Heiress's Royal Baby Bombshell

Heiress's Royal Baby Bombshell

by Jennifer Faye

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ISBN-13: 9781488089794
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 11/01/2018
Series: The Cattaneos' Christmas Miracles , #2
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 58,360
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Award-winning author Jennifer Faye pens fun, heartwarming, contemporary romances with rugged cowboys, sexy billionaires and enchanting royalty. Internationally published with books translated into nine languages, she is a two-time winner of the RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Award. She has also won the CataRomance Reviewers' Choice Award, been named a TOP PICK author, and been nominated for numerous other awards.

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Heiress's Royal Baby Bombshell 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Peachey04 6 days ago
Such a cute story! A night of passion leads to a lifetime of love. The characters are great and have wonderful interactions throughout. Determination helps Max get his hearts desire. Loved this book! I voluntarily read and reviewed this book; all opinions expressed are my own.
ethel55 8 days ago
A truly heartwarming read, perfect for this time of year. Noemi begins the story a bit put off by her family's unwillingness to hear her ideas for their jewelry company. The mysterious Max takes her mind off of everything, to say the least. A few months later as Christmas approaches, Noemi crosses paths with him again, with some surprising news to share, while Max reveals a pretty big secret of his own. He is the crown prince of a small country named Ostania. How the two navigate these new truths and learn about each other makes for a wonderful story to read. Both are such great characters. I liked the wintery descriptions as well.
Bette313 9 days ago
This is a fun lighthearted story that was completely entertaining. Noemi hates all the stuffiness of the society parties her family forces her to attend. The one she's at during the beginning of the story is no exception until she meets Max. There is a real spark between these two and they agree to one night together. It's a night full of passion that neither will ever forget. Ever! Three months later Noemi finds herself thrown even further into high society when she runs into Max and confesses her secret. His secret? He's the Crown Prince of Ostania. Let the fun begin! Very entertaining read that I definitely recommend.
LynnB888 10 days ago
Love, marriage and a baby carriage when they least expect it! The latest from Jennifer Faye is a downright delightful read! The characters grabbed my attention quickly and the fast paced, action packed story was addictive. I loved the connection between the characters and the strife involved in getting them to that happily ever after was enthralling. Great read! Maximilian Steiner-Wolf, crown prince of Ostania believes that a childhood illness has left him unable to produce an heir, which means his brother will advance to the throne, but when he finds out there's a chance he might be mistaken, he jumps at the chance to find out what his future will hold! Noemi Cattaneo shared one night of magical passion with Max without knowing who he really was, and when she later finds out she's pregnant, she knows she has to track him down to let him know. She's shocked to learn he's royalty, and is none too happy when he doubts her child is his ... but she knows her child deserves to know it's father, so she's going to be patient with him while he gets his head wrapped around the facts!
blackcrys 10 days ago
I have read all of Jennifer Faye's book and have loved them all including this one. Noemi and Max are amazing together and I really enjoy the turbulence in their lifes and that in the end they have to overcome their issues to find love. As always Jennifer Faye makes you feel like you are part of the story and in this one it was like I was Noemi. It made me believe I could find my prince. Amazing characters and wonderful places. If you enjoy great romance stories You will most definitely enjoy this one.
RobynKFLNJ 12 days ago
I loved this story of Noemi and Max. They met at a party, but after a night together, they went their separate ways. Noemi finds out she's pregnant, and has no way of contacting the father, since she only knows his first name and nothing else. After a chance encounter, Noemi and Max learn each other's true identities. Noemi feels betrayed by her family, and Max doesn't know if what Noemi is saying is true, or if she is just trying to entrap him because he is the crown prince of his country. They have both experienced heartbreak in the past, and are not sure if the other one has an underlying agenda. This is a wonderful fast paced story that had me engrossed from beginning to end. Jennifer Faye is a fantastic author, and I highly recommend this book!
nhr3bookcrazyNR 12 days ago
Always love anything by this author! And this book did NOT disappoint. Even though I don't ever imagine I could/would meet a prince or be an heiress, I always get drawn immediately into the stories writte by Ms. Faye and cannot turn pages quick enough. I just loved Noemi and Max. Keep writing wonderful stories, Ms. Faye!!!
amybooksy 12 days ago
I have to admit, I was not sure what I would think about about Heiress's Royal Baby Bombshell, the second installment from The Cattaneos’ Christmas Miracles series. I have not read a book written by Jennifer Faye before. After reading this book, I am now a fan of the series and of hers. I wanted to just read a chapter before bed and wound up staying up until I was done with it! I just loved Max and Noemi’s story. It was so sweet, delightful, and romantic. Their chemistry was undeniable. I would love to read the others in The Cattaneos’ Christmas Miracles series, as well as, others written by Jennifer Faye in the near future. I highly recommend Heiress’s Royal Baby Bombshell. I am rating it a well deserved Five Plus Stars. I would rate it one hundred stars if I could. I received this book from the review from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.
gdsnv 12 days ago
Heiress’s Royal Baby Bombshell is book two of the Cattaneos’ Christmas Miracles trilogy. I’ve read the first two books and am looking forward to the third. Although it is a standalone – and a wonderful holiday read all on its own – there is an overall story arc that ties the books together. No worries, though; HRBB tells its own story so you will not be lost. In true holiday fashion, we are whisked away to the Swiss Alps where we get to suspend, at least for me, our everyday lives to spend it with the glamourous and wealthy. Noemi Cattaneo and Crown Prince Maximillian Steiner-Wolf (Max, for short) meet up for a second chance meeting that stuns them both. Sometimes it is hard to identify with problems of the rich and famous however both Noemi and Max are dealing with horrific tragedies in their pasts, that we can all identify with, and it colors all that they are in present day. I liked both these characters and loved how they learned to trust one another so that they could live for their futures – separate and together. I won’t say anything about the plot of the story because there are little pieces that make the whole and it will be much more enjoyable to read how the author wove the story rather than my giving spoilers. My heart went out to Max, and some of his family, but you’ll have to read about them to decide for yourself who came across as a “typical” stereotype; made me smile and remember... Noemi’s character just kept getting slapped upside the head with life happening to and around her but even when she was acting a bit like a spoiled heiress, she was lovable. The ending made me smile and **sigh** because it was a wonderfully sweet holiday wrap up. I also had a thought that cracked me up but if I put it in my review, it may be a spoiler. Know that it was a terrific read, great book two, and I can’t wait to read about the Cattaneos in book three.
ytcruz 12 days ago
I am one of the very few that is not interested in royalty or stories about them. But, true to Ms. Faye’s talent as a storyteller, I got hooked from the moment I started reading the book. The story centers around Noemi Cattaneo and Prince Maximilian. Noemi is the face of her family’s jewelry dynasty. Max is a crown prince with responsibilities . They meet at a party , have one night together, and separate without telling each other their last names and thinking they will never meet again. But fate has a different agenda. Noemi ends up pregnant, and thinks she has no way of contacting Max . That is , until they meet by chance. Their lives will forever be changed but the road will be bumpy. Will they find their HEA or will their differences and responsibilities not make that possible? Another entertaining story by this talented author. I was entrusted a copy of this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own.