Finding My Platoon Brothers: Vietnam Then and Now

Finding My Platoon Brothers: Vietnam Then and Now

by Glyn Haynie
Finding My Platoon Brothers: Vietnam Then and Now

Finding My Platoon Brothers: Vietnam Then and Now

by Glyn Haynie


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Glyn Haynie carries the names of 13 brothers forever engraved on his heart. They are the names of brothers killed in combat during the War in Vietnam. The bonds formed in battle are unique and not understood by anyone who has not served in the military. The men in their foxholes do not fight for lofty ideals or principles; they fight to protect the man standing on either side of them. For these Vietnam Veterans, there is an additional element included within this bond of brotherhood. That is the disrespect and abuse these soldiers received when they returned from Vietnam.

This newest book by author Glyn Haynie, Finding My Platoon Brothers, Vietnam Then and Now, describes his efforts to find and reconnect with his brothers of First Platoon. These men, with whom he served during the War in Vietnam, are a real part of his family.

Join the family reunion as these veterans get together and share their experiences, rekindle past friendships, and reforge their bonds of brotherhood. Travel back to Vietnam with the author as he visits old battlefields and former Fire Support Bases and reconnects with, and comes to peace with, the memories of brothers who died in battle.

This incredible story of honor, healing, and redemption will touch the hearts of readers in a great many ways. The author includes many photographs, maps, journal excerpts, and well-written descriptions that help the reader truly participate in this incredible journey. This story is a fantastic narrative that all Americans should read.

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Publisher: Glyn E. Haynie
Publication date: 01/04/2019
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Pages: 304
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About the Author

After retiring from the Army, Haynie earned an AAS degree in Management, a BS degree in Computer Information Systems, and an MA degree in Computer Resources and Information Systems. He worked as a software engineer/project manager for eight years before teaching at Park University as a full-time instructor. Haynie continued as an adjunct instructor for thirteen more years. He also worked as an adjunct instructor for the Graduate program at Saint Edwards University for one year. Glyn Haynie and his wife of 32 years, Sherrie, currently reside in Texas. They have five children, fourteen grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Three of their sons have served combat tours in either Iraq or Afghanistan. This is a family in which service to their country is a family tradition. Author's Website Author's e-mail

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments  xi

Prologue  xiii

CHAPTER 1 Remembering My Platoon Brothers  17

CHAPTER 2 Searching for and Finding First Platoon  23

CHAPTER 3 Meeting Platoon Members After 46 Years  31

CHAPTER 4 The Plan for a Reunion  49

CHAPTER 5 Meeting Another Platoon Brother  53

CHAPTER 6 At Last the Platoon Is Together: The Reunion  57

CHAPTER 7 Overwhelmed by Reliving My Time in War  81

CHAPTER 8 Trip Preparation for Vietnam  87

CHAPTER 9 Planning Our Return  95

CHAPTER 10 Gathering for the Return to Nam  107

CHAPTER 11 Our Journey Back to Vietnam Begins  111

CHAPTER 12 Landing In-Country the Second Time  117

CHAPTER 13 With a Sunrise in Vietnam, the Adventure Begins  127

CHAPTER 14 A Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions  133

CHAPTER 15 The Field Where I Died  145

CHAPTER 16 Horseshoe and the River Where We Bathed  151

CHAPTER 17 Mike and I Will Be Forever Changed  155

CHAPTER 18 Easy Duty at the Airfield  165

CHAPTER 19 Hilltop Where Bruce Died  169

CHAPTER 20 Going Back to Headquarters  173

CHAPTER 21 Unforgettable Days at the Rice Bowl  177

CHAPTER 22 The Damn Fire  185

CHAPTER 23 An Island and a Bridge 189

CHAPTER 24 Memorial for a Massacre  197

CHAPTER 25 So Many Memories  205

CHAPTER 26 Last Day in Vietnam for the Second Time  215

CHAPTER 27 Going Home for the Last Time  223

Afterword  231

Remembering the Fallen  247

Postscript: My Best Friend and Oldest Son  249


Appendix A: Daily Journal Abbreviations Explained  271

Appendix B: Fire Support Base Hill 4-11 and Surrounding Area  277

Appendix C: The Fire  287

Appendix D: Fire Support Base Charlie Brown and Bridge  289

Appendix E: Our First Loss, Fire Support Base Debbie, and the Rice Bowl  291

Appendix F: Fire Support Base Bronco  297

Appendix G: Combat Center  299

About the Author  301

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