His Rebellious Lass

His Rebellious Lass

by Callie Hutton

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He wants to marry her off quickly. She says absolutely not.

When the Marquess of Campbell inherits a fiery, red-headed Scottish beauty as his ward, it’s his job to marry her off. No problem. She comes with a fortune. Lady Bridget MacDuff will have suitors falling all over themselves to wed her.

Not so fast. Lady Bridget has plans for that fortune and they involve helping unfortunate women. And she has no intention of helping her devastatingly handsome guardian in his quest to get her off his hands. He doesn’t plan to marry, either. Why should she?

Bridget and Cam are now on opposite sides of a war that neither one plans to lose. Even if Cam’s rakish presence throws Bridget’s heart into turmoil and the marquess can’t deny that his ward sets his heart afire. And then Cam makes a bold proposal...

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ISBN-13: 9781640637825
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 07/08/2019
Series: Scottish Hearts , #1
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 280
Sales rank: 5,472
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Callie Hutton has penned more than thirty-five historical romance books and writes humorous and spicy Regency with “historic elements and sensory details.” (The Romance Reviews) Callie lives in Oklahoma with two rescue dogs and her top cheerleader husband of many years. Her family also includes her daughter, son, and daughter-in-law. And her four-year-old twin grandsons, “The Twinadoes.”

Callie loves to hear from readers. Contact her directly at calliehutton11@gmail.com, or find her online at www. calliehutton.com for a printable list of all her books and to sign up for her newsletter. Also visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, and follow her on Amazon and Book Bub to receive notice of new releases and pre-orders.

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London, England September, 1818

Donald, The Marquess of Campbell, known as Cam to family, friends, and lovers, gripped the missive he'd received from his land steward and frowned.

My Lord,

It is imperative that you return to Cumberland as quickly as possible to retrieve an item of utmost importance.

Mr. David Sterns

He stared at the paper and read it over several times. No matter how hard he tried, no other words to clarify the statement appeared. He shook his head. Surely a more puzzling note did not exist. What the devil was "an item of utmost importance"?

He strode down the corridor to his bedchamber, none too happy. As he tossed items into a small satchel to make a quick trip in answer to the nebulous summons, he dwelled on the work in Parliament awaiting his attention. Although Parliament was no longer in session, having struck the final gavel for the year in June, Cam was, nevertheless, attending meetings and discussions with other members who had remained in Town. Meetings had been necessary to consider bills he was working on to assist veterans and their families. Taking the time to travel all the way to the Scottish border was frustrating. Especially when he had no idea why he was being summoned.

He had also planned to squeeze in a rousing couple of weeks of fun, frolic, women, and liquor to soothe himself, as the last of his three life-long friends had just married. While happy for the men and their newly acquired spouses, the last thing he wanted was a wife. He gripped his satchel and left the house.

A wife.

Just the thought made him itchy.

* * *

After five days of travel, Cam was more than ready to end his trek. Even though he'd spent time out of the carriage and on his horse, Nettles, he wanted to sleep in his own bed, eat Cook's food, and drink a glass of decent brandy in front of his own fireplace.

He and his valet, Markham, had traveled together in Cam's large and comfortable coach. He had no intention of staying any longer than it took to retrieve this "package." Even if he stayed only a few days in Cumberland, he would miss several important meetings in London.

Wearily, Cam climbed from the carriage, pressed his hands against his lower back, and stretched. He could not help the smile that covered his face as he looked at Campbell Manor. For as much as he preferred to be in London for Parliament, he loved his home estate.

The Manor staff awaited him outside, lined up to greet their master. Ralph, the head butler, introduced two new footmen. Mrs. Bromley, his housekeeper, had hired one new chamber maid. He always made it a point to greet each member of his staff and had learned their names, spouses' names, and children — although that changed somewhat dramatically visit to visit. His servants were quite prolific in their ability to reproduce.

After they made it into the entrance hall, Cam turned to Markham. "I would like a hot bath, clean clothes, and dinner. In that order."

Markham nodded and followed Cam into the house, giving orders to the footmen for a hot bath to be brought to the master's bedchamber directly.

