Hearts in Harmony

Hearts in Harmony

by Beth Wiseman


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The first novel in the new Amish Journeys series by bestselling author Beth Wiseman, Hearts in Harmony explores how far the heart will travel for the melody of love.

Musical prodigy Levi Shetler hasn’t touched a piano since he secretly played one years ago. His strict Amish community forbids instruments or the singing of any music not in their approved songbook. Levi asks God often why music tempts him when playing an instrument isn’t allowed in his world.

One person knows Levi’s talents: Mary Hershberger, the girl who promised years ago to keep his secret. Mary comes from a more liberal district than Levi, but she’s facing family troubles of her own. The mutual care for an aging Englischer, Adeline, reunites Mary and Levi as young adults. They realize that, despite their differences, they have a shared love of music—and a shared confusion about whether their talents are God-given gifts or temptations luring them into the Englisch world.

The couple realizes they must compromise or part ways, but a tragic accident shakes their decision. Both Mary and Levi will need to reconcile what they love with what their hearts say is right—because even as their passion for music brings them together, it could be what tears them apart.

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ISBN-13: 9780529105400
Publisher: Zondervan
Publication date: 03/12/2019
Series: Amish Journey Series , #1
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 106,864
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Bestselling and award-winning author Beth Wiseman has sold over two million books. She is the recipient of the coveted Holt Medallion, a two-time Carol Award winner, and has won the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award three times. Her books have been on various bestseller lists, including CBD, CBA, ECPA, and Publishers Weekly. Beth and her husband are empty nesters enjoying country life in south central Texas. Visit her online at Beth Wiseman.com; Facebook: Author Beth Wiseman; Twitter: @Beth Wiseman; Instagram: @bethwisemanauthor.

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Eight years later

Is Adeline dying?" Mary Hershberger recalled her trip to the Englisch funeral when she was ten. She'd been to plenty of funerals since then — Amish and Englisch — but she dreaded every single one she attended. The Englisch focused more on the life the person led while on earth. Mary's people praised Gott's goodness more than they reflected on the person who had passed. Both ceremonies always left her with a deep sense of sadness that she would hold on to for weeks. She'd been taught to accept all things as Gott's will, even death, but she struggled with that part of her faith.

"I don't know." Daed flicked the reins a couple times, picking up speed in the buggy. "The fellow at the hardware store told me Adeline is having an estate sale. From the conversation, I sensed maybe she is in a bad way financially. So, I will try to find things we can use." He shrugged. "But I will buy things whether or not we need them. We can give to those less fortunate if need be."

Mary hadn't heard her father speak of Adeline or her deceased husband — Percy — in years. But Percy must have been a very gut man if her father was willing to go twenty miles to purchase things they might not even need just to help Adeline. Thankfully it was May, and the heat of the summer wasn't upon them yet. During the middle of the summer, they had to stop at least twice for such a long trip. Mary couldn't recall a trip to Shoals since Percy Collins's funeral eight years ago.

"Remember to call the woman Ms. Collins. The Englisch find it improper to call an adult by their first name, especially an elderly person."

Mary fought the urge to roll her eyes, a gesture that would surely irritate her father. "I know, Daed."

His eyes wrinkled in the corners as he grinned. "Just a reminder."

Mary smiled. She was eighteen, old enough to get married, but her father still saw her as a little girl.

They passed a sign that said Welcome to Shoals. Not much looked familiar as they drove down Main Street, then wound through a neighborhood, before turning down a dirt lane. Rows of freshly tilled crops lined both sides of the road, corn seedlings sprouting from the dark soil. In the distance, Mary saw Adeline's house. Ms. Collins, she reminded herself. As they neared the white farmhouse, memories filled the forefront of Mary's mind. She recalled the brightness of the house, the pristine yard filled with flowers, and an old blue car in the driveway.

She glanced at her father's expression, the lines deepening on his forehead as he frowned. From the sight of things now, Adeline must have fallen upon hard times like her father mentioned. The formerly white house was grayer now, badly in need of fresh paint. The green grass needed mowing, and there wasn't a car in the driveway. Mary wondered if the inside of the house was the same.

"I should have checked on Adeline over the years." Her father winced as they neared the house.

