Hold Me Close

Hold Me Close

by Vanessa Vale
4.6 9

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Hold Me Close by Vanessa Vale

Rachel wants one thing in life, a family of her own. But she's not going to get it without a man. Or can she?

They may have ruined their chances in the past, but Matt and Ethan know Rachel's the woman for them. When they discover her plans, they tell her they'll give her exactly what she wants. The old fashioned way. Because once they get their hands on her, they'll hold her close and never let go.

Warning: Panty melting! Hold Me Close is book 4 in the wildly dirty series where two obsessed alpha cowboys give the woman of their dreams exactly what she desires. This standalone HEA is all about her - no M/M.

Product Details

BN ID: 2940158819520
Publisher: Bridger Media
Publication date: 08/12/2017
Series: Bridgewater County , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 175
Sales rank: 285
File size: 214 KB

About the Author

Vanessa Vale is the USA Today Bestselling author of over 30 books, sexy romance novels, including her popular Bridgewater historical romance series and hot contemporary romances featuring unapologetic bad boys who don't just fall in love, they fall hard. When she's not writing, Vanessa savors the insanity of raising two boys, is figuring out how many meals she can make with a pressure cooker, and teaches a pretty mean karate class. While she's not as skilled at social media as her kids, she loves to interact with readers.

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Hold Me Close (Bridgewater County, #4) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Redrabbitt 7 days ago
WHEN YOU KNOW—YOU KNOW Book four in the Bridgwater County series is another amazing adventure that is a spinoff from the historical based Bridgewater ménage series but takes place in present day. The town of Bridgewater, Montana still holds with the founding father principles of two or three alpha dominant males claiming and marrying one woman, and partnering for life. The method has proved successful for over a hundred years and why change what works? The story will read as a stand-alone. Rachel Andrews has finished college, and at twenty-six years old, is still a virgin, and fears her desire for a family is dwindling. Having a bad experience with a date during college, she believes she is frigid and that her dream of the true desire of having a family of her own is slipping away, maybe there is another way to have a baby. She is returning to Bridgewater to take over the office manager position at a local guest ranch, Hawk’s Landing, held by her sister, Emmy. Matt and Ethan have been friends for years, and with Matt’s money from his short lived career in baseball, he has purchased the land, and Ethan’s business skills have made it a success. Hawk’s Landing is ten miles outside of Bridgwater and has cabins for their guest. Both men know that they want to claim a woman together, forever, they are just waiting to find their “one.” The plot will have Rachel returning to Bridgewater to take over her younger sisters job and working as the office manager at Hawk’s Landing. Meeting her new boss, Matt, at the rodeo comes with a shock as he makes sexual advances and then embarrasses her by telling her to leave. Ethan and Matt will have to walk a fine line around “their girl” until she can learn to trust them, and that includes keeping an eye on her away from work and being watchdogs when other men come sniffing around her. A day request off for a doctor’s appointment will become an ice breaker and wake up call for Matt and Ethan to come clean and make their intentions known. “We want you in every sense of the word. We want your body, soul, and heart. We want you to be our woman. For the long term.” Can Matt and Ethan gain the trust of Rachel, and show her how special she is to them before it is too late? “We’re protective and possessive, and a little obsessive.” The chemistry between Rachel and her two men, Matt and Ethan, is everything she ever wanted and they want to help give her, her dream, a baby. Rachel learns the difference between a fumbling, over aggressive college boy who doesn’t understand no, and two viral, sexy, dominant men who put her and her needs first. When a dream job comes into play, and one of her men needs to go, can Rachel walk away from this triad to help make way for the man she loves to succeed? “They were good men. Solid, dependable, loyal, and loving. If they made a commitment, they’d honor it, even if it stopped them from pursuing their dreams.” Will their relationship come to an end, just months after it started? Rachel knows how important her dream of having a family is to her, and she won’t stand in the way of the men she loves and their dreams. Walking away from them will be the hardest thing she ever does. Will Ethan and Matt let her go? “It’s everything I’ve ever wanted, but never knew I needed.”
KristieK 3 days ago
