Hide Your Heart

Hide Your Heart


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Hiding in plain sight just got complicated...

Lauren Taylor and her young son have fled back to her hometown to escape fame's cruel spotlight, and all she wants to do is start over. No press, no pictures, no problem. Until Nate Fraser, a sexy photojournalist, moves in next door. Resisting his kisses and keeping her secrets soon become the hardest thing she's ever done.

Nate's got one foot out the door and one last assignment before he resumes his nomadic lifestyle, camera in hand. His every instinct screams that his beautiful but unwelcoming neighbour is hiding something. He couldn't care less when it's difficult enough to keep his eyes-and lips-off of her. No matter how much Nate attempts to keep his heart out of reach, he's drawn into her life. But a guy like him can never have what he wants most. Can he?

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ISBN-13: 9781511668811
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/10/2015
Pages: 282
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.64(d)

About the Author

USA TODAY best selling author Tracey Alvarez lives in the Coolest Little Capital in the World (a.k.a Wellington, New Zealand). Married to a wonderfully supportive IT guy, she has two teens who would love to be surgically linked to their electronic devices.

Fuelled by copious amounts of coffee, she's the author of contemporary romantic fiction set predominantly in New Zealand. Small-towns, close communities, and families are a big part of the heart-warming stories she writes. Oh, and hot, down-to-earth heroes--Kiwi men, in other words.

When she's not writing, thinking about writing, or procrastinating about writing, Tracey can be found with her nose in her e-reader, nibbling on smuggled chocolate bars, or bribing her kids to take over the housework.

Follow Tracey on Twitter as @TraceyAlvrezNZ or Facebook as http://www.facebook.com/TraceyAlvarezAuthor
Her website is http://www.traceyalvarez.com and don't forget to sign up to her newsletter here: http://bit.ly/JR3Asu

