by Kelly Jamieson

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Arden Lennox's charmed life may be in pieces, but she'd sooner get her hoohaw bleached than move back in with her parents. She's no longer the prom-queen princess married to the football star. She's a broke, penniless widow, and it's time she stood on her own two feet.

An under-construction unit in a quaint Chicago brownstone is cheap (free), but it comes with an unexpected surprise. Tyler Ramirez, her brother's gawky high school best friend, is now a smoking hot firefighter who spends most of his spare time in her unit hammering, drilling, and screwing. Usually with his shirt off—a temptation she has no intention of indulging.

Tyler can't believe his high school crush is living right across the hall, or how fast his fierce lust for her comes blazing back. She's still gorgeous—a little sadder, a little quieter, but still with the amazing smile and sweet body that fueled his awkward teenage fantasies.

Despite her best intentions, Arden can't resist grown up Tyler but the sparks between them send her into full retreat. And by the time she realizes the heat between them could last a lifetime, it could be too late to tell him...

Note: This complete, full-length, HEA romance contains a hot firefighter with a true rescuer's heart, a woman determined to prove her independence, and amazing, headboard-banging, mattress-pounding, dirty-talking sex.

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BN ID: 2940163191260
Publisher: Kelly Jamieson
Publication date: 01/28/2020
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Format: NOOK Book
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Firecracker 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 26 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 26 days ago
his is an entertaining story that had me riveted from the first to the last chapter. Arden Lennox is struggling emotionally and financially after her husband commits suicide, her feelings of failure and guilt torment her. In an effort to start a new life, she moves across the country to live in her brother’s building. I enjoy Kelly Jamieson’s style of writing, her characters are strong and yet she shows that they can be human and not the “perfect” hero or heroine and this makes for a realistic and enjoyable read. Tyler Ramirez, her brother’s best friend, has had a crush on Arden since they were in high school and is now her neighbour. Now a firefighter, Tyler has morphed from the geeky guy she new into a hot as sin man, who she has a hard time resisting. Tyler’s feelings for Arden still smoulder and he is determined to bring a sparkle back into her life, if only he can convince Arden. Will the walls that Arden has erected prove too much for Tyler, or will Arden realize too late that in Tyler she could have the life she so desperately wants?

I liked Arden and Tyler and the secondary characters were also entertaining. I am looking forward to reading more about this group of friends. 

KDRBCK 26 days ago
Firecracker by Kelly Jamieson is a stand-alone contemporary romance novel. Meet Arden Lennox. She had the perfect life, til tragedy struck and now she's about to become roommates with Tyler Ramirez. Tyler is her brother's best friend and both inhabitate a apartement under construction and a hero with a crush on the heroine. What could go wrong, you say. Everything you can think of, I say. Avery, who lost her husband and everything else has to start over. Tyler, the firefighter really, really wants a reltionship with Arden. But she isn't ready. Firecracker is a well written story, a great read. I liked the storyline and the characters. 4 stars.
JoannaDursi 8 days ago
3.5 ⭐️ FIRECRACKER starts a year after Arden’s husband has died and she is preparing to move back home. Her brother lets her move into his apartment building where she’s living across the hall from his childhood best friend, Tyler. Tyler who has grown out of his gawky stage and is now a hot as hell firefighter. I appreciated Arden and Tyler’s friendship and that they didn’t just jump into things BUT I do enjoy a bit more angst than FIRECRACKER had. That could’ve been accomplished if the status of her marriage and her feelings toward her husband were different. Overall (even though Arden could get on my nerves) I enjoyed the story. I see the potential for this to turn into a series because I definitely need more of Mila and Jamie! There’s something there between those two “friends”
lgsmith1020 12 days ago
a cute, funny somewhat sexy read
Lorraine Yochum 13 days ago
Not really all that interesting. Just ho hum. Kind of boring. Story had promise, but writing just did not keep me involved.
