Final Life

Final Life

by Rose Garcia


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ISBN-13: 9781477526545
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/19/2012
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.58(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

About the Author

Rose Garcia is a lawyer turned writer who's always been fascinated by science fiction and fantasy. From a very young age, she often had her nose buried in books about other-worlds, fantastical creatures, and life and death situations. More recently she's been intrigued by a blend of science fiction and reality, and the idea that some supernatural events are, indeed, very real. Rose's books feature gut-wrenching emotional turmoil, and heart-stopping action. Rose is known for bringing richly diverse characters to life as she draws on her own cultural experiences.

Rose lives in Houston, Texas with her awesome husband and amazing two kids. You can visit Rose at

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Final Life 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Ivan More than 1 year ago
Well I got the whole series from a giveaway and it was going to be one of those books I never read but I'm really glad I did since not only this book is trippy and amazing but this book is something completely different and interesting but I really hope she can keep being friends with Infiniti
WhatsBeyondForks More than 1 year ago
I felt a lot like Dominique through most of the story. She didn't know why she was being hunted by Tavion. Neither did I. She didn't know why she'd failed to beat him in the previous 8 lives, and I never figured that part out either. What was Tavion getting out of it all? Dominique didn't know, and he never told her when she asked. She has no powers that are known yet, so what makes her special? Why is she The Marked One? Everyone around Dominique has information except her. As a reader, I felt like I was let in on very little of this information. This was frustrating. I wanted to know more about what she was supposed to be fighting for.  There may be a love triangle building, although I'm already partial to Farrell. I wish Dominique wouldn't have pulled away from him so much. It seemed to me like she wasn't giving him a chance. Trent seems okay too, but something doesn't feel right about him. I don't think he's bad or anything or maybe he is. I don't know. I'm just not totally sold on him yet. Final Life by Rose Garcia was kindly provided to me by the author for review. The opinions are my own.
RayBear More than 1 year ago
Dominique is the new girl in town. She thought having to move across the country during her last year of high school was bad enough, but lately she's been having visions of a red desert accompanied by a bad feeling. The visions become more frequent and the feeling of foreboding gets worse. Is there something going on or is she just crazy? There wasn't much I liked about this book. It was written well enough to read until the end, but was full of issues. The love triangle setup was obvious and not very well put together. The tension just wasn't there. The plot was abrupt and rocky. The characters were thrust into the plot of the Pures versus the non-Pures. I didn't/don't know enough about main character Dominique to identify with her before mysterious things start happening to her and I don't really care. Dominique was a weak main character who seemed to do whatever she shouldn't. The most emotion I got from her was her being worried about dying, but then she immediately sneaks away from her protector without a second thought. The world building rules were not well defined and confusing. Some people know about the Pures and some don't? The info dump between Dominique and her parents to explain what was going on was not very clever. Through this info dump we find out that she is The Chosen One, which is such a tired trope and not done well in this book at all. This book is urban fantasy parading as contemporary fantasy romance. It was short enough and grammatically accurate enough to read all the way through. 
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
Moving across the country during her senior year was a living nightmare for Dominque until she meet Infiniti, from that moment on, moving will be the least of her troubles and it all started with a Ouija board and the visions of a red desert, pure evil and death…hers. Is she losing her mind or is there more to this move, her parents and their secrets than meets the eye? Settle in, because this journey is more than a teen, angst-filled fantasy. Learn about a race called Transhumans, that nine lives are more than a “cat” thing and that Dominque’s survival is the key to the survival of humanity. Witness Dominque’s world implode as she becomes a target for death, finds young love and gains a protector who has been with her for every life she has had. His job now is to not fail and make her 9th life last a long, long time. FINAL LIFE by Rose Garcia is a fast-paced tale of fantasy and science fiction, of good versus evil and one girl’s quest to believe in her own sanity, her heart and to stay alive against the odds stacked before her. Rose Garcia makes her characters believable, they come to life, some are quirky, some mysterious and you may doubt their intentions, but in the end, fabulous scenes, well-defined characters and great dialogue all come together to create an atmosphere that is both chilling and entertaining!
_JamieJJ More than 1 year ago
I must admit, this is not my normal day to day read. When I picked up this book, I was a bit skeptic at first. When I started to read the book more and more, I found myself wanting to finish so I can start on Final Stand (the second of the series). Rose Garcia is an amazing writer, and I love that she incorporated daily struggles with teenagers and romance. I'm an adult, and absolutely love this young adult book. I want more!
Linda2515 More than 1 year ago
Wow Rose, I loved Final Life! I honestly did not want to put it down, but I had to   Dominique moves into a new house during her senior year. She makes friends with a girl down her street named Infinity. She also meets Trent a hottie from school. Mr. Popular who catches her attention right away. Things start to happen to Dominique she sees a red dessert and it calls to her. Farrell enters her life as the son of some friends to her parents. Farrell is Hot in a shy kind of way. Dominique has this weird attraction to him, but does not know what to make of it since she is torn between Farrell and Trent. There are secrets that have been kept from Dominique from her parents. She is marked and things are about to change for her. She has people who want to help but will they be harmed in the process.. She is here to save the world from the Tainted.  Who will she choose Farrell or Trent torn between two guys...where does her heart lead her and who will she end up her hurting at the end?  I was left with these questions when I finished the book. I can't say I was surprised at the love triangle but my choice will be Farrell..he is there to protect her and wants her safe and happy. This book is an easy read and appropriate for any age level. I can't wait to see what else Rose comes up with, and what will happen to Dominique and the guys in her life, her friends and to the world in general <3
Anonymous More than 1 year ago