Fresh Beliefs: Keeping to Your Spiritual Path

Fresh Beliefs: Keeping to Your Spiritual Path

by Spencer T. King


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ISBN-13: 9781504342230
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/16/2015
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.51(d)

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Fresh Beliefs

Keeping to Your Spiritual Path

By Spencer T. King

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2015 Spencer T. King
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4223-0



I Believe in The Magic of Life

The glory behind the veil is waiting for you.

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

– Mark Twain

Why do this?

Why go through an awakening process? Why choose to consciously travel a spiritual Path? Why go through the rigors of challenging the status quo and the "perceived" struggle of overcoming your fearful thoughts? Why unfurl your soul?

We do it because we want to be struck by something profound. We do it because we know the Magic of Life is ours to be had and not reserved for just the privileged few. We believe it is at our fingertips and it is not just some vague, transcendent dream. We embark on the journey because we want to experience our fundamental desire for full-blown freedom.

We want the mystifying questions of life to be answered. We go down this spiritual Path so we may eventually feel light and peaceful. We know there's more to life than the "daily grind." We know our brief and precious time here on Earth is for a graceful purpose, and it is not to be wasted. And we want to feel and live our purpose while we are alive and breathing today!

If you are the kind of person who chooses a spiritual life, you know it is an intimate solo journey, which will lead you (and those who travel with you) to a world laden with harmony and resonating goodwill. Your focus is to grow and to spread positive vibrations in all directions; to each person with whom you come in contact. That is why you have picked up this book. Once and for all, you want to Keep to Your Spiritual Path, and to give back to yourself and to humanity through your newly discovered life's purpose.

Most people today, though, do not believe in themselves. They feel life has pummeled them into an average existence, and they believe the steep hill before them is just too grueling to climb. And in their hopelessness and despair, they retreat from their Path, falling back into lazy, victimized, or inflexible ways of behaving. These individuals have fallen prey to the oppressive ideology, which has been permeating our planet since the dawn of time.

But all that aside, here is the real issue these people face: They fail to bridge the chasm from "want" to "belief." They can taste the dream, but cannot seem to find the "oomph" to attain it. No one, including themselves, questions their "want" to realize their goal — but to these folks "the Path" becomes a never-ending cycle of "trying" and missed opportunities, because their entire approach is doomed from the beginning.

Those who grow each day on their journey, however, take a different slant to life. They have the same dream, but move forward with the belief of Why? they are shifting their lives for a more abundant future. And their resolute belief in the bigger picture converts "sacrificing" into "a step closer." So one person may view "giving up something" as difficult, while the person focused on continued growth sees "giving it up" as an exciting opportunity to bring their dreams within reach.

For example, a guy who fails to bridge the chasm from "want" to "belief" may struggle more in his ability to break through his old, conditioned patterns. Let's take his drive to work, for instance. During his morning commute, he typically chooses to listen only to music, knowing he could, instead, be doing others things to further his spiritual development. In other words, his morning drive to work has always consisted of obsessively flipping back and forth between a series of radio stations, as he tries to find just the right song to ease his anxiety, and rest his weary mind. In this case, the man is using music compulsively, as a form of escape, to avoid looking at all of the "stuff" going on inside of him. He's got enough spiritual intelligence to know he could try stillness and silence in the car (e.g., being present with his breathing, his morning, and the other drivers around him). Or he could pop in the Chopra CD one of his buddies gave him the week before. However, he is unwilling to shift his investment from obsessive channel flipping to that of conscious evolution; he's afraid to make a change to the concrete way he's always done things. And therefore, his journey to enlightenment may take a lot longer. But if we look at a woman living with more spiritual awareness in her life, her morning commute looks very different. For example, she, too, listens to music on her way into work, but only for a few short minutes, to be uplifted and inspired by her favorite musical artist. She may then switch to some sort of spiritual content for the remainder of the drive. Most importantly, though, she's not afraid to be present while driving in her car; she doesn't need any obsessive external distractions that can be used as a form of escapism. She's ready and willing to look inward, and whatever she needs to face about herself, or her day, she does so calmly and courageously. Excited to learn and seek different opportunities — to apply a new lesson — the woman chooses conscious evolution over external distraction.

This book is built on the idea of converting your "want" into your Why? through the implementation of this new belief system. That is how you will close the chasm between "almost" and YES!

Creating your new belief system will provide a fresh perspective for your personal and spiritual growth, piety, and view of universal life. As the spawn of God, you are meant to find your way back home by regaining and living in perpetual joy. A new belief system can take the place of your current way of thinking. And this new understanding of Why?, and the implementation of these lively new beliefs, will break down your obstacles, while simultaneously cleansing your mind of negativity, promoting your joyous unfolding.

