I Found It at the Movies: An Anthology of Film Poems
I Found It at the Movies: An Anthology of Film Poems

I Found It at the Movies: An Anthology of Film Poems


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ISBN-13: 9781550718973
Publisher: Guernica Editions, Incorporated
Publication date: 04/01/2014
Series: Essential Anthologies Series , #6
Pages: 232
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Editor and poet Ruth Roach Pierson is the author of Where No Window Was, GG finalist Aide-Mmoire, and CONTRARY. She has attended The Toronto Film Festival since 1980, with 33 films in 10 days her personal best.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

The Experience 5

Stillness Maleea Acker 7

Saturday Matinee Brenda Sciberras 8

A Comedy of (T)Errors, Or, Why I Hardly Ever Go to the Movies Maureen Scott Harris 10

New Year's Day, 1960 Maureen Hynes 12

Belle de Jour Rishma Dunlop 13

drive-in, 1969 Deborah-Anne Tunney 14

Short Fat Flicks Don McKay 15

On s'est perdus de vue George Sipos 17

rebel Jeffrey Round 19

Late Movies with Skyler Michael Ondaatje 22

After the Movies with O John Barton 24

Endurance Test Patricia Dawn Robertson 26

Cinema Paradiso Jennica Harper 27

On Watching an Eastern Bloc Comedy Rebecca Papucaru 29

Worn paring knife, apple, mother Sue Chenette 30

La règle du Jeu Elizabeth Greene 32

2001, An Elegy Steven Heighton 33

Best in Show Sharon McCartney 35

Movies George Whipple 36

The Movie 37

Zemlyo: Dovzhenko's Earth as Seen from a Canadian Cinema Sandra Stechisen 39

Watching L'Ataiante Richard Teleky 40

Torchy Comes Out with It Tanis MacDonald 45

Tin Man David Livingstone Clink 46

Echoes-A Glosa Kildare Dobbs 48

Spellbound Donna Kane 50

Bicycle Thieves Jacqueline Bourque 51

Disgraceland Jim Johnstone 52

Elevator to the Gallows Michael Fraser 54

Resume Drowning Darren Bifford 55

Ivan's Birches Barry Dempster 57

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Patricia Young 59

The Haunting, 1963 Julie Roorda 60

On the Day We Were Married Elizabeth Bachinsky 61

Technology, Sing Christine Tan 62

A Procession of Travelers Lillian Necakov 63

Eric Rohmer's Summer Carole Glasser Langille 64

The Emperor, Now a Citizen, Digs His First Hole Robert Colman 65

Glenn Gould watches Thirty-Two Short Films about Glenn Gould Steve McOrmond 66

La Grosse Maudite Anglaise Carolyn Marie Souaid 67

On Once Again Watching Bruce McDonald's Hard Core Logo Carleton Wilson 69

Jack Dawson's Grave Jeanette Lynes 70

Upon First Looking through a Rubber Mask into Lynch's Mulholland Dr Daniel Scott Tysdal 71

Clarissa's Return Kurt Zubatiuk 72

Sergeant Brown Emily Schultz 74

When pity plays the piano Patria Rivera 75

Stars, Stuntmen and a Cameo Appearance 77

Elle Lolls at Her Pool Molly Peacock 79

Listening to a Recently Dried-Out Lena While Watching Harold Lloyd Hang from a Clock Face at The Mayfair Peter Richardson 84

excerpt from Lilies, Angels, Silk Sashes: The Buster Keaton Poems Glen Downie 86

The Day Fatty Arbuckle Died: June 29 1933 Carolyn Smart 88

From Being Charlie Brian Bartlett 89

Hepburn at His Majesty's Theatre, Montreal, 1944 Claudia Coutu Radmore 90

After the Chuck Jones Tribute on Teletoon Sharon McCartney 91

Starring Bette Davis Jacob Scheier 92

Gene Tierney, Haunted Marlene Grand Maitre 93

Kirk Douglas Walking along Phipps Street on a Sunny Afternoon David W. McFadden 94

Love Poem for a Private Dick Karen Solie 95

Samurai Michael Kenyon 97

Longshoreman Mark Callanan 98

Happy Birthday Mr. President, May 1962 Marilyn Bowering 99

The Death of Marilyn Monroe Sharon Olds 100

The Tool Shed Bar, East Sunny Dunes RM Vaughan 101

Edward Furlong Now On Television Souvankham Thammavongsa 103

Stunt Adam Sol 104

The Photo Double David Seymour 106

The Buried Catherine Graham 108

Daniel Day Lewis On Why He Left the Stage Nathan Mader 110

Upon Meeting Owen Wilson in a Grocery Store Where Almost Everything was Organic and All I Really Wanted was a Diet Coke (And Maybe a Mars Bar) Shelley A. Leedahl 111

Cameo Appearance Charles Simic 112

Directors, Choreographers, Critics, and Wannabes 113

Sight and Sound Todd Swift 115

Five silent films, posted to YouTube, with French subtitles rob mclennan 116

In Memoriam Stan Brakhage (1933-2003) Phil Hall 118

Hearing Pan Craig Poile 119

His Domestic Pleasures Song Ken Babstock 121

Projector Elizabeth Ross 122

La poulette grlse Mitchell Parry 123

Geraldine David Donnell 126

Cukaloris Jason Guriel 127

In the Films of Michael Haneke Mat Laporte 128

Claude Jutra's Note gillian harding-russell 129

Souvenir Jeramy Dodds 131

Excerpts from the Future Memoirs of Roger Ebert Jacob McArthur Mooney 132

The Particular Melon Nick Thran 134

Scary Movies, Thrillers, Horror Flicks and Film Noir 137

Werewolf Movies Margaret Atwood 139

Nosferatu Vanessa Moeller 141

Bride of Frankenstein Alex Boyd 142

King Kong Meets Wallace Stevens Michael Ondaatje 143

Monster (Godzilla) Sachiko Murakami 144

Batman Kelsey Mills 146

Film Noir Carmine Starnino 147

Scary Movies Kim Addonizio 148

Movie Monster Blaise Moritz 150

Screenplay by King Dave Margoshes 152

New Rats Emily Schultz 153

James Bond Considers Retirement Paulo Jane Remlinger 155

Indelible Images 157

Frontier, in Cinecolor George Amobile 159

Slow Motion Lillian Necakov 160

Catch and Release Ian LeTourneau 161

Article of Faith Adam Sol 162

Depression Pictures Glen Downie 164

Film in an Unknown Tongue A.F. Moritz 165

Oz: A Tribute to Gerda Taro John Reibetanz 167

Emerald City Blues Phoebe Tsang 169

Instruments from Oz or Paranoid Indian David Groulx 171

John Jim Smith 173

Apocalypse Now Patrick Warner 174

What we remember Jim Nason 175

The woman in the carpet Maxianne Berger 176

Open Lorri Neilsen Glenn 177

Mon Chair Weyman Chan 178

When a friend lends a poet movies Eleonore Schönmaier 180

betting on the horses Lisa Pasold 181

Stormblue Robyn Sarah 182

The Seventh Seal Kirsteen MacLeod 184

Hiroshima. Mon amour Colin Morton 185

Fargo in Flood Stephanie Bolster 186

On the Beach Louisa Howerow 187

A Way to Picture Love Michael Oliver 188

How can you fall asleep? Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen 189

The Rocky Horror Lyric Poem Eric Folsom 190

Summer on Rewind Julie Bruck 191

After Life Ruth Roach Pierson 193

Hope You Margaret Christakos 194

Acknowledgements 197

Contributors 205

List of Movies Referenced 217

Thank You's 221

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