Forged in Dreams and Magick

Forged in Dreams and Magick

by Kat Bastion


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ISBN-13: 9780615832371
Publisher: Kat Bastion
Publication date: 09/20/2013
Pages: 338
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Kat Bastion is an award-winning paranormal romance writer, poetic warrior, and eternal optimist who loves getting lost in the beauty of nature.

On a never-ending, wondrous path of self-discovery, Kat throws her characters into incredible situations with the hope that readers join her in learning more about the meaning of life and love.

Her first published work, Utterly Loved, was shared with the world to benefit others. All proceeds from Utterly Loved, and a portion of the proceeds of all her other books, support charities who help those lost in this world.

Kat lives with her husband amid the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Visit her blog at, her website at, and her Twitter account at for more information.

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Forged in Dreams and Magick 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I tried really hard to finish this book, but I couldn't. Its awful and jumped around to much. The characters were poorly written and I couldnt stand isobel. She was an insecure idiot who was so wishy washy with her feelings. All it took was the thought of sex to change her opinion. Felt like the author tried to through in every type of fantasy genre into the book. Also it was mostly inner dialogue by this whiny wanna be tough girl Isobel.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a big fan of Scottish Highlands,time travel,intrigue,myths,legends,and love. I laughed,I cried,Ifell in love and I never wanted to stop reading. I am forever grateful that the author was gifted with such creativity. Absolutely wonderful!!!Thank you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Probably one of the best I've ever read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed reading this one overall. Only 2 negatives 1. Too frequent and overdone sex got boring 2. Way too much "mind chatter/commentaries" from main character
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
CherylM-M More than 1 year ago
Erm where to start? Not sure what to think of a heroine that goes from being a blushing virgin to getting it six ways and sundry from multiple men in different eras, and all in the spate of a few weeks. Then the fact she thinks nothing of swapping and changing the men like her daily knickers. The men, who are both strong warriors are quite happy with their wife/girlfriend disappearing to boink another man for a few months and then coming back to them for some nookie. You would think they would at the very least complain just a bit. Isa only looks out for her needs and her needs are great. The steamy scenes are hot and plentiful, although I found some of the descriptions of said interludes were often a wee bit over the top. She interferes during her time with the Picts by revealing details that could change events that are yet to unfold. I didn't understand why she felt the need to do so. She comes from the 21st century so she must realise what her meddling could do. She is very much into herself and not really a heroine that pulls the heartstrings. Just when the whole time-hopping back and forth gets a little boring the author introduces a new element of the winged variety and that's when things get really off the wall. I received a copy of this book via NetGalley.
Books_She_Reads More than 1 year ago
I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed Forged in Dreams and Magick. I suppose I always am when I read a time-travel piece because I have read so many that I have not enjoyed, so when I do, I feel like I find a treasure. Forged in Dreams and Magick is a time-travel treasure for me. I love the fire and fight that Isobel has and I of course enjoyed the love that she finds along her journey. Isobel has found herself thrown back into time with Iain, only this Iain is not the Iain she knew. This Iain is the Iain of his time, and it's as if there have been two Iain's. One in Isa's timeline and one where she finds herself now, 13th century Iain. It's a lot for anyone to take in, but on top of that she is now told that she is to be his mate, she is is soul mate. It should go on record that Iain officially has my approval, I would be happy with their HEA. But, the adventure doesn't stop there for Isobel though, she once again finds herself time-traveling, and yet another man that is after her heart. Isobel is a bit confused and tired and unsure of what exactly is happening with her. She has been ripped from one time to the next twice now, both times finding herself in love with a man. It all turns into a pretty complicated arrangement, trying to figure out how she can control the time-travel. Then of course there is the issue of loving two men at once. Two men who are very protective and don't want to share. Who does she end up with? Well, I am not going to tell you how it ends but if you are into love triangle like situations, then you will like this one. It's complicated and confusing and there ends up being so much more to Isobel than she could ever of imagined.