Only those who look within and think independently have discovered the true joy and miracles of everyday existence. The truth is, your mind takes you where you direct it. If you are nervous, fearful, or anxious, the Universe will always give you more of the same, because you have trained yourself to focus on negative energy ... and what we focus on expands. But, what you today consider an enemy — your wicked thoughts — can be immediately converted into your greatest asset, providing you with immense joy, happiness, and peace. So simply point your thoughts in the right direction, feed them loving energy, and watch your life begin to flower.

Just as the human body has the amazing ability to heal itself, the brain, too, can quickly use its capacity to help you heal your life, allowing you to live the way you'd like. So if you work, over a period of time, to condition your mind to focus on positivity, you will manifest those positive aspirations which you seek. Learn to consistently focus on good things (or the opposite of the "bad" things you are thinking) at all times. For this is how you study the art of "awareness," and how its steady application can change your life forever. Because it's actually through your awareness of your negative or non-serving thoughts that you can train yourself to think more positively.

The consciousness you acquire while strolling down your Path will awaken you to becoming more aware, grateful, compassionate, tolerant, and, most importantly, loving. These are the emotions that will compel you to continue your journey each day, allowing you to discover ever more about yourself and how the Universe functions.

But when we stand back and contemplate how we can "arrive" at such a "place," we oftentimes get in our own way. What I mean to say is, we sometimes complicate our quest by allowing our egos, outdated beliefs, and life's daily stresses to cloud the fact that discovering the answers to life's questions is really quite simple.

Did you know you can tap life's reset button at any time, instantly changing the way you feel about your existence? For example, look at your life as it is today, and realize it's your perspective on your situation, which, in turn, determines how you feel. On some level you know this. So with this knowledge, let's shed society's perpetuated and oppressive rules for good! Let's put you in a position to reclaim your deep-seated life energy, thereby allowing you to finally drive your own life exactly how you'd like to. The time of allowing one day to blend seamlessly into the next without living your dreams is over! It's time to liberate!

This book can give you a starting point (or, in some cases, a spiritual compass, if you will) to orientate yourself back to "true north" while walking your conscious journey. It's laid out in such a way as to breed success within you, so you can Keep to Your Spiritual Path. I believe if you know Why? you are on the journey, you will stay inspired to keep to it. And once you journey the Path for some time, the mega questions will naturally beg:

"Why am I here?"

Or ...

"Why am I alive?"

But honestly, I believe there is too much emphasis placed on these questions. And to me, the answer is simple: You are here to realize your divine purpose; your individual dharma so your life-force — your spirit — can come forth, connecting collectively with all living things. Whether we all choose to live in a harmoniously unified fashion as a species remains to be seen, but the potential of that happening certainly exists.

You see, instead of, "Why am I here? or, "Why am I alive?" I think the question should really be: "When will my life's purpose present itself to me?" Or it could go deeper, as in: "How can I stay focused on the reconditioning process I must undergo, in order to clear my mind, allowing me to recognize my divine purpose when it presents itself to me?"

So what does this mean exactly? Well, asking this kind of conscious question can help you to shed your outdated, dysfunctional layers so you can live from your soul's perspective, instead of your ego's demands.

Throughout this book, I'll go over many concepts that will serve in developing your conscious awareness, so you can better recognize your purpose when the season is right. For now (and as we move forward), create the image in your mind of living gently. With no agenda or attachments, gentility gives you flexibility in the moment. Keeping yourself gentle promotes a way of life that is easy, clear, relaxed, and fruitful. If you are not gentle — with yourself and with others — then, in a sense, you are "swimming against the current," often finding yourself in a state of turbulence, as you try to dodge life's boulders and logs.

Why walk this Path?

Because ... it gives us the opportunity to welcome the rediscovered joy from within, and to begin to spread that joy organically. And then we can begin to feel the beautiful responsibility of passing it forward. We can begin to feel various levels of abundance flowing through us. We can give back more freely. And we learn how to invest in ourselves so we can give even more. And once we find ourselves in the flow of God's loving river, life's "little issues" no longer trip us up the way they used to ... we can handle the bigger perceived problems with more creativity. We suddenly realize infinite patience is our friend, and the act of "allowing" brings more joy and goodness to us. Want a new, loving relationship? Then stop searching for someone — cease feeling lonely! Try detaching from this negative energy of searching and striving to find the right mate so you won't be "alone," and instead just live your life! In other words, allow that person to come to you when the season is right, instead of "trying so hard" to make it happen on your own. Trust me, this works every time. Just allow ...

Imagine experiencing the life you are meant to live — giving and receiving and loving everyone, all the time. Your awakening will happen. Your epiphanies will come. You will have your enlightenment. Just listen ...gently ... and your dharma will eventually present itself.