Cam took the stairs to the first floor two at a time. This comfortable home was the place he had been raised with his younger sisters, Constance and Maryann.

Cam had been a mere twenty years when his father died ten years before, leaving Cam head of the family and guardian for the young girls, who were then twelve and fourteen. After sufficient grieving time, he'd enrolled them in a fashionable boarding school in London, which allowed him to see to his Parliamentary duties and stay close to them.

At the end of their first Seasons, both girls had become betrothed and were now enjoying marital bliss, bringing children into the world at an alarming rate.

His bedchamber welcomed him, as though it had held its breath for his return. The chunky dark furniture had been his father's, but the wall coverings, bedcovers, and draperies had been his own choosing. The deep-brown and blue print coordinated well with the dark wainscoting and blue-striped paper on the walls.

He'd kept the furniture to preserve the memory of his father, the man who'd made Cam's childhood one miserable event after another. Beatings, starvation, and other cruel means of discipline had comprised Cam's daily life. He wanted this reminder so he would never have children of his own and end up like his father.

His only escape from the brutality had been when he was sent to school, where he'd met Hawk, Templeton, and Bedford. They had become his family.

Cutting into his musing, footmen appeared with a large tub and buckets of steaming water, a reminder of his plan to have a bathing room installed in the house. It had been on his list of improvements for at least two years. All his time spent in London had forced him to put those projects on hold.

As he climbed into the tub and washed the road dust off, he considered not spending as much time in London. He missed it here, and there were many projects with the house he'd like to begin.

He looked around the room as he washed, dried off, and dressed. As always, he insisted on tying his own cravat, as every gentleman should do. A quick brush of his hair and he descended the stairs, cheerful to be out of the coach and ready for one of his best brandies before a delectable dinner.

He opened the door to the library, walked about two steps, and then came to a complete stop. A young woman he'd never seen before stood in the center of the room, staring at the doorway, her chin in the air. Her flashing crystal-blue eyes regarded him with a combination of fear and anger, and golden-red curls falling from her poorly constructed hairstyle landed on soft white shoulders.

The young lady's face was perfection. High arched brows, creamy skin, a tiny nose, and full lips. Lips that looked ready for kissing. On second glance, the way they were pursed, maybe not kissing.

"Who are you?"

"I am your ward." She placed her fisted hands on her hips. "And not happy about it."

* * *

Bridget glowered at Lord Campbell as all the blood seemed to drain from his face. Good, she'd shocked him. Precisely how she'd felt when she learned her fate.

"My what?" The man barely got the word out. Not that she cared if he was upset. She wanted her freedom — and money — and he could go to the devil.

"Please don't tell me you are the package I was sent to retrieve." He glared at her. She glared back. Fine. If he was as unhappy about this arrangement as she was, then he would most likely be willing to find a solution. One that would give her leave to do as she wished.

She regarded him coolly. "I believe so. Your man told me you would most likely not come if you knew you had a ward waiting for you."

"Smart man. And in a vast amount of trouble." Lord Campbell strode to the sideboard and poured a brandy. "Would you care for a drink? Or perhaps send for tea?" At least he had manners.

"Tea is for invalids and old ladies. I would like a drink, but none of that sherry. Whisky. Scotch whisky."

Although his eyebrows rose almost to his hairline, he poured the brown liquid from the bottle he held into a crystal tumbler. He recapped the bottle — French brandy, she noted — and picked up another bottle then splashed two fingers' worth into a second glass. He strolled across the room and handed one to her. Motioning to the settee in front of the fireplace, he said, "Sit."

Her jaw dropped. This man is insufferable. "Is that an order, Lord Campbell?"

He sighed and dipped his head. No doubt he considered a minor nod a replacement for an apology. "Please have a seat." He swept his hand in the direction of the settee.

Bridget settled herself and took a sip of the whisky. For all her bravado, she was shaking inside now that she finally faced her guardian.


She was ever so annoyed and angry at this turn of events. Her dear papa had died only two weeks before. At the reading of his will, she'd been astounded to find that he had left her care in the hands of The Marquess of Campbell. For three days she'd cried, railed, and, yes, cursed her beloved father.

