Ice Hot: A New York Nighthawks Novel

Ice Hot: A New York Nighthawks Novel

by Tracy Goodwin

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The Nighthawks are hockey’s new expansion team. They’re ice hot. And they’re all about the chase.
Christian: They call me a hockey god because I’m a beast on the ice . . . and off. Men want to be me and women just want me. But now that the New York Nighthawks expect me to lead their team to victory, it’s all work and no play. My eyes are on the prize. Until I meet Serena Ellis, a sexy, curvalicious blonde who doesn’t know me from jack. And just like that, I’m hooked.

Serena: I don’t do one-night stands—especially with celebrity jocks who date models. Lots of models. But the god of hockey is a temptation that’s hard for mere mortals to resist. And after the best kiss of my life, I’m ready to throw my one-night stand rule out the window. Except Christian Chase won’t let me. He doesn’t want a one-night stand. He wants it all.

This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Advance praise for Ice Hot

“Goodwin is aiming at the under-thirty set with millennial touchstones [and] steamy sex scenes. . . . A large cast of secondary characters promises a long life for the series.”Publishers Weekly
“One of my favorite happily-ever-afters! This is definitely a must read.”—Just Love My Books (five stars)

“An alpha with heart, Christian is my kind of hero! Ice Hot sizzles with a story that’s more than just hockey—full characters and lots of heat. Tracy Goodwin is an author to watch for sure.”—Kelly Jamieson, author of the Aces Hockey series

Ice Hot is a thoroughly enjoyable read. I want more of this new series [New York Nighthawks]!”—Christi Barth, author of the Naked Men series
“I highly recommend this book and I can't wait to get my grabby hands on the next installment in the series. The line forms here. . . .”—Bookbub

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781984800121
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/05/2019
Series: New York Nighthawks , #1
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 248
Sales rank: 19,238
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Tracy Goodwin is a USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. Throughout a career spanning a decade, she has achieved both traditional and indie publishing success. She is the author of sexy contemporary romances and sweeping adult historical romances. In addition, Tracy pens vivid urban fantasy paranormal romance bursting with excitement. Though the genres may be different, each story delivers her unique blend of sensuality, poignant emotion, humor, and unforgettable characters that steal readers’ hearts.

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I turn to my friend. We met at Michigan State. I was on a Division 1 scholarship, while Nick wasn’t hurting for cash. We bonded over our hockey skills and have played together since. As pros in Indianapolis, he was beside me when we won the cup. Both times. He’s always been by my side, and he’s the best right winger in the league, which is why I insisted he join me at the Nighthawks as part of the terms of my acquisition. Like Gretzky did with McSorley. “You still got my back?”

Nick holds out a fist. “Always, bro.”

I bump it with one of my own. Yeah, Nick is skilled at what he does. He’s also family. The only family I’ve got aside from my team, coaching, and management staff.

As I pull out of the parking lot and head home, I turn the volume up—loud. It’s an iconic eighties band singing a stadium song about champions. I can’t stop thinking about the team. How do I earn their respect? Shit, what if I fail the Nighthawks?

Sweaty and overthinking things, I stop for gas, parking in front of the pump before running inside. I head to the refrigerated section and grab an orange Gatorade from the cooler, obsessing over the banner fiasco and wondering if I made it better or worse. I tried being nice, which did jack crap. Then challenged Gallagher before swooping in with an inspirational speech. Did I make the right calls? I’ve never doubted myself like this before.

Then again, there’s never been such a weight on my shoulders. It’s a forty-million-dollar weight and I feel like I’m buckling beneath it. Crap.

Turning around, I crash into something solid. A blonde with a ponytail, sunglasses on the top of her head, no makeup, and a look of horror on her face.

“What the heck?” She shivers, glaring down at the crushed Slurpee cup in her hands, and the blue ice covering her white tank and pink yoga pants.

“I’m so sorry.” I grab napkins and offer them to her.