nelriv 23 days ago
Arden returns to her hometown after a tragedy and it is time to start over. She is recently a widow and was shocked to find out everything her husband had kept from her. She is feeling guilty that she didn't inquire more instead of continuing the life that she had originally started with her football famous husband. She is feeling guilty that she missed so much. When she returns home it is to find out that her brothers geeky friend is not longer geeky but hot and come to find out he has always had a thing for her, they start a nothing series affair, but Tyler has always wanted more he is just letting her think that is all he wants..since he lost his sister he wants to help everyone and gets in things that he shouldn't or didn't need to. Since Arden is trying to find herself she is not happy with his tendency to stick his nose in her affairs and thru jumping to conclusions and not truly explaining themselves they blow everything up. When Arden realizes that she loves Tyler and she made a mistake a accident happens is it to late? Whose next? Sorcha or Jamie story.. rcvd an ARC at no cost to author..(netgalley) voluntarily reviewed with my own thoughts and opinions
ljtljtljt 25 days ago
I have read many of Kelly Jamieson's books and have enjoyed them immensely. Unfortunately, this one fell a little flat for me. Firecracker, is a best friend brother's romance set in the city of Chicago. Arden Lennox believed she was happily married to a professional football player until she wasn't. Now she is back home in Chicago, living in one of the four apartments in her younger brother's brownstone, as she begins a new chapter in her 28-year-old life. Her neighbor across the hall is Tyler Ramirez, her brother's best friend from high school. Arden's brother and business associate occupy the two downstairs units. Arden is very grateful to her brother for helping her out, since she has very little savings and needs to find a job. Tyler is a firefighter and helping people is his calling. He is a contractor in his off hours and has been refurbishing Arden's apartment for quite some time. Tyler cannot believe his luck! He lusted after Arden way back when and now he gets to see her every day. Tyler wants a full blown relationship with Arden, but she is quite adamant about being independent. Overtime, Tyler wins her over and they fall into lust and love. I liked this story, however, the hot sex scenes overtook the engaging plot. All the characters are interesting and genuine. I am looking forward to reading more about Arden's brother and the possible love story he has with her best friend Emma. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Gin 26 days ago
Not a lot of drama just a smokin' hot romance! Woohoo!! Panty-melting hero deluxe! That's Tyler, the geeky brother's best friend turned hunky fireman. He is terrific as his childhood crush on Arden becomes reality. Besides being smoking hot Ty can build you a house and cook! One of the things I so enjoyed about this book is the fabulous group of friends, that includes Arden's super smart brother, and the way they just absorbed Arden into the group. There are some quirky, interesting folks in the group and I can't wait for more stories. Back to the romance at's a slow burn as Arden is overcoming heartbreak and also dealing with Tyler in his new form. He's such a caring and devoted man when it comes to Arden but she wants to stand on her on her own and not depend on anyone else. She has to build a new life and is a little hesitant to jump into a romantic entanglement. Silly woman! Who can resist a sexy fireman that lives across the hall and will do anything for you? This is a sweet and sexy romance with moments of heartfelt emotion and a sizzling chemistry between Arden and Tyler. Great job by this fantastic author in giving us a swoon-worthy hero and a slightly broken heroine with a big heart. Definitely a couple you can root for. I loved it!
Momma_Becky 26 days ago
Firecracker is a good combination of sexy and witty as I've come to expect from Kelly Jamieson. We also have some angst, both in the relationship and for Tyler and Arden individually. They're both carrying around some guilt that they need to deal with and justified or not, that guilt has left them a little bit broken. Guilt aside, this couple has off the charts chemistry, and it's not long into the story before I found myself already rooting for Tyler to win Arden over into a full-blown relationship. We also get some terrific secondary characters, and while this may be a standalone, I'm really hoping to see more of this group of characters in future books. The only drawback for me was the last bit of angst between Arden and Tyler. I won't go into details so I don't spoil it for anyone, but I felt like that last bit of drama was unnecessary. Did that ruin the story for me? Not at all, I still completely enjoyed the story and look forward to whatever comes next from Kelly Jamieson.
mamalovestoread22 26 days ago
Arden Lennox thought she had the perfect life, then her husband passed away, and the secrets he'd been keeping about their finances came to light. Now she is broke with no where to go, and with no idea how she is going to make it on her own. That is until her brother calls and offers her a place to stay in the building he owns back in Chicago. She isn't too keen on taking handouts, but right now the only other choice she has is to move back home with her parents... and that isn't happening! While she admits the apartment isn't up to her usual standards, it will do for right now... especially after she discovers the sexy firefighter living across the hall! Firecracker is a heartwarming tale of second chances, rediscovery, love, and healing. Watching Arden take her new start by both hands and make the most of it was inspiring. She truly lost everything when her husband passed, and not having the security his money provided forced her to look at life a lot differently and appreciate things she may not have before. I also liked watching her find the courage to open her heart to love again, it was easy to get swept up in the beauty of it all. There was a lot to like about this one, the characters were easy to love and connect to, and the story line was brimming with everything necessary to leave the heart happy and the toes curled. Highly recommend! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
CeeCeeHouston 26 days ago
A 'cracker' of a story. Firecracker by Kelly Jamieson is a sweet and warm-hearted romance, a ‘my brother’s best friend’ and ‘bro-code’ mixed into one. Arden is on the edge when she meets up with Tyler again. He’s her younger brother’s best friend and not the guy she’d ever have looked at twice. Not while she was married anyway, but she’s a lonely and devastated widow now and things have changed. The truth behind her husband’s death had me wanting to wrap her up in my arms. She’s harboring some deep-seated pain and feelings of guilt over what happened. She has a tendency to push those closest to her away in an effort to not feel. Tyler was soo sweet. He’s been crushing on Arden since they were both teenagers and now that she’s on her own, and he is too, he’s going to go for it. He’s a firefighter and lives next door to Arden. He’s always willing to help those in need, but knows when to step back too. The chemistry and attraction between them was well developed but the group as a whole had a greater dynamic. I’m looking forward to more stories from the other tenants in this building.