Mary remembered the fancy furniture inside, and she wondered if Adeline would be selling all of her things or maybe just some furnishings. What Mary most remembered about that trip was the boy playing the piano. The cute Amish boy who never wrote to her like he said he would. But they were just children. She couldn't even remember his name, which seemed odd since she could recall so many other details from that day, along with the sadness that lingered in her heart for weeks after the funeral. She hadn't even known Percy Collins.

* * *

Levi Shetler had six brothers and three sisters, but he was always the one nominated to take his mother on errands. Today he was carting her twenty miles to an estate sale. They'd spent most of the journey from Orleans to Shoals in silence, his mother occasionally commenting about the weather and what a lovely day it was. Levi had nodded and continued on the trek, but he regretted that he'd had to change his plans for today. "Why are we going all this way to an estate sale?"

"Because Adeline is a fine woman. Until about a year ago I would see her at the Rural King in Bedford every week. She liked the store because of its hodgepodge of farm supplies, tools, clothes, and housewares. But mostly she liked the free popcorn." His mother chuckled. "She enjoyed eating it while she looked around."

His mother turned to him and sighed. "I can tell you aren't happy about taking me to this estate sale, but that woman never left the store without buying something from me. And on really cold days when I was set up in the parking lot, she'd bring me a thermos of coffee, and I'd sit in her car to warm up for a while. I always enjoyed our chats."

Levi kept the horse's pace slow and steady to limit the bounce in the buggy. His mother had arthritis that gave her fits, and he knew this was a hard trip for her to make, even as a passenger. He drew in a long breath and reminded himself to be respectful, despite his disappointment.

"I just had other plans for today." Levi swallowed hard. His plans had included a trip to the river for some alone time, a hard thing to get with a family of twelve.

His mother cut her eyes his direction. "You never tell anyone what these plans are. Is it a girl?"

I wish. Levi barely had time to keep up with his chores. "Nee, it's not a girl." He cleared his throat, hoping to change the subject. "Why are we going to this furniture sale anyway? I remember that house was real fancy. Everything looked expensive." What he remembered most was the piano, the way the keys felt beneath his fingers, the music. The forbidden music. He shrugged. "Can we even afford to buy anything?"

His mother raised her chin, and Levi wished he hadn't mentioned money, or the lack thereof. The Shetler family was one of the few left in Orleans who relied mostly on income from the farm. His father had forbidden Levi and his siblings to work outside of their small community. If Levi was honest with himself, he knew why his mother chose him to make this trip with her. Out of all his brothers and sisters, Levi contributed the least at home, even if it was unintentional. Each of his siblings excelled at something, but Levi didn't have any special skills and often found himself with extra time on his hands.

Three of his brothers were craftsman and made furniture, which was only for sale to the local Amish families. The oldest boys — Lloyd and Ben — shoed horses when time permitted, and Eli could do just about anything and helped out where needed. But the same rules applied: keep it local among their people. If ever a family practiced what they preached about being unequally yoked, it was Levi's. Left up to their father, none of them would spend any time at all around the Englisch. As it was, Levi rarely saw anyone outside of their small community.

He could still remember Mamm begging Daed to let her and the girls set up outside the Rural King one or two times a week to sell produce, jams, jellies, and cookbooks. Daed finally gave in after months of mamm's persistence. If the weather was nice, sometimes they'd add a third day of selling, but things at the house started falling apart if all the girls were gone too long, especially when it came to meals. Daed had balked about today's trip to Shoals, but mamm pushed the issue and said the Lord would want her to help Adeline in some small way.

"I brought a lot of produce and handmade items for Adeline." She paused, glancing at Levi. "She is a kind soul. I am blessed to have found out about this sale, but I worry if maybe she is struggling financially."

Like us. Levi squinted against the sun's glare at the home up ahead. "Ya, it looks like maybe she has."

His mother shook her head. "Ach, look at the state of things." She turned to Levi. "I've never been able to return Adeline's kindnesses over the years. Not only did she buy from me every week, but she drove me to many doctor appointments. I want you to pretty up her haus and yard, Levi. It could be done over a few weeks, if you come once a week. That's all we could spare you. It will be okay with your daed once I remind him about all Adeline did for me over the years."