Eloise_In_Paris More than 1 year ago
This book wastes no time getting to the crazy. If you like mysteries, time travel, love triangles, magic, and mysterious beings you will like this book. Isobel is the typical scholar who spends more time with her head in a book than in the real world. She ends up being thrust into a whole new world where Highland antics aren’t just games. I really liked this book, but there were a few issues I had with Isobel. Starting with why was she a virgin? What is the deal with urban fantasy writers feeling the need to make their heroine’s virgins? Isobel is attractive, not religious, not sheltered, independent and highly educated, and although I can’t recall her age being stated I assume she is well over 25. I’m not saying she should’ve screwed an entire football team, but I am so over the Madonna turned Whore trope. Isobel going from never been kissed to banging two dudes in the span of two weeks was a bit much. Not to mention the fact that the men didn’t really put up a stink. Modern men don’t want to share, so the fact that a Medieval Highlander and a Ancient Pict Warrior didn’t put up more of a fight was disappointing. Also Isobel was a little to amped to live in the past. I understand she fell in love, but the smells alone would’ve had me figuring out how the hell to get home. Not to mention women’s rights, modern medicine, clean food and water… There was a bit of a lull in the middle of the book, and it took a while for the other shoe to drop, but when it finally did the action was non stop. I loved this world and all of its chaos. I am on board for their series. I can’t wait to see more of Orion and Skorpius’ meddling and I hope the next book follows Brigid and Finn.
The_Book_Queen More than 1 year ago
Wow. That is all I can say--wow. Kat Bastion managed to surprise me, more than a few times actually, throughout Forged in Dreams and Magick. I was never sure what the outcome would be, much like Isa. I was swept along on an epic and magical journey, and I loved it. Every twist, every turn, every "Oh no, why did you do that?". I fell in love with Iain. It would be hard NOT to though! He's sexy, he's loyal, he's an alpha male through and through. Oh, and he's a Highlander. Really, need I go on? The prose leaves you breathless, providing a beautiful picture for the reader, revealing every detail about the worlds Isa travels between. And the chemistry between Iain and Isa! Well done, Bastion, well done! :) I don't want to give away anything, so I won't go into detail about the plot. But know this: the story is not easy, and you will be caught off guard a few times. Trust me though, it all works out in the end, and while Forged in Dreams and Magick does not end on a cliffhanger, there will be a few more novels and novellas, so don't think that the last page is the end! From what Bastion has mentioned to me, there will still be ample parts in future books where big twists are thrown into the mix. I. Can't. Wait! Beautiful writing, clear voice, a lovely--and very unique!--story....Forged in Dreams and Magick is full of brawny Highlanders and breathtaking description. Bastion's debut is pure perfection, a combination of romance, magic, emotion, adventure and surprising twists and turns. This is a truly unique romance that should not be missed! I will be (politely) badgering Ms. Bastion for the next installments in this series, and I recommend this book to anyone looking for a grand adventure, a passionate romance, and a skilled author who has only just begun to share her talent! 4.5 STARS! ~ * ~ * ~ For my full review, including favorite book quotes, please visit my blog, TBQ's Book Palace. I received an e-ARC of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion. TheBookQueen
sexylm More than 1 year ago
**** I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **** When I participated on the book cover of Forged in Dreams and Magick. I was intrigue by it and couldn’t wait to read it; this is my first time reading this type of book. And I love it from the first page to the last one. I felt in love with the characters, this book is full of adventure and romance. This book had me on the edge of my seat, I couldn’t stop reading it, couldn’t put the book down. But at the same time did not want to finish reading it, that’s how good this book is. I can’t tell much cause I don’t want to give away of the story. This is the story of Isobel aka Isa, Isobel is an Archaeology student she went to Scotland to attend a family matter when she was on the road her car broke down that how she comes across an ancient artifact that she keeps it closed to her cause she think it will help her launch her career, after having a friend of her check out the box and have no answer to it she decided to go back to her office that’s when hot sexy Iain comes to the picture. Isa had call her friend Iain to meet up at her office when he show up and she show him the box he looks at it and tell her are you sure the box didn’t find you that’s when they felt the spark between them, after Iain and Isa both touch the box everything just when puff the box had taken them back to the thirteen century Highlands of Scotland. They end up in Iain castle, Isa was freeking out still couldn’t believe how she ends up back in time. That’s how she came to have two soul mates from different time and how she kept going back and forth. I really enjoy this book and how the characters and the story capture all my attention. I can’t wait to keep reading more from this author. Author Kat Bastion Thank you so much for introducing me to this amazing world and characters, now I can’t have enough of it looking forward to read more and to everyone else hope you get to enjoy it and love it as much as I did
JillianReadLoveBlog More than 1 year ago