Vicki101370 26 days ago
When Arden Lennox moves across the country to live in an apartment building her brother is renovating, she's ready to spend the time figuring out what she wants to do with herself. As the widow of a former pro football player, it had been years since she had to work for anything, and learning that she was left with nothing was a reality check she hadn't anticipated. Moving to Chicago and staying in her brothers building was Ardens chance to take charge of her own life, to prove to herself that she *could* take care of herself. What she doesn't anticipate is her brothers formerly gawky teenaged best friend to have grown into a smoking hot firefighter that she can't help but ogle while he works on the renovations to her apartment. Tyler has had a crush on Arden since she was 14, but he didn't expect all of those awkward teenage feelings to come rushing back from the moment she stepped back into his life. The chemistry between these two is off the charts. While Arden is adamant that she isn't interested in a relationship - ever, the two find themselves spending all of their spare time together. I loved this story. I was immediately pulled in by the friendships that Arden gained through her brother and her job...and the development of the relationship between Tyler and Arden. I am looking eagerly forward to more stories among this group.
Michele-G 26 days ago
Firecracker was a well-done story about moving on after loss. Arden is a young widow who is starting over. She moves back to her hometown of Chicago where her brother still lives. He owns a building that he's rehabbing and is able to offer her free rent on a unit that is still being re-done. It works out as long as she doesn't mind allowing his friend periodic access to perform the rehab. That isn't an issue since it is one of his childhood friends that she knows. What she doesn't know is how much Tyler has grown up from the awkward teenager she remembers. He's now a very fit fire fighter who conveniently lives right across the hall from her. Arden and Tyler have instant chemistry. Actually, Tyler had a crush on Arden when they were younger but he was her little brother's best friend and she was a popular cheerleader. Now that they are grown, the playing field has leveled out. The only thing getting in the way is Arden's resistance to get into another relationship. She has been damaged by her deceased husband's untimely death and refuses to allow herself to get caught up in that way again. I enjoyed Firecracker. In addition to Arden and Tyler's developing relationship, I really liked getting to know the other characters and see great potential for more books in this series. Thank you to NetGalley and Ms. Jamieson for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
LynnB888 26 days ago
4 1/2 STARS! She was his teenage crush, now he's her fantasy come true! With her latest, Kelly Jamieson brings us a delectable cast of characters in FIRECRACKER. I sincerely hope this becomes a series because I have got to get my hands on Jamie & Mila's story and man, Liam and Danny would be the bomb too! Great characters, easy connections and so much heat! Arden is super easy to like as we try to figure out her story. She's a bit lost and trying to find her way back to herself, and as we get to know the ashes she's stepping out of, we understand what makes her weary. Tyler is yummy! He's kind, he's sweet, he's sensitive and man does he know how to rock her world! Watching him fall for the one who starred in his teenage dreams is super sweet ... and he just keeps getting better and better throughout the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a close-knit cast of family and friends and a story line with so much heat it sizzles! I adored this book and hope there's more to come.
KindleKat64 26 days ago
I love it when I am so totally invested in all the characters I meet in a book before I even get halfway through. Not only did I care very much about the fate of Arden and Tyler, but all the friends we meet as well. I look forward to getting their HEA's some day too. From the get-go I was in Arden's corner as she tries to begin again after the loss of her husband. Luckily her brother has a place for her to live but little did she know how much her life would change once she moves in. With the support of friends and her new neighbor across the hall who isn't so new to her life, Tyler, her life was about to go on a brand new trajectory. I loved watching Arden and Tyler figure out their feelings and come to the realization that they are everything the other needs and so much more. This is such a wonderfully sweet and heartwarming story with just the right amount of heat. I love this couple and hope to get more of them as their friends find love.