Levi opened his mouth to argue, but then thought about the twenty-mile trek to Shoals and back. Alone. Quiet time all to himself. And hard work had never bothered him. It was the perfect time of year for painting and working outdoors. "Ya, okay," he said.

Mamm patted his knee. "That's my gut boy."

Levi smiled as he wondered if the piano was still there. Would he be able to play it during his breaks? Or would Adeline sell it along with her other fancy things?

He turned into the driveway and parked next to a buggy from Montgomery. He remembered coming here when he was younger, and he'd noticed then that buggies in Montgomery were a little different from theirs in Orleans. They were still black, but the wheels were a little smaller. It wasn't something the Englisch would notice, but since everything in a community was uniform, it was easy to spot someone from another district.

There were only five or six buggies besides theirs. Mostly it was cars parked in the drive and on the grass. Levi doubted he would get a chance to play the piano. Too many people today. He'd gotten lucky the last time he was here. Even one song would fill his soul in a way he knew was sinful, but the instrument had called to him since the first time he saw a piano when he was six.

During a rare trip to an Englisch home with his mother, he'd seen the family's piano. He'd never seen such an instrument, but he instinctively sat on the bench when his mother and the Englisch lady went into the kitchen. He placed his fingers on the keys and made beautiful music. He didn't know how he was able to play, but he just could. Levi could still recall his mother's red face and the way she'd pinched her lips together as she yanked him off the bench and away from the piano. He also remembered how cold it was when she sent him to pick a switch when they got home, then whipped him behind the woodshed until his behind almost bled.

Levi hadn't touched a piano again until the funeral here when he was ten. He had found himself alone in the house after going to the bathroom, and on the way down the hall, he saw the huge black piano and felt it calling to him. He'd slipped into the room and gotten away with playing it for a few moments without getting caught. Except by some girl who walked in, but she promised not to tell on him. Just the thought of playing the instrument again sent his heart racing.

* * *

Adeline watched as strangers picked over the pieces of her life: furniture, jewelry, paintings. The antiques were selling quickly. She reminded herself they were just things, material possessions she no longer needed, and the money would help sustain her for a while.

Percy had provided a nice nest egg for them both, but her husband of fifty-two years couldn't have predicted the changes in the economy. Or that Adeline would outlive him by eight years, especially considering she was five years older than her husband. At twenty-three, she'd practically snatched his eighteen-year-old self from the crib. At least that's what her sister told her back then. The memory still brought forth a quiet giggle, which felt good in light of her current situation.

But with no family left alive and no children of her own, Adeline was going to run out of money if she didn't let go of some things. Medicare had recently stopped covering two of her medications, pills that now cost her almost $400 each month. She was in the appeals process, but she had no idea if she would win. A large chunk of her savings had gone toward replacing her roof last year after a large branch fell on the house and caused several leaks. Adeline still thought that fellow overcharged her.

She no longer needed her pretty furniture and fancy trinkets, yet she cringed when a young woman ran her hand across the hutch by the front door, a gift from Percy when they'd first married. Part of her wanted to scream, to throw everyone out, and reclaim her property. She bit her bottom lip to keep from doing so. Maybe she was more attached to her belongings than she'd thought. Was this really a solution? Had she thought this through?

Her spirits brightened when she saw Helen Shetler come into the living room with a handsome young man by her side. The Plain folks weren't fond of public affection, but Adeline couldn't help but wrap her arms around the woman's neck. Adeline suspected Helen's family couldn't afford anything she had for sale, but she would find something to give them. Then she saw the bags Helen and the boy were toting, and Adeline wanted to cry. She couldn't remember the last time she had freshly grown produce, and she hoped tomatoes would be in the offering.

"Who is this strapping young lad?" Adeline eased out of the hug. Helen looked ten years older than the last time Adeline had seen her, even though it had only been a year. The lines feathering from her friend's eyes had deepened, along with those running across her forehead. Her skin was weathered from all the outdoor work the Amish were known for. Helen probably thought Adeline looked older than eighty-three, her own face a roadmap of lines, not to mention all the weight she'd lost.

"This is my sohn, Levi." Helen glowed as she said the boy's name. The Amish steered away from being prideful, but this was a cute kid any mother would be proud of. "And these are for you." Her friend held up the three bags, then nodded to three more her son was carrying.

Adeline winked. "I wonder if there is a tomato in there."

