Giving Feedback to Subordinates

Giving Feedback to Subordinates


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ISBN-13: 9781882197392
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/19/2007
Series: J-B CCL (Center for Creative Leadership) Series , #86
Pages: 32
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

This series of guidebooks draws on the practical knowledge that the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) has generated, since its inception in 1970, through its research and educational activity conducted in partnership with hundreds of thousands of managers and executives. Much of this knowledge is shared-in a way that is distinct from the typical university department, professional association, or consultancy. CCL is not simply a collection of individual experts, although the individual credentials of its staff are impressive; rather it is a community, with its members holding certain principles in common and working together to understand and generate practical responses to today's leadership and organizational challenges.
The purpose of the series is to provide managers with specific advice on how to complete a developmental task or solve a leadership challenge. In doing that, the series carries out CCL's mission to advance the understanding, practice, and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide.

Raoul J. Buron is former director of feedback and coaching at CCL. He also trained in the Leadership at the Peak program and the Awareness Program for Executive Excellence (APEX) at CCL's Colorado Springs campus. Prior to joining CCL, Raoul was a tenured associate professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy and was director of the Academy Cadet Counseling and Leadership Development Center. He holds a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Southern California.

Dana McDonald-Mann is a former lead trainer and senior program associate on CCL's faculty. In that role she facilitated assessment-related workshops at CCL and at client locations, and conducted one-on-one feedback sessions for managers and executives. She holds a Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Table of Contents

7 Why Give Feedback to Subordinates?

8 When to Give Feedback to Subordinates

12 How to Give Feedback to Subordinates

16 How to Build the Feedback Relationship

19 How to Structure the Feedback Session

21 How to Handle Feedback’s Emotional Impact

25 Practice Makes Permanent

26 Subordinate Feedback Checklist

27 Suggested Readings

27 Background

29 Key Point Summary

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