How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything

How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything

Hardcover(Expanded Edition)

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How: Why How We Do Anything Means Everything by Dov Seidman

The flood of information, unprecedented transparency, increasinginterconnectedness-and our global interde¬pendence-aredramatically reshaping today's world, the world of business, andour lives. We are in the Era of Behavior and the rules of the gamehave fundamentally changed. It is no longer what you do thatmatters most and sets you apart from others, but how you do whatyou do. Whats are commodities, easily duplicated orreverse-engineered. Sustainable advantage and enduring success fororganizations and the people who work for them now lie in the realmof how, the new frontier of conduct.

For almost two decades, Dov Seidman's pioneeringorganization, LRN, has helped some of the world's mostrespected companies build "do it right," winning cultures andinspire principled performance throughout their organizations.Seidman's distinct vision of the world, business, and humanendeavor has helped enable more than 15 million people doingbusiness in more than 120 countries to outbehave the competition.In HOW: Why HOW We Do Anything Means Everything, Dov Seidmanshares his unique approach with you. Now updated and expanded,HOW includes a new Foreword from President BillClinton and a new Preface from Dov Seidman on why how we behave,lead, govern, operate, consume, engender trust in ourrelationships, and relate to others matters more than ever and inways it never has before.

Through entertaining anecdotes, surprising case studies,cutting-edge research in a wide range of fields, andrevealing interviews with a diverse group of leaders,business executives, experts, and everyday people on the frontlines, this book explores how we think, how we behave, how we lead,and how we govern our institutions and ourselves to uncover thevalues-inspired "hows" of twenty-first-century success andsignificance.

Divided into four comprehensive parts, this insightful book:

  • Exposes the forces and factors that have fundamentallyrestructured the world in which organizations operate and theirpeople conduct themselves, placing a new focus on their hows
  • Provides frameworks to help you understand those hows andimplement them in powerful and productive ways
  • Helps you channel your actions and decisions in order to thriveuniquely within today's new realities
  • Sheds light on the systems of how-the dynamics between peoplethat shape organizational culture-andintroduces a bold new visionfor leading and winning through self-governance

The qualities that many once thought of as "soft"-values, trust,and reputation-are now the hard currency of success and theultimate drivers of efficiency, performance, innovation, andgrowth.

With in-depth insights and practical advice, HOW willhelp you bring excellence and significance to your businessendeavors- and your life-and refocus your efforts in powerful newways.
If you want to stand out, to thrive in our fast changing,hyperconnected, and hypertransparent world, read this bookand discover HOW.

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ISBN-13: 9781118106372
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/21/2011
Edition description: Expanded Edition
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 251,211
Product dimensions: 6.32(w) x 9.22(h) x 1.23(d)

About the Author

Dov Seidman's professional career has focused on how companies and their people can operate in both a principled and profitable way. He is the founder and CEO of LRN. Since 1994, LRN has helped hundreds of companies simultaneously navigate complex legal and regulatory environments and foster ethical cultures. In 2008, LRN acquired environmental innovation firm GreenOrder. Today, LRN operates globally and reaches, works with, and helps shape winning organizational cultures inspired by sustainable values in hundreds of companies with over 20 million people working in more than 100 countries around the world. Fortune magazine called Dov the "hottest advisor on the corporate virtue circuit" and he was also named one of the "Top 60 Global Thinkers of the Last Decade" by the Economic Times. Dov became the exclusive corporate sponsor of the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity Prize in Ethics in 2008. He is a Harvard Law School graduate who also earned a bachelor's and master's degree in moral philosophy from UCLA and a BA with honors in philosophy, politics, and economics from Oxford University.

Table of Contents

Foreword xi

Preface xiii

Prologue: Making Waves 1

Part I: How We Have Been, How We Have Changed 13

Introduction: The Spaces between Us

CHAPTER 1: From Land to Information 17

Lines of Communication.

Getting Flattened.

CHAPTER 2: Technology's Trespass 25

The Ties That Bind Us.

Distance Unites Us.

Can You Hear Me.


The Age of Transparency.

The Persistence of Memory.

The Information Jinni Is Out of the Lamp.

CHAPTER 3: The Journey to HOW 41

Just Do It.

The Certainty Gap.

The Limitations of Rules.

Outbehaving the Competition.

How We Go Forward.

Part II: How We Think 57

Introduction: The Paradox of Journey.

