Government 2.0 Volume 1 Vision and Architecture

Government 2.0 Volume 1 Vision and Architecture

by Stephen Imholt


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"Government 2.0 is an extraordinarily detailed and highly technical addition to the literature on government reform. The plan laid out in Government 2.0 challenges traditional paradigm about how to structure a government whose primary intent is service of its citizenry. Imholt's principled focus on ensuring that government does this efficiently is evident in his recognition of the sacrifices that both conservatives and liberals must make to achieve that end. "

This summary is courtesy of the Charles Koch Institute which reviewed an earlier draft of this book. The internal review also commented:

"objective approach has the distinct potential to unite those usual ideological opponents. "

I wish to thank the Koch Institute for those words. This book deals with the larger issue that is not addressed in our public policy discussions. While people have become concerned with what government does, they are equally concerned with how the government performs its function. This book begins the arduous process of addressing that deficiency within our body politic.

Specifically the book entails using technology to separate individual private information from government control returning it to the individual.
It raises the bar on the need to re-evaluate exactly why our executive branch is so badly organized proposing how to decentralize Washington while improving service delivery. The book in effect analyzes what and how government services can be privatized in the best sense of the term, not as a means of eliminating the service, but to insure the service is delivered effectively, appropriately and with respect for the individual receiving the service.

The second book will begin the process of detailing how the concepts in government 2.0 can begin to be both advocated and implemented.

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ISBN-13: 9780692458549
Publisher: Top Wing Books
Publication date: 06/01/2015
Series: Government 2.0 , #1
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Steve Imholt is a long time project manager, IT architect, designer and developer. Steve has been both witness and part of the evolution of the Information Age. He has worked with computers since the days of punched cards and designed services to operate within the cloud.

During his career Steve was responsible for implementing interest on savings accounts for a fortune 100 bank, the first implementation of UPC codes for a division of a major grocery store, the implementation of the first hospital information system for a community based tier 1 hospital, designed portion of the costing and billing systems for early self insured groups for BCBS of Massachusetts which was a pioneer in the formulation of HMOs. Steve also supported a REIT trust on subprime mortgages, which some people consider the primary cause of the Great Recession. Steve was part of the program management team for the New York City 911 project, and was an early designer of government based cloud initiatives for Hewlett Packard.

On the public service side, Steve was elected a member of the Rockford Illinois School Board in the early 1980s. At the time, the School District was the second largest school district in Illinois after Chicgo. Steve was later voted into the Hampshire Library Board in the late 1980s where he spearheaded the effort of creating a new library for this Illinois town of less than 2000 people. And now in 2015 Steve is running for the Virginia House of delegates as an independent.

Steve lives in Richmond Virginia with his wife Toni. Together, they raised three girls and a boy. Their children are now adults with successful careers in their own right. One has a career in technology. Another has a career in education, A third is a pediatrician, and the fourth is an attorney.

Now retired from the professional side, Steve makes woefully inadequate attempts to help mentor three of their four granddaughters. Meanwhile, his wife has achieved the greatest success of all by mentoring, cuddling and teaching the next generation.

They both continue to work in the home now accurately renamed Gram's House.

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