Flirting With The Competition

Flirting With The Competition

by Kerri Carpenter

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Flirting With The Competition by Kerri Carpenter

Under normal circumstances, Whitney March might have appreciated sharing an elevator with a ridiculously attractive and clearly wealthy guy. Even enjoyed it. But when her companion turns out to be the man who almost ran her over in parking garage moments earlier? Nope and nope. Besides, she's on her way to a job interview at a prestigious law firm, and she needs to stay focused. Not staring at the rich and sexy jerk.

Then the elevator comes to an abrupt stop. They're stuck.

Jordan Campbell has every intention of acing the interview for his dream job, and he's not about to let anything stop him. Not even the sexy, capable, and fiery woman who turns out to be his main competitor he's trapped with. The only thing they have in common is determination to get the job...and an escalating attraction. And it's only a matter of time before these competitors indulge in a very sexy little connection between floors.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633750883
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/27/2014
Series: Entangled Lovestruck
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 100
Sales rank: 101,276
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Kerri Carpenter began writing in her grandmother's kitchen at the age of seven in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. A life-long fan of reading, she got lost in the worlds of The Baby-sitters Club and Sweet Valley High. She also assumed that everyone had characters and plots forming in their heads at all times.

During college, her mother gave her a copy of Nora Roberts', Seaswept, and she didn't stop reading until she'd blown through every other Nora Roberts book availabe. After graduating from Georgetown University, and working at The Washington Post and several nonprofit organizations, she began her freelance writing career. But she still continued to read romances. Since she couldn't get enough of books with happy endings, she started writing her own.

Now, Kerri writes contemporary romances, usually set in small towns. She enjoys reading, cooking, watching movies, taking Zumba classes, rooting for Pittsburgh sports teams, and anything sparkly. Kerri lives in Northern Virginia with her adorable (and precocious) poodle mix, Harry.

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Flirting with the Competition

By Kerri Carpenter

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2014 Kerri Carpenter
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-088-3


This was it — the day that could change her whole life.

Whitney threw her Toyota in park, snatched her purse off the seat, and hopped out the door. Excited butterflies darted around in her belly as she locked her car and looked at the stairway that led out of the parking garage and into the building where she hoped to soon be working.

After four years of tirelessly putting herself through college, an even tougher three years of law school, plus three more years of working her butt off at Preston and Associates, she was finally about to get the payoff from all of that work: an interview at one of the most prestigious law firms in Washington, DC.

Who would have ever thought that Whitney March, the shy girl from West Virginia, would have a real shot at becoming a lawyer? Or of living in Washington, DC? The city was so different from her teeny-tiny hometown in West Virginia, they might as well be on different planets.

An excited shiver ran through her. Time to turn her dreams into reality.

She took a deep breath and started toward the stairway.

She didn't know if she heard the screech of the tires first or felt the wind from the speed of the car. But she turned and saw the grill of a red BMW rushing toward her. She leaped back against the trunk of her car, eyes wide and breath stuck in her throat as the BMW sped through where she'd been standing.

While she tried to contain the shaking that had overtaken her entire body, she spared a glance into the car. The driver seemed as surprised as she felt. His mouth hung open, and any coloring in his face had faded. Whitney waited for him to get out, or at least roll down his window, but as he took in her car, he cocked his head, frowned, and lifted his hands in the universal expression of What the hell?

How could he be pissed when she was the one who'd almost been run over? She strode forward, intending to give him a crash course — pardon the pun — in how not to kill someone with an overpriced car. But before she could do or say anything, he put the car in reverse, backed up, and sped away down the ramp to the next level of parking.

Now it was her turn for a What the hell? gesture.

Her heart was beating so quickly she had to put a hand to her chest and take a couple of calming breaths. She hadn't gotten the best view of the jerk, but she had noticed his thick brownish-blond hair. It would have given off a surfer vibe if it hadn't been slicked back.

And he'd had a strong jawline. One that screamed of power and made her stomach flutter. She knew the type. When he walked into a room, everyone deferred to him. When he declared what he wanted, he always got it. Maybe that was why he drove like a bat out of hell. Why would he care about his driving if everyone always gave him the green light?

