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Heart and Sole

Heart and Sole

4.5 13
by Miranda Liasson

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This weekend, treat yourself to an all-new romance from Indulgence...

Getting even.
One step at a time...

Maddie Kingston just walked away from everything in order to take over her family's struggling shoe business. And she's in some serious trouble. The majority of the company's shares have been bought out by none other than


This weekend, treat yourself to an all-new romance from Indulgence...

Getting even.
One step at a time...

Maddie Kingston just walked away from everything in order to take over her family's struggling shoe business. And she's in some serious trouble. The majority of the company's shares have been bought out by none other than Maddie's ex-boyfriend, self-made billionaire Nick Holter. Now Maddie needs his help...even if it means buying Nick from a charity bachelor auction.

After the Kingstons destroyed his grandfather's career, Nick vowed to take over their company. He's inches from victory when he finds himself bought and paid for...by his sexy ex-girlfriend who's hell-bent on saving her family's company. Between their families' feud and their own unfinished business, tempers - and emotions - run hot. Too hot.

Because kissing with the enemy is a guaranteed shoe-in for trouble...

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Heart and Sole

By Miranda Liasson, Alethea Spiridon Hopson

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2015 Miranda Liasson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-187-3


Madison Kingston homed in on the tall, elegantly dressed man on the stage with all the desperation of a running back plunging full-force into the end zone. The weight of everything in her life hung in a dreadful, precarious balance, pressing into her chest, making her fight for breath. Reminding her this was the one ball she simply could not drop.

Yet the gorgeous hunk in front of the crowd flashed a nonchalant smile and tossed a carefree wave, as perfectly executed as if he were running for president. He stirred up the women with his darkly handsome, magazine-cover looks, using all his natural-born charisma and carefully-honed charm to reel everyone in. Qualities Maddie was now immune to.

She hoped.

For the sake of saving Kingston Shoes, her family's company, she had to be. Ignoring the icicles of fear pricking up and down her spine, she weaved her way through the roomful of high-society guests, closer to the front of the room. In the background, voices murmured and silverware clinked. Taking her seat at one of many elegantly appointed tables, Maddie looked around the high-ceilinged ballroom containing chandeliers dripping with crystals, gaudy red and gold carpet, and well-dressed women wearing gowns made to accentuate cleavage and curves. The smells of finely prepared pan-seared salmon and tender sirloin should have made her mouth water, but her stomach churned in rebellion. Groves of goose bumps riffled over her arms, but not from the cranked-up air conditioning.

They were gathered for the annual Bachelors with CHOP event, where ten prominent, unmarried businessmen were auctioned off to benefit the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It was a festive evening with dinner, dancing, and, for a handful of lucky bidders, the promise of a weekend with the bachelor of their choice.

The emcee, a silver-haired man in a tux, addressed the guests. "Last but not least, our final bachelor needs no introduction. CEO of his own company, on the boards of many of our city's finest charities, he is a true philanthropist. In addition, he skydives, flies his own plane, and is rumored to own a small island in the Caribbean. Ladies and gentlemen — especially ladies, that is — let's give a big hand to the final bachelor of the Children's Hospital Charity Auction, Mr. Nicholas Holter!"

The high-class crowd bordered on rowdy with all the whoops and hollers. Nick flinched a little amid all the praise, and nervously straightened his tie, actually appearing a little uncomfortable with the attention. Maddie couldn't help but grimace. It had to be an act. Everything about Nick Holter was preplanned and scheduled, including the shining image he'd so carefully crafted.

Was this the same boy she'd adored more than Justin Timberlake, who would impulsively pick her bouquets of wildflowers because he couldn't afford anything else? Who had to borrow a beat-up Chevy Blazer to pick her up for prom? Who'd worked three jobs to earn money for college? She'd loved that boy. But she did not recognize the man.

Nick cleared his throat. "Holter Enterprises is looking to do all we can to help raise money for the new children's cancer ward. We're proud to be part of this town and to have such a great hospital serving our kids. I'm honored to be chosen as one of the lucky guys tonight, and I'll do all I can to ensure that the lovely lady who wins me has a great time. I'm sure it will be a big sacrifice on my part."

The crowd laughed, and Nick grinned at the beautiful women waving and fawning over him. Maddie rolled her eyes.

"So come on you all, let's bid high and raise some money for the kids."