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Hide Your Heart 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great characters and a well wtitten, engaging romance.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Although a big fan of Ms Alvarez, this book did end a little abruptly. Otherwise great characters and story line. CB
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
GJRA. I liked this romance but it didn't grab me and make me not want to put it down. 169 pages that end abruptly, didn't even bring Drew in to let us see his excitement at the end. GJRA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really like this author. Only complaint is that her stories and so abruptly. It's like you're waiting to hear just a little bit more instead of going right into the commercials for the next books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Liked the characters and plot. Would have loved to have Lauren's ex in the story to provide more drama and action. Small detail, when Lauren met Nate for the weekend, who watched the dog? Todd and his family were away.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A easy book to read, kept my interest. It was romantic book with a very happy ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a fun wonderful read. Would definitely recommend reading.
Naty More than 1 year ago
Lauren is been hiding in Bounty Bay for two years with his son Drew, running from her past life as supermodel in New York and his abusive ex-husband. When she mets Nathan, a photojournalist and her new neighbour for two months while he is reforming the his new house. Can Lauren trust Nathan enough to open her heart again? Is Nathan ready to settle down and have a family after been traveling since his childhood? A love story about trust, commitment and happiness. The audible version is great. You feel as you were inside the story.
MariePalmer More than 1 year ago
This is a lovely but emotional book, the first in the Far North series I cannot wait to read the second. Lauren is an amazing, beautiful woman who had a very rough few years but found the strength to escape to protect her son, Drew, a gorgeous, bubbly four year old boy. Although in day to day life both Lauren and Drew are happy, confident, strong characters it takes very little for them to be plunged back into the memories of the nightmare that was their life and become skittish and withdrawn. They live a life of hope and you cannot help but cheer them on as the book progresses and hope alongside them. Nate is big, hard and brash....but only to the outside world, inside he is a giant soft, gooey mess desperate for love and a family- even if he doesn't realise it! He may be all growly alpha male when challenged but this is never converted into aggression. At all times he remains gentle and nurturing, no matter if he is soothing Drew or coaxing Lauren to be the sassy woman he knows she can be. The three of them just 'click' like puzzle pieces, even if Nate is too stubborn to see it and Lauren too scared to acknowledge it! Drew however is the star of this book and he embraces every moment of it, showing the adults exactly how it should be. The pages turn themselves as this book draws you in from the first line, a book full of hope, laughter, tears, hot sex and love. Three fantastic characters, complete with faults that make you want to shake them at the same time as you are falling in love with them, the more of the book you read the further into your heart they burrow.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Reading a book by Tracey Alvarez is like taking a mini vacation to my imagined little happy place in New Zealand.  I've never been to New Zealand but thanks to her, I feel like I go there every time I read one of her books and once I finish it, my mind will still keep wandering off to that awesome place in my head.  Just like a vacation though, it's never long enough!   My favorite thing about this book was the heroine.  I loved Lauren so much, which is different because I usually tend to like the guys better. The women can get on my nerves sometimes but not Lauren.  She is a former model turned kickass mom who is now a mechanic and handles a chainsaw like a pro!! I even loved that she had a scar on her face, I'm not sure why but I thought that was so cool, like a physical proof of just how tough she was.  But she can also put on an apron and bake muffins for the boys.   Who doesn't love a story about a mom who will do anything for her kid? This book was beautiful and inspiring and I know I've been gushing so much about Lauren but Nate was pretty great too, quite stubborn but still great.  Have some patience because he takes his time to come around but as always, Ms. Alvarez makes it worth your while.  *I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review* 
SiobhanDavisAuthor More than 1 year ago
This is book one in Tracey's new Far North series and as a massive fan of her Due South series I was really looking forward to getting stuck into this book.  Hide Your Heart tells the story of Lauren and Nate. Lauren is an ex-model hiding from a troubled, dark past. She will do everything to protect her young son Drew, including ignoring her growing attraction to hot newcomer Nate. Nate is a photojournalist who has purchased the nearby house as an investment. Taking time out from his busy career, he plans on fixing up the house and selling it to a developer who intends to use it as a celebrity retreat. Lauren, naturally, isn't happy about his plans as she is desperately trying to shield herself and her son from that world. As their paths intertwine, she finds it harder and harder to deny her feelings for him. The attraction is mutual and Nate is also trying to avoid giving into his heart. Nate's plan for the future is to travel the world taking photos and he has never entertained notions of tying himself down. Until Lauren. As the story progresses both Lauren and Nate are on a journey of self-discovery. Learning to trust in themselves and each other is a challenge they embark on together. This book is written in Tracey's usual enthralling style and the words flow beautifully on the page. The setting is again a small rural community but it's evocative and visual and I found myself wishing I lived there. Sigh  :) The characters are complex and well written and I was definitely rooting for Lauren the whole way through. Her son Drew is an adorable character and so desperately in need of a father-figure. I was hoping that Nate wouldn't let him down. The only slight issue I had with this book was I felt the pacing was a little slow in the first third. However, thereafter I was drawn in and it galloped along at a great pace. If you are a fan of Tracey Alvarez' Due South series, or you like well-written contemporary adult romance, then I highly recommend this book. Actual Rating 4.5 Stars.
dinnafash More than 1 year ago
I read several books a week and often can't remember them the next day.  However, there are some authors whose books, and the books themselves,  that stick in my head for a longtime after.  Tracey Alvarez is one of those authors and "Hide Your Heart" is one of those books. My only problem with it was that it was too short. As tightly wound as Lauren is when she first encounters Nate, I expected her to take longer to let him get close. But as I read on, I realized that she didn't have a chance.  She's a strong and stubborn woman, as all of Tracey's heroines seem to be. It just took her two years and a pair of gorgeous green eyes to remember/realize that. All the characters seem "true to life," such as her big brother and sister-in-law, and even minor characters like Lizzie, the mother of her son's classmates.  Some of my favorite memorable lines come from these other people.  Read the book and you will see what I mean! "Hide Your Heart" is a little tamer than most of Tracey's "Due South" books, but that's okay, because it leaves more room for the main characters to develop a relationship not totally based on sex (although they both seem to think about it A LOT!) Besides, there is a 4-year-old to be considered, and he is a major part of most of the interactions between Lauren and Nate, maybe even the catalyst for jumpstarting their relationship. Although I received an ARC of the book for a review, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book and last but not least, greatly appreciated that it was well edited, with no glaring grammatical or word usage errors to detract from the pleasure of reading it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Blsfan68 More than 1 year ago
