Her Cyborg Beast

Her Cyborg Beast

by Grace Goodwin
4.8 13

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Her Cyborg Beast by Grace Goodwin

Caroline Jane (CJ) Ellison has a gift for analysis. When a Wall Street deal goes bad, the choice between prison or the Interstellar Brides Program is a no-brainer. She'll go. She'll leave Earth, her past, and her mistakes behind. The decision is logical, not emotional. Until she wakes up on another world with a huge Atlan Warlord, her matched mate, refusing to claim her.

Warlord Rezzer is contaminated. Weak. The Hive captured him and stole his soul, his very beast. A mate is out of the question when he can't become what he was born to be, a beast, her mate, her protector. Forced into the Brides Program testing against his will, Rezzer has no intention of claiming the beautiful, sassy female who arrives on the Colony. The Hive stole his beast, but not his honor. He vows to give her to another, a worthy male, a beast who is whole -- one not hunted by the Hive as part of a dangerous new experiment to win the war.

CJ takes one look at the wounded warrior before her and knows she will never be able to let him walk away. He's hers now, her perfect match. And if that means she has to seduce the beast or face off with the Hive to save him...that's exactly what she's going to do. She lived her life following the rules. With everything on the line, it's time to break them.

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BN ID: 2940158569494
Publisher: KSA Publishing
Publication date: 11/08/2017
Series: Interstellar Brides®: The Colony , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 214
Sales rank: 4,324
File size: 612 KB

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All of Grace's books can be read as STAND ALONE novels. Her Happily-Ever-Afters are always free from cheating because she writes Alpha males, NOT Alphaholes. (You can figure that one out.) But be careful...she likes her heroes hot and her love scenes hotter. You have been warned...

About Grace:
Grace Goodwin is an international bestselling author of Sci-Fi & Paranormal romance. Grace believes all women should be treated like princesses, in the bedroom and out of it, and writes love stories where men know how to make their women feel pampered, protected and very well taken care of. Grace hates the snow, loves the mountains (yes, that's a problem) and wishes she could simply download the stories out of her head instead of being forced to type them out. Grace lives in the western US and is a full time writer, an avid romance reader and an admitted caffeine addict.