You all, he'd said. Not y'all. Just a miniscule twinge of rural North Carolina rolled off his tongue, not noticeable to those who didn't know he'd grown up as far off the beaten track as was possible. Maddie was certain he didn't go around bragging — or even admitting — he'd been raised in their small town of Buckleberry Bend. But the little slipup reminded her of the younger, innocent Nick she'd known so well.

"Who knows, Nick?" the emcee joked. "Tonight maybe you'll even find your soul mate. I know half the women here are hoping it will be them."

Maddie let out a disgruntled tsk. Pu-lease. Auctions like this set women's rights back a full century. Who attended these things, anyway, paying thousands of dollars for the privilege of a weekend in his company like he was some entitled prince?

People like me. Well, at least Maddie didn't want him for herself. It was up to her to step forward and steer Kingston Shoes to success. As soon as she cleared out her office at the graphic design firm she worked for here in Philadelphia, she'd be back home in North Carolina doing exactly that. So what if she had little business experience and a long trail of mistakes that made her entire family's brows arch in skepticism?

She squeezed her eyes closed to shut out her own doubts. She had to leave her past behind. Prove to everyone, including herself, that she could take the reins of this company and make it prosper.

For the hundredth time, Maddie glanced longingly at the bright red exit signs on either side of the stage. It wasn't too late to leave, to cozy-up in her pjs with her DVR'd episodes of The Bachelor instead of watching the show live. But staying was the only way she could save the seventy-year-old family business her dad had lovingly run for the past twenty-five years. She could not disappoint him, not after all he'd been through.

Nick chuckled, his handsome face slacking easily into a smile that could break hearts at a single glance. One charming quirk of his gorgeous lips surely got him any woman he wanted.

It had worked on her not so very long ago.

He definitely wasn't looking for his soul mate. That would require having a soul to share, and he'd sold his off, along with his conscience.

Maddie knew better than to take all that male testosterone at face value. She knew what lay beneath the chiseled, determined jaw, the precisely cut head of thick dark hair and that rigid, perfect nose — a ruthless, cunning businessman set on taking over the world at any price.

Starting with her family's company.

Kingston Shoes. Well-engineered, comfortable shoes beloved by generations and fully made in America. Floundering sales brought on by a cheaper foreign market and management problems caused by her dad's recent stroke had sent the company plummeting into a tailspin. And Nick Holter was about to capitalize on it.

The auctioneer began his chatter, starting at a thousand dollars. The previous bachelors had sold for between five and ten thousand, but one had gone as high as twelve. Judging by the crowd's response, Nick would surely go for over ten.

Ten thousand dollars was all she had.

Maddie took a sip of champagne, every muscle tense. This was her last chance, a big, bold gesture of desperation. He'd refused to see her, wouldn't return her calls. His secretary had kicked her to the curb. She needed this time with him, a whole weekend in which he was obligated to hear her out. But maybe even that wouldn't be enough.

She wanted to bring Nick home to his long-forgotten roots. Show him everyone — up close and personal — who would be affected by the company's closing. And pray he still had a small piece of heart left.

All she wanted was a chance to turn the company around — one chance. Al Watson, the CFO, had confessed he'd had to sell off a significant amount of shares for cash flow. Sales were down, very far down. Their brand was suffering. Something needed to be done and fast — before Maddie's father got out of the rehab hospital and learned the company he'd worked for his whole life was going the way of the Twinkie.

But hey, if the Twinkie could come back, so could Kingston Shoes.

Holter Enterprises had bought the stock, giving themselves a forty-two percent stake. At first, Maddie had been in a state of shock. She could not believe Nick had done such a vile thing. To her family, to her. Soon he would cajole more stock out of their hands until he controlled the majority. Then he could do a clean sweep of the management, or worse, dissolve Kingston Shoes into a mere pile of dust, another company crumbled in the hands of a venture capitalist giant.

Maddie balled her hands into fists. No, he would not. She would not permit him to take away their rightful ownership.

She sucked in a deep breath and raised her hand.

"Three thousand dollars."

The auctioneer thrust an arm of acknowledgement in her direction before he scanned the room full of Philly society glitterati and continued his chant. "Three thousand, three thousand five hundred. Do I hear four?"

A few seconds later, the bidding had already soared past four thousand dollars. Dammit. Nick Holter was clearly the prime specimen, the man everyone awaited with bated breath, the Brad Pitt of Philadelphia social circles.

A tall blond woman in a slinky floral dress ran the bid up to five thousand. Madison knew her — Gayle Sommers, her sister's boss at the Philadelphia Inquirer, a senior editor known for her scathing exposés of political impropriety. And her gorgeous, model-thin body and come-hither eyes promised that her bid for Nick would involve far more than an impulse toward charitable giving. She'd had her sights set on him for quite some time, from what Maddie's sister had told her. Just the type of woman Nick Holter would want — smart, successful, and beautiful.