She hadn't been able to see his eyes since they'd been covered with a pair of silver aviators, but she'd bet they were simmering hot. Blech. Why did the hot ones always turn out to be the assholes?

Which was just as well that he'd driven off. She'd had enough of bad boys puffed up by their need for control. Just once she wanted to meet a guy who had power but was a small-town boy at heart. The kind of guy that egotistical, bad-driving assholes most definitely were not.

Whitney squared her shoulders and strode toward the exit door. She refused to let this guy ruin her day.

Once inside the building, she wasn't surprised to see that the lobby was empty. No people, no security guards, and hardly any noise.

Of course, being the day before the Fourth of July, most residents had fled DC, leaving the District resembling a ghost town. In fact, she was supposed to be one of those escapees. But she could stall her vacation for a day if it meant getting her dream job. She was just glad one of the partners had called her yesterday morning.

She'd been surprised to get a call for an interview the day before a holiday — most lawyers were long gone from town days before any holiday — but Mr. Wyatt had said he was stuck finishing up some briefs anyway, so she may as well come in for a chat. Of course she'd said yes. All of her late nights studying at Georgetown Law, not to mention the hours spent on her feet waitressing, would finally pay off.

Whitney punched the elevator button, tapped her foot in a quick rhythm, and huffed out a breath. As if in a slow motion replay, she saw the hot douche bag lifting his hands in frustration. So for good measure, she stabbed the elevator button one more time. Hard.

She needed to forget about him and focus on the interview. The coveted position was between her and one other candidate, a detail she probably wasn't supposed to know. But she couldn't help it if she'd happened upon a Wyatt & Becker human resources employee during happy hour in a bar right next door to the office building.

Whitney wanted to pat herself on the back, not only for the information a couple glasses of scotch had provided, but for the job she had no doubt would be hers in a matter of hours. No thanks to the guy who'd almost ruined her shot with one quick swipe of his car.

She jabbed the elevator call button three more times in rapid succession. The elevator had apparently fallen victim to the upcoming holiday — or perhaps the humid July weather — and was taking its good old time arriving.

A minor setback compared to almost being mowed down in the parking garage.

"Stupid jerk," she muttered into the silence of the lobby.

What a thoughtless idiot. He'd spared her a glance for less than a millisecond. And didn't that remind her of someone she knew. Her ex-boyfriend had taught her a huge lesson. Not only should she never date assholes, she could strike coworkers off the list, too.

Everyone deserved the chance to make at least one mistake. And dating your coworker definitely counted as a monumental mistake. One she would never make again.

Closing her eyes, she repeated the mantra she'd developed during her many years of practicing yoga.

It doesn't matter where you came from. It matters how hard you work now.

Opening her eyes, she straightened her black suit jacket as the elevator finally reached her floor. A little ding sounded, and the doors opened.

Stepping into the car, she double-checked the suite address for the law firm and pressed the button for floor fourteen. This was it. Nothing was going to get in her way now.

"Hold the elevator."

She registered the words as the silver doors began to slide shut. Snapping to attention, she pressed the button to hold the door.

"Thanks," a harried man said as he bounded into the elevator.

"No prob — "

Her eyes grew wide as she took in the clean-shaven man. He was attractive in that old-money-meets-movie-star kind of way. His thick brownish-blond hair. Cologne that smelled amazing. And his jawline — the strong, powerful kind that made her heart go flutter, flutter. The only thing about him that wasn't sexy was the bottle of water in his hand, and even that seemed tempting. Her throat suddenly felt parched.

But sneaking a longer look at him, she had to admit ... the guy looked an awful lot like the douche bag who'd almost run her over.

Oh, holy hell. Couldn't be.

The entire building was full of offices. He could be any number of employees coming to work from the street entrance.

Yeah. And I guess he just happened to get here at the same time as that douche bag, right?

"What floor?" she asked.

"Four ... Hey, do I know you?" he asked. His sensual green eyes held a mix of confusion and curiosity as he gave her a long, thorough once-over.