Hold Me Close By: Vanessa Vale ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Review by Kristie K When one sexy cowboy isn't enough, Vanessa Vale brings you two… Rachel has a soul deep yearning for a child of her own. With all of her siblings in happy relationships, with children of their own, she wonders if she will ever have a family of her own. With the only recent action in her life being a bad date, and an embarrassing encounter with her new boss, Rachel decides she is going to have a baby…on her own. Imagine her shock when the men of her dreams bring her plans to a screeching halt, by confessing their desire to provide her with not only the family she desires…but everything else too. Hold Me Close is the fourth installment of the Bridgewater County series by Vanessa Vale, and focuses on Rachel Andrews and the two devastating cowboys that want to give her the world. Rachel is amazing, down-to-earth, and gorgeous, with a huge heart and sweet smile. She is so easy to love, and someone you want to know. So relatable, she’s the girl you want to be…or the girl you want to be best friends with. Matt is the tall dark and handsome to Ethan’s tall, bright, and gorgeous. Though we got to know more about Matt in this story, both men are equally dashing, charming, and panty-melting. The character development is good, though I would have loved to learn more about the men. The plot and storyline are unique in their genre, and well executed. I truly enjoyed the story and the characters. I will be looking into the previous books in the story, as well as looking forward to the upcoming installments as well. Kristie K
lisareads 6 days ago
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Hot dog, this story was a hit with me. Ms. Vale made Ethan and Matt so perfect I wished for my younger days and an open mind. They complemented each other so well and were alive in my mind during the telling of their story. Rachel was a great contradiction in characteristics. A memorable heroine no doubt. I'm sure to go broke buying all the Bridgewater triads who have gone before and are yet to come.
mathphilosopher 7 days ago
Vanessa Vale's "Hold Me Close" is the fourth tale in the Bridgewater County series, but you can read it as a standalone. Rachel is another great leading lady...so realistic...she has given over to her past negative programming. Yum, makes me want two cowboys to reprogram me! Lots of hot times, as usual. The descriptions of Matt's thighs alone are worth the purchase price! I just love how this spinoff series has brought Vanessa Vale's historical menages into now!
moonfox1234 7 days ago
Hold Me Close by Vanessa Vale is book #4 in the Bridgewater County series. This is a great book. Hot, steamy and sexy. Rachel, Matt and Ethan have great chemistry together. Features good writing and a solid storyline. Perfect for fans of ménage romance and also for any romance fan that loves really hot and sexy books. I am posting an honest review after reading an ARC copy of this book.
ChristineLee 7 days ago
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Hold Me Close by Vanessa Vale is the fourth novel in her Bridgewater County Series. It's a steamy menage cowboy tale (MFM). Rachel comes from a large traditional family, in Bridgewater, the home of the non-traditional families. But she has nothing against the Bridgewater way, as long as she gets her large family with lots of kids. Matt and Ethan run a guest ranch on Matt's family property. Little do they know their new office manager is their "one". This story is another wonderful story about non-traditional family values. Non-traditional does not mean negative, or immoral. No judgments here. In fact, who wouldn't want the devotion of 2 sexy cowboys? As long as Ms. Vale keeps writing these stories, I will be reading them.
NaughtySmuttyBookBlog 7 days ago
Weird but ordinary dianamic for relationships for this town. You're first glimpse of Matt is when Rachel approached him the barn after a radio. He pretty much tells her to get lost when all she wanted to do was introduce herself to her new boss.... The readers opinion of Matt his a low here no matter how hot he is. Rachel just lets him have it and walks up. So this makes tensions in the office high especially when Ethan gets thrown in the mix and is trying to diffuse the tensions. Rachel has this fear of intimacy that makes getting close to her hard. When the boys realize that she's going to go to a fertility clinic they finally pull out the big guns. It's hot and heavy for a while but Rachel is not so easy won over. Matt has to step up his game if they want this firecracker. It's hot, heavy and explosive but oh so delicious!
CeeCeeHouston 8 days ago
This was yet another great story by Vanessa Vale. It’s a menage about Matt, Ethan and the woman of their dreams Rachel. Rachel’s starting a new job when she meets Matt. He doesn’t know she’s his new assistant and makes an ass of himself, turning Rachel off of him. He and Ethan have to woo her to get her to see things from their point of view. She wants a baby, they want a baby. It’s a win-win situation- in their eyes. Rachel needs some convincing due to a bad incident in college. But these guys are determined to get their own way, in this sweet, sexy tale of love in triplicate.
Momma_Becky 8 days ago
Hold Me Close is a quick read, easily finished in a couple of hours. It's fast-paced and overall, a fun story, but it does require quite the suspension of belief. I'm not talking about the menage part of this story - I knew that going in and while I'm pretty sure it doesn't happen quite so often, I can enjoy the story. My problem was with how fast this romance took off. I'm not a huge fan of instalove, but usually expect it in a book of this length. This one, however, was even faster than the norm for our cowboys, Matt and Ethan. Instant attraction, I could've been fine with, but one look and knowing she's the one is a bit much. Rachel's complete acceptance of this once it's revealed to her was another irksome detail for me. She did at least know a little something about them at that point, more than I can say for the heroes of this tale. It is a fun story and light on the drama, the characters are likable, the story flow is good, and the sex is over-the-top hot. Oh, and two sexy cowboys! If instant, and I do mean instant, love with lots of steamy goodness is something you enjoy, then this one is for you.