"Ya, lots. Levi can put all of this in the kitchen if you'll point him in the right direction."

Adeline did just that, and after he was gone, Helen touched her arm. "Mei freind, are you well?"

It was a question Adeline had expected. She'd aged a lot since she'd seen most of these people. It was only normal for folks to think she was sick as well as broke.

"Yes, dear. I'm okay. It's just time to downsize." Although selling almost everything is a bit more than downsizing. "And I want you to choose something for yourself, a gift from me."

Helen brought a hand to her chest. "Nee, I couldn't possibly."

"Of course you can." Adeline winked at her, then waved her hand around the room. "I know you don't like fancy things, but I bet there is something here you can find useful. Maybe even a kitchen gadget." She pointed toward the kitchen again. "I've laid out some things on the counters that I no longer have use for."

Helen glanced around, then turned back to Adeline, chewing on her bottom lip.

"Honey, you don't have to take a thing if you don't want to. But if there is something you would like to have, you take it." She shrugged. "Maybe even just something to remember me by someday."

"You said you aren't sick." Helen pressed her lips together, frowning.

Adeline chuckled. "I'm not. But I'm eighty-three."

Helen nodded. "Danki, Adeline. I mean thank you. And there is something I would like to give you as well."

Adeline lifted an eyebrow she'd carefully sculpted with a pencil for the occasion. Most days she didn't tend to her appearance much, but this might be the last time some of these folks saw her. It seemed fitting to look her best, even though her best wasn't all that good these days. "You did give me something. Bags of goodies. I'll be happy for days, maybe weeks."

Helen shook her head. "Nee, something else. I would like for you to let Levi come here every Saturday to paint your house and tend to your yard. You have shown me many kindnesses over the years, and Levi would enjoy the work."

Adeline hung her head as an unwelcome blush crept into her cheeks. "Everything really does look a mess doesn't it?" She lifted her eyes to Helen's. "I just haven't —"

"We all need a little help from time to time, so please accept our offer."

Adeline thought about how nice it would be to have company every Saturday. Her house was miles from anyone, and while well-intentioned friends stopped by occasionally, her life had become a lonely existence. Loneliness would kill a person quick as anything. Maybe she and Levi would have lunch together.

"I am going to accept the offer, but only if you let me pay the boy." Then she remembered that her house and yard were in this state because she had no money, but she wasn't sure how to take back the offer.

Helen shook her head. "Nee, you will not pay him, mei freind."

Adeline remembered to breathe. "You are good people."

Her friend smiled. "Now, I am going to go look around for a small something."


Adeline stood there for a while, watching. Her bottom lip trembled as she watched two men carry her armoire from one of the spare bedrooms out the door. Also leaving today was a chunk of Adeline's heart, but she forced a smile.


