How to win at Greyhound Betting

How to win at Greyhound Betting

by Samuel Blankson


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How to win at Greyhound Betting by Samuel Blankson

Today, sports' betting is a big industry for the bookmakers and race organisers. Of all the people who benefit from sports racing the "punters" (or in this case, you), are the last on the list of people who consistently gain.. In fact the greyhounds probably gain more from these races than most punters. Why is that? Well, there are many reasons but most of them centre on these two things: Lack of a proven system and Greed. This book closely examine these two points, and offers techniques and systems for achieving consistant wins.

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ISBN-13: 9781411623774
Publication date: 06/22/2005
Pages: 84
Sales rank: 893,664
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Investing in Gambling
Greyhound betting is a very high-risk investment tool. It
has a bad name and stigma. Add to that the fact that most
gamblers are not investors, but instead, addicts of a vice and you have a channel of investment that is dismissed as a bit of fun or a mugs game.

The positive point about investing in gambling is that wins are tax free in the UK, and probably are in your country as well (check this for your country).

The rules to successful gambling investing are:

1. Follow a proven system.
2. Eliminate greed from your decisions.
3. Never increase your investment allocation in order to make more profits, or recoup lost money.

In addition to the above, limit the total amount you invest to a maximum of one week's income. Therefore, if you earn $50,000 per annum, invest up to:

$50,000.00/52 = $961.54

Now put your income into the equation and see how
much you can invest. It is critical that you do not break any ofthe three successful gambling rules.

There are many tipsters and gambling systems offering
gambling advice or services for a fee. Avoid them all. Almost all of them are unscrupulous fraudsters, making promises that never materialise, whilst running off with your money. Try and always trade your own money, as opposed to empowering others to trade on your behalf.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
Investing in Gambling
Elliot Wave and Fibonacci Drains
Basic Greyhounds Betting Techniques
Trap Repeat Technique
Increasing profitability of Trap Repeat Technique
Trap 2, 3 And 6 Capture Technique
Increasing profitability of Trap 2, 3 and 6 Capture Technique
Co-Favourite Price Erosion
Three-Grid Unnamed Favourite Crawl Technique
The Grids

Chapter 2
Advanced Techniques
The 7-Sum Chase Technique
The Triple Bottom Technique
The Fibonacci Spread Technique (FST)
FST on the morning greyhounds
The Single Hit Fibonacci Spread Technique (SHFST)
Single Bet Popular Trap Chase (SBPTC)
SBPTC Contention Settlement
The Grand Slammer Technique
The Non-Loosing Technique (NLT)
How does the NLT work
Improving On The NLT
The Ultimate Greyhound Betting System
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Elliot Wave
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