Firestorm: Volume 2: A Dragon Romance

Firestorm: Volume 2: A Dragon Romance

by Donna Grant

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Volume Two of an exclusive four-part volume by New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant.

“I was affected by magic, and you saved me again. And I ached for you.”

When Dr. Faith Reynold stumbles upon an ancient skeleton that appears it comes from a dragon, she’s completely taken aback. A woman of science, there’s no way in her mind that this mythological creature can exist. But when a devilishly handsome man named Dimitri intercepts her path to uncovering the truth, Faith’s curiosity turns into all-consuming passion. The dragon shapeshifter has captured her heart and soul…

Read all four parts of this sensational volume and look for the full volume of Firestorm in March 2017.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781250143051
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/21/2017
Series: Dark Kings Series , #10
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 80
Sales rank: 236,034
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. She’s the author of more than thirty novels spanning multiple genres of romance including the bestselling Dark King stories. The acclaimed series features a thrilling combination of dragons, the Fae, and Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children, a dog, and four cats in Texas.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. She’s written more than thirty novels spanning multiple genres of romance including the bestselling Dark King stories, Dark Craving, Night’s Awakening, and Dawn’s Desire. Her acclaimed series, Dark Warriors, feature a thrilling combination of Druids, primeval gods, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children, a dog, and four cats in Texas.

"Dark, sexy, magical. When I want to indulge in a sizzling fantasy adventure, I read Donna Grant."

--Allison Brennan, New York Times Bestselling Author

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Firestorm Part 2

By Donna Grant

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2017 Donna Grant
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-250-14305-1


Dmitri's breath locked in his chest when he saw Faith tumble off the cliff. He didn't think, didn't worry about the outcome. He jumped, shifting into a dragon and unfurling his wings.

He caught a current and headed straight to her. Faith's screams were drowned out by the storm, but he could hear the terrified pitch.

There was no time for him to make a mistake. He dipped a wing, turning as close to the cliffs as he could. His back leg scraped against the jagged rocks. With a flap of wings, he was able to reach out a claw and snatch her out of the air.

As he flew past, he looked into Tamir's eyes before he altered his course and headed to the cave. There, he landed and set her inside.

When he drew back, Faith stood staring at him with wide, unblinking eyes. For all her talk of dragons, she obviously wasn't prepared to see one in the flesh.

"I ... I was pushed," she stuttered.

Dmitri looked to the cliff. He fell backward, opening his wings and twisting as he righted himself. Even with the storm, he didn't want to take the chance of someone other than Faith's assailant being there.

So he stayed out at sea and flew straight up into the clouds as lightning streaked around him. Once he was high enough, he remained in the clouds and flew over the cliffs. When he looked down, he spotted the Dark Fae.

The bastard was looking to the sky, waiting for a Dragon King to strike. Though the Dark hadn't known for sure that a King was here, they suspected. Now by saving Faith, Dmitri had confirmed it.

It took every ounce of control for Dmitri to turn away. The Dark wanted him to strike, and that could only mean trouble. He would take care of the Fae when the pricks weren't expecting it. Until then, he would bide his time until he could exact his revenge.

The Dark Fae spread his arms and shouted to the heavens in an Irish accent, "Where are you, you fekkers?"

Dmitri snarled. It would be so easy to kill the scum now. Then he thought of Faith. He needed to get back to her.

He turned and made another pass over the Dark. As he did, he released his magic, directing it at the Fae. It took seconds to cancel the Dark's thoughts, but that was all Dmitri needed.

He waited long enough for the Dark to turn away while he tried to remember what he was doing. That's when Dmitri tucked his wings and dove to the cave. Right before he reached the entrance, he spread his wings to halt his plunge.

Landing lightly, he folded his wings and walked on all fours inside before shaking off the rain from his scales. He spotted Faith standing against the far wall as soon as he alighted. Since he didn't want to frighten her, he didn't look her way.

He wanted to lie down and let her take her time looking him over, hopefully ease some of her curiosity. But nothing good could come from her and Tamir seeing him in his true form.

Dmitri returned to human form. He could feel her gaze moving over his naked body, and he responded instantly. His balls tightened, and the blood rushed to his cock.