She shoves my hands away. “Stop. Just stop. Do you honestly think I’d let you cop a feel?”

“No!” I’m quick to right that misconception. “I was handing them to you, not touching you. I would never touch you.”

“Don’t sound so disgusted at the possibility.” She tosses the cup in the trash.
Shit. I’m anything but disgusted. I’m a man. And this girl is hot. Or would be, if she weren’t furious with me.

Peeling her tank from her chest, she reaches in, scooping a handful of blue slush from her cleavage before tossing it in the garbage can. “I’m going to kill Becca. Yoga will relax you. What a joke! It leaves you sore, miserable, and sweaty.”

I grab more napkins. Is this all I can do? Stand like an idiot with a stack of napkins in my hands while she mutters to herself? What the hell has happened to my social game?

Before I can offer to buy her another Slurpee, her head snaps back to me. “Can I help you with something or did you want to burn me with scalding hot coffee before you left?”

I’m staring and gulping. My throat is dry. Still, I manage, “How can I help?”

“Thanks, but you’ve done enough.” Staring at her blue hands before wiping them on her yoga pants, she hurries out the door.

Since the napkins were a complete waste of time, I plop cash on the counter to cover the Gatorade and chase after her. She’s parked one aisle over from me, standing at the gas pump. I grab a towel and my extra T-shirt out of my hatch and head toward her car. A metallic blue Volvo XC90. Sporty, yet sexy.

“Damn it. Come on.” She struggles with the gas cap, then slams her palm against her car. “Shit.”

I stand next to the pump. “Hey.”

Twisting around to see me, she leans against her car with an annoyed sigh. “Did you come over to spill gas on me, too?”

“Nope. I’m still trying to help.” I offer her the towel from my gym bag, but she takes a step away from me like I’ve got the plague. “I come in peace—look, it’s a white towel.”

“Too late for peace. I have Slurpee goo in my underwear, you’ve frozen my lady parts, and now the ice is melting.” She looks down at the blue puddle on the concrete. “Oh, God. It’s dripping. It looks like I’m peeing a Smurf in public.”

“Take the shirt and the towel. I’ll fill your tank while you change.” She’s tense and dripping onto her flip-flops. I say the only thing I can think of to make this better. “I really am sorry.”

She narrows her eyes. “So you say, but how do I know you’re not going to steal my car?”

I laugh. I can’t help myself. Sure, I’ve been trash-talked a lot in my life, but I’ve never been accused of grand theft auto. My contract was discussed ad nauseum on ESPN. Even non–hockey fans tend to know how much I make annually. It was national news.

She glares at me. “What’s so funny? Auto theft happens all the time, right?”

Reaching into my pocket, I hand her my keys. “You can have mine.”

She grabs them, reading the Land Rover emblem, then looks for my SUV. After setting her sights on it, she presses the panic button. Not once, not twice. Nope. She presses it three times, and the horn blares as my hazards blink furiously. I cancel the panic alarm, though it’s too late. We’ve already caused a scene and my ears are ringing. Still, I exhale, relieved that she didn’t press the tailgate button. The last thing I need is for those banners to go flying through the parking lot. Chasing them would make me look like even more of an oaf, if that’s possible after spilling a sticky blue Slurpee all over her. As I hand my keys back to her, she grins.
The day, my shitty day, just got a whole lot brighter. Because of one grin . . . from this woman. That’s all it took.

Reaching for my towel and shirt, she pauses before heading to the restroom. “I promise not to lose your keys or flush them down the toilet. No matter how tempted I may be.”

“I appreciate that.” I wink at her, noting how her sarcasm draws out her dimples. “I promise not to steal your car. No matter how tempted I may be.”

The planes of her heart-shaped face soften, and she opens her mouth, like she’s about to say something. I’m intrigued. Until she smirks. I can tell she’s trying not to laugh as she hurries to the restroom without a word.

