History of New Brunswick

History of New Brunswick

by Peter Fisher


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The tale of the Loyalists; their loyalty to high ideals of national duty-to fulfil which they underwent untold losses, privations and sufferings when they abandoned their homes and their all, and sought new homes and commenced a new life in a northern wilderness-is a story that appeals wherever patriotism is an honor and self-sacrifice a virtue. In this Province of New-
Brunswick, settled mainly by families torn and rent by the American revolution and whose descendants are reaping the reward of their sacrifice, it is of peculiar interest.
In 1825, when Peter Fisher published the first Historical work, the Province of New-Brunswick had received the loyalist immigration forty-three years before, at which date it was constituted a separate Province. The progress of the country during a period when its political institutions and industrial life were in a formative condition is of deep interest. The account given of it in Mr.
Fisher's work is of sufficient value in the opinion of the New Brunswick Historical Society to warrant its being reprinted. In addition to the original work, there has been embodied with it,
notes and observations prepared by the Venerable Archdeacon Raymond and published in Vol. X
of the records of the Society. A copy of the history not being available, this is printed from a photostat copy furnished by the Dominion archives.

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