Have You Seen This Girl

Have You Seen This Girl

by Carissa Ann Lynch


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Have You Seen This Girl by Carissa Ann Lynch

Wendi Wise is a troubled young woman who snorts her breakfast through a straw and spends more time in rehab than in the real world...

Her life is seemingly out of control.

But now she has a plan.

That plan involves a sharp set of butcher knives.

She's going back to where all of her troubles began...


Wendi was lured away from a local skating rink, at the age of thirteen, and held captive in a place she calls 'The House of Horrors.' Dumped off blindfolded on the side of a dirt road, Wendi soon discovered that she was addicted to the drugs they fed her while she was captive.

Too scared to go home, and having a new habit to deal with, she hopped on a bus, vanishing from the family she loved.

Vanishing from Flocksdale...

The town of Flocksdale is littered with fliers with a grainy image of young Wendi, and the words 'Have You Seen This Girl?' written below.

Now, eight years later, she's on a mission-a mission to find the mysterious house from her youth and the monsters who dwell inside it.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781680582758
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Publication date: 08/28/2015
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.64(d)

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Have You Seen This Girl 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
HouseValerius More than 1 year ago
Wendi Wise is a typical thirteen year old girl. She likes her best friend, Claire. She likes stealing her mom’s cigarettes. And she likes the boy she recently met at the local mall. But when she makes a plan with Claire to sneak away and meet the boys, it plunges her into a nightmare that costs Claire her life and sends Wendi spiraling into years of drug addiction. First thing I should say about this book, I devoured it pretty much in a single day. That’s how much it drew me in and kept me waning to know what happened next. Based on that alone, I would recommend this book. Have You Seen This Girl? is in two parts. The first, which deals with Wendi’s past, focuses at first on her kidnapping and sexual slavery, then on the years of drug use that follow after her release. None of this part is especially lurid or graphic, despite the subject matter. In fact the descriptions of Wendi’s drug use & years in foster care are almost matter of fact, lending them an honesty, especially with the first-person perspective. . What she does and why she does it are listed both with a sense of regret and inevitability. The second half, in the book’s present, details Wendi’s quest to first get clean, then to return to her old home town, find those responsible for her kidnapping and take her revenge. The way Wendi goes about planning and executing her revenge is simple, realistic and touched with coincidence in a way that only life in a small town can be. All the details ring true, from Wendi trying to hold down a menial job, to being confronted (and trying to avoid) reminders of her previous life to her need to face the ghosts of her past. Yes, this is a book with dark subject matter and there are moments of violence. But, if you are prepared for that then Have You Seen This Girl? is a gripping read from start to finish. As the book pushes towards its finale, you won’t want to put it down.
Frank_Scozzari More than 1 year ago
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GIRL is an edgy hang-on-to-your-seat psychological thriller of revenge and self-atonement. Throughout the suspense remains ratcheted high as the author takes you on a chilling ride from drug addiction to payback. Abducted and held captive at age thirteen, Wendi Wise, now twenty-one, returns to the town of Flocksdale in search of The House of Horrors and her tormentors. She is armed with a sharp set of butcher knives. The long cold vigilante trail leads her from one perplexing situation to another. The writing is extraordinary. Carissa Ann Lynch brings you into the heart and mind of the main character, Wendi Wise. Wendi, who is unabashed in her darker instincts, drives the story forward in via her unapologetic first-person narrative. I’ll have to say the story-line grab me on page one and did not let go. I loved the short chapters, each leaving me in a state of anticipation. And the end does not disappoint. This is a fabulous start to the Flocksdale Files series. It left me cliff-hanging, wanting to read more. It's one of the best books in this genre I've read in years.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite Have You Seen This Girl: Flocksdale Files, Book 1 is a mystery/thriller written by Carissa Ann Lynch. When Wendi Wise was about to turn 13 years old, she told her parents that she didn’t want the birthday party they had always thrown for her each year. She was turning into a teenager, after all, and what she really wanted was a night at the movies in the mall with her best friend, Claire, and Claire’s big sister, Samantha. Samantha was only going at Wendi’s mother’s insistence, as an older presence, but Samantha had her own plans for the evening. Samantha would be meeting her boyfriend at the mall. Wendi and Claire would also be meeting up with two boys they had met earlier during the year. Joey and Zeke were not the kind of boys Wendi’s parents would really approve of. They weren’t clean cut and didn’t dress all that well, but Wendi was intrigued by Joey, and Claire liked Zeke. Neither of them expected that their little adventure would end up at the police station later that evening, resulting in Wendi being grounded for a month. But dating is a part of growing up, and when Claire arranges for the four of them to meet at a fictitious birthday party at a skating rink, Wendi dismisses her apprehensions and decides to go along. Carissa Ann Lynch’s mystery/thriller, Have You Seen This Girl: Flocksdale Files, Book 1, is a suspenseful and entertaining story about a young woman’s attempt to get past the trauma of her abduction by a sex slavery ring when she was a child. Wendi’s story is a tragic one as she cycles in and out of rehab as she’s growing up, but her courage and resilience is ultimately quite inspiring. Lynch’s story reads like a memoir, and I often had to remind myself that Wendi was indeed a fictional character. The mystery surrounding her abduction is a compelling and well-plotted one, and the reader is kept guessing about the resolution till the very end. I enjoyed reading Have You Seen This Girl: Flocksdale Files, Book 1. It’s highly recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This novel gripped me from the first pages. It’s beautifully written in clear, down to earth language with authentic details about the world of drugs, human trafficking, and the victim’s desire for payback. The authentic feel makes it even scarier. Yes, kids get kidnapped in the parking lots at rinks, disappear into a world of horror, and end up with their faces on missing flyers. I held my breath when the main character made a bad decision, but she was a believable flesh and blood human being who reasoned and reacted like a real thirteen year old. The author leads us from there into darker places and includes plot twists near the end of the story that I didn’t seem coming at all. This is an excellent read if you like well written, dark, realistic tales.