Excerpted from "Hearts in Harmony"
by .
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Excerpted by permission of ZONDERVAN.
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Hearts in Harmony 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
DaliCastillo 4 months ago
Delightful Story What is family? Traditionally, we look at family as blood relatives. However, author Beth Wiseman has created a delightful story which shows that family isn't just limited to the traditional definition, but it can be so much more. Adeline, Levy, Mary, and Natalie. At one time, all were strangers, each with his or her own challenges, struggles, and beliefs. However, a series of events unexpectedly brings these individuals together. As they come together, their bond is strengthened through moments of sadness and laughter, moments where beliefs are questioned, moments where challenges are faced, and moments where difficult decisions are made. Their story will immediately draw you in and keep you turning pages with its twists and turns. There are moments that will have you smiling and laughing while others will have you reaching for tissue. But through it all, the bonds of love, faith and trust in God will bring their hearts together in harmony through the love of family. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
armom 5 months ago
I have yet to read a Beth Wiseman novel that I have not love! She outdid herself once again! Mary and Levi met ten years earlier when their parents took them to Adeline's house at the death of Pearcy, her husband. Levi was playing the piano, something strictly forbidden by the Amish. He asked Mary not to tell. She gave him her address asking him to write. Every day she went to the mailbox, and there was never a letter. Ten years later, they meet up again, also at Adeline's. Their parents asked each of them to go check on her. Unfortunately, she has fallen on hard times and has had to sell most of her furniture and antiques just to stay afloat. Levi volunteers his Saturday's to paint her house, free of charge, and to other repairs around her house. Mary offers her Saturday's to take Adeline to the store, for a buggy ride and company. Adeline is so happy and thankful that Gott has brought these young people into her life as she has been so lonely. Then, a distant relative, Natalie, begins to come by to visit. In the beginning, she had succumbed to her mother's ill intentions in getting to know Adeline. But, Natalie began to truly love Adeline and enjoyed Mary and Levi, also. The three young people spend much time with her, and all truly come to love her deeply. It was so touching how these three young people cared, and showed their love for Adeline. It was, indeed, a blessing in Adeline's great time of need. It was interesting to learn how different Amish communities can be from what is allowed and what is not. Mary and Levi came from two very different backgrounds, although both are Amish. They began to care very much for each other. Levi has concerns because Mary's family has money and his is very poor in financial wealth, but very wealthy in love for one another. Mary's family is going through a struggle with her younger sister and is embarrassed to have Levi meet her family. Levi mistakes this and feels Mary is ashamed of him. On the other hand, Levi fears Mary won't be accepting of his large, loud, unorganized family. I so enjoyed the bond Mary, Levi, and Natalie had with Adeline and the great lengths they went to for her. And the surprise she left them. It was so easy to get caught up in this story. You'll feel like you are there with them. I was given a free copy of this to ready by the publisher, Zondervan and Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
marongm8 6 months ago
. I do not normally read many Christian Fiction books but it has been very popular with our patrons at the library so I had to read at least one new book to see what the phenomenon is all about and I am so glad that I chose this novel to read because the story line was so inspiring that I could not put this book down and my heartstrings were tugged at every page. Hearing all about the Amish and the strict code they all must entail to respect their people and their culture. Also forbidding of playing any instrument or music all together is hard for Levi and then he meets Mary who has kept his little secret and loves Levi for the person that he is and comes from a very liberal family that is way outside of the spectrum of the culture Levi knows and loves. When God does provide, all ends well in the world. We will consider adding this title to our Christian Fiction collection at the library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
Deana0326 7 months ago
The newest book from the author is a like a sweet melody with words. Her characters blend well together and capture a story of friendship and love. The Amish have very different beliefs than most and I found it amazing that they weren’t allowed to play an instrument. Levi has secretly played piano since he was a child. His hands sweep across the keys with compassion, but he starts to wonder if he is going against what the bishop has said. It would be so hard to have a gift but not be able to use it. I liked how Levi continually asked a God to show him if he was to play or walk away from it in order to be obedient. Mary is a wonderful young woman who has known Levi since they were children. I liked how Levi and Mary reconnected after years apart. They have come back together to help out sweet Adeline. Oh how I loved this elderly woman. She was my favorite character because she had so much love to give. She has been lonely for awhile and when these young people show up to help her, it made my heart fill with joy. Natalie is a little more complicated and I struggled at times trying to like her. She is sent by her mother to spend time with Adeline, who is related to them. It doesn’t hurt that she begins a friendship with Mary and Levi as they get together on Saturdays to do chores for Adeline. As she started to spend quality time with Adeline I could feel her heart soften . The ending of the story is filled with emotion and shows how valuable it is to reach out to others in their time of need. Adeline not only brings three young people together but gains a family in the process. Her heart is happy as they bond and become like her children. I won’t spoil anything but I will say this is the best book I’ve read by the author. Her heart and soul went into this story and I can’t wait to read the next book in this series. I received a copy of this book from the author. The review is my own opinion.
