God Did It: Healing Testimonies Across Time and Religions

God Did It: Healing Testimonies Across Time and Religions

by Rose Ann Palmer Ph. D.


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God Did It: Healing Testimonies Across Time and Religions by Rose Ann Palmer Ph. D.

I thank God for the opportunity to do this work and know that He will use it in a mighty way to bring people to Him. So many I know were raised in the church and no longer believe. They are such good people, but no longer believe that God exists. So many stories of God’s power must have an effect, crowds of witnesses ...

A collection of stories about healing of individuals from life threatening illnesses. Each one is medically documented so that there is no doubt about the source of the healing. Stories are written in a lively fashion. Even though the author, Rose Ann Palmer, died from brain cancer, it was her belief and the belief of her husband and her son that she received her healing in ways none of us can ever understand.


Trust that Our Love is fully alive in the pages of this book. The stories here are documented as being miraculous. We invite you to get a glimpse of Our Love at work in impossible ways in the lives of people across time. We are the healer. The healers are Our Instruments. How can this be? We are a God of Impossibilities. If you don’t believe in Us, then that is all the more reason why you need to read this book! Are you afraid to face truth? Let go of doubt. Give Our Stories of Miraculous Healings a try. Who knows? You might even get a healing as well.

We hope you enjoy Our Love Stories. Dear friends, you begin a journey in Our Love that is unmatched anywhere. Tell your friends about what We do in the lives of those in need. As they read Our Love Stories, they too will be touched by Our Presence in them. All We ask of you, dear readers, is to suspend your human logic and accept the truth of Our Impossibilities.


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ISBN-13: 9781491733714
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 05/13/2014
Pages: 328
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God Did It

Healing Testimonies Across Time and Religions

By Rose Ann Palmer

iUniverse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Rose Ann Palmer, Ph.D.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4917-3371-4


Father Robert DeGrandis

Massachusetts's native Father Bob DeGrandis did not start out in the healing ministry. From 1959 to 1969, fresh out of the seminary, he worked in the civil rights movement in Miami (Florida), New Orleans (Louisiana), and Birmingham (Alabama) as a member of the Society of St. Joseph, an order of priests who work with African-Americans. Although the work was satisfying, Father felt uneasy with his role, identifying himself more as a social worker than as a proclaimer of the gospel. He felt powerless and ineffective.

Then late in 1969, the National Catholic Reporter published an article about Catholic Pentecostals: priests and nuns praying in tongues and laying hands on people for healing. His interest piqued, Father Bob read Catholic Pentecostals, a book describing how the Holy Spirit comes upon us and moves us as was described two thousand years ago in the book of Acts. He knew he had found what his spiritual life needed.

After becoming involved with Catholic Pentecostals, Father DeGrandis saw his prayer life blossom. The Lord Jesus baptized him in the Holy Spirit. The sacraments and the Mass held new dynamism. The New Testament took on deeper meaning. The Holy Spirit renewed him in a powerful way, giving greater vitality to his daily Holy Hour. He began bringing people together to study Scripture and pray.

Then miracles started happening. During prayer meetings, people noticed that long-term health problems were vanishing. Everyone who participated in Bible study and being prayed over was healed. Symptoms of arthritis or sinus or headache or whatever disappeared.

Father got so caught up in the healing power of the Holy Spirit that he began inviting people to come up for laying on of hands after Sunday Mass. Usually the whole congregation would respond, and he'd move along the altar rail laying hands on each individual.

All kinds of things began to happen. Father DeGrandis prayed with one woman whose son had come back from Vietnam and locked himself in his room. Dirty and disheveled, he refused to come out for months. The day after the group prayed, the vet came out of his room, cleaned himself up, and went job hunting.

Emboldened by such obvious signs of the Presence of God, Father began a prayer meeting in his own parish. Hearing of extraordinary healings, many affluent white people from over the mountain started coming down to Father's parish in the ghetto. Robert DeGrandis knew this was it! The Spirit of God was doing what no human had been able to accomplish: Blacks and Whites were acting like brothers and sisters, singing and praying together. Many said this was the first time they had related as equals. Father called it an authentic spirituality of the New Testament, built upon the Holy Spirit.