It was only the sound of Tamir lowering himself to the cave from above that prevented Dmitri from showing Faith what he thought of her perusal.

Both archeologists had seen him. Both would have questions, questions he didn't want to answer — and couldn't. However, there was no way around it. His power could cancel thoughts for a short period, but it wasn't permanent. Not like Guy, who could erase memories.

Despite the situation, he felt good for being able to shift and fly. Even that short span of time had done wonders mentally, physically, and emotionally.

None of the Dragon Kings were meant to remain in human form forever.

His thoughts skidded to Ulrik. Countless centuries had passed in the time Ulrik was locked in his human body. It was a wonder he hadn't attacked the Kings thousands of years before.

"Faith!" Tamir called as he unhooked from the harness.

Dmitri backed into the shadows behind a grouping of waist-high rocks. He kept his head averted from her, but he still watched.

Faith slowly emerged. As soon as Tamir saw her, he rushed to her, wrapping his arms around her. To Dmitri's amazement, she looked his way.

"Are you all right?" Tamir leaned back, his hands on her upper arms as he looked her over. "Is anything broken? Hurt?"

"I'm fine," she replied.

Tamir then dropped his arms. "My God. Did you see that creature?" She nodded woodenly. "Kinda hard not to."

"That was a ... it was a —"

"Dragon," Faith said, supplying the word.

Tamir wiped the water from his face as the shock began to subside. "Where is Dmitri?"

"I don't know."

So she was going to lie for him. Dmitri was glad for it, but Tamir would eventually piece it all together. The time Faith had given him was appreciated. He would make the most of it.

"I saw someone behind you up top. Was it Dmitri who pushed you from the cliff?"

"No," Faith stated. "Though Muscles might be hurt up there."

Tamir blew out a breath. "You're right. Let me get up there and see if I can find him. It's better if you remain here."

"Of course."

It felt like eternity until Tamir began the climb up the cliff. After he'd left, Dmitri remained in the shadows, waiting to see what Faith would do. She had lied for him, but that didn't mean she would continue to help.

He watched as she made her way over to him with a bit of hesitation in her steps. She was scared but curious. Her inquisitiveness would overcome whatever fear she felt.

"Who are you?" she demanded.

"It's better if you doona know."

She gave a firm shake of her head. "No. I want the truth. I deserve the truth."

"You think my saving you gives you that right?"

"I ..." She paused and inhaled deeply. "You're right. You owe me nothing. I deserve nothing."

He glanced down the tunnel to where the dragon skeleton rested. "What do you see when you look at those bones?"

A small frown creased her forehead. Her sherry eyes moved around him to the tunnel as if she were looking at the skeleton in her mind's eye. She shoved aside her wet, blond locks. "I see a creature that should be nothing but a myth. I see the theory that there were more. I see something unique and impossible." Her gaze returned to him. "I see truth."

He'd hoped that she would say something that would confirm his need to tell her lies. Unfortunately, the opposite had occurred. Now, he wanted to tell her everything.

Standing before him was one of those rare mortals who saw the dragons for what they were — nothing bad or wicked.

"You saved me from falling to my death," she said into the silence. "You had to know I would see you. Yet you shifted before my eyes. Why do all of that if you didn't want me to know?"

She had a point. He could've flown away and never shown her who he was. But he hadn't done that. Was it because he subconsciously wanted her to know?

"Who are you?" she asked again. "What are you?"

He held her gaze, looking deep into her eyes. Then he found himself saying, "You've seen what I am. A verra long time ago, I ruled these isles. Fair Isle was where I was born. It was my home."

"And the skeleton I found?"

"One of my people."

"Where are the others?"

A memory of all the dragons leaving popped into his head. He stopped the grief before it could assault him. "Gone."

"But not you. Why?"

Dmitri looked away. "You are treading dangerous ground, Dr. Reynolds. It's better if you stop asking questions."

"I can't. I want to know everything."

"Just discovering that skeleton back there has put your life in danger. Already, one of your workers is dead. More will die if you doona stop."

Her brows rose as her gaze hardened. "Why do these bones matter so much?"

