Healing Without Medicine: From Pioneers to Modern Practice

Healing Without Medicine: From Pioneers to Modern Practice


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Healing Without Medicine: From Pioneers to Modern Practice 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
On behalf of the world I would like to thank Dr Amao for the gift of this wonderful book, I have just finished reading ‘Healing Without Medicine’ and I can’t praise it enough, sometimes books of this nature can be quite tough going to read but this is a real page turner so easy to read and beautifully written, it was wonderful to read about these characters like Quimby and Jung only names I had heard but knew nothing about. I could relate to many of the things Dr Amao talks about from my own experience, a couple of years a go I was diagnosed with a very aggressive stage 4b lymphoma I was at deaths door all my organs started to fail and I was not expected to live but I made a miraculous recovery and am now completely cancer free not only that but I look and feel so great. Reading this book confirmed to me what I strongly suspected that the healing was more about what happened in my head than any medicines. Don't get me wrong, medicines both traditional and alternative have their place and often help facilitate the healing process but the healing process is self healing, if it was all about the medicines then they would work all the time for everybody but they don't and even doctors can't explain why, the Placebo effect confirms this. In this time more and more people are suffering from deadly life threatening diseases, forewarned is forearmed and everybody could do with the ammunition of this book, part history book, part self help book, I think this book is amazing and should be required reading for medical students worldwide.
CoachJulie More than 1 year ago
As a holistic health coach and a graduate in the field of Psychology, I found this book fascinating! Freud was given so much attention and credit in the field of Psychology. He distinguished between the conscious and unconscious (id, ego, superego). Yet, as Albert Amao points out, he was not the first to do this. William James and Thomas Jay Hudson are the fathers of Psychology. They made this distinction first. I don't remember even studying about them at Rutger's University. We were so heavily focused on Freud and Jung. The sensationalism of Freud's sexual theories garnered him much attention, but not everyone agreed with his theories, including Jung. They disagreed on Freud's notion that hysteria in women was caused completely by repressed sexual issues. While the theories and history described in this book are interesting, there is also a lot of important useful information about healing and in particular 'Self-Healing". This is not a new idea. Faith healing, visualization, the placebo effect, hypnosis, the power of suggestion and affirmations....These are all proven effective and are becoming more widely accepted. It is now accepted that we cannot just address health problems by ONLY treating the physical body. The mind, body and spirit are all connected. Often when we remove the spiritual or emotional problem, the physical malady disappears. As Albert points out, cancer centers are now using meditation and guided imagery to help patients gain a greater sense of control over their illness. I recall a wonderful story from Deepak Chopra's book, "Quantum Healing" where he recounts a little boy completely destroying his cancer tumor by visualizing the 'Asteroids' video game shooting away his tumor. Another woman healed her tumor by visualizing it as a spider that crawled out of her body and went down into the ground. The mind (and our spirit) has great power and ability and can heal the body. What a comforting positive thought that is! There is also hope. Anything can be healed. Believe!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Members and guests of the Minneapolis Theosophical Society was impressed with the depth of Dr. Amao's study  and clarity of writing in this encyclopedic book about healing without medicine. Many of our group have read his book, as we held a month-long series of study group sessions with the book as focus in advance of his public lecture at our lodge. One of the aspects of his book that personally impressed me was his thorough discussion of egregores, as a living manifestation of the personal or group thought form that creates a psychic entity. Dr. Amao shows how the egregore is neither good nor bad energy, but represents the mental and emotional energetic thought forms of those persons who have created it. He provides many examples of the egregore, which leads one to suspect that psychic energy forms that we create in this fashion can explain many mysteries in our world today. I can personally attest to the presence of egregores in haunted homes, after my mentor for my book Confessions of a Reluctant Ghost Hunter alerted me to search for egregores who sometimes lurk in the shadows in places where people sense some sort of ghostly presence. I highly  recommend Healing without Medicine as a book that can change your life and personally empower you to be responsible for your own health and well-being -- Von Braschler.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a book that provides a rational explanation of the power of thought to heal the mind and body. The author main hypothesis is that all methods of mind/spiritual healing are self-healing, he says; the body is an extraordinary machine that can recover is balance and well being if we allow it.   The author examines cases of contemporary New Thought leaders who self-healed  from “incurable” diseases free of medicine, and he describes the mechanism that triggered their healing. Mr Amao states that the contribution of New Thought empowers us to become conscious co-creators of our well-being and achieve success in other areas of life beyond recovering our health. A must read book to understand all the methods of healing without medicine, such as mind /mental healing, miracles healing, faith healing, ect.  It is highly recommended.