Though I’m left wondering what she wanted to say, I can’t help but smile. It’s obvious to me that this woman has no idea who I am, which actually excites me. Being considered a car thief means that this is one person who doesn’t want anything from me.

My cell rings, and I read the screen. Dad. Speaking of someone who wants a handout, I reject the call, choosing instead to shove my cell in my pocket, top off the blonde’s tank, and screw her gas cap back on. The signs say I shouldn’t be on my cell. What better reason for rejecting a call from my dad? Besides, the last thing I want to do is set fire to the mystery woman’s Volvo.

Just as I close her gas tank door, I catch sight of her crossing the parking lot, wearing my white T-shirt and her flip-flops. My hand stills, and I can’t help but stare.

Holy hotness.

The shirt covers her ass and reaches her thighs. When the sunlight hits at just the right angle, I can see the outline of her body. Tight, but not emaciated. She wears sunglasses and saunters like she is the sexiest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on, which I’m pretty sure she is. Her confidence is a total turn-on.

“Your towel and my clothes are a lost cause.” Her sweat mingling with gas fumes is oddly intoxicating. “Thanks for the shirt and for filling my car.”

“Anytime.” I want her number. I need it, but I can’t get my mouth to work fast enough.

Someone whistles at her, and she tosses me my keys before heading to her driver’s door. “I’ve gotta go. Thanks again.”

She slides into the driver’s seat, turns the ignition, and fastens her seatbelt. As she drives away, I notice a blue stain on her cheek. Damn. I don’t even know her name. Just that she wears my shirt even better than she wore a Slurpee, has no shame, and is the first woman not to recognize me in forever. Damn. Why didn’t I get her number?

A horn blares at me because I’m blocking a free pump. It’s another reminder that I’m human. I’m not Brad Pitt famous. Or polished. I spilled a blue raspberry Slurpee down a woman’s shirt, for Christ’s sake. Some face for a new expansion team I am. I’m supposed to have it together, be cool under pressure. Sure, I am on the ice. I commanded the Infernos. So why do I feel so uncool in New York? Why can’t I put an asshole like Gallagher in his place, let alone meet a smoking-hot woman without getting tongue tied?

“What the hell have I gotten myself into?” I mutter as I slide behind the wheel. “This is going to be a long summer.”