At this pivotal point in his life, Father Robert DeGrandis made a deep commitment to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, but influential people in his parish didn't like what he was doing. Angry parishioners criticized him for introducing spontaneous prayer, singing, and clapping. Father was transferred back to New Orleans.

Despite the setback, that year he was invited to minister in Puerto Rico where for the first time he really experienced the power of God.

"As I went around the island talking and praying with people, there were tremendous healings. They blew my mind. Every time people complained of pain, we would simply pray and the pain would leave. People with difficulty walking would move normally after prayer."

During that trip in 1971, he was invited to speak to a group of priests on the island of St. Croix. At a little prayer meeting up in the mountains led by an American priest, Father Mike Kostak, Father Bob testified to being baptized in the Spirit [a renewal or actualization of the Graces of our baptism], gave the priests a "tongues workshop," laid hands on each of them, and prayed for a release of the Spirit. It wasn't until 1982 that he saw the results of that seed-planting experience when he heard that Father Mike Kostak now preaches worldwide on the Charismatic renewal.

Another seed sprouted in a well-known television personality, Mother Angelica. When Father DeGrandis was in Birmingham in 1969 praying at a Poor Clare monastery, he said to the Mother Superior, "This Charismatic renewal is beautiful. People are really melted by the love of God."

She responded, "We don't need all of that. We have the Holy Spirit. We have everything."

One day Barbara Shlemon and he prayed over Mother Angelica. A few nights later, the nun received the gift of tongues while sitting in bed reading the Gospel of John. Within two weeks, every nun in the monastery had been baptized in the Spirit. Mother Angelica founded the nationwide Eternal Word Television Network. In her biography she calls Father DeGrandis a young, aggressive Josephite priest who bugged her to let him pray over her.

Father planted another seed in Eddie Ensley, a young Presbyterian seminarian, who went to Father's prayer meeting because there was nothing Charismatic in his own Church. Later in 1975, Father heard Eddie give his testimony. He became a Catholic, traveled around the country giving talks, and is the author of Prayers That Heal Our Emotions and also Sounds of Wonder, a book on tongues.

On a year's leave to examine his ideas, Father Bob made a thirtyday retreat, then went to Mexico for two months to study Spanish. In January 1973 while in Mexico, he was invited to the island of Grenada.

"The prime minister was a man very much involved in the occult and very erratic. He said, 'I'm going to throw out all of the priests on the island.'

"There were only 26 priests for 65,000 people. We started the house of prayer and began training prayer group leaders, feeling that in a few months the Church would be thrown off the island.

"We went into different towns as we were invited and said, 'Give us eight or ten people to start with.'

"We would usually get 150 people the first night ... The people were so simple and so close to God and nature that by the middle of the first prayer meeting they would be baptized in the Spirit, and by the end of the first prayer meeting they would be praying in tongues. (I remember one Catholic theologian who admitted it took him more than two years to come into the gift of tongues!)

"That time in Grenada bore fruit. A woman stood up in a Miami conference in November 1985 and said, 'When the communists took over Grenada, the prayer groups met and prayed and prayed for deliverance. Finally the Americans invaded. We feel that the American invasion of Grenada was a direct response to the intercession of the prayer groups.'

"President Reagan said once that the invasion of Grenada was a response to the prayers of the people of that island!"

Father Bob confided that he hears the Lord speak to him in a variety of ways, but only once has he heard Him speak audibly.

Before he left Grenada, a woman from Jamaica, Ivy Alovees, said, "We'd like you to come to Jamaica."

"At one o'clock in the afternoon, I heard an audible voice, 'Go to Jamaica.' So I went to Jamaica and did the basic teaching of the Charismatic renewal that flourishes today.

"From Jamaica I went to the Dominican Republic ... When ... I knocked on the door, the Lord said to me interiorly, 'I want you to pray over the first person who comes to the door for the gift of healing.'"

For many years, that woman, Maria Sandigiovani, traveled all around the world with the late Father Emiliano Tardif in a powerful team-healing ministry.

When Father DeGrandis returned to parish work in Mobile, Alabama, he taught a continuing education course on "Healing Prayer." From an initial enrollment of 80 persons in 1975, it grew to an enrollment of 400, Catholics and non-Catholics, and continued from 1975 to 1983, even though Father left Mobile in 1976. Doctors would send terminal cases to the prayer class; many are alive today.