I have always loved stories rich with Highland legend, so when Kat asked if I would be interested in reading Forged in Dreams and Magick, I jumped at the chance.  Well, this may very well be my favorite Highland adventure yet! It was phenomenal! Isobel MacInnes has always had a deep-seated love for all things ancient.  That love began as a child and after visiting the Highlands and her dying grandfather, she returns back to her position as Assistant to the head of the Archaeology Department at UCLA with a very interesting treasure. Isobel stumbled across a mysterious box that had unfamiliar markings and appeared to be made from materials she had never seen.  Kind of strange considering she works with ancient artifacts. Her quest to learn more about this box has her reaching out to her friend, Iain Brodie.  He’s a cinema heartthrob but also shares her love of Highland history, having come from Scotland, and competes in the modern day Highland Games.  It’s where they met and where she realized she had seen the markings from the box before…..the broach that held Iain’s plaid during the games.  When she asked for his help, Isobel knows she will have to deal with Iain’s flirtations, and was prepared to rebuff him (Sure, she’s attracted to him, but she doesn’t have time for a relationship) What she wasn’t prepared for was his somewhat closed off reaction when he sees the box…or what happens when they kiss while holding the box.   Isobel suddenly finds herself in the thirteenth-century Highlands…with Iain.  Only thirteenth century Iain seems very much at home and apparently this is where Isobel will also be calling home now.  Talk about a shock to the system! Once the shock wears off, Isobel realizes she has a mystery to solve and knows the box and some sort of magic are responsible.  In her journey to find answers, she realizes she’s found love.  Love in her Highland warrior and love in the history she is now currently living.  Was this where she was truly meant to be?  Isobel will be thrown into another time, yet again, before she can contemplate that question.  Thrown even further back in time, and away from the man, and time, she has fallen in love with, Isobel finds those very same things here in a more ancient time with a Pict chieftain.  Is it possible to feel the same things toward two different men in two different times? What is her role in all of this magical mystery? Never have answers been so needed for Isobel.   This story was a magical journey from start to finish with so many amazing twists and turns throughout that I was on the edge of my seat while reading.  The mystery surrounding this “magic box” and why Isobel was thrown around like a time travelling rag-doll was kept artfully hidden through the story and was revealed at just the right moment…when the fate of the people Isobel has grown to love was held in the balance.   Isobel’s story is one filled with love, passion and self-discovery.  She realizes nothing is as what it seems and has to push aside her “scientific brain” in order to wrap her head around what is happening.  Iain Brodie is so yummy and pure alpha Highland male but also is willing to bend when Isobel needs it most in order to help her find her way in a world he has always had the knowledge of.  Velloc is Isobels’ other love interest when she is thrown back into the Pict times and is such a worthy hero.  A strong, caring, loyal and fierce warrior it was easy to see how Isobel could love both men.  I wasn’t sure I would be ok with her loving two men at first, but I grew to love both men for their similar qualities as well as their differences.  It was really, really tough to try to predict how the story was going to go and that was one of the treats about this book.  There were so many unknowns and it was a fantastic mystery almost until the very end.  One of my favorite things was the lush description of the lands and times.  Kat painted such a beautiful picture that I could feel the furs, smell the foods and see the beautiful landscapes.  It was a gift to be able to read such gorgeous narrative.   This is a series I am so lucky to have been introduced to and will be looking forward to reading more from and I highly recommend if you want to be whisked away from the norm and pulled into a world of Highland fantasy filled with magic and mystery.  Thank you, Kat, for a fantastic read! 