Maddie lacked the wealth and the cleavage to compete. But she liked to think she made up for that with a determined, animal-like ferocity, honed from years of being The Middle Child.

She's not going to win him. I am.

The only thing that would stand in her way was her drained pocketbook, which was nearing its last dregs. She uncoiled her tightly fisted hand, squeezed it a few times to ensure blood flow. Without hesitation, she raised it high in the air again.

An elegant woman with thick auburn hair in a perfectly-coiffed chignon raised a well-manicured hand. Maddie winced. Christie Croft, an heiress and head of a national charity for childhood abuse survivors. Both these women had the potential to outbid her in a heartbeat. Even if by some freak chance she won, she'd be eating a steady diet of macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles for months to come.

The auctioneer's voice droned on. "Six thousand. Do I hear six thousand five hundred ..."

Maddie swallowed. This was a bad, bad idea. She struggled, even at this last hour, to think of another plan, but no magical solution appeared. An arm grazed her elbow. Her younger sister, Catherine, sat down next to her. Maddie had stayed in Philadelphia after college, and Cat had followed her here to be closer. "Sorry I'm late. The rain was awful, and I had a hard time getting a cab."

"Seven thousand," the auctioneer yelled.

"Maddie, are you sure you want to do this? Madison!" Catherine tugged urgently on her arm.

Maddie faced her sister. "Yes." Her voice was strangely calm. "I don't have a choice."

Catherine shook her head, her perfectly-in-place blond hair swaying gently. "What you're doing is not going to matter. It's too late. Let's leave now while we still can."

"He's ignored all my calls. There's nothing else I can do."

"Nick never used to be like that."

"Well, he is now." Cutthroat. Vicious. A hungry pit bull in the world of business, where meat was meat. "Destroying Kingston Shoes is just one small step in his total takeover of the entire American shoe industry."

"Nick would not destroy us."

The old Nick wouldn't have. But the new Nick ... well, that was what he did. Bought up companies and either dismantled them or took them over, depending on their potential for success. Either alternative sucked.

"Maybe you should tell him about Dad."

Madison's stomach lurched. To approach Nick from a position of pity just seemed ... wrong. She honestly didn't know if the new Nick would help her or prey on their weakness. "We said we wouldn't let the word out. It will only make our investors panic and put us in an even more precarious spot."

"Maddie, maybe this is about the feud."

The Feud, that awful, mysterious rift between Kingstons and Holters that had torn apart not just their families, but Nick and her as well.

"That's ancient history. What could it possibly have to do with Nick buying up our company?"

"Maybe he's doing it for his grandfather," Cat said. "You know, like revenge."

"Seven thousand five."

"It doesn't matter why. I have to stop him."

Cat grasped her shoulders and shook, forcing her to make eye contact. "It's too late. For God's sake, at least save your money."

It couldn't be too late. Her father couldn't help what had happened. Hell, he didn't even know what happened because Maddie and her mom hadn't told him. And if it were up to her, he'd never know.

Just the thought of telling her father that his life's work had dispersed into the wind like so much dandelion fluff sent a tidal wave of determination rolling through her. Some things were more important than money. Like family loyalty. Her grandfather's legacy. Finally making her ailing father proud. She would not — could not — allow Nick to take over, no matter what their history.

"You've known each other for years. Can't you figure out a way to connect?"

Maddie made a dismissive gesture with her hand. "I can't even remember when I've seen him last."

A lie. The relentless bids of the auction faded as she remembered with crystal clarity Nick's handsome face hovering above hers, his five-o-clock-stubble scraping deliciously against her cheek, his sinfully full lips lingering in that secret, exquisitely sensitive place between her neck and shoulder. Her breath caught raggedly in her throat as she relived for the ten-thousandth time that night from a year ago when they'd both lost all control.

The one and only time in all the years she'd known him. Fate had always conspired to keep them apart, and always would. But that night had been unforgettable.

From the second he'd pulled her through the door of his swanky condo and pressed his lips to hers, she'd turned to Play Doh in his multitasking hands. Those skilled hands had circled her waist, pulled her flush against his rock hard body. His tongue had plied and probed, and she greedily took it in and gave back all she got, kiss after wet, luscious kiss. She got lost in the rich spicy scent of his cologne, the wine-laced taste of his mouth, the thick, silky layers of his hair, even as her knees threatened to give out and her insides turned to liquid heat.