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Ice Hot: A New York Nighthawks Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
Anonymous 4 months ago
LynnB888 7 months ago
A brand new hockey team to steal our hearts! Tracy Goodwin's new series has a lot of potential with a solid group of guys to draw from as future heroes. We start out with the team captain Christian and his new lady love. They are pretty adorable together, and the book is a lot of fun. Enjoyed it! Hockey sensation Christian Chase is on top of his game and living the high life with a different lady anytime he pleases. A move to New York's newest expansion team means buckling down and gathering a group of unknowns together enough to form a winning team. He's getting pushback from a few hot heads, but he'll win them over before all is said and done. Just when he thinks life can't get any better, he stumbles into a woman who he knows is going to change his life! Serena Ellis isn't down for one-night stands but when the king of hockey sets his sight on her after a couple of arbitrary run ins, she just might have to break her own rule because he is smoking! Imagine her surprise when he sets out to woo her into a relationship instead of just a one and done! Being with him manages to bring her a bit of scandal, but if she can find a way to forge through it all, they just might have a hope of forever.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 8 months ago
ICE HOT is the first instalment in Tracy Goodwin’s contemporary, adult NEW YORK NIGHTHAWKS hockey, romance series focusing on the NHL’s newest expansion team the New York Nighthawks. This is New York Nighthawks team captain Christian ‘Cyclone’ Chase, and fashion designer Serena Ellis’ story line. Told from dual first person perspectives (Christian and Serena) ICE HOT follows the building relationship and romance between New York Nighthawks team captain Christian Chase, and fashion designer Serena Ellis. Having met accidentally over a spilled ice-blue slushy, Christian Chase couldn’t get the curvy blonde out of his mind but a team get-together at a local bar found our hero face to face with the woman who rejected his teammate, the woman who has starred in all of his recent fantasies and dream. Enter fashion designer Serena Ellis, and the woman with whom Christian will fall in love. What ensues is the building relationship and romance between Christian and Serena, and the fall-out as jealousy, the media, and the social pariahs of the internet take turns destroying our leading couple. Serena Ellis knows she isn’t a rail thin model, a fact pushed home on more than once occasion, but it is her curves that have made our heroine a fashion success. Struggling to get out from the controlling thumb of her well-to-do and judgmental parents, Serena finds solace in building her own brand, one curvy girl at a time. Christian Chase is a successful professional hockey player who finds comfort in the simple things like hockey, his friend and his dog. Making a name for himself places a target on his back, a target one of his fellow teammates is determined to hit every single time. The relationship between Christian and Serena is one of immediate attraction but an attraction tempered by sins of the past: issues of trust, rejection and the possibility of failure. Trying to keep their relationship of down low, Serena and Christian will become the leading story when jealousy, betrayal and vengeance for Christian to push Serena out of his life. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and supporting characters including several members of the New York Nighthawks. We are introduced to Serena’s brother Lucas and his husband Charlie; her best friend and business partner Becca, as well as Serena and Lucas’ parents Harrison and Kathryn, and feisty grandma Savannah Ellis. The world building focuses on our heroine’s low self esteem. As a woman of size and curves Serena has struggled to fit into the mold her parents have always wanted her to fit. An teenaged rejection followed by humiliation and pain have caused emotional scars for our story line heroine, and social media body shaming continues to focus on her insecurities wherever she goes. Christian Chase never knew the pain of destroying a woman’s heart but trying to protect Serena from the fall-out of jealousy and betrayal meant Christian was forced to push Serena out of his life. ICE HOT is a story of jealousy, betrayal, heart break and love. The premise is sensitive and spirited; the characters are real and animated; the romance is dramatic and moving. ICE HOT is an impassioned look at one woman’s struggle to fit society’s mold, and one man’s struggle to protect the woman he loves.
Jennann3 8 months ago
