Going Rogue: An American Life

Going Rogue: An American Life

by Sarah Palin


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ISBN-13: 9780061939907
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 08/24/2010
Pages: 431
Sales rank: 580,789
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.30(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Sarah Palin is the former governor of Alaska, the youngest and first woman elected to the office; the first woman Republican vice-presidential candidate in American history; and the author of the number one New York Times bestsellers Going Rogue and America by Heart. She was named one of Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People" in 2010, hosted TLC's Sarah Palin's Alaska, and is a Fox News contributor. The mother of five children and grandmother of two, she lives with her husband, Todd, in Wasilla, Alaska.

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Going Rogue
An American Life

Chapter One

The Last Frontier

I don't believe that God put us on earth to be ordinary.
...Lou Holtz

It was the Alaska State Fair, August 2008. With the gray Talkeetna Mountains in the distance and the first light covering of snow about to descend on Pioneer Peak, I breathed in an autumn bouquet that combined everything small-town America with rugged splashes of the Last Frontier. Cotton candy and foot-long hot dogs. Halibut tacos and reindeer sausage. Banjo music playing at the Blue Bonnet Stage, baleen etchings, grass-woven Eskimo baskets, and record-breaking giant vegetables grown under the midnight sun.

Inching through rivers of people with Trig, our four-month-old son, cradled in my arms, I zigzagged from booth to booth, from driftwood art to honeybee keeping to home-brewed salmon-berry wine. Bristol and Willow, our teenage daughters, roamed ahead with friends, heads together, laughing, thumbs tapping cell phones. Piper, seven, my constant sidekick since the moment she was born, bounced along at my hip, pinching off fluffs of cotton candy, her reward for patiently accommodating my stop-and-go progress through the crowd. For the most part, she was comfortable watching the grip-and-grin photos and hearing the friendly chitchat with constituents that I enjoyed as part of my job as governor of the state. Every few moments, I pulled my right arm free from baby duty to shake hands with folks who wanted to say hello.

"Hey, Sarah! You never miss the fair!"

"Oh, my goodness, is that the new little one? Let me say hi to him . . ."

"Price of energy's pretty high, Governor. When are they gonna ramp up drilling?"

A robin's egg sky arced overhead, the brisk kick in the air hinting at winter's approach. Like a family conga line, we wound our way among the vendors and exhibits: from pork chops on a stick to kettle corn, veggie weigh-ins, and livestock competitions. A local dance troupe took to the stage and the music blared, competing with the constant hum of generators and squealing kids on rides. Ahead, on my right, I saw the Alaska Right to Life (RTL) booth, where a poster caught my eye, taking my breath away. It featured the sweetest baby girl swathed in pink, pretend angel wings fastened to her soft shoulders.

"That's you, baby," I whispered to Piper, as I have every year since she smiled for the picture as an infant. She popped another cloud of cotton candy into her mouth and looked nonchalant: Still the pro-life poster child at the State Fair. Ho-hum.

Well, I still thought it was a nice shot, as I did every time I saw it on its advertisements and fund-raiser tickets. It reminded me of the preciousness of life.

It also reminded me of how impatient I am with politics.

A staunch advocate of every child's right to be born, I was pro-life enough for the grassroots RTL folks to adopt Piper as their poster child, but I wasn't politically connected enough for the state GOP machine to allow the organization to endorse me in early campaigns.

From inside the booth, a very nice volunteer caught my glance, so I tucked my head inside, shook hands, and thanked the gracious ladies who put up with the jeers of those who always protested the display. With their passion and sincerity, the ladies typified the difference between principles and politics. As I signed the visitors' book, I saw Piper's picture again on the counter and became annoyed at my own annoyance. I still hadn't learned to accept the fact that political machines twist and distort public service...and that, a lot of times, very little they do makes any sense.