The problem was, as his solicitor, Mr. Manning had explained with a flushed face, Papa had not changed his will in years, and the Lord Campbell he'd meant to be her guardian was this Lord Campbell's father. Papa had not identified her guardian in any other way, therefore, by law, this young, handsome, and — from what she understood — rakish man was her guardian.

"I will begin by telling you I am more than happy to break this ridiculous arrangement and allow you to return to London and do whatever it is you do that makes the gossip columnists so very happy." She waved a dismissive hand at him.

He narrowed his eyes. "Perhaps, before you showed your poor manners by attacking me the minute I walked into my own library, you might introduce yourself properly and explain exactly what this guardianship means."

Oh, he is repugnant. Then as his words rolled over her, she cowered with shame. She had been quite rude, and this man was as much a victim of her father's will as she was. But if she were to gain some control, she had to stay strong. She took a deep breath and offered him a smile. "I apologize. I did not mean to attack you. I merely wanted to advise you that I do not want, nor do I need, a guardian. My name is Lady Bridget MacDuff, I am one and twenty, and I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself."

"Apparently, your father did not think so." He took a sip of his drink, and she tried very hard not to notice how his lips covered the rim of the glass, making her wonder what they would feel like pressed up against her own lips. She mentally chastised herself. The man was her enemy, and she best ignore any silly attraction she felt toward him.

Her so-called guardian was a tall man and quite broad-shouldered. His curly ginger hair skimmed the top of his cravat in the back. The locks also covered his forehead, right above the greenest eyes Bridget had ever seen, surrounded by shining bronze gold–tipped eyelashes. She imagined the gossip columnists were correct and he gave many a young lady heart palpitations and something to dream about at night.

Certainly not her, though. He was her worst nightmare. "My father was getting on in years and refused to acknowledge that I was quite grown up."

"Nevertheless, he chose to name a guardian for you. I do not know you, nor your father, so perhaps you can enlighten me on how this all came about?"

Unable to sit for long periods of time, especially when she was unsettled, she placed the now empty whisky glass on the table in front of them and stood. Lord Campbell rose as well. Yes, very good manners. But then again, anyone who spent so much time seducing the ladies must possess the very best of polished manners. And charm.

"Papa and your father were schoolmates, who apparently kept up a correspondence over the years. Although the former Lord Campbell visited our estate a few times, I don't remember him, as I was quite young the last time he did."

"But my father has been dead for ten years. Your father must have known that. Why was a new guardian not named?"

Bridget shrugged. "I asked Mr. Manning, Papa's solicitor, the same question, and he told me he had urged Papa to change his will, but he always had an excuse."

Lord Campbell wandered over to the heavy wooden desk in the center of the room and rested his hip against the edge, swinging his booted foot. No. She did not notice how his breeches tightened over his muscled thighs. "Where can I find this Mr. Manning?"

"He lives in the village near Papa's estate."

"Where is that?"

"Scotland. Right across the border in Dumfriesshire."

"Scotland? I do not detect a Scottish accent."

"I spent a few years in London, where I attended a boarding school that beat the accent out of me. Papa wanted me to enter into London Society to find a husband."

"And did you attend a Season? I don't remember you."

She grinned. "No. I've been able to skip that torment for the past three years. I did not like London. 'Tis a dirty, smelly place, and I missed Scotland far too much."

"What happened to your father's estate?"

She raised her chin and scowled at the memory of the heir's response to her summons. "A very rude second cousin from the Highlands inherited Father's lands. He didn't even come for a visit, just sent word that he was much too busy and would attend to the estate in a few months."

Lord Campbell studied his empty glass. "I will contact Mr. Manning, but I'd like you to tell me the terms of this guardianship. If you are already one and twenty, I don't understand the need for it."

Praise the saints! Maybe the man would be gracious enough to cancel the entire thing. She nodded furiously. "I agree. Papa's will states that I am to have a guardian until I am three and twenty. At that time, if I have not married, I will inherit his fortune." And she had plans for that money, plans that could not wait another eighteen months.

Lord Campbell's eyes lit up. "Married?"

Her heart sunk to her knees. Blast it. Was that joy she saw in his eyes? Surely, he would not attempt to marry her off? She sucked in a breath. Or, worse yet, force her to marry him? A rake? Someone after her inheritance, perhaps?

She blurted out, "I will not marry you."

Once again, his brows rose to his hairline. "I am happy to hear that, Lady Bridget, considering I have no intention of marrying you. Or anybody, for that matter."


Marry her! The chit had to be a featherbrain. On the other hand, if he married her off — to someone else — she would no longer be his unwanted and unexpected ward. He'd done a good job finding the men who had turned into husbands for his sisters.

"Are you saying you will not marry me — just to be sure, please know I am not asking — because there is another gentleman who has captured your heart?" He tried to keep the hopefulness out of his voice.

"No. Like you, I don't wish to marry at all. Ever. No husband. I intend to be a very happy spinster." She narrowed her eyes. "All I have to do is break the will or wait until I reach three and twenty years."

"I thought all young ladies wanted a husband."

Lady Bridget sniffed. "Spoken like a true rake who has probably been beating off would-be wives and their persistent mamas for years."

"Why are you so angry?" Why he asked that, he had no idea, since he didn't know the chit, didn't want to know her, and in most cases, never wondered how or why a woman felt the way she did. His lovers and mistresses had been for one purpose only.

In one way, Lady Bridget was correct. For years, he'd been fending off the women — and their mamas — who had attempted to make it appear as if he'd compromised them. He shuddered at the memory of all the times he'd been in the direct line of their determined glares.

To his horror, Lady Bridget's eyes filled with tears. She blinked several times to deny them, but one lone tear tracked down her cheek. "I'm not. Angry, that is." She took a shuddering breath. "I am normally a happy, pleasant person. But when I learned what my father — who I absolutely adored — had done to me with his will, I felt as though all the trust he'd placed in me over the years had been fake."

Thankfully, Croft, one of the footmen, entered the room at that precise moment to announce dinner. To her credit, Lady Bridget swiped at her cheek and offered a smile. "Thank you, Croft."

"You know his name?" Cam extended his arm to her to head into the dining room.

"Yes. I've been here for a week now." She glanced at him, but this time without the scowl. "Awaiting your arrival."

Another bit of information about his ward. She was not all bad-tempered and biting. She had a soft side and was the sort of lady who learned the names of staff members. Not that he cared, of course. He planned to marry her off as quickly as possible, so he would not have the duty of guarding her from hordes of men when they arrived in London. Her auburn hair and crystal-blue eyes would stand out at any ton event. And after her fortune was known, every man in London with a bundle of vowels would line up.

"Did you travel with a maid, a companion?" He pulled out a chair for her and took the one at the head of the table, to her right.

"Yes. My lady's maid, Fiona, and my companion, Mrs. Dressel, arrived with me."

He nodded his approval as the footman poured wine into their glasses. At least he did not have to trouble himself with hiring women to travel with them. Her reputation would remain intact and she should be able to attract a good match.


Excerpted from "His Rebellious Lass"
by .
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Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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His Rebellious Lass 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
stanhope3234 7 days ago
Oh what a fun book this was. I so enjoy watching two people who have sworn to never marry fall head over heels in love. Donald, the Marquess of Campbell, Cam to his family and friends was raised by a tyrant of a father. Cam swore he would be the end of the Campbell line. He feared he had tainted blood and would treat his children the same as his father. Lady Bridget MacDuff loved her father with all her heart. Upon his death Bridget was told she was to be a ward to the Marquess of Campbell. Heart broken because her father was dictating her future from the grave. She has plans for her future and the money she will get on her 23rd birthday. She has no intention of marriage, she will not be controlled and mistreated by a husband. Bridget has no problem telling Cam what she thinks and what she has planned and why she will never marry. Cam needs to get Bridget married off before he loses all sense and kisses the intriguing and beautiful girl. The more time they spend in each other’s company the more they learn all is not as it seems and maybe trust and compromising can lead to a chance of a lifetime. Bridget soon realizes that love can be freeing but it also can bring heartbreak if the one you love doesn’t love you as well. If Cam doesn’t do something and do it fast he will lose the one thing that has brought joy and light to his life. You can not go wrong with one of Callie Hutton’s books!
Brownac101 8 days ago
Lady Bridget MacDuff has become the ward of Donald, Marquess of Campbell (Cam). Cam set out to marry off his Scottish ward as quickly as possible, but he and Bridget are on opposite sides in this war. Bridget has her own plans for her future and they don’t include a husband. Cam and Bridget has an instant sexual attraction, neither wants to admit it. Cam has no plans to marry, but his ward is everything he doesn’t know he needs. I love the battle of wills with these two strongly independent characters, their witty banter and sexual tensions all make this a great story. I voluntarily read and reviewed this excellent book.
Historical_Romance_Lover 8 days ago
I really enjoyed Bridget and Cam's story! Imagine being given a ward by someone you hadn't even known. On top of that, it's a full grown woman! Bridget and Cam clash from the beginning of the story. He wants to marry her off to get her off his hands and she wants nothing to do with marriage. This definitely lead to many confrontations between the two. But then those passionate arguments lead to a mutual attraction. What happens when they decide to no longer fight it? This was a great start to a new series by Hutton. I loved Bridget's passion for what she wanted to do in her friend's honor and for Cam to allow her the freedom to pursue (although with conditions...). I'm excited to see what Hutton brings us with the next book in the series!
ECD 10 days ago
Entertaining and fun with room for improvement. This is a fun rom-com story featuring our heroine Lady Bridget MacDuff and our hero Donald, the Marquess of Campbell aka Cam. From the beginning of their acquaintance they were huffing and puffing back and forth from each other. Bridget had spirit and determination. She had plans for her future and knew exactly what she wanted to do. She has fire, passion and desire to assist the abused and helpless women of the city. But she was also kind, compassionate, humorous, loving and caring. A dear friend of hers was abused and ultimately died at the hands of her cruel husband. This was her major motivation to set up a house to keep women and their children safe. However, Bridget was opinionated and obstinate. Now that she was Cam's ward, she knew he would do his duty and secure a marriage for her. She never wanted to get married. She did not want to become property of a man to used and abused as he sees fit and get away with it under the law. No, she had her dream to fulfill and that would be enough for her. Cam on the other hand was like minded that he never wanted to marry. That did not stop him from enjoying the company of ladies. He was a rake, a rogue. But he was tender hearted toward his two younger sisters, was active in Parliament introducing bills to assist the unfortunate e.g. veterans and their families who needed assistance after coming home from the war. He was wealthy, titled was part of a loving family, he was intelligent, honest and forthright. But when it came to Bridget, he had to rein himself back from the edge of reason to deal with her. I enjoyed reading about the antics Bridget would go through to thwart Cam from setting up appropriate suitors. It was also interesting to see how often Cam would calm himself to make rational and fair decisions. I found the overall story of the romance between Bridget and Cam entertaining. However, there were a few things that I felt may improve the story. Bridget is from Scotland but has no accent, nor when angry or upset she does not even lapse into a brogue. Which I assume would be the case since she had lived there for several years before meeting Cam. She talks about missing Scotland but nowhere in the story is that desire of hers addressed. Also, when she is given responsibility for a baby, the baby is mentioned once or twice and