Frisky Business

Frisky Business

by Lila Monroe

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Get frisky with the sizzling new standalone romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

Noah Hathaway is infuriatingly hot, annoyingly charming... and my new room-mate?! This pet-sitting gig was supposed to be a vacation from drama, but that was before the hunky guy in the pool-house started sticking his nose (and his annoyingly chiseled abs) in my business.

I'm looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Most Likely to Sneak Out of Bed (And Steal Your Breakfast Pop Tart On the Way Out the Door), so despite the red-hot sparks between us, I'm determined to stay away. But when one little party gets way out of hand, we're suddenly both on the wrong side of trouble. Unless we can come up with ten thousand dollars in the next three weeks, we're screwed. And not just when it comes to the adorable pooches.

With the clock ticking, we have no choice but to team up and embark on a madcap scheme to save our asses - with the help of a few furry friends. But with the chemistry between us reading Defcon-69, can I keep my hands (and heart) to myself? Or will this pup-tastic scheme leave us both in the doghouse?

Find out in the latest hot and hilarious rom-com from "the queen of romantic comedy", Lila Monroe!

The Chick Flick Club Series:

1. How to Choose a Guy in 10 Days

2. You've Got Male

3. Frisky Business

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BN ID: 2940161398029
Publisher: Lila Monroe Books
Publication date: 05/12/2019
Series: Chick Flick Club , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 18,639
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Frisky Business 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 3 months ago
This is the third and final book in the latest series from Lila Monroe and is Eve and Noah’s story and oh what a way to end a series. Lila Monroe had me from chapter one in this fun, quirky and oh so entertaining read about three friends, Eve, Zoey and Gemma. Zoey and Gemma have found their happily ever afters and Eve is feeling a little adrift. Eve is an animal lover and bounces between dog and house sitting jobs which is where she finally gets her turn at happiness. After mistaking Noah for a date she is mortified and knows she will not see him again. That is until fate places a hand and steps in to take control. The attraction smoulders between Eve and Noah and their chemistry is off the charts. However Noah doesn’t believe in romance, whereas Eve does and despite the attraction that sizzles they keep their distance, that is until a broken chicken brings them together. As with other books I have read by Lila Monroe, there were plenty of funny, sweet, romantic moments as well as many swoon worthy moments too. I just loved this story; in fact there is not a book in the series that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. I never fail to smile when I read a Lila Monroe book. This is an excellent example of Romantic Comedy at it’s finest and I recommend you one click ASAP, I don’t think you will.
JWright57 3 months ago
I have loved every book in the Chick Flick Club Book Series and Frisky Business did not disappoint in fact for me this is probably the best in the series so far, I love this group of girls and the boys that win their hearts !!!!! Eve is probably the most romantic out of this group but she struggles when it comes to dating and finding her soulmate after all there are certain things that are a must on her check list for compatibility like loving dogs ...... Eve is living in a frat house, volunteering at the local animal shelter, animal sitting and holding down a job at the doggy parlour as well as trying to find her soulmate through a dating app. A blind date at the local bar has Eve thinking she could have meet the one when she believes Noah is her blind date..... turns out Noah was just in the bar having a drink and when Eve finds this out she is not a happy bunny, being deceived is not on her check list and Noah is suddenly not the man she thought he was so when she takes in a animal sitting job that allows her to move into the home of the cute pugs she is looking after the last person she expects to meet is Noah !!!!! This is where the fun really begins and like all of Lila Monroe books you will be laughing out loud and giggling to yourself throughout this highly entertaining read. Wonderful characters that share witty banter as well as some sizzling chemistry all make this a must read for lovers of romantic comedies. Oh and let’s not forget the wonderful pups and rescue dogs Eve is trying to find homes for because at times they just might steal the show. Loved this quick funny read.
Lisa-Lou 27 days ago