Rainn2978 26 days ago
Arden Lennox's life may be in pieces but she is determined to pull herself up by herself. She may be a widow and broke but she will stand on her own 2 feet. And the under-construction unit that she finds to stay is exactly what she needs to help her get on her feet. What she doesn't expect is for her brother's nerdy high school best friend to be living across the hall. Or for him to have turned into a smoking hot firefighter and be the one to do a lot of the work on her unit. Tyler can't believe his high school crush has moved in next door. Or that he would still be so attracted to her. But when their attraction ignites, will Arden run or will she face her fears and find her happiness? This story is beyond sweet while still being beyond HOT! Arden went through something that no one thinks will happen to them. And loses everything. But she is strong enough to realize that she can and will move on and stand on her own two feet. Tyler is this sweet and caring man who is beyond hot and I loved him! He is the type of person who will give you the shirt off your back if you need it. My only drawback was Arden wouldn't accept help when she truly needed it. She almost seemed to resent people who offered it to her. And that just bugged me because everyone needs help at some point in their life. Other than that, loved it!
Linda__ 26 days ago
This is an entertaining and sexy story that has Arden, a widow, struggling to rebuild her life after her husband's suicide. She feels as though she failed him and failed at life, so she moves across the country to live in her brother's building and try to rebuild her life. Across the hall, Tyler has an apartment and is still nursing the crush he's had on Arden since high school. They begin a non-relationship relationship as they struggle through life with its ups and downs. While I like the characters, I didn't fall in love with them or feel invested in their story. At times their weaknesses and insecurities were too much a bit over the top. I enjoyed this novel, but didn't love it. I'd give it 3.5 stars, but will round up to four stars. I am a fan of the author and love her other books so much that it makes me sad to give this a 4 star review.
TerryL56 26 days ago
4 1/2 Stars for this Firefighter and Princess Romance! When Tyler was 14 he had a crush on his best friend’s older sister Arden and it lasted for years. Of course, to her, he was just her little brother’s nerdy friend. Arden left for college, married a NFL player and lived a spoiled life of luxury. That is until 10 years later when her husband died and left her homeless and penniless. Her little brother, Jamie was now a millionaire, and his sideline was buying run down properties and fixing them up. Well ... he didn’t fix them himself, he hired his best Tyler to work on them on his days off from firefighting. Jamie offered Arden a free place to live, but it was under construction ... so she moved back home to Chicago rather than in with her parents in Florida. Arden can hardly believe her eyes when Tyler comes to work on her apartment. He’s far from the nerdy kid he was when she last saw him at 16 ... now he’s tall, dark, handsome and built! Tyler thought he was over his crush on Aden, but the minute he sees her, he realizes that he was always going to have a crush on the prom queen. Tyler ... you’d have to be dead not to fall in love with him. He was your typical protective alpha male but what got me was his vulnerability. And Arden ... even though she started out being a spoiled princess, she learned the hard way that you have to be able to look after yourself. As always in Ms Jamieson’s books, the banter between the characters is very realistic and draws you in to the story. A great read that will warm your heart! I received an early copy courtesy of the author through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Mags_louise 26 days ago
Firecracker was a really enjoyable story. That quickly pulled me in, thanks to a whole group of charismatic and absorbing characters, especially the main two Arden and Tyler. Whose romance was not only well-developed, but full of charm, sweetness and heat. And with minimal angst, some push-pull not to mention moments of miscommunication and misunderstanding, I was completely engaged, and connected enough with the characters and their individual friendships to want to keep reading more about them. Thus, I would happily recommend Firecracker to others. As it genuinely was an absorbing, well-rounded story with a great romance to boot. **I was kindly provided with an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**
MBurton 26 days ago
I just love a good romance that incorporates a set of good friends into the story. I think it brings an extra element of joy to not only see a couple fall in love, but to see that they have a group of friends supporting them. I think it helps draw a reader into their lives like they are one of those friends in the story. Tyler had so much going for him in this book. He's a geek turned hottie, and now a firefighter. He has this strong protective need in him based off a traumatic event in his past. He's has an alpha personality with that gentler side to him. While his overprotectiveness was portrayed as a bit of a flaw in this book, I actually think it was his best feature. Nothing gets me more than a protective male. Arden was the cheerleader in high school, the popular girl that extended into her adult life until things came crashing down around her. It was a bit of a wake up call for her that caused a need to stand on her own two feet. That got in her way a lot in this story, but I still really liked her character. All the characters in this book, from the main characters to all the side characters were fun to read about. I enjoyed this book and I hope we get more with the side characters.