Mirabelle8 More than 1 year ago
Captivating Scottish time-travel adventure! Again, an amazing Scottish medieval romance as I love them, plus it is a time-travel! This is the first time that a read a book by Kat Bastion! What a nice surprise! I fell in love with the characters in her book Forged in Dreams and Magick, to be released day on September 23, 2013! First, I did not know what to expect, but as soon as I started reading, it became a page-turner very fast! It is the first book of her Highland Legends Series ! It is the story of Isobel MacInnes, a modern day woman, who is a rising-star archaeology student, a strong-minded person who ends up time travel back and forth in time. While visiting her grandfather, gravely ill, she decides that she needs to find the truth about Scotland's mysteries. She, suddenly, discovers a magic box that will change the course of her life forever. She wakes up in this century to time-travel and fall in love with Iain, a man and his country Scotland. Then go back further in time in the arms of her second soul mate Velloc. Will she fall in love twice or choose only one true mate! What will she discover during her travellings! I loved her characters a smart heroine and two sexy alpha male heroes. Well written sensual scenes filled with love and passion! Ms. Bastion is truly a storyteller that kept my interest until the end. Well research, because the story went back and forth into different centuries. I am looking forward to read her next book in her Highland Legends Series. I highly recommend this book if you love Scottish romances! She is truly a high quality writer that did not disappoint me at all! I am looking forward to read her next book Bound by Wish and Mistletoe, a novella in the Highland Legends Series which will be released early this November, 2013.
MedievalLady More than 1 year ago
Left me gobsmacked! I had this huge synopsis ready to go and I'm going to leave it at this... Kat Bastion took me into a world of time-travel that I'm accustomed to, threw me a hard right as I was sinking into something comfortable and soothing, had me accepting the new rules to the game, and then tossed me over the edge of the cliff into another element that I thoroughly enjoyed. She had my emotions all over the place from loving what was happening one moment to having me feel like I was breaking a loyalty by accepting something else, then seeing it all come full circle and seeing the rightness of it all through the confusion, feeling happiness and sadness at once, and basically gob smacking me in the face with something way out in left field that I fell hard for. I am really looking forward to following this series!
ToManyBooksNotEnoughTime More than 1 year ago
I would like to thank both NetGalley and Kat Bastion for granting me the chance to read this eARC in exchange for an honest review. Though I received the e-book for free that has in no way influenced this review. The award-winning debut in the Highland Legend Series: Isobel MacInnes wakes up in present-day California, lunches in medieval Scotland, and by ten days’ end, falls in love with a man and his country, only to lose them in a heart-wrenching twist of fate . . . Found in the arms of her second soul mate . . . Forced to balance the delicate strands of time between two millennia . . . Shocked by revelations rewriting the very foundations of history . . . of everything. Isobel, a rising-star archaeology student, is dropped into two ancient worlds without warning . . . or her permission. Her fiery spirit resists the dependency thrust upon her. Amid frustration at her lack of control, she helplessly falls in love. Twice. She struggles to adjust to the unimaginable demands of two leaders of men—a laird in the thirteenth-century Highlands and a Pict chieftain in a more ancient Scotland. Isobel transforms from an academic, hell-bent on obtaining archaeological recognition, to a woman striving to care for those she loves, and ultimately . . . into a fearless warrior risking everything to protect them. *** PLEASE NOTE *** Scorching (explicit) sex scenes. Fire extinguisher highly recommended. Isobel, an archeologist struggling for recognition in the male dominated field, is making a name for herself at a remarkably young age. At the request of her beloved Grandfather Isobel leaves his bedside shortly before he passes away. Given her emotional state it isn't much of a surprise her attention isn't fully on the rural Scottish back road she's driving along when she almost plows into a bunch of sheep meandering across the lane. Her