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Hunt the Bismarck: The pursuit of Germany's most famous battleship

Hunt the Bismarck: The pursuit of Germany's most famous battleship

by Angus Konstam


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Now available in paperback, this is a groundbreaking narrative account of one of World War II's most exciting chase stories, the pursuit of the legendary German battleship Bismarck.

Hunt the Bismarck, now available in paperback, tells the story of Operation Rheinübung, the Atlantic sortie of Nazi Germany's largest battleship, Bismarck, in May 1941 and her subsequent pursuit by the Royal Navy.

Bismarck entered naval service in the summer of 1940. She was well-armed, with eight 15in guns as well as a powerful array of lighter weapons, while her armoured protection earned her the reputation of being unsinkable. This claim was put to the test in May 1941 when she sortied into the Atlantic and fought the legendary battle of the Denmark Strait, destroying HMS Hood, the pride of the Royal Navy. Bismarck was now loose in the North Atlantic. However, damage sustained in the battle limited her ability to roam at will, and the Royal Navy deployed the Home Fleet to avenge the sinking of the Hood. The stage was set for the greatest chase story in the history of naval warfare.

Drawing on a wealth of first-hand accounts and intertwining extensive research into a fast-paced narrative, this is the most readable and accurate account of Bismarck's epic pursuit ever produced.

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ISBN-13: 9781472833877
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 07/06/2021
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 452,324
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Angus Konstam is a well-established historian, and the author of over a hundred books, many of which are published by Osprey. These include the Osprey campaign title The Bismarck 1941 and several New Vanguard titles covering British warships of World War II. His other naval books include Jutland: Twelve Hours to Win the War, The Battle of North Cape, Sovereigns of the Sea, Battleship Bismarck, and The Pirate World. A former naval officer, maritime archaeologist, and museum curator, he is now a full-time author, specializing in maritime and military history. He lives on the Orkney Islands, UK.

Table of Contents

Prologue: The Hood blows up
Chapter 1: The Bismarck
Chapter 2: Germany's Atlantic Strategy
Chapter 3: The Home Fleet
Chapter 4: Planning Operation Rheinübung
Chapter 5: Through the Baltic
Chapter 6: Norwegian Sojourn
Chapter 7: Move and Counter-Move
Chapter 8: The Denmark Strait
Chapter 9: Duel at Dawn
Chapter 10: Breakout into the Atlantic
Chapter 11: Evading her Pursuers
Chapter 12: The Fruitless Search
Chapter 13: Air Strike
Chapter 14: Destroyers in the dark
Chapter 15: The Final Battle
Chapter 16: Gotterdammerung

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