Well, rather than considering what you are trying to change, let's look at an example of a life that has shifted into a higher level of awareness. In other words, let's see what it can look like if we simply allow liberating feelings to flow in and through us. It looks like this:

Deepak Chopra's "Sixth Spiritual Law of Success" teaches us the all-important concept of "detachment." What this means is to relinquish the attachment we have to specific results, while staying focused on the intent of achieving our desires. Then we can watch those desires begin to manifest. What does he mean by this? Well, this teaching suggests that we simply focus on the tasks at hand — on what's right in front of us — while living in the present moment, and the results we desire will eventually come. In other words, we cannot allow our perceived "lack of results" to stress us out ... we cannot allow this to become our predominant line of thinking. For it is the very anxiety we feel for not having achieved our results, which, in turn, keeps them from manifesting! Yes, anxiety and attachment create limiting thoughts. For example, when I was working on this book, I didn't worry about deadlines, or how quickly I could complete it. I just wrote the words as I felt them from my heart, in each moment, one day at a time ... and "poof!" a book has manifested. Focus on the moment because that's where your greatest power is ... and that is the only way we can ever really feel free! There is great joy in living with freedom from negative energy. In fact, we can only manifest our desires while in that state of freedom.

Why Keep to Your Path? Because curiosity is adventurous!

Imagine a life filled with Love in all of its many and varied forms — Love can fill every nook and cranny of your existence. And you can achieve this by learning how to give and receive Love unconditionally ... at all times. That's right — you have within you the capacity to spiritually Love every human and animal, in each and every day of your life. Start by stripping away your labels, your fears, and your past. The end-result, as you interact with another person, will be two human beings with no other choice but to Love one another. Imagine that kind of beauty ... Is there someone in your life you miss or haven't spoken with in years because of a conflict or misunderstanding? Don't let fear, stubbornness, or pride keep you from connecting again. Maybe you have never met one of your parents. Why not give it shot? Get in your car and drive across the country to introduce yourself to the father you have never met. Who knows? It might change your life for the better!

Why not try spending some time considering a more compassionate lifestyle. Visualize what it would feel like to help that person in need, or to rescue that abandoned animal caged up at the Humane Society. Open a door for him or her with genuine benevolence. Help someone with their luggage — not just to be polite, but because you really want to help them. Do something special for someone today. Go the extra mile, always. Be steadfast. Instead of a quick pat on your dog's head, stop for a few minutes to really Love her up ...10 times a day! How wonderful does it feel to give from the heart? Giving engenders Love. Give that which you seek and receive more of it.

Become consciously adventurous and curious. Expect to find treats under every rock. Do the unexpected and shake up your life in a positive way. Use this new energy to feel the real connection you have with humanity. Allow someone to pull in front of you in traffic, then feel the soulful connection with him or her. How nice does that feel? Do it all day and open your eyes to the obvious correlation we all have with each other. Walls begin to fall. The light pours in.

We choose the Path because we want the feeling of appreciation, compassion, and goodness in our lives. And when we come into alignment with that kind of universal energy, we begin to have gratitude for the smallest things. We appreciate fresh food that comes from the Earth's soil, the sun, and the people who planted the seeds, and neatly stacked the bananas. Have a greater desire to learn and become curious again. As explorers, we keep to our momentous Paths, nurturing our adventurous spirits, while searching out the mystery around the next bend. And it's that kind of curiosity that keeps us inventive and tolerant. Explore like a six-year-old again!

The spiritual Paths we walk also provide a feeling of progress, teaching us how to live in the moment, and how to string together beautiful days one after another. Imagine the feeling of going to sleep each night with a smile on your face. You are content to have a full belly and a clean bed. You drift off to sleep with your dream-life checklist playing out in your mind, as you reprogram your subconscious. Imagine that ... keep at it. It's on its way; learn to incorporate infinite patience!

When you harness all of the tools and teachings available to you today, a beautiful feeling begins to come over you. Life becomes easier. Challenges suddenly aren't so difficult. Smaller disturbances that upset you in the past simply cease to exist. You find yourself handling life's biggest, most dramatic situations with more understanding and creativity. Professional athletes like to say, "The game is starting to slow down for me," as they become more experienced in their sport.


Excerpted from Fresh Beliefs by Spencer T. King. Copyright © 2015 Spencer T. King. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Notes of Gratitude, ix,
Introduction, xi,
Part I – WHY?,
Belief One I Believe in The Magic of Life The glory behind the veil is waiting for you, 1,
Belief Two Our Stories An ending is a new beginning. The tales you tell reinforce your beliefs, 19,
Belief Three Positioning Your Soul for Emergence Ego and fear — death by 1,000 paper cuts., 39,
Belief Four Winds of Change "The separation is in the preparation.", 61,
Belief Five Your Path of Spiritual Exploration The art of curiosity., 73,
Belief Six Nature's Inspiration The sanctuary of the womb., 89,
Belief Seven I Believe you have it within you Establishing the footing of your Path., 95,
Belief Eight Your Spiritual Garden Shed Let's strip away the "can't" and get down to bedrock., 139,
Belief Nine Your Spiritual Layer Cake The Yukon Cornelius effect., 169,
Belief Ten My Daily Practice This is how I do it., 179,
Reference Books, 195,
About the Author, 197,

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