KayleesKindofWrites 7 months ago
My Review: Genre: Amish, romance, and kinda Christian fiction. My Rating: 4 and 1/2 stars. My Recommendation: 13 to 16 up reasons in my warnings below. My favorite character/s: The characters were really interesting . . . I LIKED them. Natalie, she was super cool and I loved the differences in each of the characters. Levi and Mary were so alike and yet different since they're both Amish though they are from two very different communities. My Verse for this book is Psalm 95:1 O come, let us sing unto the Lord: let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. (King James Version.) My Thoughts: Whoa, an Amish book I LOVED, you see I like Amish books but I don't love them . . . that is until this one fell into my hands. I loved how Levi and Mary got to know each other and their relationship was so cute. In all this is one of the best Amish books I've ever read. I highly recommend you read this when you have the time to have a cup of tea and maybe a box of tissues. You'll need them as the book ends.  It was refreshing to read about the differences in the communities since most authors show the Amish as one community without a difference. Warnings: An unwed pregnancy, and a couple is seen kissing in secret. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”
Anonymous 7 months ago
Another wonderful story!!! Thank you angel
BrittanyMc 7 months ago
This was a really neat story! Although both Mary and Levi questioned the reasoning behind the Amish not allowing musical pursuits, that wasn’t the heart of the book. It was fun, however, to see the role music played in bringing these two Amish people together. I did appreciate the way the two of them handled their uncertainties about this subject. What this story mainly celebrated was friendship between both young and old, Amish and English, and even the differences between Amish districts. The relationships that developed between Mary, Levi, Natalie, and Adeline were what fueled my enjoyment of this unique tale. I look forward to future books in this series. I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
sgreene01 7 months ago
Hearts in Harmony – Beth Wiseman Amish boy, Levi, meets Amish girl, Mary when they are children at the funeral of a mutual English family friend. Since they are from different districts and lived several miles away, they don’t see each other again until 10 years later, when they meet again at the estate auction of the Englishman’s elderly wife, Adeline, who has fallen on hard financial times. Unknown to Levi and Mary, seeing the state of Adeline’s home and yard, their parents encouraged each of them to go to Adeline’s home and try to get it back into a livable condition. Upon their arrival, Levi and Mary realize they had met as children and their friendship grows. They each have family issues they face, along with differences in the beliefs of their Amish district. A distant relative of Adeline’s late husband also appears on the scene and many things happen that forge friendships among the four. This is a new series by Beth Wiseman. It was a very enjoyable read and left me looking forward to the next book in the series. I’m anxious to see which character she centers on and how their life develops. I highly recommend this book. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
Anonymous 8 months ago
A piano. Such an odd thing that was used to bring 2 amish people together. Odd because musical instruments were not allowed in their beliefs. But as Levi and Mary met the day of Percy's (Adeline's husband) funeral as children it was the piece that brought them together. Years later they were brought together again to help sweet Adeline. Natalie, a long distant relative of Adeline, also became quick friends with them and they were all a beautiful and sweet family that Adeline had always longed for. This book was filled with love, kindness, and caring for others. It was so nice to read about young adults helping an elderly woman out of the goodness of their hearts, no ulterior motives, although that was exactly what Natalie's mother wanted. But luckily Natalie did not want that and she was a sincerely kind young lady. Hearts in Harmony definitely tugs at your heart strings throughout the entire book. Beth Wiseman has definitely outdone herself with this book.
KrisAnderson_TAR 8 months ago
Hearts in Harmony is the first book in An Amish Journey series. Adeline lives in Shoals, Indiana where she has been having financial troubles since the passing of her beloved husband, Percy. Adeline is a sweet Christian woman who has become isolated in the last eight years. Her health is declining, and she can no longer drive. Mary and Levi enter Adeline’s life which is answer to Adeline’s prayers. She is thankful for their company. Adeline is further blessed when Natalie, a cousin from Percy’s side of the family, begins visiting. Adeline is not the only person to benefit from the arrangement. These four individuals were brought together for a reason as we see in Hearts in Harmony. I liked that the younger people were willing to help Adeline. They were kind, caring and helpful. They were never impatient with her and they genuinely cared for Adeline (a shame we do not see more of this in our world). Adeline was such a sweet, wholesome woman. She is a character that you cannot help but love and root for. It was interesting to see the differences between Mary and Levi’s districts. One district was more lenient than the other because of the bishop in charge. There was also a financial disparity between Mary and Levi’s families. Perceptions, kindness, friendships, music and faith are some of issues addressed in Hearts in Harmony. I liked that Levi and Mary asked those in authority about why they are not allowed to play instruments or sing. Individualism is not allowed (which I find odd since we are all unique individuals). Christian elements are woven into the story. I did feel there was a lack of character development and descriptions of the area. I wish the author had taken the time in the beginning to establish the characters. I found the pacing of the story to be slow (it needed a little pep in its step). Hearts in Harmony could have used some judicious editing. It was too long and needed to be tightened up (would have made it a stronger story). Hearts in Harmony is an amiable story with a delightful ending.
