Ghazali on the Principles of Islamic Sprituality: Selections from The Forty Foundations of Religion-Annotated & Explained

Ghazali on the Principles of Islamic Sprituality: Selections from The Forty Foundations of Religion-Annotated & Explained


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ISBN-13: 9781594732843
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 11/01/2011
Series: SkyLight Illuminations Series
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Aaron Spevack, PhD, is assistant professor of Islam in the Religious Studies Department at Loyola University, New Orleans. He specializes in Islamic intellectual history, including law, theology and Sufism. He is also a founder and director of Boston's Bukhari Institute, which offers educational programs on the arts and sciences of the Islamic world.

M. Fethullah Gülen is an authoritative and popular Turkish Muslim scholar, imam, preacher and civil society activist. He has extensive knowledge and teaching experience in Islamic scholarship, and is a prolific author with more than sixty books translated into many languages.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Al-Ghazali and the Tradition of Islamic Renewal ix
Introduction xv
Al-Ghazali's Introduction 3

The Science of Belief

The First Foundation: Allah's Entity 9
The Second Foundation: His Sacredness 13
The Third Foundation: Allah’s Omnipotent Power 17
The Fourth Foundation: Allah’s Omniscient Knowledge 19
The Fifth Foundation: Allah’s Will 21
The Sixth Foundation: Allah’s Hearing and Seeing 25
The Seventh Foundation: Allah’s Speech 27
The Eighth Foundation: His Actions 29
The Ninth Foundation: The Last Day 33
The Tenth Foundation: Prophecy 37
Conclusion 39

Outward Actions

The First Foundation: Ritual Prayer 43
The Second Foundation: Poor Tax and Charity 51
The Third Foundation: Fasting 59
The Fourth Foundation: Hajj, the Pilgrimage to Mecca 63
The Fifth Foundation: Recitation of Qur’an 69
The Sixth Foundation: Regarding Remembrance of Allah Mighty and Majestic in Every State 79
The Seventh Foundation: Seeking the Permissible 85
The Eighth Foundation: Establishing the Rights of the Believers and Keeping Good Company 91
The Ninth Foundation: Commanding the Right and Forbidding the Wrong 99
The Tenth Foundation: Regarding Following the Sunnah 105
Conclusion: Regarding the Ordering of Your Litanies That Incline You Toward These Ten Foundations … 109

Purification of the Heart

The First Foundation: The Evils Related to Food 115
The Second Foundation: The Evils Related to Speech 121
The Third Foundation: Anger 131
The Fourth Foundation: Envy 135
The Fifth Foundation: Stinginess and Love of Wealth 141
The Sixth Foundation: Frivolity and Love of Prestige 151
The Seventh Foundation: Love of the World 163
The Eighth Foundation: Arrogance 171
The Ninth Foundation: Pride 181
The Tenth Foundation: Ostentation 187
Conclusion: The Entirety of [Blameworthy] Character Traits and the Places Where You Fall into Delusions with Regard to Them 205

Meritorious Character Traits

The First Foundation: Repentance 213
The Second Foundation: Fear 219
The Third Foundation: Abstinence 225
The Fourth Foundation: Patience 233
The Fifth Foundation: Gratitude 241
The Sixth Foundation: Sincerity and Truthfulness 245
The Seventh Foundation: Reliance on Allah 257
The Eighth Foundation: Love 267
The Ninth Foundation: Contentment with Divine Destiny 281
The Tenth Foundation: Remembering Death and Its Reality, and the Categories of Spiritual Punishments 287
Conclusion 295

Epilogue 296
Notes 297
Selected Bibliography 300

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