Heart Shots

Heart Shots

by Mary Zeiss Stange


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ISBN-13: 9780811737517
Publisher: Stackpole Books
Publication date: 03/28/2018
Series: Stackpole Classics Series
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 394
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Mary Zeiss Stange is the author of Woman the Hunter, co-author of Gun Women: Firearms and Feminism in Contemporary America, and a general editor of Stackpole Books’ Sisters of the Hunt series. She writes widely about hunting, women’s and environmental issues, and is an associate professor of women’s studies and religion at Skidmore College.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 1

Part 1 Initiation

"Deerskin" (1984) Terry Tempest Williams 23

"A Girl's Version of a Turkey Hunt" (1905) Dorothy Doolittle 29

"Introduction" from Peril Is My Companion (1957) Helen Fischer 32

"Stalking Fear" (2000) Geneen Haugen 39

"The Shape of Things" from Ecotone (1994) Florence Krall Shepard 45

"Autumn in Love" (2000) Gretchen Yost 57

Part 2 First Kill

"Realization" (1997) Diana Rupp 63

"The Imps and My Elk" from A Woman Tenderfoot (1900) Grace Seton-Thompson 65

"To Each Her Own" (1993) Susan Ewing 72

"A Place Among Elk" (2002) Jennifer Bové 77

Part 3 Adventure

"A Breach of Convention" from Outdoor Life (1900) Marjorie 87

"We Set Out for Alaska" from Two Dianas in Alaska (1909) Agnes Herbert 96

"Wrangel Island and Polar Bears" from The Cruise of the Northern Light (1928) Courtney Borden 102

"Tiger-Shooting" from A Sportswoman in India (1900) Isabel Savory 114

"And Now with the Pygmies and Indians" from My Double Life (1994) Frances Hamerstrom 121

"The Hunt" and "The Seventh Man" from Letters on an Elk Hunt (1915) Elinore Pruitt Stewart 126

Part 4 Trophies

"Daylight Stalker" (2002) Sheila Link 138

"Playing with Friendly Lions" from Carl Akeley's Africa (1929) Mary L. Jobe Akeley 141

"Semliki Valley and White Nile" from Out in the Blue (1937) Vivienne de Watteville 149

"Herr Guide" (2000) Eileen Clarke 157

Part 5 Predators and Prey

"On Killing a She-bear" from Two Dianas in Alaska (1909) Agnes Herbert 165

"The Gift of Artemis: A Hunting Mother's Perspective" (2002) Durga Bernhard 167

"King, Sultan, or President?" from The Roaring Veldt (1930) Gretchen Cron 175

"Lion Hunting at Night" from On the Gorilla Trail (1922) Mary Hastings Bradley 182

"I May Have to Shoot Him" from West-with the Night (1942) Beryl Markham 190

Part 6 Food

"Our Daily Bread" from Cross Creek (1942) Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings 202

"Christmas at Lake Paradise" from Four Years in Paradise (1944) Osa Johnson 210

"Gooseberry Marsh, Part Two" from All the Powerful Invisible Things (1995) Gretchen Legler 217

"In the Eye of the Beholder" (1998) Eileen Clarke 226

Part 7 Family Ties

"My First Daughter Was an Antelope" from The Wild and the Domestic (2000) Barney Nelson 233

"The Muskrat Trapper" (1997) Nellie A. O'Brien 249

From In the Wilderness (1996) Kim Barnes 252

"Earl" (2002) Judy Clayton Cornell 258

"My Mother's Shotgun" (2002) B. Jill Carroll 263

Part 8 Guides, Companions, Significant Others

A Brief Sketch of Her Career and Notes on Shooting (1913) Annie Oakley 271

"A Colorado Outing" from Outdoor Life (1904) Nellie Bennett 276

"The Story of Two Girls" from Outdoor Life (1916) Alberta Claire 280

"Four Points Richer" (2000) Erica Fresquez 284

"On Men and Hunting Alone" (2002) Marilyn Stone 292

Part 9 Death

"They're Easy to Kill" (1997) Deb Carpenter 299

"Reckoning the Cost of a Dead Steer" from Feels Like Far (1999) Linda Hasselstrom 303

"The Last Coyote Hunt" (1996) Jean Keezer-Clayton 311

"Beloved Enemy" and "The Big Drive" from Tiger in Sight (1970) Astrid Bergman Sucksdorff 313

"In the Snow Queen's Palace" (1996) Mary Zeiss Stange 318

From Second Sight (1997) Rickey Gard Diamond 322

Part 10 Body, Soul, and the Hunt's Afterlife

"Duccio in the Eye of the Hunt" (1996) Sandra dal Poggetto 331

"Deerstalking: Contemplating an Old Tradition" (1991) Page Lambert 335

"The Illusory Distance Between Pacifist and Warrior" (2000) Geneen Haugen 339

"The Spirit of the Primitive" from Trails of Enchantment (1930) Paul [Paulina] Brandreth 356

Notes 361

Selected Bibliography 364

Contributors 368

Credits 381

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