Fever (Dark Kings Series #16)

Fever (Dark Kings Series #16)

by Donna Grant

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His kiss was fire and passion. She shivered, wondering how he knew just how to touch her, to

send her spiraling into an abyss of pleasure...

For centuries, the Dragon Kings have lived among mortals, forsaking their true selves. But for Kelton, hiding in the realm of shadows—and existing only in the world of dreams—is no longer an option. A human woman claims to know that he, like other dark warriors of his kind, is real. That the legends about these powerful, seductive men with hearts ablaze are true. And that, with just one embrace, Kelton could destroy her…or love her until the end of time.

Bernadette Davies is an anthropologist who knows better than to fall into the arms of a Dragon King. But how can she resist Kelton when he’s so willing to share his secrets and bare his soul? He hasn’t met a beautiful, trustworthy woman like Bernadette in…forever. But once they give into their mutual desire, their worlds will never be the same. Soon Bernadette must face her dilemma: Should she expose the truth about Kelton in the name of science? Or join him in his battle with the dark forces—in the name of love?

Praise for the Dark Kings series:

“Provocative [and] sizzling.”—RT Book Reviews (4 stars)

“A must-read.”—Night Owl Reviews

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ISBN-13: 9781250182913
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/29/2019
Series: Dark Kings Series , #16
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 36,875
Product dimensions: 4.20(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. She’s written more than thirty novels spanning multiple genres of romance including the bestselling Dark King stories, Dark Craving, Night’s Awakening, and Dawn’s Desire. Her acclaimed series, Dark Warriors, feature a thrilling combination of Druids, primeval gods, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children, a dog, and four cats in Texas.

"Dark, sexy, magical. When I want to indulge in a sizzling fantasy adventure, I read Donna Grant."