Years before, I had seen our state speeding toward an economic train wreck. Since construction began in 1975 on what would become Alaska's economic lifeline, the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, it had grown increasingly obvious to everyday Alaskans that many of their public servants were not necessarily serving the public. Instead they had climbed into bed with Big Oil. Meanwhile, in a young state whose people clung to America's original pioneering and independent spirit, government was growing as fast as fireweed in July.

It didn't make sense.

It seemed that true public service, crafting policies that were good for the people, had become increasingly derailed by politics and its infernal machines. But I had a drive to help, an interest in government and current events since I was a little kid, and I had become aware of the impact of common sense public policy during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. I was intrigued by political science in college and studied journalism because of my passion for the power of words. And I had been raised to believe that in America, anyone can make a difference.

So I got involved. I served first on the Wasilla City Council, then two terms as mayor, helping turn our sleepy little town into the fastest-growing community in the state. Then I served as an oil and gas regulator, overseeing the energy industry and encouraging responsible resource development, Alaska's main economic lifeline. In 2002, as my second mayoral term wound down, my husband, Todd, and I began to consider my next step. With four busy kids, I would certainly have enough going on to keep me occupied, even if I chose to put public service aside. And for a while, I did. But I still felt a restlessness, an insistent tugging on my heart that told me there were additional areas where I could contribute.

From what I could see from my position in the center of the state, the capital of Juneau seemed stocked mainly with "good ol' boys" who lunched with oil company executives and cut fat-cat deals behind closed doors. Like most Alaskans, I could see that the votes of many lawmakers lined up conveniently with what was best for Big Oil, sometimes to the detriment of their own constituents.

When oil began flowing from Prudhoe Bay in 1977, billions of dollars flowed into state coffers with it. The state raked in more revenue than anyone could have imagined...billions of dollars almost overnight! And the politicians spent it. Government grew rapidly. One quarter of our workforce was employed by state and local governments, and even more was tied to the state budget through contracts and subsidies. Everyone knew there was a certain amount of back-scratching going on. But an economic crash in the 1980s collapsed the oil boom. Businesses closed and unemployment soared.

Going Rogue
An American Life
. Copyright © by Sarah Palin. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Last Frontier 1