MollyzReviewz 8 months ago
Tender, Sweet Characters and Lovely Plot! Take a trip to Amish country with Beth Wisman’s new series, An Amish Journey! I’m telling you now that you will not be disappointed! Along with Wanda Brunstetter, Beverly Lewis and Amy Clipston, Beth Wiseman is among my top five Amish fiction authors. She creates powerful stories filled with easy-to-love characters and intricately woven messages throughout. Hearts In Harmony is the fantastic start to this new series and every minute had me completely engulfed in the center of the simple life. Wiseman’s characters are beautiful in this story. I loved Adeline, Mary, Levi and Natalie all so much! The way Wiseman wove their stories, and interlocked them was exquisite and captivating! Levi was my absolutely favorite among them. He has a passion that he has to hide because it’s forbidden but his heart wants to soar with harmony with it. I rooted for him for his passion and his growing affection for Mary through the story. With a few twists and turns thrown into the story along the way, this plot line will leave you hungering for more amazing Wiseman talent. This is a story of finding God’s true will for oneself, and finding a little love and hope along the way. This story will fill your heart to overflowing with tender words and characters that become life long friends. If you are a fan of Wanda Brunstetter, Beverly Lewis, and Amy Clipston, I highly recommend you seek this one out and then share it with all your book loving friends. Wiseman has another hit selling series on her hands, for sure. Four stars and two thumbs up, this one is a keeper in my book! Can’t wait for book two. *I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative.*
AFerri 8 months ago
This is such a wonderful book and great start to a new series. It is written in such a way that you you feel like you are there and feel every emotion that the people in the book go through. There is no cliffhanger, but I can't wait to read the next book. If you are looking for a good, clean book that will hold your attention from the first page till the last, grab this book!! I highly recommend this book. Thank you Zondervan Fiction via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. This is my honest opinion of this wonderful book.
tealovingbookworm 8 months ago
Beth Wiseman opens her new series Amish Journey with the heart-warming novel Hearts in Harmony. Three strangers are brought together as they open their heart and lives to the widow Adeline, and we follow their journey through both laughter and heartbreak as they form an everlasting bond of friendship and love. We meet Levi as a youngster drawn to the forbidden piano at the funeral for Adeline’s husband, where he demonstrates his natural God-given talent for his amazing talent. He continues to fight the urge to play into his young manhood, knowing that in his Amish district musical instruments are considered prideful and therefore a sin against God. Mary, a young Amish woman, is dealing with her own family issues, as is the Englisher Natalie. These three young adults take it upon themselves to do all they can to assist the aging Adeline, from yard work, house painting, meals, and even to enjoying jigsaw puzzles together. Adeline easily falls in love with them and they become her “family”. There may even be a budding romance! The author successfully weaves all of their struggles into a beautifully written saga that leaves the reader yearning for the next book in the series! I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan Publishing through NetGalley and was under no obligation to post a review.
LucyMR1 8 months ago
I loved this book and the events that intertwine the lives of the four main characters. Unusual friendships, age and religious differences, family issues, and illness all woven together flawlessly into a beautiful story that will have you reaching for a tissue. This is one you won’t want to put down until you turn the last page and then you will be wondering when the next one in this series comes out. Hearts that join in their love of music that is forbidden by the Amish meet again and take you on a journey that will melt your heart and leave you in a puddle of emotions. This is one you will want to keep and read again. You don’t have to love Amish Fiction to read this as it has a message for everyone. I received a complimentary copy from the author/publisher. The honest review and opinions are my own and were not required.
LucyMR1 8 months ago
I loved this book and the events that intertwine the lives of the four main characters. Unusual friendships, age and religious differences, family issues, and illness all woven together flawlessly into a beautiful story that will have you reaching for a tissue. This is one you won’t want to put down until you turn the last page and then you will be wondering when the next one in this series comes out. Hearts that join in their love of music that is forbidden by the Amish meet again and take you on a journey that will melt your heart and leave you in a puddle of emotions. This is one you will want to keep and read again. You don’t have to love Amish Fiction to read this as it has a message for everyone. I received a complimentary copy from the author/publisher. The honest review and opinions are my own and were not required.