Feuding Hearts

Feuding Hearts

by Shari Richardson
4.1 6


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Feuding Hearts 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Feuding Hearts is in my opinion a classic historical romance. It is exactly what one would expect when picking up this genre. Aside from the spelling errors it is very well written and the characters are well developed. It was most definitely a nice respite from my usual genre of young adult. Cecilia was a likable character from the moment that she was on the page. I admired her strength and wit. She knew her own mind and she wasn't afraid to speak it. Despite her instant fear when meeting large, cold mannered Aldere she didn't let it show. She lifted her chin and went head first into a life that was most uncertain. I have to say that as I was reading I felt connected to Cecilia throughout the entire story but when she announced her age I was caught a little off guard. She is so young! However, I do realize that this was common back in those days but as I was reading I often marveled at the maturity that young Cecilia was able to project. I admired how such a young girl was able to take over such a large household and find the strength within herself to not cast out the jealous and evil Keisha from her home. Aldere was a strong, proud man that honored his commitments. While I really liked him and rooted for him throughout the story I couldn't help curse at him while I was reading. He was stubborn, pig headed and sometimes blind to what was really going on around him. Yet toward the end he also became more humble and was willing to admit when he acted unfairly. Overall, I really liked this book. I hadn't read a historical romance in a long time and I was reminded why I liked them so much. The setting is always fascinating and the actions of the people are so much different from how we live today. I would suggest grabbing a copy of this book and settling in for a romantic tale and a good time!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wonderful!!!  Great read and well written. 
santurcer63 More than 1 year ago
It was a good easy read, if a little unbeleivable.
kimbers10 More than 1 year ago
Author review request for my blog Historical Fiction Obsession I've always been a fan of historical romance novels. I remember when I was younger calling them 'romantical' novels, which sounds pretty dang good I think! As with most historical romance novels, known to me as 'romantical', there are tons of clichés. You really can't escape them when dealing with romance novels in general. Feuding Hearts is no different. As I said, I really do enjoy reading historical romance, so the clichés really don't bother me. They seemed did seem even more over the top in this book, but it's been awhile since I've read a historical romance novel and the last time I read one I certainly wasn't reviewing it for an author, so that's probably instances stood out more so for me in this one! In historical romance novels there always seems to be a couple of the following things happening: A man and woman forced to marry each other against one or both of their wills then end up falling in love, but are too stubborn to admit it first to the other person. It seems like there is always a spurned man or woman from the past who makes an awesome antagonist and seeks revenge for the humiliation their ex lovers NEW lover is causing them. There is often a near death experience shortly before or shortly after they FINALLY profess their love for one another and they are hysterical at the thought of losing the person who a week ago they seemed to hate. Usually there is some type of major misunderstanding once they have finally realized that they are in love (often caused by the antagonist, spurned man/woman). And finally, for some reason it seems like in a lot of romance novels one of the main characters is stricken with fever, and ends up blabbering about things they would never say if they were not hallucinating (example: talking about how much they love the person who they had recently said they hated, telling a secret that may hurt their new love, etc.) Cecilia is forced to marry Aldere, Keicha is a woman from Adere's past and Braden Fitzroy wants to marry Cecilia, and they both end up being great antagonists in this story. Also, there's a near death experience for one of the lovers that is caused by the jilted person from the past, and of course there is a huge misunderstanding between Aldere and Cecilia just when they've finally gotten it together and are working things out, and then, of course there are fever and the hallucinations, it's all there! I'm not saying any of this is bad, because it was a good book, and I was certainly never bored and I liked the ending. The only frustration I had was when Cecilia was acting weak when Aldere was being a jerk towards her. It probably sounds like I didn't like the book, but honestly I did. I think that in order to really appreciate it as a reader you need to like romance novels, specifically historical romance, because they usually are a little over the top and dramatic. I thought Feuding Hearts had a great story line, and was entertaining. I also liked that the narrator included both Cecilia and Aldere's point of view. It's not one of my favorite historical romances, but it was a good read and if you enjoy this genre of novels, then I would definitely recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent read