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Hell Cop

Hell Cop

4.7 6
by Astrid Amara
Welcome to Parmas City, where demons and sorcerers live among ordinary people and a few tough Hell Cops protect them all. Jay, Argent, and Ben are three of them, and they've just met the men of their hottest dreams. Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal


Welcome to Parmas City, where demons and sorcerers live among ordinary people and a few tough Hell Cops protect them all. Jay, Argent, and Ben are three of them, and they've just met the men of their hottest dreams. Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, strong violence.

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As Jay left the ICU, he saw the slim figure of the man who had touched his bare skin the day before. He was leaving the hospital, backpack slung over his shoulder. Instinctively, Jay rushed after him.

The guy was young, in his early twenties. His thick black hair was styled carefully, but his clothes were worn and clearly used. There was an interesting hesitation in his step as he looked across the street at a yellow-skinned, ram-horned taxi driver. He glanced quickly away.

The neighborhood west of the hospital bordered on dangerous. Jay trailed the man from the hospital at a safe distance, wondering what the hell he was doing. He was in the middle of an investigation, and rather than work, he was following some guy home because he had touched him. Being a thirty-year-old virgin was turning him into a pervert.

The man turned down a shuttered and graffiti-strewn street and plunged deeper into the neighborhood. Now he was in the company of addicts and prostitutes.

At one point, this had been a quaint working community with family homes. Now each dilapidated residence slumped under the weight of years of neglect. Large, untended shrubs bulged out over the sidewalks. Broken cars sat like massive lawn ornaments in the middle of grassless yards.

The man stopped at a corner house with a wooden porch that slanted with rotted beams. Gang signs were written in black paint across the front. He turned the key and hastily stepped inside.

Jay trailed the man up the walkway, then found himself hesitating. He'd followed him all this way. It would be foolish to leave now. He would just ask the guy why he could touch Jay's skin. It was something novel and Jay wanted tolearn more about it, that was all. It had nothing to do with the tightness of the man's ass or the mixture of masculinity and beauty in his face.

Jay heard a van screech to a halt behind him. He immediately ducked into the porch shadows, hidden by an overgrown oleander bush. This was ridiculous. Not only was he stalking the damn guy, he was hiding in the bushes.

A cheery whistle filled the air as a large blonde woman with breasts that were nearly popping out of her skintight tank top skipped up the porch steps. Jay looked at her, taken aback by the brazen half-nudity of her delivery costume. The tight spandex bike shorts barely covered her ass.

"Delivery!" she chirped, chewing her gum. She popped a bubble.

Jay leaned out from the shadows for a better look. The delivery boxes in her hands had no labels. And her skin had no pores.

Jay shook his head. Even living in this shithole, the man somehow had enough money to hire a succubus?

The demon knocked again, her perfect smile plastered on her face. "Delivery for Brian Day," she said in a sultry voice.

The man opened the door. "I'm Brian Day." He frowned. "But I didn't order anything."

The demon took in a deep whiff of air. And then she suddenly shifted, growing in size, skin darkening, growing hair. The thighs within her tight bike shorts widened and bulked out, growing meaty and hard. The demon metamorphosed into a large, brawny man.

The man, Brian Day, gaped at the demon. His face flushed. Jay raised an eyebrow. It seemed he wasn't the only queer on the block.

The air smelled sickeningly sweet as the succubus released pheromones as part of its illusion.

Jay sank farther into the shadow. The demon finished changing and was now a strapping deliveryman with a roguish grin and two days' worth of stubble. His tank top fit tight across well-developed abs. The smell of hot, greasy pizza and charbroiled beef wafted from the steaming boxes.

Brian stared openly. "Uh ... I didn't ... order..."

"Paid for by an admirer," the demon said cheerfully. He pushed himself through Brian's door and shut it behind them.

Jay should leave.

He really should.

This was obviously just a role-playing prostitute. He had no business interfering.

Instead, he moved closer to the filmy window, to watch as the succubus offered his wares, food and otherwise. Jay felt like a filthy deviant. That didn't stop the tingles of desire that shot through him, the excitement of stolen glances.

"You hungry?" the succubus asked. He held the boxes of food aloft and stepped closer, until he was standing only inches from Brian.

Brian's face flushed bright red. "Yeah." His glance wavered between the succubus's face and the pizza box.

"I got sausage mushroom pizza," the demon said. "Or chicken wings? You want chicken wings?" He held up the other box. "I also got a steak sandwich."

Brian looked hungrily at the boxes. While his nostrils flared at the smells, the succubus placed the boxes on the floor and took off his shirt. His smile didn't waver--it stayed creepily perfect. Jay had seen far better impersonations of humanity from other demons. This guy was a rube.