Chapter 2 Kitchen-Table Politics 89

Chapter 3 Drill, Baby, Drill 148

Chapter 4 Going Rogue 295

Chapter 5 The Thumpin' 481

Chapter 6 The Way Forward 539

Epilogue 558

A View from Alaska Dewey Whetsell 569

Acknowledgments 575

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Rush Limbaugh

Truly one of the most substantive policy books I’ve ever read

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Going Rogue 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1338 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Talk about not judging a book by its cover...those who readily admit they will never read this book yet rate it poorly. How is it that there are so many reviews and ratings for a book that isn't even released yet? No, these ratings must be for the author herself. As it is always hard to determine tone through typed words, this is not at all meant to be harsh or unkind. I merely suggest reading a book (or even part) before submitting a review...then at least there would be ground for disagreements and issues for discussion. Otherwise, it's like rating an item on Amazon.com because you disliked the commercial, even though you don't and won't ever use or own the product. Just a thought...
Mary_Bailey More than 1 year ago
I just finished. More than half the book deals with Palin's life before the presidential campaign, where most of us were introduced to her. We learn about Palin's fondness for caribou meat, and that Palin is an admirer or the right's beloved Reagan. One is led to think she sees herself as being the one to carry on his legacy. She gives us 6 chapters that provide details of her life, her early days in AL to the presidential campaign and decision to resign as governor. Palin tells us many of the things that happened inside the McCain campaign. For example, even when she wanted to answer many simple questions such as "How do you feel? What is it like? What's your message to Alaskans?" she was instructed not to answer. "Not allowed," she writes. "Too dangerous. The national media might pick up the interview." Having read the book, I think emotional intelligence is what sets her apart. I just finished the book "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" and can see the connection.
AF_Fan More than 1 year ago
There are 59 (well, now 60) reviews posted about this book which will not even be out for a month. How can this be? Are you reviewing the book or Palin's politics? People want to know whether or not they should take the time to read the book. None of these comments (including this one!) will help! Barnes & Noble should stop allowing reviews of books people could not possibly have read yet.
missnreagan More than 1 year ago
Why do liberals go to so much trouble in attempting to discredit and ridicule Sarah Palin? Well, if she is just some hockey mom from Alaska with no chance of winning national office or appealing to a large national audience, then they wouldn't bother. The fact is that she is the anti-elitist they fear the most. The last thing the establishment would want is for her to come to Washington and turn the town upside down. Now, that would be change we could believe in!! I wanted to write a long review in order to move the Hater-valentine-off the first page. I hope it worked.
eyesopen More than 1 year ago
Enough, If you are interested in really thinking and getting more information on Ms Palin, then read the book. If not, don't. A honest rating based on level headed thinking is what I'm looking forward to.
ilovebuks More than 1 year ago
I jst luve Sara Paelin so much. she chang8ed mY life innn soe meny ways and i think she is neet.Sara rox my wirld and i hope she is alway6s goingg to bee presjidents of amrica.
ABQ-GUY More than 1 year ago
After reading lots of negative comments about Sarah Palin posted mostly by closed minded liberals I have come to the conclusion that they are really frightened by a strong, decisive woman who has proven herself to be a true conservative. Sara is a woman who has built her own career beginning at the lowest wrung of the political ladder - a city councilman. But, even before that, she involved herself in her community by joining the local PTA. As you already know, she progressed in her career from Mayor to being appointed to the Oil & Gas commission to being elected Governor of Alaska. This is a person very much like you and me who decided to use her efforts to improve what she could in her community and state. I say she is very much like you and me because how many of us say to ourselves "I should run for office because I know I would be fair, honest, and make things better than they are now". Sara is this kind of person and acted on her desire and became highly successful. She succeeded because she was dedicated to do the best job she could. If she was incompetent she would never have rose to be governor of Alaska! Many of her critics during the last presidential election suggest the she had no pertinent experience to be vice president, that if tragedy occurred and she was thrust into the presidency she would be completely over her head. But this argument was ridiculous because the actual presidential candidate of the Democratic Party has absolutely no experience at all that would lend itself to perform the job of the president. At least Sarah has had executive experience and, in just two years as governor of Alaska, has proven she can run a government. Another often mentioned complaint about Sarah by her detractors is her speaking ability. Many commentators seem to be irritated by her simple and plain speaking style. Her detractors try to equate this strait-forward style as base and uncouth but this is obviously a crude way for opponents to try and belittle her. They also go out of the way to make it seem that Ms Palin is uneducated or just plain dumb. Any small gaff by Sarah is amplified by the biased established news media and liberal leaning talk shows. However, when Obama says there are 57 states it is hardly mentioned. Our Republic was created so that its citizens could run the country by electing their peers as representatives. It just seems strange to me that so often we elect lawyers to represent us instead of just ordinary folks. Yes, lawyers have just as much right to run for office as other people and there have been some lawyers that have made great legislators (like Lincoln) but why so many? A hard working, honest, competent person who has the ability to lead and make sound decisions should not be excluded from any elected office simply because they have no law degree or any degree at all for that matter. Sarah Palin is plain, she is simple yet complex, and yes, she is experienced. She is a refreshing voice in the clamor and rhetoric of national politics and perhaps that is what the harsh, sometime vulgar critics of Sarah are afraid of.