God Sends The Words I Only Hold The Pen: Thoughts from the heart

God Sends The Words I Only Hold The Pen: Thoughts from the heart

by Elaine Long


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ISBN-13: 9781468560213
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/27/2012
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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God Sends the Words I Only Hold the Pen

Thoughts from the heart
By Elaine Long


Copyright © 2012 Elaine Long
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4685-6021-3

Chapter One


    An Enormous Trust

    If there are rhymes or reasons to poems that I write.
    It has to be from an idea God put in my heart at night.
    Verses at least most of the time from my pen will flow.
    Long before the thought appears for my mind to know.

    I've said I do not take any credit for where the poems led.
    I simply hold the pen that writes the words God has said.
    An idea or thought slowly occurs on the page appearing.
    It comes from the words upon my heart I keep hearing.

    The thought will normally flow at a steady, constant pace.
    Until I ponder and mull over a final line all over the place.
    As I seek the remarks to give the intended point or view.
    God completes it with the right words for hope to renew.

    I am constantly amazed at the deep thoughts He inspires.
    Only He can supply everything our heart needs or desires.
    An enormous trust has been simply loaned to my heart.
    The words being written on the paper is the easiest part.

    The vast depth of the love of God cannot be measured.
    The important thing is that it can forever be treasured.
    When His lines unfold upon the page, it is nothing I do.
    Lord, with reverence, respect and awe I say, thank you.

    I Only Know

    Sometimes the words are slow, yet other times they tumble and flow.
    I have no idea where they come from or a single clue why they go.
    At times a thought or an unforgettable memory across my mind leaps.
    Other times, it is from a recollection left deep in my heart for keeps.

    Sometimes it is the remembrance of a painful reflection of the past.
    Part of the time it comes from a soothing thought of peace at last.
    There are times a word or just a line stands out in something said.
    At times a simple phrase comes to mind long after I have gone to bed.

    A few times the words were on the tip of my tongue to another to say.
    In the sincere hope it might lighten a load or brighten someone's day.
    Nevertheless, most of the time it is for me and trying to ease my soul.
    Else, all of the words running around in my heart will make me so old.

    If it puts some thoughts into words someone can see and understand.
    Then they are welcome to draw any and all the reassurance they can.
    I never know if it will be comforting to some other hearts on the mend.
    I only know God gives the words for my poems, I simply hold the pen.

    Life Is Always a Challenge

    Poems are writings from thoughts lying on my heart.
    At the time they were penned they played a large part.
    Sometimes only the concept is implied from my mind.
    A true concern may be found sitting between the lines.

    By removing or repairing some feelings of every kind.
    Words allow peace and an outlet for a troubled mind.
    If my process of expression permits you some hope.
    Feel free to use my thoughts if they help you to cope.

    It is terribly hard to hide an aching heart behind a smile.
    Or to control the tears that are company on every mile.
    Regret should not be a burden for the shoulder to hold.
    It is simply too much baggage to assume the guilt role.

    Life is always a challenge and it is not always very fair.
    One can aim to do their best when troubles come to bear.
    Moving forward and trying not to look backward anymore.
    Taking each day as it comes with whatever may be in store.

    One must live each day as if it were the last on earth to see.
    Enjoying all the beauty placed in each day for you and me.
    My path was not of my plans; it was and is of God's way.
    He had a solution in mind before I had a problem any day.

    He Is There

    Life experiences for one often allow another some aid.
    If another needs comfort then the debt has been paid.
    As with the creation of the universe God is in control.
    No matter how rough the road this fact never gets old.

    He uses others to be a comfort when anyone has a need.
    Only God will send what is helpful for others to receive.
    Sometimes the words of help are given by Him in a verse.
    Words often soothe or prevent nerves from getting worse.

    A gift of words from God can come in a poem or a rhyme.
    It may offer comfort and joy and peace at the proper time.
    The words come from the pen in a tumbling or gentle flow.
    A quill holder is only His messenger to whomever they go.

    Other's words are not the only way God touches the heart.
    He speaks softly to all of us and we hear if we do our part.
    Sometimes life's noises prevent us from hearing His voice.
    Other times we don't listen and that is each one's choice.

    This is a most comforting thought which gets us through.
    Trust in God to walk and talk with us in all we have to do.
    He is there but maybe wary enough to wait until one asks.
    Talk to Him and whatever lies ahead will be a small task.

    Take My Words Lightly

    Now and then something odd crosses my mind.
    It comes from deep within this old soul of mine.
    As if on a mission the words upon the paper leap.
    Hidden and confined thoughts I can no longer keep.

    Tumbling out from down deep inside before I know.
    Sometimes slowly but sometimes the words just flow.
    I make a feeble attempt at any rhythm or simple rhyme.
    It has not a reason or a subject until I hear the first line.

    Most of the writings are about circumstances of my heart.
    So it begins like an emotional wave right from the start.
    The feelings are of sadness or joy or love and some pain.
    I never know what idea will keep me awake once again.