it is never known what the fate of the babe will be growing up motherless and without family. How will that be dealt with? Another thing that I felt needed to be addressed was the scars mentally, emotionally and physically that Cam carried because of his cruel father. His sister relates to Bridget what he has been through, but why is it never addressed. I would think that in a budding relationship it would eventually come up. I also assumed, and maybe I should not have, that Cam had physical scars. How did he feel about that? Was he ashamed of his body and tried hard to not let it bother him or did it not bother him in the least? How would he explain to Bridget where they came from? I also feel this needed an extended epilogue to tie up some loose ends involving the women's home, the unknown baby and Bridget and Cam's future. When I got to the end, I thought to myself 'is that all there is'? I really did not want the story to end like it did. Oh well. I feel there is room for improvement. I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.
beckymmoe 10 days ago
His Rebellious Lass has a solid start--Bridget and Cam clash from the start as he wants his unexpected ward married right away, and marriage to anyone is the last thing she wants. Once they each understand what the other wants (she wants to open a home for women affected by domestic violence, he wants to go back to his comfortable, non-ward life where he can live his never-getting-married life in peace) they reach a compromise: she'll go along with his attempts to find her a husband, and he'll assist her with starting her shelter. Right away, Bridget goes out of her way to make herself appear as unmarriageable as possible, and the tactics she uses are at time laugh-out-loud funny. (Her outfit at their first outing, OMG) Somewhere around the halfway mark, though, the story starts to veer a bit off the rails. Bridget and Cam are of course starting to feel drawn to each other--to be expected, because we all knew from the first sentence of the blurb this was going, right?--but the exploration of their initial attraction feels more clunky than natural. (I feel sparks! Oh no! Oh, wait, no sparks this time--phew. I'm good. I refuse to be attracted to him/her! I have a plan. Oh, dear--were those sparks again???) Then there's the fact that even though Bridget's one life goal since her friend died a battered woman has been to start a shelter, she has essentially made zero plans for it beyond "buy a house, help women, move to the country once said house is operating smoothly." She doesn't even understand budgeting, we find out later...? (We never do find out how on earth they're going to keep the home--which every woman in the part of town they're looking at buildings in seem to know to future purpose of--is going to be kept a secret from all of the men the women there are supposed to be protected from.) At one point Cam and Bridget are given a baby for its own protection--they give it to the nursemaid in Cam's sister's nursery, and from that point on she gets mentioned...maybe twice? Then there's a kidnapping! A scandal! A rushed marriage! A absolutely unbelievable big misunderstanding that made me want to smack Cam upside the head (I'm sorry, a much more grovelly grovel was in order for that than what Bridget actually gets)...and eventually, an HEA--but by that time I was feeling more than a little whiplash-ish. Maybe if Ms. Hutton had attempted a bit less here I would have enjoyed it more? His Rebellious Lass is the first book in a new series, though I did get the impression that it might be loosely connected to earlier books (Cam's friends' stories, maybe?) This one isn't ever going to be my favorite book from this author, but I am interested in seeing where else she will go with this series. Rating: 3 stars / C I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
More_Than_A_Review 11 days ago
His Rebellious Lass by Callie Hutton is an enjoyable historical romance. Bridget is a likable character with spunk. She hates the rules of women and that women are the property of their husbands. One of her best friends suffered at the hands of her husband and Bridget has dreams of making an impact for women. Her antics to get out of the events were funny. Cam is hilarious. I enjoyed him from the beginning. He wants to marry off the Scottish red head so he can go back to his normal life. His life will never be the same. We may have expected them to end up together but Callie throws in a few curve balls to get them there. Sexual content 3.5 one physical scene with details. Violence – 1 a kidnapping, husband abusing his wife Language 1 Drinking –2 Bridget likes whiskey, there are several scenes with casual drinking but only the bad guys are drunk I received this book from Netgalley. I was not required to write a positive review. You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug/alcohol use in books.
PegC51 11 days ago
