Garden of Her Heart

Garden of Her Heart

by Shanna Hatfield


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ISBN-13: 9780998098807
Publisher: Shanna Hatfield
Publication date: 12/07/2016
Series: Hearts of the War , #1
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.99(h) x 0.68(d)

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Garden of Her Heart: (Large Print) 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
carol223CS More than 1 year ago
Shanna Hatfield's Garden of Her Heart Stunning emotion packed read!!! It's about a romance that seems impossible. This fantastic story is full of rich historical detail combined with a sweet love story It weaves exquisite detail into the finest story. This was a vey authentic and well-researched story. I felt like I’d slipped back in time to Portland, Oregon in 1942. It was a time when native born American citizens of Japanese heritage were treated with distrust and relocated to detention center that were deplorable. The major characters have a depth making them realistic plus captivating. The author gets into the heads of the characters so the reader understands the inner workings of the characters. Getting lost in the story, the reader will feel sympathy for the characters, their plight, the love story while learning about the people and their customs. I volunteered to read this eBook. This to the author for the eBook. My opinion on own.
Tinalou70 More than 1 year ago
Despite the serious undertone, Ms Hatfield weaves a beautiful love story during a difficult time in our nation's history. She tackles the subject of interracial love with a gentle but firm hand, not shying away from the prejudices people felt at the time toward the Japanese-Americans. At the same time, she shows the sympathy and compassion of those who hated the war but felt it was wrong to treat the Japanese-American community as the enemy, having them stand firm in that belief by continuing to support their friends. The hero is intelligent, funny, handsome and a good man who falls for a heroine who is strong and independent knows who she is and is proud of her heritage. Ms. Hatfield's characters are nicely developed and I could picture the landscapes clearly in my mind. I found myself laughing at some of the banter between Rock and Miko and especially little Petey who kept the characters on their toes and me looking forward to the next scene he was in. Between the tidbits of history, witty repartee, angst of being in love, sense of family and tradition and more than one threat looming on the horizon, I was thoroughly entertained by the first book in this new series. Ms. Hatfield is one of my favorite authors who knows how to write a "no sex scene" romance in a way that you never miss the "play-by-play" action. While I appreciated that Ms. Hatfield included more information in her afterword, it kept me from giving 5 stars. For me, there were a few unanswered questions where that information would've served better in an epilogue clarification. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next installment of this series.
AnnieMarch26 More than 1 year ago
This is a historical tale set during WWII. Shanna did a wonderful job dealing with a disturbing period in American history by introducing a host of characters who felt all the real emotions that surface during war time, both the good and the heartbreaking. The way, we humans, treat each other is sometimes mind boggling. I appreciated that the love story was allowed the time it needed to unfold. The narrator did a remarkable job bringing the characters to life. I hope he narrates more of Shanna's audio-books in the future.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite Garden of Her Heart is a tender love story beginning with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. All Japanese Americans are forced to report to a holding center where they will be kept for an undetermined amount of time. Miko Nishimura is trying desperately to get home to her family. She wants to legally report to the Portland Assembly Center, but not be separated from her loved ones. Unfortunately, the American hatred of the Japanese changes her plans and her life when she is thrown off the bus by an angry bus driver many miles from her home. Miko has no choice but to walk the very long distance to her grandparents' farm, arriving tired, sore, hungry and discouraged. She finds the house empty and locked up and her family already on their way to the Center. Miko attempts to get in through the back door, but much to her surprise she finds a young American soldier close to death, lying across the steps. Captain Rock Laroux has escaped from the hospital where he was given only a short time to live and is trying to make it home to die. Miko drags Rock into the house and nurses him slowly back to health. Breaking all of the rules and being forced to hide inside her home, Miko believes it is worth the risk as she and Rock become friends and slowly fall in love. Shanna Hatfield has once again written a perfect novel of a sweet, heartfelt and beautiful romance, another incredible book. Garden of Her Heart brought me to an awful time in our country’s history, but it became a touching human love story that was impossible to put down. I cannot recommend it highly enough and encourage you to read it immediately. Garden of Her Heart will especially be of interest to romance readers, history buffs, and those who just enjoy a good story without sex and violence being the main theme. Please don’t pass this one up – it is a WINNER.
DorothyRoller More than 1 year ago
I am almost speechless with reason Shanna Hatfield wanted to write this amazing story. I have heard about the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II as I don’t think I ever learned as much about it as I did in this book. My heart goes out to those who’s families were interned in these awful camps. This is a story of survival in many ways. This is a sad, happy, heroic, and yet a story of love, hope, endurance, pride, patriotism, and the ability to stand tall, with grace, and live no matter what the circumstances are. This not your usual Shanna Hatfield story, at least none of what I have read of her’s, but this has to be the most beautiful story of love I think I have ever read. There are still some witty conversations and bantering between Miko and Rock. Their little friend from next to Miko’s grandparents farm is a really funny little guy who you find yourself falling in love with too as his language from the era is just so funny to me coming from a young man and he is a hero. Oh this is a story that touches your heart strings like no other and yet has such hope from the Japanese Americans that endure their awful circumstances in grace, honor never letting others see any kind of fear or anything that bothers them. They are the most honorable people all like Royalty in their behavior and you see people unlike many Americans. I love this story so much as it is the epitomy of a good love story with all the mostly usual characteristics of a Shanna Hatfield story. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS STORY. I feel it is a must read even if have never read one of Shanna’s fabulous stories before.
momisreading More than 1 year ago
The Japanese have bombed Pearl Harbor, and life is changing for Americans with Japanese heritage. Miko Nishimura is trying desperately to get back to her family before they have to report to the Portland Assembly Center for Japanese Americans. Thrown off her bus and forced to walk the last several miles to her grandparents’ farm, she arrives to find that her family has already left. What she does find is a soldier, unconscious and dying, on the porch. If she doesn’t get to the assembly center right away, she will become a fugitive in her own country, but she can’t leave him to die. When Captain Rock Laroux’s plane crashed, his career in the military ended. Now he is dying in a hospital and the doctors don’t know how to help him. Determined to die at his family home, he sneaks out of the hospital. In his weakened state, he makes it as far as a produce stand that he recognizes from his youth, and then collapses. When he awakens, he finds a beautiful Japanese woman who has saved his life. What a sweet love story!! This book lifted my spirits and filled my heart. It is filled with goodness, courage, tenderness, loyalty, sacrifice, kindness and love. Miko and Rock are both characters to emulate. I immediately fell in love with both of them. I loved the way they helped each other, worked together and respected one another. And the chemistry between the two! Wow! Shanna Hatfield definitely knows how to write romantic scenes! The side characters added so much to the story, even the ones that didn’t appear for very long. Petey, the neighbor boy, was definitely my favorite! He was full of life and always made me smile. The settings are expertly described. It was easy to picture myself there with the characters, from the awful conditions of the assembly center, to the farm, to the magical garden. (I want a garden like that!) And it’s not only the setting, it’s also the time period that comes alive. It’s a great start to a new series! I can’t wait for more!! I received an ARC of the book. These are my honest opinions.