CHAPTER 4: Playing to Your Strengths 63


You Can Judge a Book by Its Cover.

Looking Out for Number Two.

The Evolution of What Is Valuable.

Believe It.

CHAPTER 5: From Can to Should 81

Rules as Proxies.

Dancing with Rules.

On the Tip of Your Tongue.

Unlocking Should.

Risk and Reward.

CHAPTER 6: Keeping Your Head in the Game 103


Small Lapses, Large Costs.


Doing Consonance.


Putting It in the Whole.

Part III: How We Behave 125

Introduction: How We Do What We Do.

CHAPTER 7: Doing Transparency 129

Beyond Proxies and Surrogates.


The Market Defines You.

Say You Are Sorry.

Interpersonal Transparency.

Sig, Don't Zag.

CHAPTER 8: Trust 157

The Soft Made Hard.

How High Is the Ceiling?

Going on a TRIP.


Doing Trust.

Trust Is the Drug.

Trust, but Verify.

CHAPTER 9: Reputation, Reputation, Reputation 181

Reputation in a Wired World.

Reputational Capital.

Mismanaging Reputation Management.

A Second Chance.

Part IV: How We Govern 209

Introduction: Innovating in HOW.

CHAPTER 10: Doing Culture 215

The Sum of All HOWs.

The Spectrum of Culture.

The Four Types of Culture.

Five HOWs of Culture.

CHAPTER 11: The Case for Self-Governing Cultures 241

Self-Governance on the Shop Floor.

Freedom Is Just Another Word.

Taking Culture for a Test-Drive.

Closing Gaps.

Values in Action.

A Journey to Culture.

Why Self-Governance Is the Future of Business.

CHAPTER 12: The Leadership Framework 267


Walking the Talk.

The First Five HOWs of Leadership.

Circles in Circles (A Thought).

The Leadership Framework, Continued.

Afterword 299

HOWs Matter 305

Acknowledgments 307

Notes 315

Selected Bibliography 331

Index 337

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How 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dov Seidman respects your intelligence. Instead of ¿10 tips for ethical behavior,¿ he provides a powerful new lens for seeing and assessing contemporary business ethics. Seidman, an erudite intellectual and practical philosopher, shows that in today¿s transparent commercial environment, operating openly and morally is both honorable and economically necessary. Corporate achievement now depends far more on how you act than on what you do. With the proliferation of media outlets, the Internet, notably YouTube, and cable channels, everyone is watching. Seidman uses fascinating anecdotes, case studies and scientific research to prove that goal-driven companies must focus on openness, integrity, values and ethics. Do things right, you win do them wrong, you lose and end up exposed on the Web. Now that businesses live under the microscope, ¿on glass¿slides, flat as flat can be,¿ your company will be exposed if it cuts ethical corners. Seidman¿s well-annotated book is peppered with learned references to brilliant thinkers from Aristotle to Kierkegaard. He deftly moves from sophisticated topics, such as brain functioning, neuroeconomics and language theory, to stories about pop diva Janet Jackson, Madam Walker¿s Wonderful Hair Grower and Krazy George Henderson, madcap inventor of ¿the wave.¿ This makes the book a pure delight to read. getAbstract openly enjoyed this insightful, idealistic and practical argument for corporate transparency, collaboration, good conduct and altruism.
ofabookworm More than 1 year ago
Though perhaps not the most groundbreaking book you'll listen to all year, the audio version of How is a worthwhile listen for those interested in taking a different stance on business reading. Don't expect a how-to manual on doing the right thing or being the right kind of leader or worker or decision maker; instead, expect to reconsider a few things you've always taken for granted, and get some interesting stories on human nature -- and varying business cultures -- along the way. It's the kind of business sociology book that can be applied in business as much as in everyday life, and I believe that's what makes it more compelling than a standard how-to (or how-not-to) read, as the case may be. And as an added plus, narration by Scott Brick is spot-on.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The best business-related book I've read in quite a while.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book could not be a bigger waste of time. To even suggest that it is on the same level at The World is Flat is preposterous. What is even more insulting does not practice what he preaches. I know first hand the turn over rate inside his companies walls are the highest in the industry. A better title for the book would have been SCAM.
neverawastedbreath More than 1 year ago
I was left inspired and invigorated, not because I now had a new "five step" approach, but because the book resonated with my inner self. Would not the world be a better place if we just extended trust and were trust worthy! This book is a wonderful expression of hope for all of us. We all need to get our HOW's right.