Brian glanced at the succubus's face, and his lips parted. His eyes dilated with arousal, and he stepped closer.

Jay could smell the demon's pheromones even from outside the house. His dick hardened, and he saw Brian was also flushed with arousal. He moved even closer, captive to the sight and scent.

Brian hesitated, hands balled into fists at his sides. And then the demon leaned forward and kissed him.

Jay stood still, entranced, watching as Brian returned the succubus's kiss with pulsing hunger.

Jay, who had never himself kissed anyone, felt a surge of aching jealousy. It looked so damned good. The demon's tongue plunged into Brian's mouth, and Brian's body trembled.

The demon tore at Brian's clothes as they kissed. Within seconds Brian stood there in the middle of his living room naked.

The succubus blocked Jay's view of Brian's cock. But he could see the flush of desire across the rest of Brian's body. Unlike Jay's own body, hard and covered in hair, strong and scarred, Brian's body was perfect. Slim, flawless, pale. Brian's voice trembled as the demon kissed his way down Brian's chest, laving each nipple before sinking to his knees. The succubus looked up and smiled.

"Can I suck your cock, Brian?" the succubus asked.

Brian's eyes stared down at him, pupils wide, hands shaking. "Yeah."

Jay smirked. Like the answer would ever be no.

The demon smiled up at Brian and then placed his large palms on Brian's buttocks, pulling his groin forward. Jay strained to see better. He watched the succubus pull Brian's long, lean shaft deep into his mouth. Brian threw his head back, eyes clenched shut, and moaned.

Jay watched in silence. The succubus was good at his job. He pulled back completely and then slammed his head forward, sucking in all of Brian's cock, burrowing his nose into Brian's dark pubic hair. And then he pulled back and repeated the movement. One of his hands reached behind Brian. Jay couldn't see exactly what he was doing, but suddenly Brian arched forward into the succubus's mouth, crying out. Jay thought he could see the succubus pumping his finger into Brian's ass. With his other hand, the demon fondled and cupped Brian's balls.

Jay's breathing was rapid, gasping. This was so sick--and so good. This was better than porn. He could smell the pheromones, his own desire. The demon frigged Brian's ass and sucked his cock with an inhumanly rapid rhythm now; Brian stunned between alternating thrusts of tongue and finger, clearly in heaven.

The demon's figure shimmered. A large, spiny, blue tail slowly grew out of the base of his spine, and it whipped in the air like an eel. It coiled, ready to strike. Its entire length was studded with blades. Jay had seen those razor sharp snakes of muscle cut a man in half before he could blink.

Jay's arousal died. He ripped his gloves off and kicked in the shabby door.

"Freeze!" he bellowed. He unholstered and charged his shock-volt pistol.

The demon spun, teeth growing, fangs pushing through his mouth. Its eyes split into red slits, and it screeched. Its skin rippled as it lunged.

The demon's tail whipped toward Jay with lightning speed, cracking the air. Jay snapped out his arm and grabbed the tail with his bare hand. The demon screamed as his skin burned, charred flesh and hair stinking the air. Jay jerked the demon down onto the ground.

It kept growing, scales bursting over its illusory human skin, tail twitching desperately in Jay's iron grasp.

"Metro Demonic Unit!" Jay shouted. He wasn't about to show his credentials. The demon thrashed as it burned. "You are under arrest!"

The demon tried to kick Jay's feet from under him. Jay stepped hard on the demon's stomach and kicked it. "Who summoned you?" he hissed. He aimed his pistol at the demon's head.

The demon continued to screech. Jay's fingers burned through flesh, and he could feel the raw bones of the demon's tail. The demon whipped it loose and coiled it close to its body. Jay slammed his free hand into the demon's stomach, and the flesh instantly burned.

"Who summoned you?" Jay shouted.

The demon hissed at Brian, who stood naked and stunned.

Jay put the barrel of his pistol against the demon's forehead, but before he could fire, a burst of yellow light blinded him. The succubus vanished in an instant. The smell of singed flesh mingled sickly with the salty, earthy perfume of sex pheromones and sausage pizza.

Jay lowered his pistol, breathing heavily. Then he gave the man a blinding smile.


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Hell Cop 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
MaraJ73 More than 1 year ago
Parmas City is the hive of paranormal crime and I loved every minute of it. Not sure which was my favorite in this three story anthology, I guess I have to go with Next of Kin by Astrid Amara. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy Nicole Kimberling's or Ginn Hale's stories equally but Amara's story is the first and that tends to grab my heart more. The relationships are built realistically and the paranormal aspect is creatively stunning. Don't even get me started on the heat level, WOW!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago