Gentleman Sinner

Gentleman Sinner

by Jodi Ellen Malpas


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ISBN-13: 9781538745243
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 610
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Jodi Ellen Malpas was born and raised in the Midlands town of Northampton, England, where she lives with her two boys and a beagle. She is a self-professed daydreamer, a Converse and mojito addict, and she has a terrible weak spot for alpha males. Writing powerful love stories and creating addictive characters has become her passion -- a passion she now shares with her devoted readers. Her novels have hit bestseller lists for the New York Times, USA Today, Sunday Times, and various other international publications and can be read in more than twenty-four languages around the world.

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Gentleman Sinner 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Anonymous 15 days ago
This is going to be a hard review to write. I fell in love with Jodi with her This Man Series, then her One Night series. However, this book didn't work for me. I loved the beginning of the book. I was hooked and fully invested in these characters. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see where this story was going to go. However, it fell off track for me after Izzy’s vacation. At this point of the book, I could not connect with Izzy and Theo, at all. Izzy became a weak heroine to me. I just could not relate to her character and her actions. Theo, oh Theo. I am all for an alpha male but he was just a man with anger management issues. When we finally get to the part of the story where we find out why Theo is the way he is, it just didn’t click. He was extremely pushy, way to hot headed, and just over the top for me. I love my alpha men strong minded and when they take what they want but somewhere there was a disconnect between the story and their chemistry. I did enjoy the sexy times. They were pretty hot but I think I wanted more of an emotional connection between these characters. I wanted to love this book so badly but I honestly couldn’t. I know many people are going to love this book hard. It just wasn’t for me. Still looking forward to JEM’s next book though!
Anonymous 13 days ago
Yet another amazing book! You’ve done it again Jodi!
Anonymous 13 days ago
This book grips you and doesn't let you go. Loved it.
danabasket 8 days ago
Gentleman Sinner is getting the flames instead of the stars because it just is and this is my review and I’m saying it does!!! Just when I thought Ms. Malpas couldn’t give us a more damaged, HOT, ALPHA hero, she gives us Theo F^cking Kane!! Theo is a man you love right from page one and I did! I was intrigued by him and his past; enter Izzy.....when you have a hero that has a history that is not “good”, you expect the heroine to be the one to save him....but what if the heroine needs saving too? I was blown away by how Ms. Malpas spun Theo and Izzy’s story. The twists and turns that the reader will experience were CRAZY but pure perfection!!! Now, my emotions: I was all over the place! Txting friends with how I was feeling. My anxiety peaked quite a few times.....for me, if I’m not crying then my heart beat better be it was!!! Plus, I have added a new man to my BBF harem.....Theo Kane.....holy f^cking hell!
BBBGirlsBlog 8 days ago
Gentleman Sinner is getting the flames instead of the stars because it just is and this is my review and I’m saying it does!!! Just when I thought Ms. Malpas couldn’t give us a more damaged, HOT, ALPHA hero, she gives us Theo F^cking Kane!! Theo is a man you love right from page one and I did! I was intrigued by him and his past; enter Izzy.....when you have a hero that has a history that is not “good”, you expect the heroine to be the one to save him....but what if the heroine needs saving too? I was blown away by how Ms. Malpas spun Theo and Izzy’s story. The twists and turns that the reader will experience were CRAZY but pure perfection!!! Now, my emotions: I was all over the place! Txting friends with how I was feeling. My anxiety peaked quite a few times.....for me, if I’m not crying then my heart beat better be it was!!! Plus, I have added a new man to my BBF harem.....Theo Kane.....holy f^cking hell! Reviewed by: Dana D.
Midwest_Reader_123 10 days ago
Clicking on a JEM book is always a no-brainer for me, so when I saw this was available for review on NetGalley, I clicked without a second thought. Imagine my dismay when I realized it was only the first four chapters! Anyway, I took the bait and jumped right in, and I discovered I was caught up in the story before I'd read the entire first page. JEM is such a gifted writer, she is simply a master at this. So now I FINALLY have the entire book. I was totally intrigued by the mysteries surrounding the two main characters, Izzie and Theo.
Anonymous 10 days ago
Thanks for the great read
Anonymous 10 days ago
Loved Theo & Izzy!!!