She glanced down quickly at the emerald-green camisole peeking out from her black skirt suit. Yep, everything was in place. Well, mostly. Her pantyhose had a slight snarl from the incident in the garage, but what did she care? As long as she crossed her legs in the interview, no one important would notice.

So why did she find herself shifting her weight to hide the run as those attentive green eyes continued to survey her?

Then she saw the pair of silver aviators tucked into the jacket pocket of his suit. The same pair Jerk Face had been wearing. Great. Now there was no doubt. Today must be her lucky day.

Just the reminder of what had happened in the garage made her blood boil. She looked up — way up, since this guy was apparently a giant — and gave him her own assessing stare.

As the elevator began its upward ascent, she opened her mouth to hurl insult one of five hundred at him —

But she stopped and shut her mouth. Whitney wasn't here to go head-to-head with this guy. Today was about getting the job of her dreams. Besides, what was one short elevator ride?

"I'm sure I've seen you somewhere before," he said.

"I don't think so," she said. She blew out a breath and turned to face the door.

"Are you sure?" he asked, oblivious to her teeth grinding.

How dare this jerk not even recognize her? But then again, that's what his type thrived on. Making the other person feel inferior. He must have gotten pointers from her ex.

Whitney pursed her lips together even tighter.

"Because I swear we've run into each other at some point."

"Interesting choice of words," she said tersely.

"What does that — "

His words cut off as the elevator let out a screeching sound, then lurched and came to a complete stop. Whitney fell backward against the railing. Jerk Face fell too, slamming into the left wall.

As she pushed her now-disheveled hair out of her eyes, she noticed that not one strand of his perfectly coiffed hair had moved an inch. Figured.

He reached out a hand to her. "Let me help — "

"I'm fine," she said, regaining her balance on her own. "What happened?"

Oh, shoot.

The run in her hose had grown exponentially.

"You okay?" He rubbed his shoulder with the hand that hadn't taken the brunt of the fall.

"I said I'm fine."

"Good. I guess I'll live," he said.


"Oh, I just assumed you meant to ask if I was okay, too," he said.

Silence took over as they eyed each other. She saw something sincere flicker in his eyes. Maybe the guy really was making an effort.

Well, too little, too late. She wasn't about to give the guy a pass after what he'd done. Even if he was the hottest guy she'd seen in a while. And since Aidan, she hadn't seen a hot guy this close in far too long.

Whitney broke the contact as she averted her eyes to the numbers posted atop the elevator doors. None were lit up, which must mean they were between floors.

"Shit," Jerk Face said.

Whitney's worst fear was confirmed by the half-annoyed, half-worried expression on his face. Not only was she going to be late for her interview, she was stuck in the elevator with super-sexy Jerk Face.

She glanced one more time at the doors, willing them to glide open right onto floor fourteen and the coveted interview for her dream job. She closed her eyes, repeating her hope as a new mantra.

I will make it to the fourteenth floor. I will get this job.

But when she opened her eyes, nothing had changed. Still in the elevator. Still not moving. Still standing next to Jerk Face.

They were trapped.


Of all the things that could have happened on the way to a job interview, Jordan never would have imagined he'd get stuck in an elevator. Normally, this type of situation wouldn't faze him. He'd been in worse jams. But today was different. Today was incredibly important. And everything needed to go perfectly.

At least he had company, though. He glanced at her now.

Make that very attractive company.

He glanced at her again.

Make that extremely attractive company.

Company who was currently puffing out breaths of annoyance and throwing looks of contempt in his direction.

"I'll have us out of here in a couple of minutes," he said.

"You don't know that."

True, but how long could they be stuck in here, really?

She tapped her heel-clad foot in a rapid rhythm. Man, she was smokin' hot, and her anger just made her all the more attractive. Nothing turned him on more than a strong-willed woman. Her hair was straight and silky and the most unique color — a cross between blond and red. It lit up her high cheekbones and pert nose.

High cheekbones? Pert nose? Jordan shook his head. Time to reclaim his man card. He vowed to renew his subscription to Maxim as soon as he got out of here.

She crossed her arms over her chest, and Jordan had to force his eyes to stay on her face.

"I can't believe this," she said.

