Generations of Betrayal: Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Generations of Betrayal: Lies, Lies, and More Lies

by Nsleumas


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ISBN-13: 9781490734132
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 10/17/2014
Pages: 690
Sales rank: 1,109,034
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.38(d)

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Generations of Betrayal

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

By N.S. Leumas

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 NSLeumas
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-3413-2


A Special-Remembrance: In appreciation to my late-mother "Polly", who told-me I'd do a great-service to mankind someday ... this-work is it. Love, your 'rose'.

"Give thy ears, hear what is said; give thy heart to understand." (Amen-emopet) "Incline thine ear & hear the words of the wise." (King Solomon) "If thou wilt, thou shalt be instructed. & be wise." (Jesus, Son of Sirach). Would that my-readers accept-facts, & be wise to discern-truths; not be lazy-acceptants of lies.

***Jew/Romanist mainline-publishers refusing to publish this M/S (with its "best-seller" guarantee) speaks-for-itself & confirms my-truths therein!!! (They are the real haters of truth.)

+Know this - There's no greater action YOU CAN DO for Our-Cause than spread the message of our "Generations of Betrayal". (Don't permit our JR-enemies to suppress our-truths by blocking wide-publishing.)

This-book really wrote-itself ... from hidden-research from many sources. I merely gathered (compiled) them together, adding commentary. These-truths are from authoritative-sources worthy of acceptance. And "GOB" is also MY-opinion & MY point-of-view, being independent-of the opinions of a great-many authors; & is backed by my Constitutional RIGHT of "Freedom of Speech/ Expression". Keep my-words in your-minds in a special-way; apply them for your-survival. Some will shriek that my words show utmosthatred, but you know who the utmosthaters are. (I don't care what anyone 'believes', as long as 'that-belief' doesn't harm-others, ruin-nations, pass onerous-laws, exploit, enslave, or get 'in-my-face'.) *Co-Researchers: KS & NSL. Kent Steffgen initiated the original-research, & at his-demise I continued-on, & then-added the current-updated research/commentary, tying-it-all-together. *Compiler/Commentator (Editor-Proofreader-Publisher): NSL.

Will you like this-book? At-first, probably-not, but that's why you must read it. (No-one likes personal 'beliefs' exposed as lies.) Are you courageous-enough to read it all? And should you cease-reading midway & put it aside, think-deeply re what you've already-read. Consider it & weigh-it against what you see around you & your-life. Then read-on ...

I've striven to uncover every lie we've been told throughout-history. "GOB" speaks-for an urgent-movement - guardians at the gate against the false-history & propaganda-as-history forced-programmed to gullibles by prostituting academics & govt posing as unbiased historians/academics/clericals/lobbyists/'news' pros/'experts'. Studying theistic betrayal/intrigue for 20-yrs, "GOB" reveals what I've uncovered. + When we get "GOB" in peoples' faces, it'll persuade-them of things going-on behind-the-scenes intentionally-hidden from them. "GOB" is strengthened by its voluminous sources/dates. If anyone is agitated with what's in "GOB", they don't have a problem with me, but with past sources, & govt & business & religion. That's really what it's about.

Unlike politicians & authors who only vaguely-claim things ought-to-be corrected, I give specific steps/methods re correcting the abuses. "GOB" is 'how-to', not 'wish-to'. +++++ I now-regard "GOB"s distribution (spreading-of-its-message) to be my remaining-life's work. (I need ideas/assistance in this-struggle.)

*If I am assassinated (re this-message), each-one of you continue spreading my-work in every-way possible. Don't let these-truths ... our-truths ... die unknown. (Don't accept coroner 'suicide'; I intend living to 100!) *And know who did it - Romanists/Zionists/Amers/ Brits, via the Jesuits/Mossad/CIA/MI-5 - tell all this publicly!*

All exposing the J-R betrayals & lies have been attacked (economically & physically) - I will be next, but I can't renege in this (to our Folk) even tho' I've no bodyguards. Remove just one lie & the others weaken - it's time to sound the alarm re this, to end the Ju-denigration of our-heritage, to end the fake-history, to dare to fight-back unafraid by using our most-dangerous truth-telling!!!!! "I know of no way of judging the Future but by the Past." (Patrick Henry). As with Procopius' "Anecdota" (historian, 550), I, too, knew my-revealings would bring retaliation, but our-truths are proven & our-anger/rage justified. Our-facts are borne-out by other-contemporaries; our-statements contain no-lies; we did-not flinch from the immensity of our-tasks.