The New York Nighthawks have placed their faith in Christian Chase and backed it with a contract worth millions to be the Captain of the new hockey expansion team. He’s supposed to bring the team together to ensure they win the Stanley Cup at the end of the season. His team has other ideas. They lack structure and the true love and respect of hockey that Christian thrives on. Even though it’s only preseason, they have a long way to go. When pranks aimed at Christian reach an all-time high, Christian leaves the arena stressed. Serena Ellis, daughter to the wealthy Ellis empire, is having an unbelievably bad day. Only to be topped off by an incredibly good looking guy smashing her blue slushie into her white shirt. A couple of weeks later, Serena happens upon the same sexy guy in a bar. Not looking for a relationship or even a one-night stand, Serena comes to his rescue by kissing him in front of his jerky teammates. The kiss that has her rethinking her position on one-night stands. If you haven’t read a Tracy Goodwin novel, like myself, I’d start here! I loved, loved, loved this novel and it’s message. In life, curvy girls are generally insecure. Society places far too much importance on being thin and outward appearances. So many athletes are photographed with models or other arm candy, so it’s shocking when one truly shows interest in a curvy gal. Soooo relatable! If one has money, it only complicates matters further as you don’t really know if you’re wanted for who you are or what they will gain in the relationship. I loved that Christian kept true to himself and his roots. I loved that his best friend had his back, even when he acted stupid. Even though Christian plays hockey, you won’t get lost in hockey terminology as it’s more a love story. I received a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Ice Hot: A New York Nighthawks Novel by Tracy Goodwin Sexy, fun, romance A must read, sexy and fun romance. Characters are totally relatable, you can almost picture yourself in the story with them. Steamy, passionate romance that sucks you in. I didn’t want to put this down once I started. I am looking forward to reading more of this series. I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.
Mgrabeel 8 months ago
Serena Ellis has done a great job of establishing herself away from her family name. Her demons have haunted her and pushed her to be a better version of herself. Being in the spotlight is something she never wanted. Christian Chase is a hockey god and being the captain of the NHL’s latest expansion team comes with a heavy burden. Having his face plastered everywhere, has minimized his options when it comes to dating, so he doesn’t. Finding the spitfire was never in his plans. This is the first book I’ve read by this author. I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled on this little gem. I would greatly like to read more about this group of hockey players and hope to see more in this series. The hero was a bit of a conundrum as he was very possessive of the heroine in most instances while trying to hold onto his bachelorhood and maintain his focus on building his team. I loved the fact the heroine wasn’t portrayed as a model who is under size six. She had curves and was happy about her body size. I wish more authors would embrace this ideology. I look forward to reading more by this author.
FanniAnn 9 months ago
Wonderful story with interesting characters made this hard to put down. I received a copy from Netgalley and I am voluntarily leaving my own honest opinion
Madm007 9 months ago
I love the hockey romance genre. All bada$$es on the ice. Alpha men with big hearts. I fell in love with Chris and Serena, the way they met (both times lol) showed what a wicked sense of humor these characters had and the chemistry was instant. Wow! This covered so much regarding today's realities and how these two dealt with it all, just pulled so hard on my heartstrings. There were ups and downs and Ms. Goodwin made me feel it all. A great read that keeps you flipping pages till the HEA sigh. I received an ARC thru Net Galley and am voluntarily reviewing Ice Hot.
DreamReader83 9 months ago
Ice Hot is a story of a hot and talented hockey player Christian and Serena the socialite fashionista. Serena and Christian come from two different worlds, but they do not let that stop them from having some fun. When they meet its not a great first impression, but Christian gets a chance at redemption when he sees her again. When they meet in the club, Christian was just get roasted into picking up a woman when he sees Serena. She is the one he can’t stop thinking about and wonders if this is his second chance. They leave together that night and have one of the hottest nights minus the one thing we think. Their chemistry is hot and intense which will leave you squirming with anticipation. Once they start getting to know one another in a series of world wind dates, late nights, and family gatherings things start to happen for them. Something sinister is afoot and its destroying what Serena and Christian are building. Can they find a way through the hardship to keep fighting for their love? Christian is the hot talented hockey player who is tired and wants to find the girl that makes him want more. Serena is a beautiful and curvy woman set to launch her own brand of clothes. With her parents being in the social scene it has been hard for her to find her footing in her family being that she is not the model type. What is the model type anyway? I never really cared, and Serena does not care until she starts dating on of the most sought-after hockey players. When their relationship becomes public evil is lurking in the background trying to destroy them. Christian takes matters into his own hands and makes things worse. When they go their separate ways, they must find the strength to fight for each other in this story of love. I liked both characters but sometimes they both could be self-deprecating, and I don’t like that flaw in people. It makes them seem whiney and selfish. I love the story though because it has hockey players at their finest. I love the supporting characters and hope there is more stories to come about them. Pretty please say there is more to come because when you read this one you will not be disappointed.