In 1979, Father went from Mobile to New Orleans. He was told he could not become a pastor because he would alienate some of the people. When he notified his superior that he had decided to join another community, he was given a small conservative parish in Texas, outside of Houston.

Father promised himself he'd be very low key. "But it was hard to be low key. I formed a prayer group. We had 60 people that really had a deep experience with the Lord. They were a powerful group. Within eight months there was a petition to get rid of me, and I was transferred. I asked a leader of the parish why they did not like my ministry. One of her comments was that I 'forced Charismatic renewal down their throats.'

"I said, 'Give me one example.'

"She responded, 'You always tell us to read the Scriptures.'"

In 1979, Father DeGrandis went to see the new superior general who answered Father's prayers of ten years by suggesting that he work full time in the Charismatic renewal. He says, "I have seen powerful conversions, miraculous healings and deliverances in 19 countries around the world. I have seen terminal cancer healed, blind eyes opened, teeth repaired, arthritis, anorexia and all kinds of crippling diseases disappear through the power of God. He confirms His Word with signs and wonders."

A young girl testifies to the healing of her eyes in the following witness, reported in the National Enquirer, February 15, 1986:

Dear Father DeGrandis,

I am writing to you in regard to the healing I received while at your service at St. Paul of the Cross Church in North Palm Beach, Florida.

Before I went to the service I was praying that my eyes would be healed, but my mother told me that tonight is going to be more spiritual healing than physical healing. So I attended just out of curiosity.

While I sat in the pew watching you perform miracles in front of everyone's eyes, doubt was coming into my mind. All I can recall is that from out of the blue you nonchalantly pointed to the section of the church where I sat, but as I looked at you it seemed as if your finger pointed straight at me. That is when my heart started to pump. You see, I have had bad vision/ astigmatism all my life. When your hand reached out to the section of the church where I sat, I heard the words come out of your mouth, "A person in this section has distorted vision and is now feeling pressure against the eyes. If this is you, please rise." As I heard these words ... I felt a tingling sensation in my eyes. I was also in my own little world with Jesus. I stood up. You asked me my name, age, and how long I had had the problem. Tears started to roll down my face as I answered, "I'm Karyn Sharkey. I'm fourteen years old and I have had distorted vision all my life." I sat down utterly amazed at the experience I'd just been through. Days later I told my friends and everyone I knew. Some started putting negative feelings in my mind and making me feel unsure, but my parents kept reassuring me and telling me, "God chose you because of all your faith and He wants you to spread this wonderful happening to everyone."

Mommy told me we had received an appointment card telling me it was time for a checkup the day before the service took place. So the following Tuesday we (my mother and I) went to the eye doctor. He did not know what wonderful things had occurred in my life. As he looked at my eyes and looked at my file he said, "Is this the right file? You do have astigmatism, don't you, Karyn?" No reply, just laughter. As he kept examining my eyes he looked puzzled and asked, "Have you had an operation?" I said, "No." Then my mother and I started to laugh and he asked, "What is it?" My mother and I told him what I experienced. He examined my eyes some more and sat down while saying, "I'm an atheist, but I believe in what I see. You have 20/20 vision. You can go home and throw away your lenses." After hearing that terrific news, we burst out of the office, not waiting to call close relatives up north. We spread the wonderful news all around town. I thank and praise God for this wonderful blessing and all the blessings in my life.

Note: My mother went to the optician's office where my contacts and glasses were made. She asked, "Can Karyn ever have 20/20 vision?" The optician replied, "If she is fitted properly with contacts." My mother said, "I mean without the aid of anything?" He said, "It can never be." My mother proceeded to explain to him what had happened. He said, "She would have to have had two healings—one because of the shape of her eyes and second because of her vision."

I am witnessing this wonderful happening all over the country. May God bless you and your beautiful ministry.

Karyn Sharkey

As Father DeGrandis says, Jesus heals today.

"If we believe in a personal God, we believe in miracles. We believe in a personal God who is love, and love always seeks what is best for the beloved."

Father relates the story of five-year-old Mary Peissner of Pleasant Hill, California, who was knocked twenty-five feet when hit by a car. Her mother, Betty Peissner, rushed outside to find her in a coma.

"I leaned over her unconscious body and whispered in her ear, 'Mary, did you give your hurt to Jesus?'