    A word can or a phrase or possibly some passing thought.
    All I can imagine is a gift from God to my heart taught.
    For it certainly isn't any talent I have on my very own.
    This need to write it down came only since I stand alone.

    Any benefit from my jumble of words may be only for me.
    On paper the anguish deep from within my heart I can see.
    Could this way of venting allow me to go one more mile?
    If so then maybe one day my heart can once again smile.

    You just take my words lightly and only upon your sleeve.
    Don't take them to heart and cry or ever once even believe.
    I did not mean to make you sad by reading all of my phrases.
    Or to cause anyone pain from perusing these misery phases.

    Read them quickly and softly or even laugh heartily out loud.
    Make such a noise that you likely will draw a puzzled crowd.
    For laughter will remove some of your stress and life's pain.
    If my words offer any comfort then my time was not in vain.


    My Prayer

    Lord, thank you for family and friends I hold so dear.
    May each one in my heart and mind always stay near.
    Please bless and comfort them each and every day.
    Keep them all safe and watch over them this I pray.

    When the night is over and tomorrow is another day.
    Let their cares and worries all be brushed far away.
    Guide their paths with much wisdom along their way.
    Remind them the troubles on you they can always lay.

    Lord please protect and give strength to one and all.
    I pray you never let them even stumble much less fall.
    Let them know that with you they have nothing to fear.
    May they never forget Lord I hold them so very near.

    Lord, I Don't Know....

    Lord, I just don't know where I'm walking,
    I just know you are walking with me.
    Lord, I don't feel any joy or hope sometimes,
    I just know my strength comes from thee.

    Lord, I don't know what tomorrow will bring,
    I just know you will guide my way.
    Lord, I don't know why I have battles to fight,
    I just know you will protect me today.

    Lord, I don't know how to stop my heartache,
    I just know you hold me in your arms.
    Lord, I don't know why I have so many tears,
    I just know you keep me from all harms.

    Lord, I don't know what still may lie ahead.
    I just know you will hold on to my heart.
    Lord, I don't know why my body is so weak,
    I just know from me you will never part.

    Lord, I don't know why I am always afraid,
    I just know you won't leave me alone.
    Lord, I don't know what I'm going to do,
    I just know I won't have to do it on my own.

    Never Let Me Forget

    Lord thank you for the heavenly beauty you send my way.
    It begins with the glowing opening and closing of each day.
    I'm constantly amazed at the lovely greatness you send.
    The sky takes my breath away just like the hug of a friend.

    The joy of flowers, birds and nature are all around to behold.
    Lord, simply stopping to smell your roses renews my soul.
    The churning gulf meets the sand with the waves in between.
    It is truly an inspiring yet spectacular and a relaxing scene.

    I hear the rustle of the wind that forcefully bends some trees.
    The swaying of flowers is gently moved by the soft breeze.
    The white puffy clouds are always changing and floating by.
    It complements the view of the gulf with the magnificent sky.

    Each day break starts intensely bright and pristine and new.
    Everything is so refreshed and renewed by the morning dew.
    Never let me take for granted all the beauty you have created.
    Or all the times you tenderly held my hand and on me waited.

    Do not allow me to forget or be too busy to take time to see.
    Or not notice or be unaware of all the things you give to me.
    Great is the luxury of family and friends lovely in many ways.
    Thank you dear Lord for the splendor you send to all my days.

    If Only I First Talk To God

    Life is sometimes too busy to do all I could.
    Things don't always happen like they should.
    Sometimes I'm too occupied to listen or to hear.
    Then God sends a person in need to linger near.

    I have much to do or too tired to even recognize.
    The pain or hurt or grief is in someone else's eyes.
    Too busy to see a need or take some time to care.
    Forgetting that time means a lot with one to share.

    I often do not pay attention to a tear behind a smile.
    I just concentrate on many other things all the while.
    Too much is wrong with this picture and life's race.
    I must ask God for forgiveness in some quiet place.

    Then I will have time to pause at the end of each day.
    I can try to lighten someone's troubles in a small way.
    I will be able to hear God's plan and the use for me.
    So I can hear a broken heart and their tears can see.

    Oh never let my life again so busy or complicated be.
    That other one's pain and problems I can't read or see.
    I can be and say what I was sent here all along to do.
    If only I first talk to God before starting anything new.

    Lord, I Need Your Help

    All of my strength has gone so far away.
    Lord, I need your help especially today.
    My faith is strong but my body is so weak.
    Lord, just to my heart could you speak?

    I struggle with my heavy sorrow every day.
    Can I have some hope along the way?
    So confused and don't know where to turn,
    Lord, I'm giving to you all of my concerns.

    I am so weak I can't keep going on alone.
    Lord, can you show me the way to keep on?
    I am so sad and miserable over my bitter loss.
    Lord, only you can help me carry my cross.

    I know I should not doubt or ever be afraid.
    Lord, then your answers came as I prayed.
    I thank you dear Lord, for ever being so near.
    You calm all my fears and wipe away my tears.

