Firebirds: Angela's Riveting Journey Through Luscious Romance and Rejection

Firebirds: Angela's Riveting Journey Through Luscious Romance and Rejection

by AJ Ryan
Firebirds: Angela's Riveting Journey Through Luscious Romance and Rejection

Firebirds: Angela's Riveting Journey Through Luscious Romance and Rejection

by AJ Ryan


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Angela grew up the daughter of parents who had no idea what to do with a wild child—but that didn't stop her from being one. This colorful, romantic and tragic story deftly weaves serious topics like high school bullying, attempted suicide, and young widowhood with the excitement of first lust, the discovery of muscle cars, and a decades-old mystery into a nostalgic tapestry that will appeal to any woman born into Generation X. With an accompanying movie and flavored with heavy doses of time-appropriate music from artists like Prince, KISS, George Michael and Poison, readers will find themselves fully immersed in the story and counting the seconds until the next leg of Angela's Riveting Journey Through Luscious Romance and Rejection. I was inspired to write this series based upon my own true life realizing that I was living things so bizarre and painful on one hand but then other adventures many women only dreamt about and we're probably reading another books. There had to be lessons in there somewhere. I'm inspired from my father who said in his last few days on this earth, "Life in An Interesting Journey" . Cheers to you dad! And my mother always saying "Hitch your wagon to a star, never be afraid to dream". The series Angela's Riveting Journey Through Luscious Romance and Rejection, coming to stores near you. Firebirds is its first release of the series. Enjoy! And you go write your own book!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781098310912
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 04/10/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 154
File size: 983 KB

About the Author

Growing up in the 1970s and 80s, the child of a pastor and a farmer, AJ Ryan found life in a small forestry community unexciting. But a life punctuated by tragic events forced her to acknowledge that her circumstances could change her—or she could change her circumstances. She took the lemons life handed her and made lemonade, and those experiences are reflected in books inspired by her own story.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Soaring Like an Eagle 1

Chapter 2 Teenage Logic in a Small Town 4

Chapter 3 What Do Girls Know About Cars, Anyway? 12

Chapter 4 Baby Blue to the Rescue 16

Chapter 5 I Recall My First Car Love 20

Chapter 6 Magic Man 22

Chapter 7 Betrayed 26

Chapter 8 Back to the Drawing Board 28

Chapter 9 The Party's Over 30

Chapter 10 Flying High or Die 33

Chapter 11 It Isn't Fair 39

Chapter 12 One Crazy Night Could Change Everything 42

Chapter 13 At the Locker 49

Chapter 14 The Football Game 51

Chapter 15 From The Darkness of Despair, A White Firebird Appears 55

Chapter 16 Black Beauty of Mine…Or Not? 61

Chapter 17 White Knight in Shining Armor 63

Chapter 18 One Catcall Cursing Typical Morning 66

Chapter 19 Sweet and Sour Taste of 17 68

Chapter 20 A Different Kind of Trouble 71

Chapter 21 Black and White 76

Chapter 22 Another Locker Licking 78

Chapter 23 Us on Top of the World 80

Chapter 24 Things Get Messy 82

Chapter 25 Hot Blue Flames 85

Chapter 26 It Is Over 87

Chapter 27 Now What? In a New World 90

Chapter 28 One More Taste 92

Chapter 29 Bitter Sweet 96

Chapter 30 Pandora's Box 99

Chapter 31 Unhappy Graduation Day 104

Chapter 32 Life Goes On 107

Chapter 33 The Apology 109

Chapter 34 The Hero 111

Chapter 35 The Funeral 116

Chapter 36 10-Year Reunion 119

Chapter 37 Silver Stallion 121

Chapter 38 Out of Nowhere 125

Chapter 39 Why Dig Up the Past? 128

Chapter 40 A Mystery Revealed 130

Chapter 41 The Phone Calls 135

Chapter 42 Because That's What Great Stories Are Made Of 140

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