—Allison Brennan, New York Times Bestselling Author

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Fever 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 42 reviews.
Anonymous 4 months ago
I am so addicted to this series. For several books now I have grown an extreme dislike for Usaeil, and Fever brings us the battle we've been waiting for. Once again Usaeil is up to no good. She uses a human to bring attention to the Dragon Kings. Bernadette is drawn in to the mystery of dragons, unknowingly falling right into the middle of a war.Donna Grant's Dragon Kings series is an incredible world of Dragons, Fae, Warriors, the Other, and strong female heroines. This isn't a stand-alone, so if you start here, you might be a little lost. I can't recommend this series highly enough. If you haven't started it, start now. If you have. Then you will love Fever!!!
DebraSchwartz1971 23 days ago
There is so much happening in this book, some loose ends are tied up, some new mysteries appear, and the Dragon King Keltan finally meets a woman, Rebecca. Most of my favorite characters make an appearance, which I appreciate. I liked that some of the story-lines seem to have come to a conclusion, but in this world full of magic you never know what the future will bring. Rebecca is a new character, and I really like her and look forward to learning more about her. My one problem is, with the Dragon Kings and their mates, the Light Fae, the Dark Fae, Death and her Reapers, plus the Druids, and the Others, I'm at a point where I need a glossary or a cheat sheet to keep everyone straight. I would love to see a list of the major characters in one of the next books in this series. I received an ARC and this is my honest review.
besu 23 days ago
When I started reading this, I soon realized that it was part of a series but I didn’t know it was the 16th book. I guess it works as a stand alone but it was difficult to keep up with the all the back stories of the many characters. Their back stories were given but in not enough detail for someone who hasn’t read the other books in the series and probably in too much detail if someone had. It felt like the story dragged on and on and when the final battle occurred, it was anticlimactic. The romance between Bernadette and Kelton was very lackluster and a bit boring. Even though I know Bernadette was being manipulated by magic she seems to go along with whatever happens to her without much protest. There are a lot of things that bothered me about this, too. They are little details but I feel like if an author mentions something there should be some reason or follow up An example of this is the “proof” Bernadette has that dragons exist. It’s mentioned but no one ever asks what it is and it’s never mentioned again. There are a lot of other details like that and I won’t detail them all but they were annoying. Overall, I’d say this is not a book for someone who hasn’t read the previous stories and with the retelling of the back stories it’s probably a bit boring for those that have. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
PalmaMama 24 days ago
Well that just moved this plot line along! Can 2020 get here sooner?! Not sure I can wait until Jan for the new reaper and then feb for the next DK. Dr. Bernadette Davies says that dragons exist. In fact, she’s so vocal about it, the dragons send Keltan to Glasgow to attend one of her lectures and investigate how much she really knows and how she came to know it. Needless to say, some U-bitch is behind this again. While I enjoyed Bernadette and Keltanks romance, I’m really here to see what Rhi is going to do and boy did she deliver. Or did she? What really happened at the end? I guess I’m going to have to wait to find out. I received this arc from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
Cali-Jewel 28 days ago
Heart racing, action packed, sexy and engaging adventure filled with danger, dark secrets, magic and passion.... was a great read from beginning to end. An edge of your seat emotional roller-coaster that left me breathless and excited for more!
BuckeyeAngel 29 days ago
For centuries, the Dragon Kings have lived among mortals, forsaking their true selves. But for Kelton, hiding in the realm of shadows—and existing only in the world of dreams—is no longer an option. A human woman claims to know that he, like other dark warriors of his kind, is real. That the legends about these powerful, seductive men with hearts ablaze are true. And that, with just one embrace, Kelton could destroy her…or love her until the end of time. Bernadette Davies is an anthropologist who knows better than to fall into the arms of a Dragon King. But how can she resist Kelton when he’s so willing to share his secrets and bare his soul? He hasn’t met a beautiful, trustworthy woman like Bernadette in…forever. But once they give into their mutual desire, their worlds will never be the same. Soon Bernadette must face her dilemma: Should she expose the truth about Kelton in the name of science? Or join him in his battle with the dark forces—in the name of love? Knowing this is the 2nd to last book in the Dragon Kings series, I couldn’t wait to read this! While I liked Kelton and Bernadette, the book wasn’t really about them. A good portion of it was basically summarizing the series and just when I was getting to ready to chalk it up as a release for those new to the series, we finally got to the good stuff I didn’t think was going to happen until the final book! I can’t wait until the last book!! I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
Horsebranchjess 3 months ago
Fever is another winning book in the Dragon Kings series and should be read as part of the series. Bernadette was a successful anthropologist who gave up her career when the queen of the light fae, Usaeil revealed a golden dragon to her. Now she's single-mindedly trying to prove dragons exist to the world until Dragon King, Kelton walks into her lecture. Now Bernadette is an unwilling participate in a war between the Queen and the Dragon Kings and falling for her Dragon King. Kelton never wanted a mate but he cannot get Bernadette off his mind. As the danger ramps up until the final showdown between the Kings and Usaeil, Bernadette and Kelton work on their HEA among the carnage. (Side note the battle with the Others is not resolved and will continue into the next Dragon Kings story.) The story is fast-paced and just feeds the Dragon Kings addiction to leave you craving the next hit in the story line. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy from Netgalley.