Momma_Becky 9 months ago
Ice Hot is a good start to a new hockey romance series. The first introduction to the team is a bit abrupt, but we do get to see more of those characters throughout the story, giving us a chance to get to know them. The focus here is Christian and his love interest, Serena. Both characters are likable, and they each come with their own set of personal issues that make them feel unworthy of the other. I loved Serena's sass, and she comes across as a strong, assertive woman from the start, which is another plus. However, the talk about her size, especially from her, quickly grew repetitive and tedious, even a bit whiny. That aside, I did like the interaction between Chris and Serena, and they have great chemistry. The story is a good mix of sweet, sexy, and angsty without going too far overboard on the angst. All in all, this first book in the series is a solid start, and there are plenty of interesting characters to keep it going for awhile.
SmutCrazy 9 months ago
Christian Chase plays hockey for the New York Nighthawks. His teammates are depending on him to get them all the way to the Stanley Cup, as their captain. One thing everyone knows is that he is a commitment phoebe, usually four dates is his limit. That’s until he meets the lovely and curvaceous Serena. The only problem is that he bumped into her and spilled her blue slushy all over her shirt and pants. Trying to apologize by giving her a towel and a t-shirt from his car, he finishes putting gas in her car. Once she takes off, he feels really stupid by not asking for her phone number. A few days later with his teammates, they go out for drinks, when they make a bet that he can’t pick up a girl. Approaching her, Christian is shocked to see it’s slushy girl. Deciding to be honest with her, he explains about the bet. But first he is even more honest, he wants her number. Thank goodness she does give him that right before she turns him down very loudly and publicly. Serena is really interested in seeing Christian, why not, neither one wants a relationship. However, what one wants may be different than what the heart wants. Serena went thru an awful and hurtful breakup, and she doesn’t want to repeat that anytime soon. I loved this book, mainly because it was so hot and because I love hockey. A must read! I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Lorizen 9 months ago
This story starts off with a great comedic scene where we meet Christian and Serena. Christian's just been traded and is Captain of the new New York hockey team. Serena is a sassy businesswoman who takes absolutely no nonsense from anyone. He can't take his eyes off of her and after the less than stellar meeting where he bumps into her dumping her bright blue slurpee down the front of her nice white tank top... not so impressive. Story flies off to a great start where Christian is determined to get Serena to go out with him. They meet again in a sports bar where he hits of her, at the behest of his teammates who dare him, Serena can't understand why this handsome hockey player would be interested in the girl with the curves. While Christian has his hands full getting his pre-season players to play nice, he's also trying to woo ( yes I said that word) Serena. The guy did a hard press for this girl. The downside to the book was the story lags seriously in the middle and I had to push myself to keep reading it. Recycling the same storyline over and over. There's a little action here and there, low angst but it's a hike to the end. I did like the characters. As much as I loved Serena's sass, I didn't love the constant comments about her size. Christian I just flat out liked him. There were times when he seemed a little slow out of the gate, but there's a sense that he's a really good guy that was covered up by the story. Secondary characters were ok for the most part, except for the story's bad guy who was just a jackhat. I wanted more hockey in the story, more background to the other characters, and C's best friend as well. I realize this is book one of a series, so hoping that book two will open those areas up. I'm going to reach and give it 3.5 I hold back from a 4 due to the major lag in the storyline. This really could be a 5 star book. arc from NetGalley and Loveswept for an honest review.
micharch 9 months ago
Christian and Serena meet by chance at a 711, where a Slurpee incident changes their lives. Christian is the captain of the New York Nighthawks and has a lot on his shoulders He has made a lot of himself, despite his humble beginnings.. Serena is a fashion designer who comes from privilege, although her parents also leave a lot to be desired. Serena came across as kind of snobby at first and I was unsure of how to take her. She claimed to be self-confident and then would bemoan her plus size figure and claim she couldn't see why he would want to be with her. I got whiplash a few times. Her philosophy about being true to oneself was admirable, but she rarely applied it to herself. Her experience at 16 shaped a lot of her issues and I felt she needed to deal with it and not constantly second-guess herself and Christian. Christian .is a legend on and off the ice and knows that a relationship will cause complications in his life. After meeting Serena, he decides to go with the flow. He did make a tactical error in how he handled Serena being bullied. Felt they both should have communicated more and tried to protect the other less. Felt Serena should have also stepped up and acknowledged that she should have been honest about how bad the situation with her was. Overall a good read and a nice start to this hockey series. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.