Frisky Business by Lila Monroe is the third book in her standalone romantic comedy series, Chick Flick Club. As a reader and reviewer I know what authors I can read and never be disappointed and Lila Monroe is definitely in that elite group. Funny and quirky characters, with an ensemble case of secondary characters we have met before (this is the third book after all) and a meeting of two complete opposites that manages to scorch the pages even while their plans are tumbling down around their head. Eve and Noah are flawed, funny, a little frustrating at times and the essential ingredients for this latest batch of awesome from a fave author. Enjoy!
Kelly_BTCBlog 3 months ago
What a perfect way to round out this series! Frisky Business is a playful, hearts-in-your-eyes, swoony must read! Lila Monroe never fails to deliver fun and feisty rom-coms! Eve and Noah are a somewhat “opposites attract” couple. True love enthusiast Eve and Mr. Playboy Noah seem to butt heads more times than not, especially when they both discover they’ll be roommates. Having previously met under false pretenses, Eve thinks she knows exactly who Noah is. But when mishap happens, their only solution is to work together to get themselves out of trouble. Eve soon realizes that Noah isn’t at all who she thought he was, and the mad chemistry that sizzles between them leaves Eve wondering is she found her match. This book was sweet, steamy, and full of laughs. The dynamic between Eve and Noah and the build up of their relationship was very enjoyable to read – how it transformed from almost-enemies to a fun and flirty couple, progressing effortlessly with the story line. Witty banter and emotional connections only boost the already comedic aspects of the book, making this story a for sure hit! As with the previous books in the series, the story takes a classic tale and puts its own special twist to it. Incredibly hilarious dialogue mixed with some mischievous situations, Frisky Business will keep you entertained from beginning to end!
Rina_S 3 months ago
Frisky Business is a fantastic light hearted Rom com with dogs involved. It's refreshing, rather witty, with characters that you will want to be friends with. I loved Eves heart and the way she doted on animals but when her friends set her dating profile up, needless to say nothing goes the way it should. Insert eye roll. Some things are a little out there, quirky if you will but also funny. When she is asked to pet sit, little does she realise who she will come to face with again. This story has it all. It's entertaining and just what you need to get you out of a book funk. Don't we all need books like that?? I have to also say Noah is different, not quite what Eve is looking for but don't they always say opposites attract?? Or do they. Such a great Rom com!
Marie1MB 3 months ago
A hilarious, laugh out loud, crackling with tension romantic comedy that has ALL the fireworks shooting out between the pages! Noah and Eve have that hate to love thing going on that made the story fun, amusing, sexy and steamy. I laughed a lot, I found myself squirming and panting and the story was just too much fun not to enjoy. For all the readers out there that love Lila Monroe and have enjoyed these fabulous Chick Flick Club stories, let me just reassure you all, the best is here with Frisky Business. So much delicious heat, sexy times, rowdy moments, and crazy adventures, it was just about impossible putting this book down! Its a winner and a must read! Frisky Business gets a ROMANTIC AND WILDLY FUN FIVE AMUSING STARS!
LHallett 3 months ago
Full of feels, this book made me both laugh and cry. I loved the sparks that flew between Noah and Eve, they had such amazing chemistry too. These are an easy to like pair that start out as frenemies, become collaborators and end up lovers. Only there are lots of bumps on the path to true love, especially since Noah doesn't believe in the soul mates and romance that Eve won't ever be happy without. I flew through Frisky Business in one reading (ending up going to sleep FAR too late at night). Once I started this I just couldn't put it down. Lila Monroe's writing just has a special quality that draws you in and makes you feel part of the story. I absolutely loved the fantastic mix of humour, steamy, crazy and angst. It was great to see a few old friends and I can't wait for Poppy's story. This is a book I would recommend to any rom-com lover, as well as those that enjoy a lighter contemporary romance. Whilst there are sex scenes in this, making it an 18+ read, they are neither excessive, superfluous nor graphic enough to offend.
BetweentheSheets 3 months ago