A Delightful Beginning to a New Series When Cam is called to his estate to retrieve a package, he come face to face with Arabella Macduff, his new ward, His Rebellious Lass. He doesn’t want a ward and doesn’t know how he acquired one. Well, he’ll just get her settled and married off as quick as he can and get back to his own life. Arabella has other ideas. She does not want (or need in her view) a guardian, and she does not want to marry. No matter how determined he is; it does not get better. She wears breeches, rides astride, and can shoot and likes to hunt. What is he to do with her? This is a lovely romantic comedy with a duty conscience and overly protective Marquess and a feisty and fiercely independent young lady. The story flows along quickly, full of fun, giggles, stolen kisses and a confused hero and heroine. There is also a vile, rather inept, villain who attempts to kidnap Arabella. Throughout the story both Cam and Arabella ask one question over and over: Why did Arabella’s father not change his will when Cam’s father (the original guardian) died? Do we learn the answer? His Rebellious Lass is the first book in a new series. Scottish Hearts promises to be an entertaining and delightful series. I really enjoyed this book and happily recommend it. Looking forward to the next story. I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.
Sunshine1006 12 days ago
Cam, the Marquess of Campbell has found that he has a ward. Lady Bridget is a beautiful redhaired Scot. She can't believe that her father made her a ward to Cam. All he wants to do is marry her off and be rid of her. She wants to open a house for abused women after her friend was abused and eventually died from her husband's cruelty. He is Lord Davenport and no one wants to get involved. Suitors are not a problem for Bridget, but Cam refuses to let her marry just anyone. When Bridget explains to Cam why she feels so strongly about about helping women, he vows to help her. When Lord Davenport asks Cam for Bridget's hand, he realizes it is a chance to ruin Davenport and have him leave England. Cam and Bridget have strong feelings for each other, but so many differences keep them apart. When they marry to keep her reputation from being ruined after a kidnapping, will the marriage survive? I loved this book. It is so much more than a story. It covers issues that are relevant to today's problems. I voluntarily read this book for a honest review. Thank you to Net Galley and Entangled Publishing for allowing me to read this great book.
ViperSpaulding 12 days ago
A truly romantic marriage of convenience story. These two are absolutely determined to avoid ever getting married, but they hadn't counted on the mercenary nature of one certain man, nor the undeniable attraction they each would feel for each other that flares to life when that certain man forces their hand. Cam and Bridget are both strong-willed, independent individuals who are, nonetheless, at the mercy of society's expectations and standards. I loved the way these two wrestled with their unexpected feelings, and what it meant for their own life's plans. They really are delightful together, perfectly complementary, a union that makes each one so much better than they are alone. It was a captivating story, filled with wit and plenty of steam. Their HEA was so satisfying, even if it was a little over-the-top with the unexpected but prescient letter. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
moonfox1234 12 days ago
I enjoyed this romance. The plot was fun and kept me entertained. Bridget, for the most part was quite likable. She was sassy and knew what she wanted and was determined to get it. Every so often though it felt like a switch was flipped and she turned into a different person. This for me was jarring and off-putting. Cam was likable but not without some issues. I loved that he was supportive of Bridget's plan. However, many of his actions and sentiments were a turn off for me. I did feel compassion for him due to his past though and that let me cut him some slack. In total I did like this book even if I didn't love the characters.
georgia1 12 days ago
Northen England, 1818 A charming story about two forces, when brought together, can sometimes become unmovable! Such is the case with Cam, the Marquess of Campbell and his newly inherited ward, Lady Bridget McDuff. The first indication is when he came upon her in his home and had no idea who she was but thought "the young lady's face was perfection. High arched brows, creamy skin, a tiny nose and full lips that looked ready for kissing. On second glance, the way they were pursed, maybe not kissing. Who are you?" "I am your ward." She tilted her chin up. "And not happy about it." I'd say that set the stage for them going forward!! Her father and Cam's were schoolmates who had kept up a correspondence over the years. Unfortunately her father had not named a new guardian when Cam's father had passed away and now the duty fell to him. Cam won my heart almost immediately when I learned of his childhood and having to take over as head of the family and guardian to his two younger sisters when he was but twenty. He was determined to get her married off as soon as possible so he would not have the "duty of guarding her from hordes of men when they arrived in London. Her auburn hair and crystal blue eyes would stand out at any ton event." She was determined not to marry and in the will when she turned three and twenty, she would inherit the estate and money. She had plans for those funds to help other women in abusive relationships. He found her intriguing with her mixture of vulnerability and fortitude. A marvelous story of an unlikely attraction that sparked engaging banter and unexpected feelings that possibly could not be denied! I always look forward to reading anything this author writes and so happy this is the start of a new series, because I know there is more to come!! I read this through NetGallery. Lori Dykes
Tink4evr 12 days ago
