"I Am Not Your Black, America!"

by Meshorn T Floyd-Daniels

"I Am Not Your Black, America!"

by Meshorn T Floyd-Daniels


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Forget Every "Black" book you ever read; this Book is NOT "your black" book!This is the story of a first time author, who calls himself "Uncle Meshorn", as he debunks every label by which "uncle sam" has branded him with, including "uncle tom"!

If MeShorn is NOT "your black", America, then who is he?As soon as you think you can "box" MeShorn into "one of yours", you will have to embarrassingly pull him out, as you read the next chapter!

Yet, this book is not just about who he is, rather who you are.His story will force you to, grudgingly "pull yourself" out of boxes or labels, America has imprisoned you inside, in the name of culture, diversity, community and patriotism!

This book is intelligent but is not written by an intellectual.At heart, it is the cry of a child who severely doubted his identity, after being dragged through the muddy life of his gods: his parents, foster parents, and uncles.

As an adult, Meshorn had to wake up to the reality of the community he was raised in, "...The search for identity has alienated them from their true selves; the search for roots has UPROOTED them; the search for a 'colored' God has made them GODLESS."

As a US Army Officer, in his travels, he discovered that America in search of an identity, likewise, has sold its soul, in exchange for nostalgia of a supposed greatness in the past.

He does not believe that America was great or is great, but he can see clearly now that it can become as great as it wants to be.And the only way to become great is to never reply as Cain did when he was asked, "Where is your brother? ... "Am I my brother's keeper?!"

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ISBN-13: 9798889901266
Publisher: Trient Press
Publication date: 07/18/2023
Pages: 186
Sales rank: 738,318
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)
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