"It's not the fifties," he said. "They can repair elevators remotely now. Hold on, I'll give them a call and get this fixed." When she didn't move, he pointed at the phone behind her. "If you don't mind?"

"Oh ..." she said.

He took her arm and guided her out of the way —


As soon as he touched her, he felt a familiar stirring in his lower regions.

Okay, maybe she wasn't the kind of girl he dated, but he knew that feeling. He'd have to be careful. Step one, don't touch her. Step two, focus on making this phone call. Step three?

Remember why you're here. Nail the interview. Get the job. Or else you'll never get away from the family business.

He opened the panel on the wall and pulled out the phone. It only went to one number, so he held it to his ear, waiting for someone to pick up. After a tense few seconds, a male voice finally came on the phone.

"Hey, this is Larry."

"Yeah, Larry, my name's Jordan, and I'm stuck in the elevator between ..." He looked up at the numbers above the door, but they gave nothing away. "I'm stuck between two floors with a woman named ..." He looked to her for the answer.

"Whitney March," she said.

He found the airy tone of her voice incredibly seductive. "Whitney," he said, tasting the word, savoring her name. He shook himself. What was wrong with him? "What do we need to do next?" he asked the operator.

"Ah man, that's tough. Shit. See, I'm new. And I'm only the assistant here. I need to call my boss and stuff."

Jordan rolled his eyes. Damn, he was definitely going to be late. This was not his day. "Okay, call your boss. Get us out of here."

"Yeah, see, the thing is ... it's Fourth of July."

"What's he saying?" Whitney whispered, stepping so close her breast brushed his arm. Jordan tried not to react, but almost independently, his eyes roamed the rest of her fit physique.

"Shhhh," he warned her, hoping she couldn't see his reaction to her.

Cold water. Baseball.

He glanced at Whitney.

Being stuck in an elevator.

At her smooth skin and pink lips.

Being stuck in an elevator with a gorgeous woman.

Okay, this wasn't helping.

"It's July third, actually," Jordan finally replied to the operator. "July Fourth is tomorrow."

"Yeah, but see ..." The unhelpful operator took a long breath. "You know how the city is, man. DC's crazy. Everyone's gone for the holiday."

Whitney inched closer. "What's he saying?"

Jordan froze. She needed to give him some room, like yesterday. Between the idiot operator irritating him and whatever it was about her that was infiltrating his usually well-guarded control, he was about to start climbing the very narrow walls of the elevator car.

"I beg to differ," he said to the operator. "I'm here this weekend. My elevator friend, Whitney, is here. You're here. Most importantly, the people working in this building — people who are waiting for me — are here. So you need to get us out of here pronto."

"Yeah, but see, my boss went out."

"Okay, does your boss have a cell phone?"

"A cell phone?"

"That's right, a cell phone."

"I guess so."

"Well, let's give him a call, please," Jordan said.

A long, exasperated breath escaped Whitney's mouth. She put her hands to her hips and started tapping her toes. He had to wonder if she realized the stance made her very firm breasts jut forward in a delicious way.

"Give me that." She snatched the phone from his hands. "Hello, my name's Whitney March. Who am I speaking with? Larry? So nice to meet you. My ... friend and I are in a bit of a bind. Can you please call your boss — and then the fire department — to alert them that two passengers are stuck in the elevator?"

She listened for a long time before a small smile cracked her otherwise tight lips.

Very sexy tight lips.

Come on, Jordan. Get a hold of yourself.


Excerpted from Flirting with the Competition by Kerri Carpenter. Copyright © 2014 Kerri Carpenter. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Customer Reviews