Anonymous 11 days ago
I felt this book, lived this book and LOVED THIS BOOK..I would of gave it many more stars if possible.
bbarneybooks28 11 days ago
As soon as Izzy White and Theo Kane cross each other’s path, in a rather unusual way, they felt drawn to each other in unexplainable ways. It’s as if they have a visceral reaction to one another that further develops and magnifies each time they interact. But there’s a lot these two hold close to the vest, and once those secrets are exposed, it’s difficult to say where they will end up. A saint to his sinner…a beauty to his beast…a lightness to his darkness…these descriptions seem to categorize Izzy and Theo’s contrary characteristics, but they don’t stop Theo from pursuing the one woman who affects him at his core, which means that despite their differences and the secrets they’re keeping, Theo will have Izzy in every possible way, even if that means bringing her back into a life she thought she left behind. Theo Kane is definitely a trampler of sorts - he refuses to take no for an answer and he goes after what he wants with the foregone conclusion that he will have it, even when it’s a person who has free will of her own. Theo Kane is also a man who must be in control of all aspects of his life - his past dictates it and the darkness inside of him remains subdued as long as he keeps it and himself in check. But Izzy is a game changer, and what’s made abundantly clear is that she saves him just as many ways as he saves her. Izzy White is a work-in-progress, but she’s made leaps and bounds since deciding to take back control of her life, refusing to succumb to the darkness that once enveloped her. She’s at a good place - she loves her job as a nurse and continues to make strides to heal her scars; I absolutely admired Izzy’s strength and her drive to live her best life. But I do wish that Izzy’s past was fleshed out more than it was. There’s a lot to sift through when it comes to all that she’s overcome, and I wanted a clear and complete view, which I didn’t feel like I was fully given. Survive. Endure. Overcome. Protect. Keep. Those are Theo and Izzy’s challenges and as their mysterious pasts are unearthed and the intensity of their feelings increase, they’ll need to decide what their connection is worth risking and enduring. I so wanted to love this story; I wanted Theo Kane to make his way on my top book boyfriends’ list - one where Jesse Ward resides - but I had a difficult time understanding why Izzy and Theo are drawn to one another so intensely…I feel like things between them amped up too quickly and there was never a solid foundation created that made me feel like their relationship was something that would last, despite the secrets and their respective pasts. Don’t get me wrong, I felt their electric chemistry and the attraction is also evident, but I needed the details that brought them closer on more than just a physical level. Even though I had a few issues with Gentleman Sinner, it was still an enjoyable read, and I especially enjoyed the secondary characters involved with Theo and Izzy, and I’m hoping that Jess and Callum get their story told. 3.5/4 Poison Apples
poetriot 11 days ago
Sucked into the story from the very first page. As soon as you meet Theo and Izzie, you know you want to follow them both down whatever path they lead you down. This path is a dark tunnel that you don't know where it will lead and when it will end, but the only thing you know is that you want to discover more. Theo is a broken man that makes you want to heal him and wrap your arms around him. It is easy to understand why Izzy is drawn to him and hates him at the same time. Theo is just magnetic and even though he has flaws which make you want to smack him, you can't turn away from him and hope he finds his way. Just amazing from start to finish.
shabbyarora 12 days ago
A man should protect a woman. Not hurt her. And a woman should feel safe with a man, not afraid.  Thank you Jodi. This is a strong message which is a requirement in today's world. A  story of scarred Beauty and tightly leashed Beast who takes it upon himself to protect his Beauty from all the monsters and if need be.... himself. This Beast is larger than life personality with the softest of heart in his chest, beating only for his Izzy. His life is violent, chaotic and deadly. Not an ideal fertile place for love to sprout and flourish. His temper and temperament keeping all his family, friends and employees feet away for him.  Yet a demure and gentle little nurse breaks his impenetrable cage and frees his heart, stealing it for herself! “How he lives, what he does, the way he handles things. No one can live by the sword and never get cut.”  JEM creates consuming love in its finest form, novel after novel. Be it Jesse, Miller, Jake, Jack, Josh and now Theo. There's nothing more endearing than a hulk of a man, lionine who protects his girl with ferocity and holds her gently. Jodi combines vulnerability and power in the same persona, making me want to admire them and cuddle them at the same time.  “I’m man enough to admit that I’m nothing without you. I’m man enough to admit that I’m so frightened that I’ll hurt you again.”  See what I mean, I want to hug him like a tree and hide him in my arms, saving him from the world, as he saved Izzy I have to mention something here -everytime Theo opened his arms for Izzy to walk into his safe enclave, my heart just melted into a puddle. I swear I wanted to run faster than Izzy and just hide in his big chest Hugs and cuddles are grossly underestimated IMO!!! Theo is almighty in strength, all encompassing in love and enormous in forgiveness.  