heater_28 26 days ago
**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review** Arden seemed to have everything in life until things got turned upside down upon her husband's death. Now trying to rebuild her life, she leaves Phoenix and heads back to Chicago to live in an apartment that her brother is remodeling in his building. She's basically homeless, penniless, jobless and in despair. She knows it will take time to get back on her feet, but she's glad she'll at least have her brother close. Tyler is Arden's brother's best friend. He is a firefighter and one of his hobbies is doing construction work, so he is doing most of the work in the apartment across the hall from him. He's always been fond of Arden, but when they come face to face for the first time in years, he's changed so much physically from the gangly teen he was that she doesn't recognize him. As Arden and Tyler spend more time together, the sparks begin to fly for both of them, but Arden really doesn't want to get involved with anyone. She's trying to find herself, and the last thing she feels she needs is to be in a relationship. Will the chemistry win out or will Arden be able to keep her distance from the man that has turned her head? Not only did I love Arden and Tyler, I loved the group of friend around them. It just gave the story such a richness. They were all great together; so supportive, loving, helpful and there was even tough love when it was needed. This was such a great story and I really hope we might get Jamie, Arden's brothers story!!
1flyerphan 26 days ago
I loved this book. I’m a huge fan of Kelly’s hockey books, but this was a nice change. Arden is on a journey to find herself after being widowed at a young age. Tyler, her little brother’s best friend, is all grown up and knows who he is. Arden is determined to make it on her own. Tyler is determinedly show her she doesn’t need to. Every time they’re together the sparks fly. Kelly gave us a story full of tragedy, comedy, family, friendship, childhood crushes, love, lust and new beginnings. “None of us have it all figured out, but maybe we’re not supposed to. It’s the journey where we learn the things that help us grow and prepare us for the destination…even if we’re not sure what the destination is. Even if it changes along the way.” I love Arden’s every day celebrations & Tyler’s persistence and patience. I love that Jamie treated them like adults and didn’t have a temper tantrum over them being together & Mila’s laid back yet fun personality. I love Danny’s devil-may-care attitude and Liam’s quiet caring. This book has a great cast of characters. I am hoping (**hint hint** Kelly Jamieson) we get more of their stories!! Especially Liam... he has captured me and I just know he has secrets he’s waiting to tell. ***ARC provided for an honest review***
JulieD2 26 days ago
A good story of a woman returning home to straighten up her life and begin again. I loved the story and was fully invested in the heroines struggle to discover herself and her fight to live her life as she wished after her superstar football player husband passed away and left her penny less. And she discovers friends and family are essential for her happiness and a certain friend can be the best friend of all.
astroyic 26 days ago
Firecracker is a heartwarming, slow-burn romance that is filled with heartache, second chances, a lot of emotion, healing, friendship, passion and love. This was such an excellent story that kept me enthralled from the first chapter. There is definitely more to Arden Lennox than meets the eye and I loved her story. She is such a survivor and so caring but after seeing all her hopes and dreams slowly die over the course of her marriage, she just doesn’t know where to do. Widowed at twenty-eight years old, penniless, emotionally struggling, with feelings of guilt, she has to make a new start. So she heads back home to Chicago, living in an apartment for free that her brother owns, that is under construction. Tyler Ramirez has always had a crush on his best-friends older sister Arden, the hot, beautiful, cheerleader from high school who married the football star. Now she is back and living in an apartment that he is rehabbing. But Tyler is now a smoking, hot, fireman, nothing like he was in high school. From the very first scene of them connecting you could tell he was just a genuinely good guy. so sweet, selfless and sexy. It was wonderful how he was there for Arden. What they shared was scorchingly, passionate and incredible. But with so much on her plate, will Arden push away the best thing she could ever have. Loved this story. The secondary characters of friends and their support and care for one another was amazing and I hope that I get to read more about them. Gifted an early copy in exchange for an honest review.
Lashea677 27 days ago
Slow burn gives way to unforgettable. Firecracker sneaks up on emotions, playing peekaboo with the heart. Jamieson takes a different approach this time around. Arden and Tyler missed their chance the first time. Can each let go of the heartaches of their past and take a chance on finding a happy ending together? Stroll through a new beginning that will steal away with your heart.