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Flirting With The Competition 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
One job, two candidates and an elevator that chooses the worst possible time to break down. Sweet and seductive, Flirting with the Competition was an enjoyable short read - I finished it in an hour. Kerri Carpenter did a great job in creating an endearing couple and there was nothing not to like about Whitney and Jordan. “I’m single, you’re single. I’m obviously a fine male specimen. What more do you want?” With plenty of content squeezed in, it held flirting, build-up and romance. Admittedly I was a little disappointed in the lack of sexy-time, but nevertheless it was an hour well spent. 3.5 stars. Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion.
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: A whole book where the two main characters are trapped in an elevator where the tension is high? (And I don't mean just the fact that they're competing for the same job. No, I'm talking about the sexual tension...) The answer? Yes, please and thank you very much. When Whitney and Jordan find themselves trapped in an elevator together, it could be the absolute worst thing that could happen. Despite the very annoyed beginnings, they start to talk and surprisingly begin understanding each other. Even though they should be disliking the other person (considering the circumstances) they find themselves drawn in--and to--each other. It wouldn't mean anything if they kissed, right? Because, they must kiss! Flirting with the Competition was an absolutely enjoyable ride. I liked to see Whitney and Jordan grow in that short period of time. And then right after, when Jordan has his epiphany, it was just brilliant. You can't find better stories than ones like these by Kerri Carpenter! My Rating: Very Good
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Who knew that being stranded in an elevator could be such a romantic experience? Whitney March and Jordan Campbell find out when they are trapped together. They are both competing for the same job with a prestigious law firm but the attraction they feel is changing their perspective. I loved this frothy, humorous romance. Whitney and Jordan start off with a bad attitude but things change as they share confidences. I enjoyed their interaction. It was flirty and humorous and as they grew comfortable they revealed what they felt in their heart. Kerri Carpenter created characters that I liked. The story flowed quickly and the romance was heartfelt and tender. Flirting With The Competition was a very enjoyable story filled with snappy dialogue.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Laughed through this one while rooting for Whitney and Jordan to make it to the top! Can't wait to see what Kerri Carpenter comes out with next!!!
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
This was a cute sweet fast fun read. Jordan was so amazing from the get go. He was so much more than what initially perceived. And the way he interacted with Whitney - major swooning! They were both strong characters in their convictions who took the time to look beneath the surface. Fabulous read with an adorable ending and epilogue. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews by Kim What could be better than getting the opportunity to interview for your dream job. Whitney March and Jordan Campbell are about to find out that love can happen anywhere and where you least expect it. It’s Fourth of July weekend and Whitney is on her way to the opportunity of a lifetime. She’s about to get interviewed by Randall Wyatt, CEO of Wyatt & Becker, one of the most prestigious law firms in Washington DC. Whitney’s good mood is almost wrecked, when she’s almost run over by a guy in the parking garage of the building. Jordan Campbell is excited to be able to interview for a position at Wyatt & Becker. He sees this job as his chance to finally be able to step out of his family’s shadow and be his own person. The only problem is that a non-driving infuriating woman has made him late to his interview. Whitney and Jordan are both rushing up for their interviews, when the elevator they’re sharing gets stuck. The two spend several hours together being attracted to each other and learning about one another. Flirting with the Competition is a sweet romance. Kerri Carpenter had me reading the book so intently because I wanted to know how Whitney and Jordan were going to get out of the elevator and what was going to happen between them. I loved the friendship and understanding that blossomed between these two. Whitney and Jordan are both really good characters. I’m looking forward to reading more books from Kerri. **Received a copy from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest unbiased review.**
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
This book is a good read. Whitney and Jordan story is when you meet someone and it's not under the best circumstances. You might feel differently after talking it out. 
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
Flirting With the Competition put a nice spin on the whole love in an elevator theme. Only this couple aren't exactly happy to be stuck together at first. Jordan and Whitney start their first encounter with each other on very bad feet. Competing for the same job, they spend the first part of their ordeal stuck in an elevator trying to one up each other - assuming they already know everything there is to know about their competition. As the hours pass and they begin to actually talk to each other - they find out that they do kind of like each other. They open up and tell a surprising amount of personal information for not knowing each other very long - this was a way to let me get to know them better, but seemed a little unrealistic for my tastes. They are both fighting past demons of various sorts, but end up helping each other make some decisions that they didn't even really know they faced yet. This was a fun little read, but the characters just didn't seem to connect on the level I've grown to expect in a romance. Part of it just seemed to jump forward in what they would do a little too fast. *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