Izzy is petite yet large hearted and utterly devoted. Daring and brave enough to venture close to him, her gentle demeanour calming the beast and taming him. She surrenders herself completely to his overpowering love The only scary thing in this book is the FEELINGS!. What scares Izzy and Theo more than anything is not the ghosts of their pasts or the confining boundaries but what's brewing in their hearts and how apart their worlds are. “I realize there’s a lot to know about you, And I know beyond doubt that I might not like some of it, but none of that wondering or worry is making me like you less. That’s what scares me.”  Very intense and passionate in narration, the book will hold you spellbound. I've always wanted to be able to jump in JEM's books because she creates heroes that love completely like every woman deserves to be loved. All her heroes carry their own cloud for us to land and float on, they have their own thing and they fight hard for their women. **sigh** all the heart eyes They make me swoon, make me dream and make me blush. So thank you Jodi for keeping the dream alive and pulse throbbing. Another immortal alpha lover joins the ranks of BBFs that make your hearts melt and panties moist Hope you get to Callum & Jess book next 4.5 stars for Marshmallow coated in steel
Jeanette Oglesby 13 days ago
Such an awe-inspiring and addicting read that I didn't want to end!!! This book is so breath-taking beautiful and more than a 5 star read. Theo and Izzy's story made me fall in love with them right from the start. Everything about their story engulfed me, they way their paths cross to they way they are each others saviors. The passion between these two made me fall head over hills in love with them both. This book has so many wonderful characters in it and is so well written. It's the kind of book that will have me re-reading again. Jodi Ellen Malpas never disappoints!!! This is a TOTAL MUST READ NOW kind of book. Happy Reading Everyone!!!
Anonymous 13 days ago
ShaysBookwormReads 13 days ago
ARC KINDLY PROVIDED BY SOCIAL BUTTERFLY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW* Hook.Line.Sinker Izzy White has come a long way over the last few years to escape a past she would rather forget. She finally feels safe and at home working as a nurse at the local hospital. That is until she meets the hot and mysterious Theo Kane. Theo Kane is ruthless to strangers but loyal to those he cares for. No one dare crosses him and no one dares to get close. Izzy is not like the typical women he comes across. Together they both are fleeing from pasts that would rather be forgotten. The passion and angst are combustible! Gentleman Sinner starts off pretty fast and slows down to a simmer but if you just hang on to the wild ride, you will be left wanting more! There are parts that are predictable but then you turn around and it takes you on an entirely different path that you didn't see coming! I also loved reading about Jess and Callum their best friends. I hope to see a book in the future with them! Just the sparks flying from them has me wanting MORE for their story!Thanks
iScreamBooksBlog 14 days ago
"Most people seem to put as much distance between themselves and Theo as possible. I, however, have a confusing urge to close that distance. I want to be near to him. He has a magnetic pull, luring me closer, and I'm helpless to its power." There's just something special about JEM's writing, she's a word wizard and I'm under her spell. I can't get enough of her tortured alpha's. She makes me love them, demons and all, every damn time. Izzy has a painful past that she's hiding from. She's come a long way and is proud of what she has accomplished. She's managed to put herself through nursing school and get a good job at a local hospital. She shares an apartment with her best friend who knows her secrets and is very supportive. She is content and all is well in her world... until she took a shortcut that changed her life. Theo is intimidating in the daylight, but just imagine how it would be to encounter that giant at night in a dark alley. Everywhere he goes people around him separate to make room for him. They avoid contact and step away. She's such a tiny little thing who went out of her way to help a stranger that was in trouble. He expected her to cower in fear, but she didn't. She wasn't afraid of him. Izzy tries to go back to her life and forget him but that's not easy to do. Especially when he decides to pursue her. She's curious about him and wonders what he does for a living. "I'd already figured out that Theo danced on the wrong side of the law, I just didn't know how exactly." He lives in a mansion and wears expensive suits. She wants to ask questions, but then she might have to answer some herself. What an exciting web the author weaved with these two amazing characters. They both have secrets they want to keep and painful pasts that are affecting their present. Neither expected nor have a clue what to do with the unexplainable connection they feel in each other's presence. How long will they be able to resist the pull? "Theo Kane is like marshmallow coated with steel. He's a big softy in a hard exterior. He's a certain kind of cut handsome that I think only I can see. Because the hard lines of his gorgeous face don't affect me like they do others. I don't tremble in my boots or shake with dread in his presence. Instead, I quiver with want and vibrate with need." I devoured this story, unable to stop thinking about it long after I turned the last page. That's nothing new with this author though. I read her THIS MAN series years ago, followed by hundreds of other books, and I still remember it. Her characters leave their imprint, they are unforgettable.