If he had just completed four tours in Afghanistan, their lovemaking couldn't have been more desperate. Ten years of pent-up desire combusted and exploded in a frantic urgency that left them both sated and completely shocked.

Okay, that's enough. Madison cleared her suddenly dry throat and shook her head so she could think. So what if their one night was fast and furious and out of control and no man before or since had given her that kind of pleasure?

Well, actually, there hadn't been a since. But he would never know that.

The auctioneer's voice became the relentless clackety-clack of a train barreling down the tracks as he headed into the nine thousand range. Ten thousand dollars was not enough, she was sure of it now.

She'd already lost all her money and her pride. Those were nothing compared to the disappointed look in her father's weary eyes when she told him the truth. We lost the company, Dad. I'm sorry.

He'd pat her on the head, tell her she'd done her best and that was all he'd ever asked. But her whole family would all be thinking, flighty Maddie. Her good intentions gone bad, just like so many times before.

She turned to her sister. "Catherine, lend me some money."

"No way." Her sister's normally levelheaded tone of voice held a healthy portion of panic.

"He's too popular. It's the only way."

Catherine lowered her voice and gripped Maddie's arm. "Even if you win, it won't make a difference. Bringing him home is like begging. It's time to let it go."

"Please, Catherine. $5,000. I'll pay you back, I swear."


Excerpted from Heart and Sole by Miranda Liasson, Alethea Spiridon Hopson. Copyright © 2015 Miranda Liasson. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Miranda Liasson loves to write stories about courageous but flawed characters who find love despite themselves, because there's nothing like a great love story. And if there are a few laughs along the way, even better! She won the 2013 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award for Series Romance and also writes contemporary romance for Montlake Publishing. She lives in the Midwest with her husband, three kids, and office mates Maggie, a yellow lab, and Posey, a rescue cat with attitude. Miranda loves to hear from readers! Find her at mirandalisson.com, Facebook.com/MirandaLiassonAuthor or on Twitter @mirandaliasson.