Frisky Business by Lila Monroe is one of the most entertaining, page flipping, hands-down, rom-coms of 2019. Ms. Monroe is spot on with her wit and snarky comments written into her characters. I swear you will be laughing out loud and learning to one-click every book that she has written. Her story of Eve, looking for her soulmate and Mr. Right, and Noah, the not Kyle, she met while waiting for her “swipe right” date. Needless to say, comments are thrown around since he doesn’t believe in soulmates; only one-night stands. She thinks she’s seen the last of him until he shows up living in the pool house of the house where she is dog sitting. What could possibly go wrong in this scenario, right? Unfortunately, a mishap occurs, and these two adults need to find a way to correct the incident before the couple owning the place return. Read along on their adventure to earn money, delve more into the physical chemistry being zipped around, and maybe just maybe realizing who they are meant to be with in the end because there really is such a thing as soulmates.
Rinsky13 3 months ago
Once again, another fun story from Lila Monroe. This one is Eve’a story, the last friend of the chick flick club. While taking care of all the doggies she loves, she’s trying to find true love. Which isn’t working out so great at the moment. Then she gets an awesome house-sitting-dog-sitting job, that just so happens to come with a hot guy pool house guest. What comes after is a hilarious comedy of errors, with Eve & hot guy Noah trying to fix it, help the doggies, and get their romantic groove on. Totally loved this!! Lila Monroe can do write no wrong!!
Susanmc81 3 months ago
This is the third and last book in the Chick Flick Club series that centers around friends Gemma, Zoey and Eve. While Eve’s friends have found their happily ever after both personally and professionally, Eve is floundering. Eve is living in a Frat/sorority house, that is pretty disgusting, but it is all she can afford. She doesn’t have a full time gig, house/pet sitting and volunteering at a local animal shelter. Even her love life is going nowhere. She meets Noah, mistaking him for her on-line date Kyle, he flirts then infuriates her. Of course, in walks the real Kyle (and a disastrous date). Eve figures she will never see not-Kyle again. Since this a RomCom, Eve happens to get a house/pet sitting gig in a mansion, and guess who is living in the pool house. One house party later and a broken expensive tchotchke, they have to work together to replace it. Like all of Lila Monroe’s books, this is full of laughs and wonderful characters. This was a fun, quick read. I was given an ARC of this book from the author for my fair and honest review.
CeeCeeHouston 3 months ago
5 Hot & Frisky stars. Frisky Business by Lila Monroe is a sizzling hot, amazing and funny story. This super sweet tale of a dog-sitter and a media man was more than a little bit entertaining. I laughed so hard, I cried. There was barely any angst and plenty of feels. Add some cute furbabies and I’m in heaven. Noah and Eve were just perfect together, even when they were exasperated with one another. It’s too hard to pick a winner out of this three part series of standalones. Each of the three couples have their own dynamic, with one underlying exception. They were made for each other. Noah and Eve have a simple and easy, but extremely combustible chemistry that explodes between the sheets. But, they get on outside the bedroom too and they are soon as thick as thieves trying to fix a faux pas. Dogs, phone apps and some seriously cute pics left me laughing out loud. Of course, the road of true love is never straightforward and Noah’s and Eve’s hit a pothole. Will they patch it up or left the hole turn into a chasm? Find out today when you One-Click this beauty. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.
Xkoqueen 3 months ago
Frisky Business is filled with romance, comedy and puppies—what’s not to love? This third installment to Lila Monroe’s Chick Flick Club series is absolutely adorable! “Dogs are way better than men”, says Eve after one romantic disaster after another. While gal pals Gemma and Zoey have found love, Eve, a true romantic, is still waiting to find her one-and-only soul mate. In absolute desperation, the girls convince Eve to create an online dating profile, and naturally that is when all the laughs begin. She is a magnate for weird, creepy guys, including the dude who playfully pretends to be her blind date. The pretender, Noah, turns out to be inhabiting the pool house of Eve’s upcoming dog and mansion-sitting gig. The attraction is obvious and their banter is hilarious. However, they are very much opposites. It takes some household damage and a hair-brained moneymaking idea to ignite their flame. The angst is realistic but minimal, and through the drama, both Eve and Noah mature a bit, further their careers, and figure out that “love arrives in the most unexpected places”. Frisky Business is a sweet romance with a side of sizzle. It is a fast, fun read!