PennySparkles More than 1 year ago
*I received a complimentary copy from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review* It may just be me, but the whole “we got trapped in an elevator and now we are in love” reeeeaally does it for me. Big time. She runs him off the road, then he almost runs her over. They get stuck together in the elevator and realize they’re interviewing for the same job. What else could go wrong? Well, the chemistry between them is scorching, and even when they try to fight it, they just can’t keep their hands off each other. This was a really spicy, fast read. I was slightly disappointed with the lack of the actual action, but the pace of the story and the relationship that blossomed between the characters makes up for it. This story is a sure way to enjoy a bit of afternoon delight
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
Whitney is going in for a huge job interview at a well known law firm. Then she almost gets ran over in the parking lot by some jerk. Then she and said jerk get stuck in the same elevator. After talking to Jordan, she realizes they are going up for the same job. Then the attraction hits. After a steamy interlude in the elevator they both have to nail the job interview. Little did they know there are other decisions they have to make. Great short story. I recommend it to someone looking for a quick read.
ScoopyPooh More than 1 year ago
ARC provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC via NetGalley for an honest review. What a cute flirtatious story! LOVED IT! I pretty much laughed my way thru 100% of this story. I mean 75% of it was IN AN ELEVATOR! How inventive is that?! Kudos to Kerri Carpenter for coming up with such a cute storyline. And Whitney and Jordan were both awesome characters. And I gotta tell you, the BEST part was the conflict of interest! I didn't saw THAT coming. Everyone should be reading this book like RIGHT NOW!
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
A fun quick read, what do you do when your elevator breaks down for five hours, and it just so happens that the guy in the elevator is interviewing for the same job. Plus, you both have a mutual attraction. This is my first book by Kerri Carpenter and really enjoyed it. I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.
Kiwibooknerd More than 1 year ago
ARC Courtesy of Entangled Publishing This was a really short and sweet little novella that will tickle you pink!!!~ Whitney is on her way to the most important job interview of her life. She needs this job very badly as she had a relationship with her a co worker at her last job and it did not end well for her. This is a impressive law firm and she wants nothing more than to nail it. It is only between her and one other competitor. Jordan is tired of his job working as a lawyer for his fathers firm. He wants to strike out on his own and prove once and for all that he can make it without his surname carrying all the weight. All he needs it to is blow his competitor our the water in the last and final interview. Whitney and Jordan end up in the same elevator on the way up for their interview when fate hands them a unexpected event. The elevator fails and traps them in it together for the next 5 hours. These 2 will soon find out that their chemistry is explosive and suddenly fighting against each other for the same job does not hold the appeal it did previously, even though for different reasons they still each want the job. This is a really cute little story and a first time read by this author for me. I will certainly read more of her in the future!!!!
mandy30 More than 1 year ago
I adore this short, sweet, romantic story! Whitney and Jordan are both on their way to a job interview and get stuck in the elevator together. There is a ton of sexual tension in that elevator! I loved these characters and this story - I wish it was a full novel but this short story does leave you with a complete ending. I really loved this short story! Even though there were no steamy scenes, there was plenty of sexual tension and great chemistry between these characters. I look forward to reading more by this author.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
Are you looking for a quick romantic read with a few really hot kisses? Then look no further than Flirting With The Competition by Kerri Carpenter. In this delightful novella, you will experience a little intrigue, revelation, and a hot couple that discovers love and their future in an elevator. There is a job opening at Wyatt & Becker, one of the two top law firms in Washington DC. Attorney's Whitney March and Jordan Campbell find themselves riding the same elevator, en-route to an interview for their potential dream job. Whitney and Jordan are very smart and attractive people, with resumes to match. When their elevator gets stuck between floors, they have no choice but to settle in for the long haul, since it is July 3rd and most of the city has already disbanded for the long weekend. The playlist for this story should be one single song, Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith. I kept replaying it in my mind, which only added more warmth to the already endearing story. Both Whitney and Jordan are nice characters, both individually and as a couple. Overall, a fast read with a great ending. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher.
