Gadfly On The Wall: A Public School Teacher Speaks Out On Racism And Reform

Gadfly On The Wall: A Public School Teacher Speaks Out On Racism And Reform

by Steven Singer


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Talk, talk, talk. There’s an awful lot of talk about public education in America today. Have you ever wondered if even half of it is true?

For example, have you ever wondered if our public schools are really failing or if they might actually be some of the best in the world? Have you ever wondered if “School Choice” was actually about giving someone else more options and reducing freedom for you and your children? Ever wondered about the relationship between standardized testing and Nazi eugenics? How about if teachers unions should be doing more to fight for students’ civil rights? And now that we’re talking about it, why do white people sometimes snicker at black names? And how can you protect your children from toxic testing? Why does Common Core still exist? What’s it mean to be racist in America today? And why do the rich need racists?

If so, then you’re cordially invited on a fantastic journey where few have gone before: into the mind of a public school teacher. Become a fly on the wall in our public school system. See what few non-professionals have seen before. It’s an eye-opening experience guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers, but you’ve been warned: this is the work of a gadfly.

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