How Angels Fly

How Angels Fly

by J. L. Montera


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How Angels Fly by J. L. Montera

By J. L. Montera

HEAVEN ... GA~105
To allow for the presence of a guardian angel is to trust in all that cannot be seen.

Belief Some Call It ~ Others the Knowing

GOD's chief seraphs, the Archangels, are given HIS CALL to assemble Guardian Angels numbers 103 through 130 and renowned in Heaven as GAs. Without delay the GAs gather and flutter about as they wait the call. Their wings create a torrent of air that causes the smallest among them to cast about as they fight to maintain their position in the flock. Hovering outside the cluster, imperfect wings and all, is GA~105. His thought is to wonder why an inept novice like himself has been included in the Call.

While waiting the GAs gathered cast about in the cluster and some share heavenly announcements.

GA~128 and GA~130 reveal that the life-spans of their earthborn companions had ended. At first Earth Light 128 and 130 had gathered their souls, encircled them with their fine-looking wings and returned to God's Home.

GA~119 states-with conviction-"Complex! That's what it is to serve our earthbound companions when they've forgotten their childlike connection to God." GA~116 offers, "Our voice is...

The storytelling and gyrating wings are instantly brought to a standstill as the richness of GOD's sacred breath quiets all thought. The instant is etched into the character of those assembled and a sacred moment passes unnoticed on earth.

Still casting about to try to manage his mismatched wings and sense The Call, GA~105 tries to get control of his wings. At that very moment 105 is joined with God's Call that he is to be the guardian angel to an earthborn. Whish! Whish! GA~105 tumbles out of control and the more he corrects the worse his dilemma.

Using the air current created by beautiful, elegant wings, GA~108 hovers beneath 105 until he regains control. Embarrassed, he hopes to one day learn how other GAs fly so flawlessly.
To add to the mix an ancient professorial-looking angel lays his hands on 105's wings that immediately fold without thought. Professor Thistle is neither a guardian angel nor does he have wings. Regardless, he is to teach 105 how to care for a soul as the Professor has and will until the end time. GA~105's preparation is within in Heaven's Gates until deemed ready to protect the soul of the newborn child chosen by God's Call. Heaven's instructions begin.

Without awareness, GA~105 emerges in the nursery of a baby boy named Brendon. He floats above the crib for a moment before realizing he is about to topple over. Off to a bad start, 105 thought. I, the heaven-sent am protector of this earthborn for a lifetime and yet I am still a novice; in spite of what Professor Thistle promised that I am ready. The nursery door opens cutting short his worried thoughts. Grandmother Eugenia smelled apple blossoms as she stepped inside the nursery. Umm, she thought, Brendon's guardian angel must be nearby. GA~105 was so startled by her thought he started descending and pulled up just as his right wing gently touched her cheek. That night, after a full Earth day of visitors, a warm bath and swathed in a yellow baby blanket, Brendon slept. GA~105 settled in the Light of God that still shown about the baby and folded his mismatched wings...

Dear Reader: This story is an invitation to discover your Heaven and Earth!

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ISBN-13: 9780996798402
Publisher: JLM's Garden, LLC
Publication date: 12/21/2015
Pages: 30
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.07(d)

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