A delightful and funny story with a fiery Scottish Lass. Bridgid has the temper to match her fiery red hair. She is determined to chart her own course. Cam is not amused at gaining a ward. He is used to all his commands being obeyed. This series has been very well written. The characters have been crafted well and the plots solidly designed. The couples have all been great citizens fighting to change society for the better. It has been done with with some drama and some fun. Cam was always my favorite character because of all he suffered as a child and it was great to see him get a beautiful happy ending.
FromTheSouth 12 days ago
Bridget, the heroine, is determined to make the world a better place by helping one abused woman at a time. In fact, her selfless dream of running a home to do just that had me loving her character from the get go. She had spunk, feistiness, and wasn’t about to let anything stand in her way, including the unexpected glitch in her deceased daddy’s will. She finds herself dumped onto the doorstep of a handsome, never plans to marry, rake reputation guardian. Unfortunately for her, his job is to find her a husband. With a “what’s good for the gander is good for the goose” undertone, Bridget hopes to derail that plan long enough to escape the marital hangman’s noose until she is old enough not to have to answer to anyone. After a lot of expected back and forth bickering/banter, Cam, of course, eventually starts to fall for Bridget and vice versa. That is always my favorite part, folks. I love the push and pull of fighting attraction between meant to be together lovebirds. If you are looking for a rich, reluctant, gorgeous guardian who falls for his almost old enough to be completely on her own ward but fights it until nearly the end, you might want to check into this romantic read. Just expect to see only proper English manners and dialect, and not Scottish brogue. I really didn’t sense much of a Scottish vibe at all. Upfront, we are told why Bridget actually doesn’t come across overly Scottish. I mostly stayed in tune with this tale, but there were parts, especially after midway, that started to ramble so I found myself skimming until things picked back up. I’m still scratching my head over Bridget putting herself in a dangerous situation with a suspected murderer. It kind of felt like she answered the door and let him in despite seeing him in a scary hockey mask and yielding a large, bloody knife. Of course, that is not how it played out, but it showed a complete lack of common sense that astounded me. I would not have found it amiss, however, if she had inflicted bodily harm on Cam for the rash, hurtful accusations and conclusion he jumped to when they were first intimate. That also was unexpected. At least it resulted in groveling and regret. I haven’t a clue who the main couple will be in book 2. Here’s to hoping this review has been helpful in some way so you can decide if this book is a good fit for you. Title: His Rebellious Lass, Scottish Hearts (Book 1), Author: Callie Hutton, Pages: 280, stand-alone but part of a series, determined to help abused women, steamy scenes late in the book, back and forth bickering/banter, both reluctant to marry, virgin heroine, former rake reputation hero., references to spousal abuse. (I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not given any payment or compensation for this review. There is no affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the author/publisher/NetGalley)
AmyHi 12 days ago
Good story! I particularly enjoyed the strong heroine Bridget MacDuff. She is not afraid to stand up to Cam when she has to. I received this ARC from the publisher and NetGalley, all opinions are mine.
McM0mmy-PW 12 days ago
I loved story line of the book, but it did have a few inconsistencies that bothered me. The biggest was Bridget Hated town life and missed/wanted the country life. She hated spending time in the city and complained about that when she met Cam, yet the house for women was going to be located in the middle of the city and no complaints were made about that. I also wished that Bridget was able to have a hand more in the Davenport issue. Cam was great as a hero and only got better throughout the story. Thank you for the advanced copy!
clarkws 13 days ago
His Rebellious Lass is book one in Callie Hutton’s Scottish Hearts series. I adored this book. It has some truly wonderful moments. I found myself laughing out loud all through it. Lady Bridget MacDuff is a fiery Scottish lass who must marry in order to access her inheritance or wait two years to obtain it. The Marquess of Campbell is horrified to discover that he has been made legal guardian to Bridget. Over the weeks they spend together, he finds himself attracted to her. But both have vowed to never marry. I loved the bickering humorous banter between the two of them. Hutton has outdone herself with this story. I was gifted a copy of the book.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Donald, the Marquess of Cambell, or Cam to his friends and family and lovers (he's a rake with lovers and mistresses, as in many). Just inherited a ward. Whom he immediately wants to marry off to someone else. He has no plans to marry (a bad father). Bridget is none too happy with being a ward and her father's will. She will inherit a fortune if she makes it to 23 without marrying. She has plans for that money (to help unfortunate women). So these two are obviously at odds. Neither wants to marry. I'm thinking that is so gonna change, because they have sparks. Recommend.