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Heart and Sole 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
MeganSmith More than 1 year ago
***This ARC was received from Entangled Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review*** I like the base story of this book - young love broken up due to a family feud that has secret reason. The characters are great, Maddie is fiery, smart and slightly self conscious. Nick is the boy from the wrong side of town who made it big by being ruthless even though he is nothing of the sort, he is kind, charity driven and in love with Maddie even though never realized it. They are perfect for each other.
niterayvyn More than 1 year ago
lust and rivalry always go great together and this book does not disappoint. Nick and Maddie are ex-lovers who are thrwon back together when he buys up majority control in her familys company. the fireworks between them leap off the page.
MJHughes12 More than 1 year ago
A second chance, small town romance with a family feud thrown in makes Heart and Sole the perfect fit for a light, fun read. The story was well written, the characters were colorful, and the dialogue was well constructed. Nick and Maddie are both struggling with issues from their past. Maddie has struggled to find herself a career that fits her passion, making mistakes along the way, causing her family to be skeptical of her abilities. Nick lost his family at a young age and, even though he has become a successful businessman, the pain from the past causes him to shy away from emotional commitments. Their biggest obstacle though has always been the feud between their two families – the reason for which lays with their grandparents, but no one is quite sure exactly what it is all about. They had some pretty scorching chemistry, and watching these two dance around their attraction was both fun and exasperating at times! You would get a peek at just how good these two could be for each other and then one would pull back, mired in issues from the past or weighed down by the expectations they felt were placed on them. Nick feels compelled to right a wrong done to his grandfather, and when Maddie’s family shoe company begins to struggle he sees an opportunity to give him an avenue to deliver the company to his grandfather. Nick is smart and driven, and part of his success stems from the fact that he makes decisions based on facts and not emotions. But when Maddie inserts herself into his latest business deal, the one to buy her family’s shoe company, that emotional distance he always keeps begins to crumble. I didn’t really like Nick at first, but getting to know him and then understanding more of the back story and reasons for his actions really made him in to a keeper for me! Maddie knows that the future of Kingston shoes rests in her hands, but only armed with a positive attitude and perseverance, and faced with very little business know-how, she may have bitten off more than she can chew. She is convinced if she can show Nick the impact of losing Kingston shoes, not just to her family, but the community, she can get him to reconsider destroying her family’s business. Maddie was such an optimist and a truly nice person, always seeing the best in people and wanting to do the right thing – for everyone. She’s a bit insecure, but so committed that what she lacks in skills, she more than makes up for with conviction – and you have to love that! I really loved the supporting characters in the book. Maddie’s family was both a lot of fun and frustrating. Her grandmother, who was responsible for the feud, was so nasty and I kept wondering why the family put up with her nonsense. And then once the reasons for the feud were revealed, I was scratching my head. I loved the little ones – still makes me smile thinking about them running around nekkid in the yard with the kiddie pool– and even though her brother was a bit of a jerk, by the end of the book he really grew on me as well. This was a fun read that had some angst and some heat, and although it was a bit predictable at times, a few twists were thrown in to keep the story interesting and moving. I enjoyed the writing style and look forward to reading more from Miranda Liasson. I received a copy of the book from the publisher through NetGalley for an honest review.
BottlesAndBooksReviewsJA More than 1 year ago
One of my favorite types of books are second chance romances. In Heart and Sole, Liasson definitely delivers with this heartfelt romance between a shoe queen taking over her family's business and a business tycoon who has bought her family's company. Not only that, he's her ex and their families have had a family feud to rival Romeo and Juliet's families for as long as the Holter and Kingston families can remember. As Maddie buys Nick at a bachelor auction and insists on bringing him home to their hometown, can Maddie make Nick see reason and find it in himself to do the right thing regarding Maddie's family? And where will these two lovers find themselves? Liasson's book is heartfelt and beautiful. I really enjoyed the concept for this book and I can honestly say it's the first book I've read that involve someone in the shoe business. As for the characters I really enjoyed Maddie and loved her heart, spirit, and determination. Nick has a good heart and is doing what he believes is right for his family, but sometimes what we feel is right really isn't. Heart and Sole has love, lust, second chances, longing and family rivalry. With this mix plus the fact this book has shoes what can be better? I loved this enjoyable, relaxing read and thought it was the perfect addition to my summer reading.
IreneC More than 1 year ago
4 stars Heart and Sole was a sweet, heartwarming read. The storyline was enjoyable, the characters very relatable and likable. Loved seeing Maddie and Nick argue and tease each other, they truly were a perfect match =) While I liked both leads I found myself really connecting with Maddie, she was passionate and put her own dreams and wants aside to protect and help her dad save their company. Overall Heart and Sole is a fun, charming second chance love story. Highly recommend it.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