Excerpted from Generations of Betrayal by N.S. Leumas. Copyright © 2014 NSLeumas. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Abbreviations, 1,
Preface, 9,
A Special-Remembrance:, 9,
*If I am assassinated, 10,
My Statement, 11,
*From their-own mouths/pens:, 14,
**How to Read & Learn from this Typescript-Book:, 17,
Marketing—Strategy, 18,
Bio:, 18,
Questions/Answers:, 19,
*Definitions, 19,
*Dedication, 20,
*Sources/Bibliography, 21,
To My-Readers, 75,
The Way Back, 76,
Where Christianity Was Born ... & Where It Died, 85,
The Political-Use of Religion(Theism), 105,
Divisions of Early (Original) Christianity, 114,
The Making of a Conspiracy; How Did The Idea Ever Get Started That Original Christianity Came Out Of Judaism?, 136,
The Arian Tabulation, 159,
Justinian, 169,
The Christian-Churches, 179,
The Failure of the Goths, 187,
The Alexandrian School, 191,
Definitions/Meanings/Drama/Schools, 209,
The Inner-Purpose of Early-Christianity, 215,
The Unmaking of a Helping-Theism, 222,
The "Gentile-Church", 223,
Decoys & Diversions, 224,
The Birth of the Empire, 225,
Philo, 227,
The 4th-Gospel, 228,
Irenaeus (175-190); Jesus As A Redeemer, 229,
NEO-Platonism, 230,
Aristotelianism, 233,
Why Both Church & Empire Needed The OT, 235,
Protestantism/Islam/Aryan-Vedic/Buddhism, 239,
Jew-Christianity Is Dying / The Originals (Pre-Jew-Paul) Ought To Be Restored, 257,
Devices & Schemes, 276,
*Jesuit Freemasonry, 283,
Social-Revolt In America, 286,
Evangelical United Front (EUF) / "UEF", 300,
*Time-Synchronicity Between The Suppression Of The Jesuits & The Rise Of The American Revolutionary War, 309,
Pietism; English-Roots of American Radical-Theology (Ecumenical Evangelism), 312,
Pietism (Brethren anti-authority/social-destruction Evangelism), 339,
Jew-Anarchism, 344,
*The Vampire Comes To America! / The Destruction of Church-State Separation (Traitors Franklin & Jefferson), 347,
*Religious-Foundations of the American Revolution, 349,
*Jew-Romanism THE CAUSE of the American-Revolution; why TJ about-faced re R-C, 359,
The Extreme-Dangers To Protestantism In 1776, 375,
*JR-Socialism & Marxism, Together; A Pretense of Concern, 381,
JR's Political-Realignment Post-1870, 385,
The Second Neo-JR Supremacy (1865-1912); Theodore Roosevelt (Puritan-Traitor); Puritans Ruin The South, 391,
The Wilson-Years & The 1920s (*See p25-29*), 406,
The New-Reformation, 422,
High-Level political Syndicated Organized-Crime, 434,
Destroying America To Get A Romanist-Marxist Base, 450,
The New Protestant-Coalitions; America's Silent-War, 453,
America—A Future?, 464,
The Olde-French Model For America, 470,
The Papacy Against Freedom & Civilization; "Errors" & "Infallibility", 474,
J-R Hatred/Papal Cruel-Tortures, 478,
Immigrations Overcome Us Internally, 482,
Addendums, 486,
Recapitulation & Conclusion, 487,
Postecript: (Updated-Commentary), 492,
Addenda, 516,
Fact Sheet/Press Release:, 534,
Ideas For Flyers:, 535,
Index, 537,

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