I loved this novel! It is well written and steamy. The characters are intriguing and likable. I haven't read a book by Ms. Stone yet that I haven't liked. Her stories keep getting better and better! This is supposed to be the last book in the series but I hope that changes. Please give Josh his HEA! ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Lauren and her 4 year old son, Drew, ran from Drew's abusive father two years ago.  Now she's living in Bounty Bay, New Zealand.  Her car is stuck in the mud, in a storm, on the side of the road and they're about to be rescued by a tall, sexy stranger, who will forever change her life.  Nate Fraser is only in town long enough to refurbish a home he purchased and sell it.  What effect will this beautiful woman and her amazing little boy have on him after his business is finished in Bounty Bay? This is an amazing, feel good love story.  How can you resist reading such a touching story with the cutest 4 year old little boy ever?  You can't!  Domestic violence is a terrible thing and often leaves victims scarred on the inside as well as the outside.  Seeing the after effects on Lauren and Drew made Nate want to be their protector.  Even though he thought he couldn't stay forever because he's a photojournalist and traveling the world is what he does, this woman and her child made him long for things he never thought he wanted.  This was an emotional read with a woman  who is afraid to live again, a little boy looking for someone to look up to and a man who believes he can never settle down in one place.  This is book one in the Far North series.  Bravo Tracey Alvarez!  What a great beginning! Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.
ihehe More than 1 year ago
Ms Alvarez has another hit on her hands. This is one more you can't put down until you get to the end.  Nate and Lauren have a love story  that makes everyone want to fall in love.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Such a sweet read! I loved the characters--Lauren and Nate, naturally, but also Lauren's brother Todd and sister-in-law Kathy and Drew, of course--he is absolutely adorable, with his monkey-roni and the Superman picture--too cute! :) Lauren's fighting some pretty big demons--she and her son escaped an abusive relationship and a life she'd never asked for in New York City, seeking refuge in rural New Zealand. Once a world-famous model, she's dyed her hair, changed her look, and keeps herself apart from everyone but her immediate family. She's afraid of being recognized, afraid of the paparazzi, and afraid to let anyone outside her family in. She originally befriends Nate somewhat reluctantly in order to get him to change his plans for the property next door, but the more she gets to know him, the more she wants him, even though she knows their relationship can't last... Having recently lost his mentor, Nate's taking a break from his photojournalism to rehab a house he's bought sight unseen. (Okay--he saw pictures, but they were misleadingly old and hugely inaccurate.) He's in way over his head, so he enlists the help of a neighbor--a neighbor who's less than thrilled to notice his new boss's interest in his sister. Nate's drawn to Lauren and charmed by his son, but has always believed that his would be a solitary existence--leaving a family to chase work around the globe just wouldn't be right, after all. That's what his mentor always told him...didn't he? I loved watching Lauren and Nate grow closer, and seeing Drew work his magic on the confirmed bachelor. Tracey's new series is starting out beautifully--this book doesn't quite have the same lighthearted feel to it that her Due South series does, but it's written with her same trademark humor. I loved every minute I spent reading this one, and look forward to book two--which will star Nate's equally famous (and in at least one aspect, equally infamous) cousin. Rating: 4 stars / A- I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
specialangel87 More than 1 year ago
Lauren Taylor left fame and fortune behind when she moved back home to New Zealand. All she wanted was to live in obscurity with her 4 year old son Drew. She was happy no one but her family knew about her past. Lauren went to great lengths to make sure it stayed that way. Nate Fraser was a photojournalist who loved his globe-trotting, exciting lifestyle. He had gotten to a point in life where he wanted to be able to choose his assignments instead of taking orders from a boss. So, he bought a 'fixer-upper'. His plan was to restore it and make enough money from the sale to live life on his terms. Lauren and Nate meet when he becomes her neighbor. He hires her brother Todd to help with renovating the house. Lauren helps out, too. The attraction between them is strong but Lauren is determined to keep Nate at arms length. She is afraid he will realize who she is and tell the media. Nate isn't into lasting relationships but he'd like to have a fling with Lauren. She doesn't do flings. Will they be able to reach an agreement and live HEA? I really enjoyed this story. The characters are all extremely likeable and interesting. The story is realistic and no unnecessary drama was added. The writing is tight-- no rehashing every thought and action. Very straight forward. Never bogs down. The chemistry between Nate and Lauren is hot! One of the things that makes Nate such an appealing man is his relationship with Drew. He isn't used to being around kids but he is drawn to Drew. Nate knows how to make him feel important, smart, and special. It isn't an act to get Lauren into bed. Nate loves Drew and Drew loves Nate. To me nothing is hotter or sexier than a man who treats a woman right and falls in love with her kids. That is the ideal man. Of course, the fact Nate is really built doesn't hurt. ;-)) This is the first book I've read by Tracey Alvarez. It certainly won't be the last. Hide Your Heart is Book 1 in the Far North Series. I look forward to Book 2. This is an author you need to read if you are looking for well-written, enjoyable romances
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book. I basically read it in one sitting. The chracters are very likable and you can't help wishing them their HEA. I highly recommend this book and this author. Especially if you are looking for something is good believable storylines. An added bonus is you get a full length novel without having to worry about buying installments to get the whole story. Will defintely be reading more of her stories.
MarcieJane More than 1 year ago
I don't normally write reviews, but I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This book was a nice love story in a beautiful setting. It deals with tough issues of abuse and how the characters are dealing with it now that they are safely out of the situation. Kept you wondering until the end if Lauren would allow herself to stop hiding herself and her son Drew away from the outside world. Nate is the perfect man to draw Lauren out and he's great with Drew. You want to shake him and make him realize that there is more to life than drifting from country to country taking pictures of other people living their lives. Very enjoyable read.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Once again Ms Alvarez has created charming, believable, heartwarming characters that I would love to have as friends or be the neighbors of. Lauren Taylor is on her own living with her son in Bounty Bay, New Zealand. Nate Fraser comes to their rescue within the first few pages of the book BUT the two of them have a lot to overcome if they are to get together even though there is instant attraction. Drew, Lauren’s four year old son, brings a special element to this story and his part in helping his mother and Nate is fun to read. The development of the characters is perfect and made me feel I knew them well. Though this is a love story it is also about overcoming, being strong but knowing when to bend. Throughout the story friendship and family shine through as all important. Thank you to the author for the ARC to read so I could review this book!