FanniAnn 3 months ago
I just love stories from Ms Grant, you can guarantee that you will be swept away by her vivid imagination, sending you to world where the Dragon Kings warriors are alive. This is Kelton and Bernadette's story. I received a copy from Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving my own honest opinion
CathyGeha 3 months ago
FEVER by Donna Grant Dark Kings #16 Dragons, and warriors and fae – oh my! AND there are OTHERS. Okay...putting silliness aside...this is an entertaining, ongoing series that has created a world and worlds beyond that is inhabited by more than humans. I did not get in on the beginning of this series but did pick up a few books later in the series and a few of the side stories that are part of the series and would like to, at some point in time, go back to the beginning and read them all in order. That said...if you are coming into this series having never read any of the previous books I would recommend this one as it gives a great deal of the backstory as Kelton tells Bernadette the history of the dragons. As he tells their story he mentions others (warriors, druids, fae, dark & light, good & bad and he also mentions The Others. There is mention of other worlds/universes and more. So, coming into the series on this book could/should work for many who might decide to give it a try. Bernadette is a scholar, anthropologist, cyrptologist and seeker of the truth. She was doing fine professional and personally until one day she met a woman who took her to see a dragon. A year later she presents a talk and in walks Kelton at the bequest of his acting dragon king. Fate or Fae manipulation? Who knows. That meetings sparks a sequence of events that leads the entire universe closer to resolution of issues within this world the author has created. Some live, some die, some marry, a mate is found and a new presence is introduced that has me wondering what will happen next. While some issues are resolved in this bookmore than a few threads are left dangling to be worked on in the future. Did I enjoy this book? Yes Do I want to read more in this series? Definitely Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Publishing for the ARC – This is my honest review. 5 Stars
Anonymous 3 months ago
Love it. Many questions answered. Many new ones asked. can't wait for the next Dragon.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Donna Grant never disappoints and now I have to wait for the next book!
Anonymous 3 months ago
love this series only 3 books left....can't wait
Lillian Maddocks-Cummings 3 months ago
Is this the final battle? Keltan knows that he needs to find out what this beautiful woman knows about dragons. He thought that they had nothing to fear but someone is feeding her information. Bernadette knows that dragons are real she just needs others to listen. She just doesn't realise that Usaeil has been using her to turn others against the dragons. Is it too late for Keltan to save her? Is Rhi ready to fight the queen and who will win the battle? Will Con show his true colours? Will the Dragon Kings be able to claim their mates without fear or is there others waiting? Another good read in the series. I was lucky enough to receive a copy from netgalley & the publishing house in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I always look forward to the next book in this series. It's always the perfect amount of romance and action. While there was plenty of that, I agree with another reviewer that the increase in other characters POV kind of detracted from the main characters story. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS I also felt that the Usail final scene was a little anticlimactic and am wondering if there's more to that. None of this will stop me from devouring these books and am soooo waiting for Rhi's story.
Anonymous 3 months ago
As usual Donna outdid herself. Loved how it all meshed together and now new things are going to happen. As usual can't wait. Great HEA.
annie2015 3 months ago
5 Flaming Stars An amazing and fast-paced addition to the Dark Kings series. Kelton and Bernadette are perfect for each other. Questions are answered and new questions arise. Grant has a wonderful way with characters and storylines. She never disappoints me. I received an advance copy of this book from both the author and the publisher via NetGalley. My thoughts and opinions are my own and without bias.
Anonymous 3 months ago
One of the greatest series written is The Dragon Kings by Donna Grant. The latest book, Fever, is no exception. Donna Grant is a master story teller. Her books show her talents at twisting and creating a story like no other author. Ms Grant leads the reader creating webs of stories within stories; past stories coming to fruition, new stories starting leaving you wanting more, while preparing you for the next story, next book.Fever is Kelton and Bernadette's story. Their love story is layered with intrigue and mysteries, as well as big doses of denial from our Dragon King Kelton, that love makes a man weak. Stubborn to the core, wanting to take action against anyone who tries to ruin what they have built to protect themselves. Staying hidden from mankind is their mission. Draegon is their domain in this realm. Kelton is sent to check out an anthropologist who thinks she has seen dragons and is trying to out them to the world. He needs to assess what she knows and how to put a stop to the stories. Bernadette is not what he expected and is instantly intrigued by her.Bernadette meets Kelton and instantly the tension rises. Bernadette is pretty, educated, and currently unbeknown to Bernadette, is being used as a pawn by the Queen of the Light Fae to bring down Draegon and the Dragon Kings and take over this realm. Beauty and brains and her desire to learn everything about the dragons has Kelton worried. When she shows up on his doorstep at Draegon he learns of her heart and compassion which draws him to her.The twisting path Ms Grant takes us down brings romance, suspense, War between good and evil, joy, and laughter. She has left us primed for the next installment, which can't come soon enough for me!Fever is a must have addition to your reading library.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 3 months ago