abrupt stop leaves her ancient car in the ditch, which she promptly falls into as she clambers out of the car in a fit of pique. But her mood changes as swiftly as it arrived when she spots what appears to be the corner of a metal box embedded in the side of the ditch. Upon the safe retrieval of the box from the ditch Isobel's heart starts hammering in excitement, for she recognizes that she has stumbled upon a truly magnificent mystery. Though the mystery might end up being far more than she bargained for. It seems the box found her, transporting her back in time to the 13th century and straight into the arms of Ian, the leader of clan Brodie. In an interesting twist it seems that the box connects soul mates. Isobel settles into life with clan Brodie and its chieftain, falling deeply in love with him. So then, why is it that the next time she touches the box she is ripped away from Ian and clan Brodie and transported back to the time of the Picts, only to end up finding love with the leader of the group of Picts she "lands" in? Isobel is a strong woman, with amazing mental fortitude. Instead of suffering a mental breakdown or two, she revels in her experiences and having the chance to learn first-hand about what had always been ancient history to her. She is an incredibly adaptable and resourceful woman, which is so nice to see in the heroine of the tale. Although she relies upon the men to learn about her new lives and roles in those lives, she also learns from the women. She struggles with the issue of being loyal to both men as she travels back and forth between them. Nor does she keep one secret from the other, instead she demands that each understand that she was clearly sent to both men for a specific reason, and they therefore must share her, for she loves them both. Even though both men know of the magical properties of the box, I found it a challenge to believe that either man would willingly share the love of his life, his soul mate, with another man - regardless of circumstances. Just as it was difficult to suspend my disbelief that these powerful leaders would listen to, and follow orders from any woman, regardless of their feelings for her. That simply wasn't done during their times, yet for Isobel no one batted an eye. So as much as I enjoyed the story, and was drawn in by the characters, it was hard to set aside my historical understanding of the different eras and accept how much equality the women shared with the men. It might not have been 100%, but it certainly was far more equitable than I've ever been taught life for women was in the 13th century and earlier. Th1e other major experiences she undergoes are rather odd, fitting with the story and yet not. It could be that she has cracked under the strain of time travel, or they could be real. In the end I guess it is up to the reader to decide if they believe her other experiences are real or just a figment of her imagination. If they do chose to believe, then the book has a clear opening for a sequel, which already exists thanks to secondary story lines that are not resolved in this book. Such as what happened to Fingall, the man Brigid loves and is hand-fasted to? It could be interesting to see where things go once the dust has settled, and to see how that final bit of news is dealt with.
GovernessInRed More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars! What a completely fun and exciting page turner! Very few authors portray the Scottish Highlands as colorfully as Kat Bastion. Her stellar debut is a complete triumph! I cannot believe how fortunate I was to get ahold of this jewel.  A time travel that is set back in Scotland & two different heroes??? Yes, please! The characters are fabulous. Iain and Velloc are the two heroes in this book and they are completely irresistible.  I found myself loving Velloc a lot more than I did Iain. I couldn’t help it. Velloc stole my heart. The secondary characters are awesome as well and I cannot wait to read their stories.  My most favorite books to read are about Highlanders but after reading “Forged In Dreams and Magick”  I can only hope that Ms. Bastion writes a series with just Picts! Oh my, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed Velloc and all the history she wrote into his part of the story. This is a book not to be missed!  ***ARC graciously provided for by Kat Bastion in exchange for an honest review*** 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed this book- and once i started reading it i flew right it, I have recommended it to others. Great Love story.