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Her Cyborg Beast 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Redrabbitt 11 months ago
INTERSTELLAR MATE MATCHING PROTOCOLS While this book is part of a series, it reads well as a stand-alone. The Interstellar Brides program was designed to match up mates from Earth to Alien planets. The bride, Caroline “CJ” Ellison has two options, prison on earth, or mated to an Alien for her crime of insider trading. She will undergo a computer generated program that is designed to match her with the perfect mate. Warlord Rezzer is the Atlan version of the Incredible Hulk, with a beast who lives inside of him. But the problem is, his beast is silent since his last capture with The Hive. He can’t fight and doesn’t feel he can protect a mate and could be considered expendable. With the encouragement, which is a nice way of saying, you will do it, he will undergo testing and a mate is found on Earth. Now he must do the honorable thing, reject her so she can find a suitable mate. The plot will have CJ transported where she will meet Rezzer, but he does everything to reject her, telling her how the Hive has contaminated him, making him Weak and destroying his beast. He will allow her to be available to another mate. CJ has fought for everything she has had in life, in spite of the good ole boy club, and this only angers her that he is rejected her. Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned and she will bring out the beast in Rezzer, and that is exactly what happens. If they were picked to be perfect mates, she would demand nothing less than him as her mate. “I would claim her. Keep her. Never let her go. I would have her heart for my own. Heart. Body. Soul. She was mine. All of her.” “A mate was any female in the universe. You are one of a kind. Mine.” The journey that both Rezzer and Caroline travel will come with angst and passion. She has never been submissive but will be with him. Being a 6’1” female from earth, his over 7-foot stature will make her feel small, but always protected and cherished. Caroline can bring out the beast in the Warlord, and she craves both of them. “This wasn’t just sex. This was—a reckoning. A claiming. Something so unique and intimate.” “You are mine. I’m claiming you, and I’m not giving you up.” The story will take on life and death, and when Caroline is abducted the Hive doesn’t just want her, they want Rezzer, and any offspring produced. Will he be able to protect her or will the Hive control them? They destroyed his beast the last time he was captured, will Caroline be enough to keep his beast alive? “You are my heart, mate. It does not beat without you.” The story includes explicit sex scenes, D/s, kidnap and rescue, along with a great cast of characters in another Grace Goodwin Sci-fi romantic thriller. I look forward to seeing what she will write for us next.
Anonymous 30 days ago
Could not get enough!
Anonymous 5 months ago
143 nook pages of steamy loving, conflict, action, and overall story. Really like these sci-fi stories of Grace's, can not wait for more. ****
Anonymous 6 months ago
Can't wait for the next one!
Anonymous 7 months ago
As good or better than the others. Please write more!
Anonymous 8 months ago
This my fav of all the books
mathphilosopher 9 months ago
Grace Goodwin's "Her Cyborg Beast" is the the fourth tale in the Interstellar Brides, The Colony series. You can read it as a standalone, but you will want to read all of the other books too. Grace Goodwin has written a zillion of these books, but no two feel the same - that's amazing. This one has the neat element that Rezzer has had his sex drive deactivated! CJ is another tough leading lady. Love, love, love. I just one-click everything I see from Grace Goodwin.
Anonymous 9 months ago
I'd HIGHLY recommend this series!! Rezzer was a total sweetheart!!
Anonymous 10 months ago
Great story. I never get tried of these stories.
Anonymous 10 months ago
This is one of my faves so far. The Colony guys tug at my heart already, and Rez just pulled it all the way over to him. I love a good sexy alpha male with a sweet gooey center, and Rez came off xtra touching to me. I cant wait for the next Interstellar Bride book!
Robin_Manor 10 months ago
Grace Goodwin - Her Cyborg Beast (Interstellar Brides: The Colony Book 4) The Interstellar Brides Series that is part of The Colony books are very special and somewhat emotional as that the warriors on this planet all have past traumas and issues they must overcome. The difficulty of finding women to come to the place where the warriors have been “contaminated” makes the situation even more distressing. Each mating is celebrated and treasured because these males have known great loss and have been permanently separated from their families and homeworlds. This story finds a too smart woman, Caroline (CJ) given the choice of prison or the Interstellar Bride Program after being convicted for a insider Trading on Wall Street. She chooses the Bride program figuring she’ll give it a try and not really fall for any aliens. CJ describes herself as Amazon (Tall and Curvy), sassy ,not easily intimidated and not afraid to speak her mind. She is matched to Rezzer, an Atlanta on the Colony. Rezzer has been captured twice by the Hive who has altered him not just physically but have also seemed to managed to suppress his beast. Without feeling like a whole man and unable to fully claim this earth woman he feels he must give her up to a more worthy male. Cue the challenge Caroline eagerly accepts once she meets Rezzer. She refused to be denied the one male who the program has deemed her perfect match and is determined to find a way to bring his beast out of hiding. The story brings many challenges, Rezzer must find his beast and accept the mating, the Hive continues to endanger all and there is much suspense ahead for the mated pair. There are endearing emotional moments as well as humor, romance, and some heart stopping action. Then there are the many hot sexy sizzling scenes Grace Goodwin writes so amazingly and sets within the storyline so well. This is another 5 for hotness (the dinner scene is pretty epic). A 5***** full length book that is a great addition to the The Colony and IBP Series.looks like the next Colony book might involve a certain high level Warlord and hopefully we won’t have to wait long.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I'm so happy that Rezzer got his happily ever after. His mate CJ is amazing too, but they are a great couple...that just made my heart melt. Grace writes such great mystery, danger, romance books...with a tiny (hehe) bit of spice thrown in. I love the Colony so much, that I'd hope to get matched there, if it was at all possible. The guys there make my heart hurt with compassion and want. I'd recommend this series to anyone, and actually I have several times.
SammLynn 11 months ago
I absolutely adore Grace Goodwin's Interstellar Brides series and all of the offshoots (the Colony, Rogue 5, the Virgins) and the best (in my opinion) are the Atlans. I love those big bad-ass beasts that can make even seasoned Coalition warriors nervous but can become giant teddy bears for the right woman. Rezz has been seen in the previous Colony books and each time he appeared, we were given new reasons to love this damaged warrior. Grace did an incredible job in bringing his story to life. His explanation for why they fight so hard for the Coalition was so heartbreakingly beautiful that Lindsey should include it in one (or all) of her Colony PR announcements, thus ensuring plenty of volunteer brides for the Colony. I believe Rezz has usurped Deek's place, as my favorite Atlan. Caroline may not be a scientist like Rachel or a law enforcement officer like Kristin but she is one strongly opinionated and goal orientated woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to fight for it and she wants Rezz (beast or no beast). This story gives Rezz his mate but also expands upon the war with the Hive with a new and devious twist and updates us on some of the other Brides and Vets on Base 3. I could not put this story down (even though I love all of the Interstellar Brides stories, I can put down some of them). At first, I thought I would not like Caroline due to her greed but relocating to a new and different socioeconomic environment, she readily abandoned her previous ways. I won't say too much about Rezz (he is beyond expectations) but his willingness to give up his dream to protect her just shows that he is one awesome Atlan. If you are looking for absorbing stories with a little romance, a little intrigue, a little action, some heavy sex, and a boatload (OK - it's really planets full) of smoking hot alien warriors looking for THE ONE, grab this series and be prepared to ignore everything else (and in my case - get grumpy at each interruption) and enjoy! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and the author and am voluntarily leaving a review (I also purchased it because I really need Grace to write more Atlan stories and I need to see the Hive threat eliminated).