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Has anyone noticed that this is already causing a stir from both sides. This is going to be one awesome book and I cannot wait to read it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Real! Down to earth! Relevant to regular people! My appreciation for Sarah is at least 5 times better than before reading the book. I was able to relate to her, her family life, her growing up. I have a positive experience reading it. She is an inspiration. These are the books we need these days: to inspire, to reaffirm, to encourage! Great job.
mindflavor More than 1 year ago
My husband ordered Going Rogue a few weeks ago and I look forward to giving it a fair, unbiased evaluation. I am not decided how I feel about Sarah Palin's personal politics, but I do admire her courage to stand against the elitist machine.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is about the good and bad sides of Sarah. I can understand where she is coming from. I know the liberal side can not stand her for some reason other than being jealous. I am a big fan and one which hopes she will continue writing in the future. She just needs to ignore the lugnuts on the left and move on. Great book Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sprig More than 1 year ago
It will be great to be able to know this remarkable women better through her book. The people who hate a person they won't even make the effort to understand better through this book --why even come here? Do you HAAAAAATTE all people who oppose abortion with the passion that you direct at Palin??? Why not just save yourself the elevated blood pressure posting here is giving you --evidently caused because there is such a high demand for this book and it irks you. I and many other Americans admire her for her stand on issues, her honesty (found not guilty on ALL trumped up ethics charges) her integrity, her smarts, her grit, her independence, her courage, etc. I know these are characteristics the left evidently deplores based on not being able to give her credit for a single one, or for anything she has accomplished. I am looking forward to this book and hope it serves to advance her efforts to serve America in the ways she desires to.
DonnaMariaArdolino More than 1 year ago
She is so refreshing and a real person. She had my vote in the Presidential Election and I find her intelligent, knowledgeable, likeable and enlightening. I could not put the book down, but I read it chapter by chapter so that I could digest every sentence. I don't like the idea of her hunting and killing animals but I guess we can agree to disagree. I also had a child when I was in my forties and I thank God he is now a teenager so unique and special and he is the joy of my life. God Bless her and her family. I also have an unmarried daughter with children of her own, but it's her life, her decision and no one should judge other people because we are all human and make mistakes.
ChildOfThePapa More than 1 year ago
People that love her what to know more about her. Is there a problem with that?
Fmdidgad More than 1 year ago
I have not read the book but I have read the synopsis and read other reviews. I am a conservative but I have not made a decision on Sarah Palin. I do like her stance on abortion and other conservative issues but I don' know if she would be the kind of president we need to help our country get out of trouble. This book will help along those lines. The negative reviews from readers that have not read the book appall me. Where is their intellectual integrity and honesty? The rating I've given the book is to provide some balance to the overall rating.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am very much looking forward to reading "Going Rogue." I am one vote that helped to put Sarah in the Governor's office in our great state of Alaska. We, the little people (snickered at by the elitists in the media and DC), saw a force to be reckoned with long before the rest of the country could say, "Sarah who? From where?" She won the election without support of the Alaskan Republican party or the big bucks so "vital" to a successful campaign today. People that never met her got out and stomped pavement and knocked on doors to garner support for her. We elected a woman with a back bone and determination to work for the people of Alaska, set wrongs right, and make our state better; not a woman pursuing power and all the perks that go with it that seems to be the driving force of career politicians. No, she's not going away. She scares the tar out of the establishment like bugs running for cover when the light is turned on. People across the country see the quality of the woman, a woman that actually believes in our Constitution and isn't just mouthing the words for the little people in fly-over country. You go, Sarahbarracuda!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
There's something about a first time Author who receives a $7 million dollar advance, and takes the best seller spot in both Barnes and Nobel and Amazon. com before the book is even in print! That tells me this woman is phenomonal! And I'm certain the book is as well. With millions of people wanting to know more about her, of course the left is frightened. Their rogue tactics didn't work on her, she made money writing about them! Ha! You go Sarah!