Barbee114 More than 1 year ago
This review is from: Forged in Dreams and Magick (Highland Legends, Book 1) (Kindle Edition) This book had me captivated and very emotional throughout the book I really love that when that happens when reading a great tale as it's not a given. It's about a young woman Isabel MacInnes who comes to Scotland to say goodbye to her ailing Grandfather in Scotland. Isabel is also a student and junior archeologist assistant with a photographic memory with major in history and minor in archeology. Pretty convenient one would say on the journey she is about to take...hehe On her way leaving Scotland by accident no pun intended she literally bumping into this ancient box and brings it back to the states to have analyzed. She shows it to her friend Iain she met from this Highland games who won every match and discovered by Hollywood and always with a model or starlet and he claims it found her and then as they both touch it and boom they are in 13th century Scotland but this Iain is totally different then the one in 21st century California. This part confused me as Iain was somehow split it two part of him remained in the 13th century and the other in the 21st century. As if he were split in two or there was a clone but I found 13th century Iain much more appealing, sexy but then again he was whole Iain in the 13th century. Maybe I wasn't that confused afterall! :) Then the box is from what Iain says bring the soul mates of Brodie Clan Lairds and has for generations since the Picts. Well it was not that easy to accepts but Isa does after some convincing and falling in love with 13th century warrior Iain who is so much more then 21st century Iain. So if you think they fall in love and get married and that's the end of the story right? Wrong.... I really enjoyed this paranormal time travel historical romance it was so much fun to read! Yes I am an Outlander fan but no you will not find Jamie and Claire in this book but you will find Isobel, Iain and Velloc. Wait did I just say two male heros and yet one heroine? Well yes as curious Isabell touches the box again this time alone and end up in another thousand years in the past and a pict leader Velloc is her soulmate in this time. This is all I am going to tell you as you really need to read this interesting unique story as it does keep moving and you have to follow this journey to the end lots twists and surprises. Also I also enjoy the two watcher winged beings Orion and Scorplus they both had some hilarious and interesting lines in the book. I would like them to have there own books and loves in future book as they were major attractive and entertaining. Also I hope Iain's sister Brigid and Finn get a future book so we can see how that story plays out. I always love checking out a debut author and Ms. Bastion weaves a great tale in Forged In Dreams and Magick! This book was so unique and different and I was so captivated as I was definitely rooting for Iain but I felt for Velloc too. Tough choice a girl having two soul mates in two different time zones and if you are a bit prudish and don't like love making scenes this might not be the book for you . I always feel love and sex goes hand in hand as that is why it is called making love just thought I would put that put there. Don't get me wrong I did enjoy this book very much and it had my interest and it has a really great flow. It was was fascinating once you connect all the dots. It's not your usual romance as there is some parts you will need a hanky too. I actually love that to feel so many emotions. I look forward to future reads from this author and my next read shall be Bound By Wish and Mistletoe By Kat Bastion. I definitely recommend this captivating read I loved it! Why no voting buttons? We don't let customers vote on their own reviews, 
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
A Magical Journey Thru Time in the Mystic Highlands!   Forged in Dreams and Magick is truly a MAGICAL journey through time through-out the mystic Scottish Highlands and an awesome debut novel!   This is the story of Isobel MacInnes, who has grown up loving history and anything Highlands since she was a small child.  After a trip to Scotland to visit with her grandfather before he passed, she was forced off the road by a flock of sheep.  She fell down an embankment and, while trying to get back to her car, she discovers what appears to be an ancient artifact.  She's understandably beyond ecstatic and eager to show it off to her comrades.  Iain Brodie excels at Highland Games competitions.  Women are attracted to him like bees to honey.  He is friends with Isobel and she has called him excited to share her new discovery with him. This story was unlike any other story I've read and I absolutely loved it.  it took place in three different time periods all in the Highlands.  The historical elements interwoven thru-out the story were very interesting and the magical elements were awesome.  There were some amazing twists that blew my mind;  Kat's storytelling skills are just amazing.   The story hooked my interest from the very beginning.  My only complaint with the book was that it seemed to drag a bit when I was about two thirds through.  Thankfully, that didn't last long and the story picked right up from there until the end.  This was a VERY GOOD read that I'd highly recommend for anyone who loves Highland romances, time travel romances and light paranormals.  I will definitely be picking up the next book in this series! 4 STARS!!!!!!