4.5stars--FEVER is the sixteenth full-length instalment in Donna Grant’s contemporary, adult DARK KINGS paranormal/fantasy series focusing on the Dragon Kings and the women they love. This is citrine Dragon King Kelton Dreagon, and anthropologist Bernadette Davies. FEVER should not be read as a stand alone as the current story lines continue to follow an ongoing series arc. SOME BACKGROUND: The DARK KINGS is a spinoff from Donna Grant’s DARK WARRIOR series which in turn is a spin off from Donna’s DARK SWORD series- all set in the Highlands of Scotland. The Dark Fae and their King Taraeth, along with the Silver Dragon Mikkel have declared war on the Dragon Kings by exposing the dragon’s existence to humankind. The last wars between man and the world of the paranormal saw a great loss of life on all sides but someone or something is determined to push the Dragons back into another war: Queen Usaeil of the Light Fae has set her sights on claiming King Constantine as her mate, hoping to rule the world with their combined powers; King Taraeth and Silver Dragon Mikkel have been killed; and the Dark Fae are now under the control of the former Light Fae Balladyn. With the recent introduction of the Fae executioners known as the Reapers, the number of interconnected series continues to expand. Told from several third person perspectives including Kelton and Bernadette FEVER is an ensemble story line with numerous subplots that advance the series towards its’ final chapter. Dragon King Kelton is sent to keep an eye on human female Bernadette Davies, who is threatening to reveal the existence of dragons to the world but something about Bernadette’s need to expose the almighty beast appears forced and out of her control. As Kelton struggles with his attraction to the human female, our hero will come face to face with his future when Bernadette arrives on Dreagon with news of her own. With King Constantine imprisoned by Queen Usaeil, the Light Fae Rhi, the Dark Fae led by Balladyn, and the Dragon Kings prepare to go to war, a war in which not everyone will survive. The Light Fae Xaneth is missing, and with war on the horizon, his life may be forfeit or lost for all eternity. What ensues is the building but reluctant relationship between Bernadette and Kelton, and a battle wherein lines are drawn, secrets are revealed, and death on the battlefield may be the ultimate sacrifice. Like many of the previous instalments, FEVER chronicles the history of the Dragon Kings, Fae, Druids and Warriors; recounts the beginnings of Dreagon; and recaps the events that led to the original war between humans and dragonkind. Sides will be chosen when lies pit Dark against Light but not everything or everyone is what or whom they appear to be. Donna Grant continues to the pull the reader towards the final chapter in her fantastic Dark Kings paranormal series. Some conflict resolution is achieved but many questions remain, hinting at what’s to come, what’s next, and who may be Rhi’s fated King, a fate destroyed by manipulation, jealousy and greed. The action packed premise is revealing and intriguing; the characters are numerous, colorful and energetic; the romance struggles in the face of magic, manipulation and the potential for future control.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I say as expected, because all of Ms Donna’s books are excellent and entertaining. A little bummed Erith is refusing “to fight” - but, that just confirms (for me) that Usael and Rhi aren’t full-blood fae. Can’t shake the feeling that Con is Rhi’s King.... Either way Bernadette and Kelton get their HEA and we get a peak at the “other” reapers. Great SciFi series.
BHoringa 3 months ago
Fever by Donna Grant Another sinful sensation that’ll hook you. The tension has been slowly building over the Dragon King series, and this book, Fever is no different. So many questions are answered but more questions still begs to be answered. Which we all know they will be answered as the series continues. It’s just the suspense and anticipation that makes me impatient. Bernadette has had a burning desire to find the truth and expose that dragons are real and alive still today. She’s given up everything she had to accomplish this. And she is bound and determined to do so. Until....that man in the restaurant. Swearing to never mate, Kelton has pretty much stayed a loner. Sent on a mission to attend a lecture given by Dr. Davies a Cryptozoologist, the subject just happens to be about dragons being real. Her opening words left him shocked, concerned and angry. After all the Dragons allowed the humans to live and thrive by giving them what they needed. Somehow she was getting information that was pretty close to accurate. He knew he needed to find out who and how, and fast. Can Kelton, Bernadette and a few other Dragon Kings figure out what happened and why, before it’s too late? Can they save Dreagan, the mates and why not just save the world while they’re at it! It’s so exciting every time Grant releases a new book. The chance to read her fabulous tales goes beyond tales, it’s like real life taking place. Can’t wait for what’s next! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
CyndyMilam6 3 months ago
I hope if you're reading this review that you've also been keeping up with all of the rest of Donna Grant's Dark World books. If you haven't please take every chance you can to start at the beginning! Fever is the 16th full novel in the Dark King's series and while it begins quietly, it ends with such a bang that I screamed out loud in shock!! As the saga continues in Fever, the world is closing in on the Dragon Kings and their hidden lives. Gone are the days of their quiet existence, morphing and flying only in the wake of storms, and doing their best to exist in the world of men. Bernadette is one woman who claims to have "proof" that Dragons exist and she's ready to tell all. When Keltan is "voluntold" by his fellow Kings to seek her out and discover what she knows, Bernadette is forced to choose between the world, and her Dragon King. The romance between Keltan and Bernadette is a sweet story. Keltan is a gentle soul really, and he and Bernadette do not have the fire that many of the other Dragons and mates have. Their love is almost immediate (though of course Keltan fights it and Bernadette can't trust her heart right away) so a lot of the animal attraction present in many of the other books is missing in Fever. Kelton is protective and Bernadette quickly realizes that she's been played a fool and chooses to take up the battle of the Kings. Yet that's why it's so important that you read other books in the series first. To be truthful, the BIG things that are coming in the next couple of books in the series, and what happens that is big in THIS book, make the romance between Keltan and Bernadette almost a simple formality. What this book contains is one of the big events in the saga that so many of us have been waiting for!! If you're curious about this series, then PLEASE pick up Fever!! You'll be jumping into the deep end of the saga, but if it makes you pick up the others in the series, then you will be far richer for it. If you're a long time fan like me then.... WOW!!! You'll be shocked by what happens to UBitch, agonized about Balladyn, and devastated by Rhi's torment. In other words... IT'S AN AWESOME BOOK!!!! Enjoy, ya'll! Thanks Donna! Cyn