KathrynTX More than 1 year ago
I have to comment and actually giggle (quite loudly) at the self-hating liberals commenting with negative comments on here. Especially the one who even goes so far as to tell you to not buy the book! Loved that. The book is already on a near sell out and hasn't even been put up for sale yet. The liberals can't stand it. I loved the one who commented on the "ghost writer" as well. I bet that same person bought a book by Obama...he had all ghost writers as well. He didn't pen not ONE of his books and yet he was a literary hero as well. It is about time that the Republicans finally stood up to these goober libs. This books sales going through the roof will set them on fire. Can't wait to buy it myself and hope that you won't let anyone's opinion on here PRE-having read the book will disuade you from buying this book. If you want to read it, read it. If you want to be bitter about her releasing a book, then be bitter and don't buy it. Your loss! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sarah Palin is a refreshing change from the politics in Washington today. She cares about the United States and isn't afraid to tell people what needs to be done in order for the US to continue to remain a powerful country in the world today. Everyone should respect Sarah Palin for her strength and integrity. She is a regular person striving to keep this country as powerful today as it was when Reagan was president.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really feel I've got to know Sarah through this book, which so lyrically describes her progression from a simple southern farm boy to AMERICAN ROGUE! The earlier chapters about her troubled childhood which describe the teasing she suffered on account of her bizarre appearance are really affecting; later, the section where she describes her realization that she wanted to undergo surgery and truly moving. Her transformation from the awkward 19 year old boy she was, to the beautiful exotic trap dancer that we know today is inspiring, and it must have been difficult for her to write about such a closely personal issue as partial gender reassignment. Still, one feels glad she did, as she surely will provide hope to aspiring young traps worldwide. As the other reviewers have mentioned, the wipe clean laminated hardcore shoot that comes with the hardback edition is outstanding, and really shows off Sarah's "talents", she certainly remains well endowed, as a male I feel almost envious of her size down there! In essence, an essential read for free thinkers, racists, traps, nazis, and general good eggs worldwide!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think it is horrible that B&N is allowing reviews prior to any book being released. Seriously, how can you possibly face yourself knowing you've written a review for a book you haven't read? I like Sarah, have from the beginning. I can relate to her as I think many people can. I think it is awful that people have trashed her - as I do with any political candidate regardless of which party they belong to. It is time for people to start taking politics serious, get informed, and be mature and professional. Nothing is ever going to get accomplished around here if people don't start to think before they act. I am really looking forward to reading this book. I hope it is a good one, so that I can give it a great review, but I plan to be honest about it despite the fact that I have been very impressed with her so far. Go Sarah!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The world has given her so much to carry, and she carries it with pride. She and her husband are what the struggles of everyday life signify. May there marrage hold , women can't stand the fact someone is in a happy marrage. Its absurd how they will rip her apart over it ,old Bill he is a dog so yea, Hilary is held up . It all makes no sense, good luck to her and oh I will be buying one for me and seven for each of my granddaughters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In life, we face many challenges. Being unable to find a job. Supporting the family. Putting food on the table. Getting little Timmy braces. In the end, it really does all come down to one book. AMERICAN ROGUE. When I think of Rogues, I think of a video game I played once called Diablo II. Sure, the Rogues were generally useless. I mean, flame arrow? Seriously? Well, that's beside the point. Sarah Palin really drives home the fact that flame arrows may look cool and do some decent damage in the beginning levels, but ultimately you want to go for mercenaries in the third act. What I usually like to do is get one with frost elemental attributes. They can really make or break a fight. Now, when using your mercenary, the newest expansion "Throne of Destruction" let's you equip your mercenaries with armor and weapons. Extremely useful in my opinion. Sorry, I'm getting off track here. Overall, the book is very political, and the centerfold of Mrs. Palin provided some much needed eye candy. Kind of like getting a free lap dance if you think about it. Cool huh? To bad Rogues didn't provide much eye candy, or lap dances for that matter, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.
John-Thomas-Reviews More than 1 year ago
***** Amazing hi-res pics. Hardcover edition comes with a bonus hardcore centerfold. Order today!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After reading this book, I instantly saw the other inferior races such as the blacks and the jews as what they really are. Using Sarah Palins trade secrets, I've come to understand how to tell a christian white from a JEW. I work in real estate and I was always afraid to deny or reject a sale to a minority for fear of losing my job. Now, after reading Ms. Palin's words of wisdom, I can finally turn down all those dirty mexicans and blacks without worry! I recommend this book to anyone who wants to see the white race flourish!