I loved this story. The whole way through my heart just hurt. It is a hard feeling to describe, but I felt this feeling in my chest. I wanted Nick and Maddie to work out. I felt for Maddie when she hurt or when she was angry. I was very drawn to these characters. Like they were real. Both of them were so vulnerable with their feeling towards one another, trusting but uncertain of it, and then wanting to pursue being together. I loved the close knit family Maddie had. They were protective of each other. And Nick's grandpa was a hoot. I enjoyed the reveal of the family feud and simply smiled at the ending. Beautifully written story by a new to me author. I hope she does more with this family and it seemed like she left that possibility open. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Miranda Liasson did it again, another heartwarming story of second chances. I love that concept. If it doesn’t work the first time, let time and understanding heal their hearts. A lot is at stake for our couple. Maddie Kingston leaves New York to salvage her families shoe manufacturing company from a hostel takeover by her high school sweetheart. Because of a longtime family feud between his family and the Kingstons, Nick Holter intends to take over Kingston Shoes to correct a wrong done to his grandfather. Unknowing that it’s already too late to stop the takeover Maddie sacrifices all her savings to win Nick in a bachelor auction in hopes he’ll help her turn the company around. The story changes dramatically from there. Miranda fills her stories with wonderful descriptions and enticing characterizations. Her books are fun, heartbreaking and totally enjoyable. Give this one a try. I received an ARC for an honest review.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Have just discovered a new author. Miranda Liasson's tale of lost love, feuding adversaries and secret vendettas in engaging. Maddie and Nick allowed outside sources and negative opinions to rip them apart the first time around. Now both are determined to prove themselves assets to their families no matter what. I found Heart and Sole to be a wonderful story. By mixing emotion, sex appeal and hilarious moments it was well pieced together. I received an ARC for an honest review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
I thought this was a thoroughly enjoyable read. While the storyline was slightly predictable, the writing and characters made it fun and entertaining. Maddie and Nick have always had an intense attraction but due to the "feud" between their families, loyalty has always kept them apart....mostly! After Maddie "buys" Nick during a bachelor auction, she tricks him into going back to their small hometown and get him to help her save the family business. Little does she know, Nick already knows about the family's business struggles and to avenge his grandfather, now owns the majority of the business! This is a fun light read that I definitely recommend.
DeleneY More than 1 year ago
I always love the "Second Chance at Love" trope and Miranda Liasson has written a book that will truly have you immersed in the lives of her two characters. Maddie and Nick have known each other from childhood and dated in High School, once inseparable they've gone on to different lives and careers. Nick is now the only person who can help Maddie save her family's floundering company. But will he or will he allow an old family feud to destroy Maddie's dream. Humor, angst and great sexual tension keeps you turning the pages, hoping for that HEA!! A great read and looking forward to this author's next book (let it please be Cat's story! ).
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
Heart and Soul is in the book. A bit slow in places but has potential. ***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review**** This is a good story about a woman, Maddie Kingston, who is trying to do what’s right and finding that she has come up against the past-her ex-boyfriend, self-made billionaire Nick Holter . They had dated years before but it ended because of a feud between their grandparents. Maddie still loved Nick but was brought back to Nick when she took over her family’s shoe business. Reason she took it over was because it was failing. She knew she needs help and the only person who has the business sense is Nick. She called him but he wouldn’t return her calls and she is getting desperate. She finds out that Nick is going up in the bachelor auction for charity. She bids on him and wins. She ends up getting him to come back with her to come back with her to the hometown and help her with her business. Unknown to Maddie, he is fully aware of her family’s business troubles. He still has this fierce attraction for his ex-girlfriend and is fighting his feelings for her. Maddie too is fighting her feelings for Nick. They still have that spark , that hot chemistry from the past but due to their loyalty to their grandparents they end up just going against their feelings . The sparks, the chemistry is good and the angst is quite moving. The only thing that was a negative for me is the first part of the book was a bit slow for me. I would have like it to be a bit faster. Otherwise, Maddie and Nick were a good MC. I understood how they felt torn , that family loyalty had to come before anything else but my gosh, they finally got back together when Maddie went to Nick for help, knowing he would be the person to help her save her struggling family’s business. I think she knew deep down, it was time to go back to the man she really loved. I will say that I think if their past had been explained a lot sooner in the book, it would have helped me understand their draw toward each other when it was explained later in the book. Overall, this was an enjoyable read. There was some twists that came out and the ending made this a good read. My rating: 3.9 stars ***
Conner58 More than 1 year ago
You can never truly go home again…or can you? After her fathers stroke, artist at heart, Madison Kingston leaves her dream job in Philadelphia and comes home to take over her family’s struggling shoe company. It turns out the majority of the company’s stock shares have been bought up by self-made billionaire and Maddie’s ex-boyfriend Nicholas Holter. Nick chooses loyalty to the man who raised him after the death of his parents and baby sister. He wants justice for his grandfather whose career was destroyed by the Kingston’s. Nick vows to take over the Kingston Shoe Company and give the company back to his grandfather. Desperate Maddie “buys” Nick at a charity auction. Her plan is to take him back to their hometown of Buckleberry Bend, North Carolina for a long family and town orientated 4th of July weekend, with the hope that he’ll reconsider and let her buy back the company’s shares. Nick likes his rules and organization. He’s an expert in keeping business and emotion separate, but spending time with Maddie threatens all that. Maddie knows Nick is no longer the sweet, innocent Nick that snuck a red rose on her pillow for her sixteenth birthday. He’s moved on and so has she…or have they? Heart and Sole is the first in a new series from author Miranda Liasson for Entangled Indulgence. This book was an absolute delight. In a time when there’s tons of negativity in everything we see, read or watch, it’s refreshing to be able to read a book that incorporate so many of the basic values of love, trust and loyalty. Ms. Liasson does a superb job of creating the perfect small town feel, with lazy summer days, parades and the town’s annual pie judging contest. Can you say food fight?! I fully enjoyed watching Maddie morph into the smart, confident self-assure woman she always was. Ready to do whatever necessary to help her family. The moment Nick realized that helping Maddie wasn’t really helping her at all. Priceless! So if you’re looking for a light, fun sexy summer read try Heart and Sole. It’s the perfect fit!
Artchich More than 1 year ago
This is a fun book and definitely a fast read, I know I had trouble putting it down. Miranda Liasson delivers a heroine who is set on saving the day and a frustrating ex who has it in his power to make everything right. Unfortunately, he is too caught up on revenge to help. Yet another guy who needs a slap up-side the head. If you like stories that pull on your heart strings, this one's for you.