Maria-Rose More than 1 year ago
This fun and flirty novella is the story of Whitney and Jordan. When they find themselves trapped in an elevator on the way to a job interview that they both really need, initial animosity gives way to an attraction that both surprises and dismays them. In the end will the competition for the job ruin their chances of starting up something wonderful? I really loved this story. What I enjoyed most was the humorous tone of the author in the internal monologues of both Whitney and Jordan. They were both strong characters with real reasons why getting this job was so important to each of them. Being stuck in an elevator together required them to go beyond the social niceties (or non-niceties in the beginning) and reveal something more personal about each other, resulting in a deeper level of understanding and an attraction that becomes more than superficial. There is chemistry between them, and when they act on it, the resulting make-out scenes are steamy and well written. The resulting conflict and resolution were well handled and made for a sweet ending. It was a fast paced, sexy, sometimes laugh out loud read and a great addition to the Lovestruck line. 5 stars!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Loved this one!! It's a short fun story about two people who get stuck in an elevator for 5 hours. They both find the other one physically attractive but since they are both there to interview for the same job makes things just a bit complicated. Going through the experience and really talking to each other makes them realize what's really important and what they are missing in their life. Great writing and characters make this one a must read. I highly recommend it.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
3 - "I don't think enemies are supposed to kiss each other like this." Stars. It’s not my first time round the block when it comes to getting my jollies on with a lil’ elevator loving. Flirting with the Competition is however the first book I have read by Kerri Carpenter. This is wholly a novella in every sense of the word. The story, the build up, and the finish happened quickly, but enjoyably. Jordan and Whitney were cute together; plenty of sarcasm and snarky conversations keep the dialogue flowing along while they are trapped inside the lift, as well as a little emotion thrown in here and there for good measure, as well as the dilemma of them both being late for the interview of a lifetime... for which only one of them will succeed. Guys like Jordan were a dime a dozen, and she’s experienced enough of them. So if you put a whole lot of assumptions, a little bit of being liberal with the truth, and oodles of sexual tension, you pretty much know what to expect with this novella. Whatever he was, for her, in this moment he felt like home. Oddly I had Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock running through my head whilst reading this one, it’s the sort of book you can see transferring to the big screen as an easy-going romantic comedy. ARC generously provided via Entangled for the above honest review.
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
Whitney March and Jordan Campbell are on their way to a job interview for which they are the sole two candidates. They get stuck in the elevator on their way up; it’s the 3rd of July… Jordan almost ran Whitney down with his car a few minutes before and said nothing; he did not ask if she was hurt, he did not apologise.   Whitney knows his type: the rich boy for whom everything works out perfectly; her ex was just such a guy. Although she thinks Jordan is awfully attractive; she doesn’t like him on sight. Whitney is not usually Jordan’s type, but the more he looks at her, the prettier he thinks she is. But he’s sure he has seen her before, and he has. Things are not really as they seem.   Although the premise for FLIRTING WITH THE COMPETITION might seem very predictable, it’s nothing but! Kerri Carpenter is a clever and brilliant writer: the character development is superlative, the dialogue is realistic and funny, the banter between Whitney and Jordan is quite entertaining, and they talk and act their age. I loved how the characters behaved towards each other and how events happened organically and logically.   Most surprising of all, is that in spite of the trope, there is not a cliché in sight! Nothing happens quite the way you expect, Whitney and Jordan do not conduct themselves according to what we usually read. The writing is fresh and young; the characters are believable and appealing. Everything is intelligently resolved; Ms. Carpenter has crafted a sweet, tender, charming, modern romance that avoids all the predictable pitfalls of the genre; everything rings true.   A perfectly charming love story!       A copy of this book was made available to me from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.  
JaneyC More than 1 year ago
Complimentary copy kindly received from Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review 3 Super-Sexy Jerk Face stars Whitney March is heading towards the interview of her life, that’s if she makes it there in one piece. Jordan Campbell is magnificent, musclebound and minted, and there is nothing standing in his way of getting this job at a prestigious law firm. That is until a striking siren steps into the elevator.. There’s nothing like confined space to intensify attractions, and this playful, frisky read did just that. Both Whit and Jordan became likeable characters as their restriction opened their dialogue PDQ. As with any novella, you are left wanting more, but this first time author managed to pack a great little story into a pert package. I’ve been spoilt before with some elevator loving, but this was different enough for me to enjoy. It was a cute, sweet read.