"You've found evidence of something that was never supposed to be."

"Killing me won't stop the bones from being seen."

He shrugged. "I'll make sure that never happens."

"Is that why you're here? To make sure I stop digging?" she asked angrily, her arms folding over her chest.

He appreciated her pluck. She was going to need that courage. "I'm no' the one who tried to kill you. But I was sent to destroy the bones."

"You can't," she cried, her arms dropping.

"The thing that tried to kill you doesna want you to stop. He wants to scare you away so his people can retrieve the skeleton."

She briefly pressed her lips together. "Thing? You know what pushed me?"


"Is it the same ... thing ... that killed Roger Thomas?"


"You're a dragon. Which means that whatever is after that skeleton isn't a friend of yours."

He wanted to lie. He tried, but that wasn't what came out. "Aye."

"Who is it?"

"Once more, you're treading dangerous ground. You say you want to know, but you're better off as you are."

She lifted her chin, determination glinting in her eyes. "Thank you for saving me. I should've said that first."

"You're welcome."

"If you're worried I'll tell someone what I saw, I won't."

He didn't bother to mention that Tamir saw him, as well. "Why are you no' scared?"

"How could I be after you rescued me?" she asked in surprise.

"Most are terrified."

"I'm not most people."

That was a fact. And something he was liking more and more. He noticed how she kept her gaze on his face now. Unlike earlier when she'd ogled his nudity.

She really wasn't afraid of him. Intrigued, curious, and even mesmerized, but not fearful. She made demands and stood her ground, despite knowing that he could shift and end her life with a swipe of his tail.

Her bravery sent desire burning hotly through him. But all that vanished the moment he saw her shiver. How could he have forgotten that she was soaked through? Then there was the shock of falling and being grasped out of the air by a dragon.

"You need to get warm."

As if it just now dawned on her how cold she was, Faith wrapped her arms around herself and nodded. "It is rather chilly."

He looked around helplessly. He had no clothes to give her. His had been shredded the moment he'd shifted. He could light a fire simply by breathing, but there was no wood.

"The sleeping bags are still there. You need to get inside one," he said She was shaking her head before he'd finished. "Not until I can get Tamir away."

"Sending him back to the village could lead to his death."

"And here?" she asked. "Is he safer here?"

Dmitri shook his head as he heard Tamir descending the cliff. "Nay."

"Tamir recognizes the evil. He's asked that I leave."

"Can you send him away from the isle?"

Her teeth began to chatter. "Maybe."

"Faith!" Tamir shouted, interrupting them.

He turned his head to the entrance to see Tamir's feet dangling at the top of the cave's opening.

"I'll take care of this," she said and walked to her assistant.

Dmitri watched her go, knowing it was his time to escape and never look back. But he remained. Whether it was for him or Faith, he didn't know yet.


"I didn't find Dmitri," Tamir said as he dropped a leather bag to the ground before he lowered himself.

Faith recognized Muscles' bag and dragged it inside the cave. It was really too bad there were clothes in there to cover that magnificent body of his. "He's here."

Tamir was unhooking his harness when his head jerked up. "Is he all right?"

"He ... was attacked." Damn. How she hated lying, especially to Tamir.

"It was by that dragon, wasn't it?"

She didn't bother to deny it. He wouldn't listen to her. "I think it was the same man who pushed me. Dmitri is just a little banged up, and his clothes are wet. It's a good thing you brought his bag."

"I actually brought it for you." Tamir glanced at the leather satchel. "It was the only bag still at the site, and I knew you would need something dry to wear."

She smiled, truly grateful to have someone like Tamir in her life. "Thank you."

"Let's get both of you warmed up before we head up."

"No," she said and hurriedly stepped in front of him when he tried to walk around her. "Tamir, you were right about this place. Roger's death, someone attacking Dmitri, and pushing me ... It's time we leave."

His face clouded. "Do you mean it?"

"I do. The storm is only going to get worse. Get back to town and send everyone home before it does."

"And you?"

"After my fall, I'm not going back up until the storm is gone. I'll stay with Dmitri. Once the storm abates, we'll head into town."

Tamir's lips flattened. "And the dragon?"