queenzany 14 days ago
Bloody Hell! Gentleman Sinner is a brilliant, spellbinding masterpiece, that will pull, twist and mark you will every fiber of its being! So completely captivating you not want to put down even for a minute! GOD, Jodi Ellen Malpas just me my heart on a silver platter!! I can’t even describe the magnitude feeling for Theo and Izzy! They are just the characters that true novels and storytelling marvel over, the ones that will live with you forever!!!
KaliMcQuillen 14 days ago
I found my new BBF and his name is Theo. *Sigh* I'm telling you, I can't get enough of this man. He may be scary to other people but yeah, he does something for Izzy and for me. He's sweet and protective over Izzy after meeting her in an alley where she was helping a stranger. He was intrigued with Izzy from the very beginning. She went toe to toe with him even though he was so much bigger than her and that just didn't happen to him because of who he was not to mention his size. He wanted to know more about her, he wanted to know everything. Theo has a darkness inside of him and one thing that him and Izzy have in common is that they don't let many people into their personal circle. They both have secrets and they both don't want to talk about them. When letting each other in little by little your heart will hurt for these two for what they've went through. I literally couldn't get enough of Theo and Izzy, I felt like I knew them, felt what they were feeling and literally wanted to tackle hug Theo quite a few times. I wanted to hug Izzy too but no tackling involved! LOVED this book!!!! One of my favorites for this year!!
MaryJoMI 14 days ago
Jodi Ellen Malpas did it to me again. She gave me a tortured, sexy, overbearing Alpha male with a hidden heart of gold. Theo Kane delivers an imposing appearance that keeps everyone at a distance. Then one night, he encounters Izzy, a woman with amazing green eyes that isn’t afraid of him. Izzy has amazing compassion, pursuing a career as a nurse to care for people and to feel safe. Her past has a demon in it that not only hurt her physically but emotionally. But her incredible strength has allowed her to push forward and build a life for herself. When she finds herself captivated by Theo Kane, well, she doesn’t know what to think. She has sworn off emotions especially with men but with Theo, all her walls begin to crack. I was pulled in from page 1 and didn’t want their story to end. Even as Izzy worked to stay away from Theo, he wasn’t giving up in all his surly sexiness. I needed to know to their secrets but most of all, I wanted them to realize they could heal each other if they let themselves.
VPV613 14 days ago
Wow, what a ride! The story was an intense, but wonderful one. The ending was simply perfect. I definitely recommend this book and this author.
MelReaderReviews 14 days ago
5 Stars! Izzy White has worked hard to overcome her dark past and move on with her life. She's broken free of the fear that used to control her, and has built the life she wants. She lives in London with her best friend Jess, and has a job as a nurse that she loves. She finally likes who she is, and where she's at in life. Then she acts on instinct to show someone in need kindness, and puts herself back in the type of danger she's tried so hard to avoid. When Izzy finds herself in trouble she meets a mysterious stranger named Theo Kane. He's a massive mountain of a man that's built like a gorgeous gladiator. He's so freakishly big, he should be frightening, but there's a softness in his eyes when he looks at her. At first sight he comes across as dark, dangerous, and intimidating, but for some reason she's not afraid. Instead she finds him magnetic, alluring, and exciting. There's a sense of ease that's unfamiliar, and she can't deny the insane attraction she feels for him. No matter how much she tries to pretend she's immune to him, his physical presence just does things to her. She's drawn to him, and experiences an explosion of desire every time he touches her. She's never felt anything like it before. He's complex, intense, overwhelming, bold, and demanding, but also makes her feel safe. He throws mixed signals, but also gives her incredible pleasure she soon can't live without. He's become an addiction, and even though she's seen enough violence to last her a lifetime, she dives head first into his world. Theo Kane is completely captivated by Izzy White. He relentlessly pursues her even if it's a little stalkerish. He wants her bad. He can't explain his reaction to this woman. There's this powerful connection between them, and she has his undivided attention. She challenges him and frustrates him, but he wants to explore this crazy effect they have on one another. She's intoxicating, and he's utterly consumed. She brings light into his dark world, and has completely hijacked his heart. Izzy never wants to be weak and vulnerable again, but Theo makes her happy. He makes her feel valued and untouchable. She feels like she's known him forever, but she's terrified of how he makes her feel. He's wooed her, and shown her a tenderness others don't see. As they both become too attached to one another will their secrets and past threaten everything that matters most to them? WOW, I just loved this book!!! Jodi has done it again! I was completely hooked throughout this story. It's dark, sexy, and deeply emotional but also had me laughing. It's full of secrets, tragedy, and intrigue. It's about survivors, and the healing power of love. I couldn't have loved this man more. Theo Kane hit me with all the feels. Just loved this man so much! I am absolutely desperate for a book for Callum next!!! PLEASE!!!!!
