How the West Was Warmed: Responding to Climate Change in the Rockies

How the West Was Warmed: Responding to Climate Change in the Rockies


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A collection of essays with the Rocky Mountain West as the focal point, on how global climate change is generating opportunities and challenges around the world in such areas as land use, energy, water and social/political adaptation.

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ISBN-13: 9781936218028
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
Publication date: 11/01/2009
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.24(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

Beth Conover has worked for 25 years at the intersection of environmental protection and economic development. As policy advisor to Denver mayor John Hickenlooper, she was the architect of Greenprint Denver, one of the nation's earliest and largest urban sustainability programs. She is a graduate of Brown University and holds a joint MBA/masters of environmental studies from Yale University.

Table of Contents

Foreword Mayor John Hickenlooper xv

Introduction Beth Conover xix

Part 1 Culture And Consumption

Climate Revelations-God, Climate, and Hope Auden Schendler 3

The Next West Stephen Trimble 13

Salvation for the Climate Todd Hartman 19

The Universe on Blacktop (My Day of Saving 66 Million BTUs) Laura Pritchett 27

Urban Chickens-Locavorism and its Discontents David Akerson 31

Climate Tourism in Kilimanjaro Mark Eddy 38

Taking Vern Home-A Carbon-Neutral Eco-Travel Journal Lisa Jones 43

Cooking for the Climate Sean Kelly 50

Coyote Commons-Beyond the Proverbial Lightbulb Jackson Perrin Dev Carey 55

Eco-Consumerism Diane Carman 60

Part 2 Natural Resources


Glacier National Park-Portrait of a Place, an Agency, and a Climate Scientist Michael Jamison 72

Climate in Geologic Time and My Lifetime Kirk Johnson 80

Snow And Water

The River Dry Peter Heller 90

No-Regrets Strategies for Climate Change Marc Waage 94

Managing the Uncertainties of the Colorado River System Eric Kuhn 100

Water in the Rockies-A Twenty-First-Century Zero-Sum Game Brad Udall 111


Zephyr to Zion-Train of Thoughts in a Warming West John Daley 122

It Ain't Your Father's Farming-New Mind-Sets and New Practices in the Age of Climate Change Susan Moran 129

Dead Trees Jim Robbins 136

Grand County-Life among the Pine Beetles Hillary Rosner 142

What's Killing the Aspen? The Signature Tree of the Rockies Is in Trouble Michelle Nijhuis 149

The New Imperative-Land Conservation and Climate Change Tim Sullivan 153

Country in Overdrive-Land Use, Transportation, and Climate in the West Jocelyn Hittle Ken Snyder 159

Part 3 Commerce And Industry

The Big Bonfire-What ColoradoCan Learn from the Samso Experiment James R. Udall 172

Running Down an Up Escalator-Reducing Colorado's Electric-Sector Carbon Emissions James R. Udall 180

Getting the Fear Todd Neff 189

Pioneering Sustainable Business Catherine Greener 197

Green Spark-Adventures of a Green Venture Capitalist Martha Records 204

First, Do No Harm-Green Building and the Precautionary Principle Josh Radoff 210

The Changing Rules of Energy Finance Matthew H. Brown 216

The Colorado Carbon Fund-Tapping into the Voluntary Green Market to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Susan Innis 222

It's a Wonderful Life-Natural Gas as a Bridge to the New Energy Economy Michael L. Beatty 227

Oil Scarcity and Climate Change Steve Andrews 233

Part 4 Policy And Politics

Red, Blue, and Green-The Western Political Realignment Jill Hanauer David Winkler Lisa Grove Melissa Chernaik Andrew Myers 243

Homegrown Security Chip Ward 251

Retool for Your Next Mission Florence Williams 259

Lessons from across the Pond Heidi VanGenderen 265

Journalism and the Scientific Consensus on Global Warming Jason Salzman 271

Green City Leadership Beth Conover 277

Afterword Governor Bill Ritter Jr. 287

Acknowledgments 289

Contributing Artists 291

About the Editor 253

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