Highland Oath

Highland Oath

by Donna Fletcher

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Tragedy is about to hit the MacKinnon family and change their lives forever.

Royden MacKinnon oldest of the three MacKinnon siblings has loved Oria, the daughter of a neighboring chieftain as long as he can remember. He wants no other woman, needs no other woman, has been with no other woman. Both will be virgins when they wed and he looks forward to them discovering all the loving things marriage can bring.

Arran is the middle child gifted with a charmed tongue and fine features that steal many a woman's heart. He's not ready for a wife or family, no need for him to be since it is Royden who will one day rule the clan. He entertains himself with willing women and defends any woman when need be... even Purity of the Clan Macara, a little mouse of a thing who can't stand up for herself. But then her brother Bayne is a man most men won't challenge.

Raven is the youngest of the three MacKinnon siblings, raised by all men—her mother dying in childbirth—and is accustomed to doing as she pleases and speaking as she pleases. Traits her father realizes will be difficult when the time comes to find her a husband.

Life is good at the Clan MacKinnon, food plentiful, clan members faithful, the future bright until... the attack. They had heard rumors, thought to be prepared, but it came without warning. In the end Royden and Arran are taken away to serve the King, Parlan, their da, is believed dead, and Raven... no one knows what's happened to her.

It isn't until five years later that Royden and Arran return home far different men than they once were. Both intend to find their sister and find the person responsible for what happened to their family... and take their revenge.

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BN ID: 2940162946458
Publisher: Donna Fletcher
Publication date: 03/11/2020
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Customer Reviews

Highland Oath 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Jutzie 3 days ago
Highland Oath by Donna Fletcher Highland Promise Trilogy Prequel This prequel was incredible! What emotions it brings out as you get to know several people who will possibly be in future books. The MacKinnon's: Royden, Arran, and Raven who live in the keep with their father, Parlon. The MacGlennen's: Oria who is betrothed to Royden and her father, William. The Macara's: Bayne, Purity, and their father, Galvin. When a joyous day turns into disaster...everything changes in happy life of the MacKinnons. And it may never be the same. The next book takes place years later. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series and to see how things can work out into a happily ever after.
RaeDeane Hawthorne 4 days ago
can't wait for the rest of the books
romancegoddess 12 days ago
WOW! What can I say? Donna Fletcher really knows how to keep a reader captivated when reading her books. This may have been a short story but it made me crave more. I loved how she was able to introduce us to each of the character individually and you got to know them before their story's come out, you're able to get into their background a bit more and understand how their story came to be. That is something I truly like about this book it's something new that I haven't experience with an author before and it makes me really anticipate the characters individual stories more. Take Royden; we first meet him in this book and he's this young man waiting to marry his the love of his life Oria. They have loved each other since they were kids, and we see them plan their wedding thorough out this book and we hope all goes well until BAM something terrible goes wrong and Royden is sudden in the middle of a battle and Oria is taken and 5 years come and gone and neither of them knows if the other has survived until one day Royden returns home only to find out that she has been married to another...…. Then there is Arran; the middle child we all know the type, never has to worry about a thing because his older brother will take care of the duties. He rather spend his days with loose women and doing what he wants. Yet when he keeps getting pressed into marriage to a plain jane name Purity, he just can't do it, but can't help but feel sorry for her situation. Purity only wants to escape her family and Aaron his the man she wants. He is the only man to ever make the effort to talk to her, since she has a deformity. Yet when his sister takes her under her wings Purity knows that this is the closes she can be to him, until her Da wants to send her to a convent. Lastly there is Raven, oh how I wish I had her courage. Fierce is a word to describe her, funny is another, mischievous is number two and Loyal at number one. When trouble starts brewing in her homeland Raven is determined to do anything to keep her family together, even if that means going against what her Dad and brothers say. She will keep them together no matter what the cost. Yet when the witch comes and warns her of the dangers that are about to happen. Raven is afraid, yet the only she can do is Survive. This book was a great read. I recommend that you read this and I can wait for the others to follow.
Anonymous 12 days ago
While I love every book this author has put out, this one kind of dragged for me and it was only 80+ pages. I will read the books that follow but hope they are better than the prequel.