"She opened her eyes, looked at me and said, 'Yes, Mom, I did.' Then she lapsed back into the coma.

"The doctors ... said she had broken ribs and a ruptured spleen. There would be three hours of surgery and she might die.

"That's when the miracle happened. A short while after reaching the hospital, Mary came out of her coma. Subsequent X-rays showed that the spleen had been miraculously welded together as had her ribs. I was surprised and the doctors were flabbergasted."

Linda Schweiger of Richland, Washington told Father DeGrandis of being healed of multiple sclerosis, severe depression, and food allergies when a woman prayed over her at a "Life in the Spirit" seminar [to lead people to new life in the power of the Holy Spirit].

"She felt power and light go through her body and heard the Lord say, 'It is time.' Later the Lord showed her that the power and light were His compassion flowing through the compassionate hearts of the woman and the backup prayers who joined in praying in the Spirit."

Of course everyone is interested in miracles. Father DeGrandis demystifies the secret of tapping into the healing power of God: Open yourself up to His healing power by forgiving all who have hurt you, and then praise and thank the Creator with your whole heart. When you are wide open, the Holy Spirit can rush in to heal you.

While giving a retreat in Arizona, Father John Hampsch, C.M.F., dashed into the dining room for a quick cup of coffee. After putting instant coffee in a cup and filling it from a hot water urn, Father Hampsch felt severe burning pain in his throat. When the priest staggered into the kitchen, the cook showed him a container labeled Deadly Poison-Fatal if Swallowed. She had been soaking the inside of the urn with a caustic chemical.

Poison Control urged them to rush him to the nearest hospital. They said if he got there in time, he might live, but would have permanent throat and voice damage. The retreat house was in a rural area too far out for ambulance service.

"While Father Hampsch waited for the car to take him to emergency, he sensed God saying to him, 'Turn to My Word, there is healing power in My Word.'

"I responded silently, 'Lord, I've never done this before, but when one faces the possibility of dying, it is easy to elicit greater faith. I claim, in faith, your words of Mark 16:17-18 ... signs will accompany those who believe ... when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all.' Within less than a minute, the pain stopped and I felt perfectly normal.'"


Father Emiliano Tardif and My Husband, John Palmer: Surprise! You're Healed

Father Emiliano Tardif wore street clothes. Like all priests, he was forbidden by law from wearing clerical clothes in public in Mexico and had not had time to change into religious garb when he arrived at Providence, Rhode Island's, T.F. Green Airport in May 1993 for the 25th Anniversary Conference of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the United States. The conference drew a huge crowd to Providence's Civic Center, a large indoor stadium.

Tapes show bishops, crosiers in hand, leading the procession into the arena, then stopping in amazement to look around at the size and power of the crowd singing "We are one body, one body in Christ." The lyrics in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, French, and Italian harmonized powerfully.

In the bleachers, Dr. John Palmer, an amateur videographer, filmed the event and gave no thought to asking for healing. John considered himself healthy, despite a painful tear in the rotator cuff in his right shoulder that kept him awake night after night for six months. He prayed and focused on his camera. Then, John says, "Father Tardif said the crowd was too large for him to lay hands on each one of us, so he'd do a group service. As Father spoke in Spanish, his words were translated into several languages sentence by sentence.


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Table of Contents


Author's Note, xi,
Introduction to Rose Ann Palmer, 1,
Father Robert DeGrandis, 12,
Father Emiliano Tardif, 21,
Jesus Heals Today: St Paul's, New York, 77,
Jesus Heals Today: Dodie Osteen, 93,
Jesus Heals Today: John and Joel Osteen, 96,
Jesus Heals Today: Annette and Ed Eckert, 100,
Jesus Heals Today: Joyce Meyers, 106,
Sister Briege McKenna, 109,
Sara Hopkins O'Meara, 127,
Come, Holy Spirit, 135,
Judith and Francis MacNutt, 148,
Agnes Sanford, 167,
Babsie Bleasdell, 195,
Father Peter Mary Rookey, 210,
Oral Roberts, 225,
Solanus Casey, 240,
Padre Pio, 257,
Sister Francis Clare, 279,
Elizabeth Seton, 299,
Appendix: Miracles and the Sainthood Process, 309,

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