Hindsight: Coming of age on the streets of Hollywood

Hindsight: Coming of age on the streets of Hollywood

by Sheryl L Recinos


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Hindsight: Coming of age on the streets of Hollywood is a gripping memoir of the teenage years of Sheryl Recinos, MD. She reflects on the journey that changed her life when she was a teen in her debut book. She chronicles her dysfunctional upbringing that led her through foster care, detention, and eventually to the streets of Hollywood.

Hindsight gives Sheryl’s personal account of the dangers of teen homelessness and shows how she struggles to complete high school and find work while living on the streets and in shelters. The book reveals the dangerous obstacles that she encountered during her journey, including the murder of a friend and the constant dangers of predators seeking to harm youth on the streets. Her story culminates with her harrowing tale of being a homeless pregnant teen and illustrates how she found hope and made it off the streets.

After Sheryl Recinos, MD, overcomes homelessness, she later finds success as a physician and continues to give back to the community that saved her.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732850002
Publisher: Sheryl Recinos
Publication date: 10/30/2018
Pages: 390
Sales rank: 532,725
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.87(d)

About the Author

Sheryl Recinos is a mother of 3, wife, and family medicine physician living in Los Angeles, California. She holds a BA in Sociology from UCLA, a BS in Cell and Molecular Biology, a Master's in Education from California State University, Northridge, and obtained her medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine. She currently works as a hospitalist. She is happily married to Byron Recinos.

When she isn't writing or taking care of patients, she can be found hanging out with her family or volunteering. She regularly travels to Mexico with the UC Irvine branch of Flying Samaritans to volunteer in their free clinic in Testerazo. She has also travelled to the Caribbean for hurricane relief and community building.

She also works closely with My Friend's Place in Hollywood, and recently started the Impact Scholarship at their program to help youths who are transitioning off of the streets and enroll in college.

Her website can be found at: www.sherylrecinosmd.com.

Roxana Recinos is a debut artist, currently studying towards her degree in animation. She uses the pseudonym Rixael for her online artwork.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Before We Fell Apart

Chapter 2: Broken Home

Chapter 3: Dads Don’t Get Custody

Chapter 4: Married Again

Chapter 5: Hospital

Chapter 6: Like It Never Happened

Chapter 7: Donnie

Chapter 8: The First Escape

Chapter 9: Running Again

Chapter 10: As Far Away As Possible

Chapter 11: California

Chapter 12: 601

Chapter 13: Foster Care

Chapter 14: Gone Again

Chapter 15: Last Chance

Chapter 16: C.A. DIllon

Chapter 17: Freedom in Spades

Chapter 18: Self Defense

Chapter 19: Reggie

Chapter 20: Good Behavior

Chapter 21: Conditional Release

Chapter 22: Running

Chapter 23: Las Vegas

Chapter 24: Riot

Chapter 25: Guilty

Chapter 26: Failed Attempt

Chapter 27: New Beginnings

Chapter 28: Falling

Chapter 29: 72 Hours

Chapter 30: White Van

Chapter 31: Escape

Chapter 32: Miami

Chapter 33: Charlotte

Chapter 34: David’s House

Chapter 35: Back to California

Chapter 36: The First Night

Chapter 37: Back on the Streets

Chapter 38: Their First Night

Chapter 39: Outside

Chapter 40: Pantages

Chapter 41: LAYN

Chapter 42: Emma

Chapter 43: Seventeen

Chapter 44: Spanging

Chapter 45: Kicked Out

Chapter 46: Alone

Chapter 47: AEWC

Chapter 48: Santa Monica

Chapter 49: Pepper Spray

Chapter 50: Sam

Chapter 51: Hired

Chapter 52: Back to the Beach

Chapter 53: 86’ed

Chapter 54: Traveling

Chapter 55: David’s, Again

Chapter 56: Going Home

Chapter 57: Red

Chapter 58: Elijah

Chapter 59: A.A.