She had hoped he would drop it, but she should've known better. "Look, I —"

"I'd better get back to the others, then," Tamir suddenly said. His eyes seemed almost unfocused, as if he had just woken from a deep sleep. "I'll return after the storm."

"Let him go," whispered a deep voice behind her.

Muscles. What had he done to Tamir? And why hadn't he done it to her?

She watched Tamir work the rope and begin the ascent back up the cliffs. Even though she was so cold she could no longer feel her toes and fingers, she remained at the entrance until she saw Tamir make it to the top.

"Enough," Muscles said and turned her away from the opening.

She didn't need to be told twice. He grabbed his bag and remained behind her as they walked to the sleeping bags.

"Get undressed and inside," he ordered as he dropped the duffle and strode back toward the front.

Faith was too cold to ask him where he was going. Her fingers were numb, and her hands were shaking, making it nearly impossible to get out of her wet garments.

When she was finally free of her soaked clothes, she crawled into a sleeping bag and burrowed beneath the heavy, wool blanket to curl into a ball for warmth.

It was only then that she realized that none of the lights were on in the cave. Had the cold affected her brain so she wouldn't notice something like that?

There was a flicker of light in the darkness that grew until it took shape as fire at the end of a branch, held by none other than Muscles.

He squatted down, dropping a stack of wood far away from the skeleton. Then he touched the tip of the burning branch to it. In moments, the wood roared to life, emitting heat that made her sigh.

She looked through the flames at Dmitri. His face was bathed in the red-orange glow. His gaze was locked on the fire. Then he stood.

Unable to look away, Faith drank in the sight of him. She'd looked her fill earlier, in the dim light. But now, she saw every glorious, splendid inch of him.

A man with a sculpted body like his should never cover it with clothes. His shoulders were wide and thick with sinew. She saw the tattoo of a dragon head over Dmitri's heart with the body of the dragon disappearing over his shoulder. Along the top of his right arm was more of the tattoo — the dragon's tail that ended atop his hand. Where was the rest of the tat?

She soon forgot as her gaze traveled to his chest and abdomen that were corded with muscles before tapering to his waist and hips — and his cock that hung thick and semi-hard. Her mouth watered at the sight of his member.

His legs were fashioned of more chiseled sinew. He turned to the side, and she bit back a groan at the sight of his butt. She never knew an ass could look that amazing.

Her gaze followed him, and she got to see the rest of the dragon tattoo. It lay along his shoulders with its wings tucked against its body, as if sleeping.

She watched the muscles in Dmitri's back move, wishing she could get a closer look at his tat. He pulled some items from his bag and placed them on rocks near the fire. Then he turned, their eyes clashing.

He said nothing as he walked to her and climbed beneath the covers. His hand found her hip and pulled her back against him.

The feel of his warmth was enthralling. While he rubbed his hand up and down her arm and leg to get her circulation moving, she lay there, soaking it all in.

From neck to feet they were skin-to-skin. She might crave him with all of her being, but he had given no such inclination toward her. It was upsetting, but the world wasn't a perfect place — as she well knew.

She wanted to wait for him to talk, but she didn't think he would. His secret was powerful, and not one that he would readily share.

It was after he was settled behind her that she asked, "What did you do to Tamir?"

"It's my ability. I can cancel someone's thoughts."

He said it as if it were nothing, when it was certainly something.

"Have you done it with me?"


"So Tamir forgot what he saw?"

Muscles sighed. "Eventually, he will remember again. But by then, it will almost be like a dream, and he willna be sure if it was real."

"What else can you do?"

"Faith —"

She turned in his arms to look at him. Their position was extremely intimate. If she couldn't run her hands over that mouthwatering body, then she would get answers.

"You've already told me you ruled this land. I've seen you —" She had to stop as she recalled the majesty that had been the white dragon standing before her. "I can be trusted."


Excerpted from Firestorm Part 2 by Donna Grant. Copyright © 2017 Donna Grant. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Firestorm: Volume 2: A Dragon Romance 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought this was a continuation from the other book of Firestorm. It is only an 80 page excerpt from it. DONT buy it. Get the full copy instead.