    Hello God

    I have so many times of fear and doubt.
    Lord, hold to my hand and turn me about.
    Thank you for the present of friends so dear.
    You sent to me to be all around and so near.

    Help me Lord to try and maybe understand.
    All trouble, pain and hurt of this great land.
    Lord, please help me always to proudly stand.
    Make me be mindful of others as only you can.

    Thank you for my family you gave and their love.
    I know I can't shed a tear that's not known above.
    The greater the burden, the more we need you God.
    You always know all and see too with a loving nod.

    You have no limit to the removing of my heavy load.
    While here on earth we all stumble along life's road.
    Remind me to give all of it to you to share and bear.
    Lord, please keep me forever within your loving care.

    Kneel and Pray

    Sometimes it would seem clear to me.
    That God feels so very far away.
    And my life is as tough as it can be,
    Cause I forgot to kneel and pray.

    The days are filled with trouble and pain.
    Feelings of despair are with me all day.
    Problems and strife seem to fall like rain,
    Cause I forgot to kneel and pray.

    Just as it seems I can't take anymore.
    God gently reminds He is not far away,
    And will send more blessings than before,
    When I remember to kneel and pray.

    With Him, I will not ever walk alone.
    If only on Him all of my burdens I will lay.
    More peace and joy than I've ever known
    Are mine to have when I kneel and pray.

    Through each and every stress my life brings,
    God's presence and promise is not far away.
    I give all my needs to the King of Kings.
    It makes my life whole, when I kneel and pray

    Peace Comes From Knowing

    The dreary shadows begin to fall all over the land.
    No matter what, we are led by the Master's hand.
    We have only a little longer in this old world to stay.
    Then all the troubles and pain will finally pass away.

    There is only a little time for suffering and grief left.
    Everyone's sickness and difficulties will end at death.
    If one could live their entire life totally problem free.
    They would not have reason to go to bended knee.

    Yet one would have missed the love of God in prayer.
    A life lived without the kind trust of God for every care.
    Not ever knowing the feeling of strength to all endure.
    Or having answers to prayer when all things were unsure.

    At times life sends some of the greatest disappointments.
    Everything is for a reason, for His plan and appointments.
    All troubles grow smaller and slowly begin to disappear.
    If one recognizes that with God one has nothing to fear.

    There isn't any limit to the number of times one can pray.
    Everyone is blessed with the freedom of prayer all day.
    God is near and truly provides for our every single need.
    Whether a joy, trial, trouble, blessing or some kind deed.

    No situation anyone will ever have will be to face all alone
    Peace is from knowing God in Heaven is on His throne.
    Faith and trust in God is ample to drive away every fear.
    This reassuring thought allows hope to ever remain near.

    God Is Always Around in Many Forms

    When you are fiercely trying not to sit down and cry.
    So many things happen and you are barely getting by.
    Life is hard to face and has way too much to bear.
    Just remember the best solution is found in a prayer.

    When the days are bad and your back is at the wall.
    Problems and worries keep coming and on you fall.
    God may seem distant and especially when you pray.
    Then he sends dear friends to bring you a better day.

    I believe in angels, the kind that only God can send.
    God gives them to us, simply to be valued friends.
    One's life can be blessed with only an angel or two.
    An understanding loyalty they always have for you.

    Everything in your life seems to keep falling apart.
    You feel all alone and carrying a shattered heart.
    It helps to remember God's promises from above.
    No matter what or when, God is with us with love.

    Dawn will break tomorrow no matter what you say.
    The sun you may not see but it still rises every day.
    When you least expect it the sun will shine its rays.
    It is sent from the God of love to brighten our way.

    It May Not Be Your Way

    When life gives you something you do not understand.
    Trouble and problems meet you almost on every hand.
    God is the mighty King and is the master of everything.
    Lean on him for strength at times sent on angels wings.

    He will lift you up high on the strong wings of his love.
    Place all of your problems on him who came from above.
    Your greatest victories are still ahead and not in the past.
    Each day holds new ideas and opportunities if you ask.

    It may not be your anticipated way, but it is God's way.
    He had a solution for it before a problem arose any day.
    You would not still be remaining down here on this earth.
    Except God has some special reason yet for your worth.

    Without a burden; one may never have become aware.
    The wonderful feeling enjoyed by God's love and care.
    One never knows what might be or almost have been.
    For only God knows the how and the why and the when.

    Until one has stumbled or has fell into the way of harm.
    They never have felt comfort and safety in God's arms.
    God promised a safe landing; not a routine or easy trip.
    He will forever be the all-knowing Captain of life's ship.

    A secure faith in God will drive away even your worst fear.
    Always fully trust the Lord to wipe away every single tear.
    His blessings constantly shower over us like a gentle rain.
    He is always near even when the sunshine appears again.


Excerpted from God Sends the Words I Only Hold the Pen by Elaine Long Copyright © 2012 by Elaine Long. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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