celticmaggie More than 1 year ago
This was an amazing story to read. It's History, Fantasy and Romance all rolled into one. I am so glad Kat came up with this plot line. I wish I was Isobelle! Iain is the epitome of a true Scottish hunk. I have read quite a u of time travel books but this one takes the cake. We bounced from our time, to the 13th Century and back to the age of the Picts. I bet Isobelle felt like a rubber ball. The history facts are great and the descriptions make me want to go to Scotland even more. The down part is having to leave all the people you have come to care for. Put this book at the top of your TBR list. I can't wait to read her next book!
BookaholicCat More than 1 year ago
Forged in Dreams and Magick is the first book in the new Highland Legends by Kat Bastion. After discovering an ancient artifact Isobel MacInnes is taking back in time to the XIII century. After accepting time traveling is not only a possibility but a reality Isobel decides that living in the highlands is a dream come true for an archeology student. Soon after Isobel realizes that this new century not only brings new experiences but also hosts her soul mate, Iain Brodie. Coming to terms with her new reality Isobel gives all of herself to make the best of her new life, but destiny hasn’t stop playing with her; days later Isobel encounters the ancient artifact again and is taken back once more into the past, this time to the Late Iron Age, to The Picts’ time, where Isobel encounters again a different man (Velloc) and an altogether different soul mate. Isobel’s brain can’t assimilate the idea of two different soul mates, but her heart knows it as truth. After trying and failing to return to Iain Isobel decides to do her best and survive in this new era, but destiny still has plans for her and brings her back and forth between her two men and the different times. She knows there must be a reason for this, but finding it may cost her more than just her heart. I have to be honest, on the beginning I had some trouble getting into the story, there were some too farfetched situations that made it hard for me to connect with the characters and some of the situations, but after I decided to take this book as what it is, Fiction, and stopped trying to see the logical side of the story I started to enjoy it tremendously. Sometimes I say that a character is strong and determined, but nothing compares to Isobel, she is thrown in the past not once but twice and both times she made the best of her situation. She does whatever necessary to survive without compromising her integrity. She’s who she is in the XXI Century, XIII Century and in the Iron Age, she just adapts to her circumstances like a chameleon to survive. Loving two men is not easy; her heart was never whole because some part of it was always missing. Iain and Velloc are both swoon worthy but I wouldn’t want to be in Isobel’s shoes. It was hard for me to like one man more than the other, they are both strong warriors that care for their people, they are both protectors at heart, and they love Isobel with all their beings. One page I was Team Iain, the next I was Team Velloc. Page after page I could only wonder how would all be developed at the end. Mrs. Bastion kept me wondering and wishing for an outcome to just shake things up, leaving me with heartache and wanting to know more. One thing I really loved about Forged in Dreams and Magick was the way Mrs. Bastion masterfully intermingled historical facts with the story. I love when this happens in a book and I can only admire when an author can pull it off without feeling like getting a history lesson. Kudos to Mrs. Bastion and her brilliant storytelling for achieving this. I can say I was sold after reading the blurb for Forged in Dreams and Magick. Time travel, highlanders and romance, yes, please, count me in. What I didn’t know was that I would also find in Forged in Dreams and Magick a fluid prose, a strong story, very likeable characters and very sensual and well-written moments. Here I also have to applaud Mrs. Bastion, she writes very tasteful sex scenes that enhance the story while adding to the character and relationships development. If you like time travel, highlanders and strong romance I recommend you to read Forged in Dreams and Magick by Kat Bastion. I’m looking forward to read the next book in this series, Bound by Wish and Mistletoe, a sequel novella to be release this November.