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Forever's End

Forever's End

by Andrea Kohalmi


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With her love meeting a perilous fate, Angel faces a decision that delivers her into her enemies' sharp clutches. If she's able to find her brother, the god of the sun, she has a fighting chance to shift the battle between good and evil in her favor. If she fails...well, that's a fate she won't think about till she has to.

The fourth installment of The Eternity Series continues Angel's adventures as she uncovers ancient secrets, meets new allies and enemies, and navigates the ever-present dangers of the seen and unseen. Her world--filled with vampires and angels, werewolves and witches--is about to get more complicated than she could ever imagine.

    From the back cover:

Channeling the moon's energy, I raised my hands and let the electricity fly through my palms. It caught the two werewolves-my newest allies-jumping at me, and I tossed them to the ground.

"Yeah, I'm working right again," I gloated confidently, savoring the tingle of energy. "Let's go," I ordered, leading the way through the forest's labyrinth.

The coven's whispered chants grew stronger and louder. "Spirits take flight as we open the portals on this Samhain night. Ancestors of light, we welcome you to dance with us tonight..."

The last few voices drifted into silence around the bonfire as the scared eyes refocused on my intrusion.

"Um, hi," I said hesitantly.

No one moved. No one breathed.

"Angel?" Sam asked uncertainly.

"She's a mirage," a deep voice warned. "It's a demon!" another worried.

Sam stepped toward me warily. "Is it really you?"

I nodded. My eyes anxiously rested on the 25 Wiccans gathering behind Sam with their wands outstretched.

"But you're dead!"

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ISBN-13: 9781537621159
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/30/2016
Series: Eternity Series , #4
Pages: 572
Product dimensions: 5.24(w) x 7.99(h) x 1.27(d)

About the Author

Blending her Transylvanian roots with her fascination and research of ancient mythology, new age philosophy, and a healthy dose of the supernatural, Andrea Kohalmi weaves a captivating tale through the Eternity series.

"I craved an edge-of-your-seat paranormal romance that wasn't afraid to push the boundaries between protagonists and antagonists. All the while, the story needed to blur the lines between history, reality, and fiction. Not totally satisfied with other stories I came across, I decided to create my own. Using my recurring childhood nightmare as the basis, the world of Eternity was born." ~ Andrea Kohalmi

Forever a bookworm, Andrea relishes research of the spiritual, occult, and mythical in her spare time. When she's not writing, researching, working or 'playing' housekeeper-chauffeur-cook-maid to her children, she dabbles in photography and travel and practices energy healing--themes found throughout the Eternity series.

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