Human Uses of Flint and Chert: Proceedings of the Fourth International Flint Symposium Held at Brighton Polytechnic 10-15 April 1983

Human Uses of Flint and Chert: Proceedings of the Fourth International Flint Symposium Held at Brighton Polytechnic 10-15 April 1983


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ISBN-13: 9780521169165
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 12/09/2010
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 11.69(h) x 0.59(d)

Table of Contents

List of contributors; Preface; 1. Refitting stone artefacts: why bother? Daniel Cahen; 2. Technological variability and change seen through core reconstruction Anthony E. Marks and Phillip Volkman; 3. Intentional breakage in a late upper Palaeolithic assemblage from southern England C. A. Bergman, R. N. E. Barton, S. M. Collcutt and G. Morris; 4. Flint chips from Pinevent M. H. Newcomer and C. Karlin; 5. An experiment to produce a ground flint axe P. Harding; 6. Experimental investigation of the heat treatment of flint D. R. Griffiths, C. A. Bergman, C. J. Clayton, K. Ohnuma, G. V. Robins and N. J. Seeley; 7. The development and application of wear traces on flint tools R. Grace, I. D. Graham and M. H. Newcomer; 8. Microflaking quantification Kaoru Akoshima; 9. The influence of flint microstructure on the formation of microwear polishes Rosemary Bradley and Chris Clayton; 10. Problems encountered in a high-power microwear study of some Egyptian predynastic lithic artefacts D. I. Holmes; 11. Mount Sandel microwear: a preliminary report John V. Dumont; 12. Wear analysis of a Lower Magdalenian flint assemblage from southwestern France Patrick Vaughan; 13. The transport and abrasion of flint handaxes in a gravel-bed river P. Harding, P. L. Gibbard, J. Lewin, M. G. Macklin and E. H. Moss; 14. Prehistoric flint mining: the history of research - a review Günter Smolla; 15. The technological relationship between flint mining and early copper mining G. Weisgerber; 16. The exploitation of chocolate flint in central Poland Romuald Schild; 17. Flint mining in Sweden during the Neolithic period: new evidence from the Kvarnby-S. Sallerup area Elisabeth Rudebeck; 18. A flint quarry in the Hambledon Hill Neolithic enclosure complex R. J. Mercer; 19. The ancient chert mines at Wadi el-Sheikh (Egypt) G. Weisgerber; 20. A sociocultural perspective on the spatial analysis of commodity and stylistic distributions Robert N. Zeitlin; 21. Exchange pathways at a stone axe factory in Papua New Guinea John Burton; 22. Neolithic exchange systems in central Europe 5000-3000 BC Andrew Sherratt; 23. Sources and specialists: three ancient Near Eastern urban flint industries Robert Miller; 24. Recent developments in the application of the k-means approach to spatial analysis Albert J. Ammerman, Keith W. Kintigh and Jan F. Simek; 25. Circulation of Solutrean foliate points within the Perigord, SW France Roy R. Larick; 26. Recent work on sources of Italian flint L. H. Barfield; 27. Danubian raw material distribution patterns in eastern central Europe Jacek Lech; 28. Cretaceous chert sourcing in north east Ireland: preliminary results D. Griffiths and P. C. Woodman; 29. Microwear polishes, blind tests, and texture analysis M. H. Newcomer, R. Grace and R. Unger-Hamilton.

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