Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition

Get to Aha!: Discover Your Positioning DNA and Dominate Your Competition

by Andy Cunningham

Hardcover(New Edition)

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From the marketing strategist who helped Steve Jobs launch the original Apple Macintosh comes a groundbreaking guide to positioning any company for industry dominance

Andy Cunningham has been at the forefront of tech and innovation since day one, and she’s been helping companies create new product categories ever since. Now she reveals the winning framework she uses to transform markets and industries.

Get to Aha! shows how to establish the kind of foundation world-class brands are built on. Too many business leaders fail to ask the most basic questions about their company—Who are we? And why do we matter?—before they leap right into branding. Big mistake. A company must first know itself (establish its position) before it can express its identity (execute its branding).

There are three types of companies in the world, each with its own DNA: Mothers are customer-oriented, Mechanics are product-oriented, and Missionaries are concept-oriented―and it’s absolutely critical for business leaders to know which type their company is to create an authentic and ultimately “sticky” position in the market. A company’s DNA is the key to achieving this and with it, a competitive advantage. Why? Because if a Mechanic creates a marketing campaign based on its belief that it is a Missionary, the underlying positioning will not ring true and the company won’t gain a foothold in the market. But if a company positions itself in alignment with its DNA, it will resonate authentically and establish its role and relevance even in the face of a major competitor.

Get to Aha! presents a clear step-by-step framework that will help you determine your company’s precise position in the marketing landscape, using Andy’s DNA-based methodology. It takes you through the process of performing “genetic testing” on your company, examining the market through the six Cs of positioning, and developing your positioning statement—a rational, factual statement about your company’s role and relevance. Then and only then can you create a branding and marketing strategy that will build market momentum and crush the competition.

Trust Andy. Steve Jobs did.

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ISBN-13: 9781260031201
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 10/13/2017
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 685,171
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Andy Cunningham played a key role in the launch of the original Macintosh. Since then, she has been an entrepreneur at the forefront of marketing, branding, positioning, and communicating “The Next Big Thing.” The founder and president of Cunningham Collective, a marketing and communication strategy firm, she has helped introduce a number of new categories, including video games, personal computers, desktop publishing, digital imaging, RISC microprocessors, software as a service, very light jets, and clean tech investing.

Table of Contents

Foreword ix

Preface xi

Part I The Principles of Positioning

1 Great Marketing Starts with Great Positioning 3

2 Core DNA Matters 25

3 Genetic Testing 53

The DNA Test 61

The Genotype Test 69

4 The Six Cs of Positioning 75

5 Positioning and Message Architecture 95

6 Activation 123

7 Genetic Engineering 141

8 Cutting-Edge Revolutions 155

Part II Aha! in Action: The Practice of Positioning

9 Tile: Delivering Peace of Mind 167

10 BuildingConnected: Cutting Through the Noise 179

11 Addepar: Weapon of Choice 189

12 Synaptics: The Human Interface Revolution 199

13 Retrotope: The Next Big Thing 209

14 OpenGov: Charisma in Action 221

Conclusion 233

Acknowledgments 235

Index 237

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