason. Piper lost her best friend and fiancée in the crash who happened to be seat mates with Shaylie. Eventually, they all met and relationships formed.But while Marisa and Jason’s relationship developed smoothly, Shaylie and Piper each toed the line on what was considered appropriate behavior since Piper obviously just lost loved ones.There were moments of angst involved, especially when secrets were revealed, but the author did not take it to extreme levels. Even though this was a romance story between Shaylie and Piper, I actually enjoyed Shaylie and Marisa’s solid friendship just as much. It felt real and their interactions were extremely supportive, sensitive, and quite humorous at times. Their relationship added another level of depth to this already interesting story. Once again, Kris Bryant has written a story with memorable characters that captures attention from start to finish.