Five a Day

Five a Day

by Catelyn Cash

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ISBN-13: 9781908262356
Publisher: Xcite Books
Publication date: 09/22/2011
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 58
File size: 145 KB

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Heading for the shower, Joe knew he had upset her. She had all but begged him to fuck her on the breakfast table and he couldn’t put into words why he hadn’t taken her up on the offer. God knew he wanted to.

Except did he? As he stripped off his clothes and saw his cock standing to attention, he knew there had been nothing to stop him. So why hadn’t he done something about it?

He wanted her; his cock sure as hell wanted her and his balls were aching with unspent come. But when it came right down to doing anything about it, his mind just turned off and he had no idea why. It was one of the reasons he’d suggested she start sleeping with other men. He was fine with that. Better than fine. It turned him on something awful, but then Shanna turned him on too and he still couldn’t fuck her.

He turned on the hot water and stood with his hands on the tiles above him, his head lowered as the water ran between his shoulder blades. His hard-on was going nowhere and, surrendering to the inevitable, he closed his eyes and ran his thumb over the shiny, swollen glans, shuddering in pleasure. Sliding his hand down the shaft, he leaned his forearm on the tiles and his forehead on his arm as he stroked himself. And all the while the warm water continued to flow over him.

Shanna had been so wet and silky and he groaned aloud at the memory. Aaron must have been better than she’d implied. That was something Joe wondered about; tortured himself with at times. Did the other men make her come more than he had? If he ever got his mojo back would she prefer them to him?

Did she moan and writhe and dig her long nails into his friend’s backs while they nailed his wife?

If anything, his cock grew even harder thinking about it and he dropped his other hand to fondle his balls. They were heavy, tight, and he cupped them gently as he worked his cockhead, picturing Aaron in bed with Shanna. Had she cast the bedclothes aside so the young man could see her properly? Had she sat up as he knelt between her legs, touching his balls? Like this? Joe groaned. With her hands? Her mouth? Fuck! Had she run her tongue over Aaron’s balls and sucked them into her mouth?

Joe’s breathing was coming faster and the hand on his cock was working faster too.

Had she lain back on her pillow and smiled up at Aaron as she spread her legs wide for him, showing him her cunt before guiding him in? In his mind’s eye, Joe was looking down on them from above. Shanna’s long black hair would be fanned out over the pillow, just as Joe had seen it a thousand times. Aaron was blond, lean as a whippet but just beginning to bulk out. They’d look good together.

Joe’s head was thrown back now, his eyes closed against the streaming water, but in his mind he was watching Aaron, watching the other man’s buttocks clench as he drove into Shanna. Clench and release. Clench and release as he pounded her cunt. His balls tightened further, drawing up high, and his hand moved faster and faster on his shaft. The image in his mind was so vivid he could hear Shanna urging him on – no, urging Aaron on – urging him to fill her cunt.

And all the while Joe watched Aaron’s buttocks rise and fall, rise and fall as he ploughed into his wife.

Panting, he had to press his hand against the shower stall to support himself as hot jets of come shot from his cock, hitting the tiles before being washed away by the ever running water. 

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Five a Day 2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I get the point of the story which to me is about the communication breakdown with couples, but this went way over the top when she is having sex with everyone and anyone and he is lusting after another man. Seems unrealistic, but maybe not maybe l am living in a bubble