Valerie Holm 3 months ago
Every Dark King book by Donna Grant is a treat, and Fever is no exception. The Dragon Kings are sexy Scots with an enormous sense of honor and chivalry. In Fever, we meet Kelton as he connects with Bernadette, who is determined to show the world dragons exist. Fever is an intense ride. The series is so close to its conclusion, and so many things are at stake. Admittedly at one point in the narrative, I took a peek at the end of the story. The anticipation was too much for me. The romance between Kelton and Bernadette is what you would expect from this series. An almost instant attraction exists between the two, but it doesn't hinder my enjoyment. Kelton and Bernadette's journey is unique to them and worth the experience. Random spoilery thought: As much as Con's absence bothers me, I enjoy Ulrich in charge. It is a valid way to experience the what-if of it all, and he is doing a marvelous job. The early copy of Fever I received is a great read. I suggest it to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance. All relevant information from past books is explained in Fever. Although this late in the series do yourself a favor and read from the beginning, it is quite a ride. Now, I confront what always seems like a long wait for the subsequent book in the series.
Nancy Carlin 3 months ago
Another great read by Donna Grant, so easy to get lost in! Fever is the 16th book in Donna Grants Dark Kings world. The story of Keltan who doesn’t want a mate and Bernadette who is out to prove to the world there are dragons among us. This book was more than their story though, some situations come to a close but that leads to even more questions. I smiled, I cried, I wanted to throw things. It is hard to say much and stay spoiler free…Keltan and Bernadette (aww slow smolder) Ulrik (perfect) Con (thought so) Rhi (dang girl!) Ubitch (HA!) Balladin (Oh) So much story left to go, so few books to get there. I have been an avid reader of Ms. Grants books for the past 7 years. I do recommend reading all the books in the series. The Dark World is vast and knowing everything that has come before makes the ride so much more enjoyable. Her website has a reading order list to make it easy. As someone who reads a lot, and I mean a lot, I love the Dark Worlds/Reapers stories she has created. Her characters are strong, smart and full of heart, no whimpering, whining females here! While the rest of the world is binge watching tv shows, I’m over here binge reading! Start at the beginning, you won’t regret it. As a matter of fact, I think I may go back there myself – again.
ChellyH 3 months ago
Starting a new Dark Kings book is always a little nerve-wracking for me. As a long time fan of the series, I'm always a little anxious that the newest book won't live up to my expectations. The thing of it is, even when they don't meet my initial expectation, they tend to surpass it in some other way. Such was the case with this book. Keltan is the dragon that does not want a mate, insistent that they make dragons weaker, so I was really looking forward to seeing his fall in this story. He fell, yes, but the relationship between him and Bernadette wasn't what I was expecting. Less raging fire and more flickering candle. That's not to say I didn't care for their relationship. It was somehow slow-burn given the brief amount of time the couple was together. Ultimately, I think they're the perfect match for one another and I was impressed by the heroine's determination to proceed with caution. So why am I giving the book five stars? The answer is simple-this book delivered on so much more than a romance. SO MUCH MORE! As a reader, I loved seeing long-time plots play out. The anticipation of wondering which direction the battle between the Fae and the Dragon Kings would play out was delicious. It was all I could do not to skip ahead. I was thrilled to see Rhi front and center, and then devastated for her because of all she's had to shoulder. For years, she has been my favorite character and this book just upped my respect for her. I'm still dying to know the identity of her King. Just when I think I may have figured it out, I find myself second-guessing. It's frustrating in the very best way! I'm also still completely enamored of Constantine. His ability to play the long game, to remain in control of his emotional responses, and to always look out for those he considers family, is why he will always be my favorite Dragon King. He truly is the King of Kings! Lastly, the author has managed to introduce a new character that has really set things spinning in the series, ensuring that the story will continue to move forward in equally familiar and fresh new ways. I'm on pins and needles about this new character's role! So many questions and I am looking forward to the answers. Five stars-absolutely yes! I'd give it more if I could. If you're a long time fan, prepare for some surprises. If you're new to the series, don't let the fact that this is book sixteen in the series deter you from picking it up. Keltan explains the history of the Dragon Kings to Bernadette early on in the book, allowing a new reader to quickly catch up with the who's who and what's what of this long-running series. It's just enough to hook you on the story! You won't be given so much information that the previous books would be completely spoiled for you.
Robbiebee 3 months ago
The Dragon King have long existed in secret, hiding among the humans. Bernadette Davies is a successful archaeologist who believes claims she has proof of the existence of dragons. Keltan is sent to investigate her claims. Bernadette is surprised by Keltan's open, friendly manner. The more she learns about the dragons - and Keltan in particular - the more she begins to question what's more important to her. Should she share her knowledge or help the dragons keep their secrets.