Sandy-thereadingcafe 14 days ago
4.25 stars--GENTLEMAN SINNER by Jodi Ellen Malpas is a contemporary adult, stand alone, erotic, dark romance story line focusing on thirty-one year old, businessman Theo Kane, and twenty-seven year old, ER nurse Izzy White. NOTE: Due to the graphic nature of the story line there may be some triggers for more sensitive readers. Told from first person point of view (Izzy) with an epilogue from Theo, GENTLEMAN SINNER follows the building relationship and love between thirty-one yea old, businessman Theo Kane, and twenty-seven year old, ER nurse Izzy White. Izzy White, trying to help an injured woman in a dirty alleyway, finds herself the victim of assault, only to be rescued by a tall, dark and mysterious stranger who isn’t willing to let go of our story line heroine. Imposing and demanding, Theo Kane, a broken and damaged man, constantly rides the edge of darkness, a darkness that is about to pull him under. What ensues is the building relationship and romance between Theo and Izzy, and the potential fall-out as Theo spirals out of control forcing Izzy out of his life. Theo Kane is a fractured anti-hero; a man whose demons control every aspect of his life, a life of secrets hidden behind locked doors and dangerous behaviour. Falling for Izzy pushes Theo to the edge of his control, an edge that is slippery with little chance of recovery. Izzy White knows much about pain and suffering but meeting Theo Kane sparks something deep within our story line heroine, something that calls to, and answers that something deep within Theo Kane. The relationship between Theo and Izzy is one of immediate attraction but Theo’s need to control sends all kinds of red –flags to our story line heroine, red flags that that continue to accumulate as their relationship deepens. The $ex scenes are passionate, erotic and intense. We are introduced to Theo’s best friend/body guard/ driver/ partner Callum; his mother Judy; Penny, the butler Jefferson; and Izzy’s best friend Jess. There is definitely something brewing between Jess and Callum-let’s hope the author has plans to continue their story. The world building focuses on Theo’s obsession with Izzy White, an obsession that crosses the line for a woman whose past is shaped by a world of threats and shadows. We are witness to Theo’s downfall and growth; and Izzy’s strength to save the man with whom she is falling in love. GENTLEMAN SINNER is a raw, real and gritty romance; a tragic tale of survival and the repercussions of pain and anger. The premise is passionate; the romance is obsessive; the characters are charismatic and captivating.
mary8808 15 days ago
I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads, so here is my review. Theo Kane is the new man in the stables of JEM Alpha males and oh what an alpha he is. I have been a Malpas fan since Jesse Ward in the This Man series and he will always have a piece of my heart. But Theo has come and tried to steal a piece for himself. Theo and Izzy are two people with a lot of past pain and it will take them both to heal each other. While he is drawn to her light, she is drawn to his darkness. And she knows he is dangerous but that is not what scares her, what scares her is that she knows he can break her heart. And she may not survive that. Will they each share their past with the other? Can Izzy reveal what happened to her and still believe Theo will not retaliate for her? What will Izzy do when she learns his secret past? This story has all the feels and is a dark and tormented read that may not be right for everyone. But if you have read anything from Jodi Ellen Malpas before, you will fall head over heels for Theo Kane and this story will be another favorite. I haven't decided if I love it more than the This Man series but if not, it is very close. So if you love a dark heartbreakingly perfect story, then read this and enjoy, I hope you love it as much as I have. **Wicked Reads Review Team**
RandysGal69 15 days ago
I’ve sinfully fallen for Theo Kane! He is everything you know you shouldn’t love but you know he is worth every single sin to break because of it. Sexy, angsty, full of suspense of why Theo Kane is the way he is & why Izzy White is the reason he can’t stay away. And the emotions of this story, Gripping! My heart was aching for Theo & Izzy. Soo many feels from this book. Another outstanding book from Jodi Ellen Malpas A Must Read book!