Chapter 60: Apology

Chapter 61: Ava and Emma

Chapter 62: Shelter

Chapter 63: Ava

Chapter 64: Grief

Chapter 65: Box Office

Chapter 66: Ground Zero

Chapter 67: Damian

Chapter 68: Halloween

Chapter 69: Expecting

Chapter 70: Jerry Springer

Chapter 71: Pregnant Hitchhiker

Chapter 72: Making Amends

Chapter 73: Back Again

Chapter 74: Children of the Night

Chapter 75: Rock Bottom

Chapter 76: Diploma

Chapter 77: Citywalk

Chapter 78: DAPY Girl

Chapter 79: Burger Factory

Chapter 80: Byron

Chapter 81: Last Night as a Kid

Chapter 82: Eighteen

Chapter 83: Melinda

Chapter 84: Covenant House

Chapter 85: First Apartment

Chapter 86: College

Chapter 87: Pregnant, Again

Chapter 88: Back in the Shelter

Chapter 89: Nowhere to Go

Chapter 90: Mario

Chapter 91: Maternity Home

Chapter 92: My Friend’s Place

Chapter 93: Michelle

Chapter 94: Baby Shower

Chapter 95: Surprise

Chapter 96: Accident

Chapter 97: Induced

Chapter 98: Roxana

Chapter 99: Second Chance

Chapter 100: New Beginnings

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Hindsight: Coming of age on the streets of Hollywood 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
ReadersFavorite2 10 months ago
Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite Hindsight: Coming of Age on the Streets of Hollywood by Sheryl Recinos is a memoir that captures the author's coming-of-age story through her dysfunctional upbringing, living on the streets of Hollywood, getting pregnant and being homeless to becoming an emotionally balanced and successful physician. In this narrative, the author shares her painful experience as a teen, from the moment she and her brother leave home together with her mom to finding themselves in uncharted territory without their mom and the hardships of living off the streets. The story is told with utter honesty and from the beginning, the reader understands the confusion as young Sheryl tries to understand why her mother has to get them away from their dad. The tension grows quickly when their mom is taken away from them in very unclear circumstances. I wanted to know what would become of Sheryl and her brother from the moment they found themselves in what she calls “a place that did not have two parents.” The writing is fluid and the narrative is interesting from the perspective of the author, allowing readers insights into her thoughts. The emotions are captured with clarity, and at times one really feels the precision in the way she describes details about her life. Sheryl offers realistic glimpses of what life in the streets is like, and the contrast between the glitz of Hollywood and the low-life witnessed in the streets is poignant. Hindsight: Coming of Age on the Streets of Hollywood is a story of hope, one that teaches readers that they can change their stars by having a clear perspective for their life and working hard to get to where they want to be. I found it to be very inspiring and uplifting.
ReadersFavorite1 10 months ago
Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite Hindsight: Coming of Age on the Streets of Hollywood is a non-fiction memoir penned by author Sheryl Recinos, who made the journey from being a homeless teenager to becoming an MD. Beginning with her life in a dysfunctional family unit, we go with Sheryl through her recollections of being placed in the foster care system, the effect that the system had on her, and onto her eventual move to living on the streets of Hollywood. Here, the tale takes an even more savage turn into the dark world of survival for those who are a prime target for predators. But through it all, Sheryl’s resilience and instincts help her not only to survive but to thrive and build a new life for herself in the future. There are many instances of quite terrifying events throughout the earlier portions of this book, and author Sheryl Recinos does a great job at relaying them without graphic detail, but they may still be too disturbing for some readers. That said, her journey is an incredible one against the odds of what life threw at her at such a young age, and the chronology and pacing of her personal storytelling through the highs and the lows was very compelling to read. Recinos is unafraid to be honest in her feelings about the foster system, her own reactions as a young person, and the realities and difficulties of her life, which makes it all the more inspiring to see how she turned it around. Hindsight is an excellent work, certain to inspire others in the same way.
ReadersFavorite 10 months ago
Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers' Favorite Hindsight: Coming of Age on the Streets of Hollywood by Sheryl Recinos, MD, is a memoir that chronicles the author’s life growing up through foster care, detention, and the streets of Hollywood. Sheryl's story begins in March 1988 when her mother wakes her up in the middle of the night with the words: "We have to leave." She says there was something primal about her mother's voice and that was to change her life forever. Her dysfunctional upbringing put her through a life of hardship. As Sheryl Recinos narrates her experiences living on the streets, she gives insights into what homelessness can do to teenagers, sharing her struggles, her experiences with predators that target street kids. The narrative follows her journey to the point of becoming a homeless pregnant teen and how she found hope and got off the streets. Poignant and filled with a realistic sense of grit, Hindsight is a real-life story that looks at the other side of life, at what happens in the streets, right under the noses of people who enjoy the comforts of home. Sheryl Recinos writes in a voice that is both strong and compassionate, filling the story with insights and sharing her life in a tone that is ruthlessly honest. As I read this memoir from page to page, I rooted for the author and reflected on my own story. Hindsight is a story of resilience and courage and of a young teen who wouldn’t give up on herself in a world that felt strange and cruel at the same time. The prose is tight and the conflict well-developed against the backdrop of a Hollywood that is not only disenchanting but frightening. Inspiring and enjoyable.
EmersonRoseCraig More than 1 year ago
Hindsight: Coming of Age on the Streets of Hollywood is an exceptional story. Author Sheryl Recinos has laid out the struggles she has faced in her life in hopes of inspiring and helping others who are struggling. She recounts the years of her life from preteen to young adult, giving her experiences on the street, couch surfing, abuse, addiction, pregnancy and much more. The true story is one that really makes you think about homeless youth in our country and the way that a home that appears stable may not always be the best for children. I was enthralled in this story. Recinos's writing style is both captivating and clear. The book is large but fairly quick to get through and chronicles several years. I found the introduction of the book to be very compelling as Recinos describes her life as a doctor and the ways in which her life experiences give her the ability to help others. This gives the book a lens to see through and comes around again at the end of the book. Beginning to end, an amazing story. Hindsight is definitely a must read book in its important message, honest story, and heartwarming desire to help others. It is different from other books I have read on the subject in its detail, honesty, and the personal aspect of the book. There are several sections that are hard to read because of the real world struggles being gone through by a teenager without support, but the book is worth the read. I greatly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it.