Lori-Gonzo 9 months ago
Oh Christian and Serena, how I loved your story! I love when two characters have such an intense and magnetic pull towards one another, that is not over the top, but just right. And for me, that is how Christian and Serena are. They meet in a funny, but genuine way with no possible way of their paths crossing again. But sure enough, they do. And this time it is hot, a little bit of fun, and then bam, smoking hot chemistry. I loved how their relationship progressed until Christian tried to do the right thing. Then frustration and heartbreak set in, not just theirs, but for me too. However, in the end, he will make you love him all over again. I want more from this series and cannot wait. Christian's teammates and Serena's best friend are very entertaining. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
ECD 9 months ago
I really like this book. It is a feel-good story of love and romance. It covers some excellent subjects that definately relevant in today’s world. The main lead characters Serena's and Christian's romance and eventual love for one another is so realistic. The supporting characters are well developed and have wonderful personalities. This book includes a gay married couple. Serena's brother Lucas is married to Charlie and both are staunch supporters of Serena, her business and her personal life. Her grandmother, Savannah, is a hoot. She is eclectic in her manners and is a self-made woman. She has supported and championed Serena for all of her life. Savannah has been there for Serena because her parents did everything to body shame her because she is a BBW and look upon her fledgling business with distain. Her parents, Kathryn and Harrison Ellis are wealthy elitist snobs. They have always looked down on both Serena and her brother Lucas because they did not fit the mold of their perfect elitist lifestyle. Although emotionally hurt by their parents Serena and Lucas proudly live their lives in the open. Christian/Chris has had to take care of himself since he was a child. When his mother died, his father's gambling got out of control and he spent all his money for food and utilities on gambling without concern for feeding and caring for Christian. Christian worked hard to provide for himself and by extension, his father. Alone, unloved and uncared for, Christian spent his time excelling in all that he did. In the winter he would skate with used skates, and taught himself how to handle the ice. He kept those skates to always remind himself from where and what he came from. However, Christian's deep fear of never being loved for who he is strong. Because of his father, he fears rejection. He does not want to feel unloved. So, he has never had a relationship. As a pro hockey celebrity, women are constantly looking to attach themselves to his fame and fortune. When he meets Serena he is immediately attracted to her for her sassy snarky attitude and her rocking full figured body. Her confidence is an aphrodisiac to him. She does not treat him like a hockey god, but treats him like a normal guy. Serena has deep seated fears of her own. When she was sixteen, she had a traumatic experience with a boy. Since then, she has hardened her heart and is not willing to trust any man. She has never fully given herself to anyone and neither has Christian. Just when things are looking up for Christian and Serena, negative publicity drives a wedge between them. Christian knows who is behind it but he does not know how to deal with it. He breaks up with Serena in order to protect her, but all it does is cause anger, pain and insecurity. This is a wonderful book, very entertaining and full of emotion and drama. I highly recommend it. I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.
SherriBabb 9 months ago
This is the first book that I have read by this author and the only word that comes to mind to describe it is WOW ! This book was so much more then just a romance book. This book was about 2 people that have both shaped their lives on events that have happened in their past. Although both of these people are strong people they still carry a lot of self doubt in themselves. When Christian and Serena first meet there is a lot of attraction on both sides but they both go there separate ways. They both cannot stop thinking about the other and then fate steps in again and they see each other again. I just love how there relationship is all heat but they still take time to get to know each other. This book is not all rainbows and sunshine. There is a darkness in it too that wants to destroy anything good these 2 have. This book is full of self doubt, love. romance and lots and lots of drama. It is a book I would highly recommend, Thanks Net Galley. I voluntarily reviewed this book in exchange for an honest review.
JustNicole 9 months ago
You had me at hockey romance!!! Ice Hot, by author Tracy Goodwin, was hot enough to melt the ice! This fun, enjoyable romance story between hockey captain, Christian Chase, and Serena Ellis, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, has humor, love, sabotage, frustration, hockey, and Christian’s dog (Puck). Overall, I really enjoyed this story. The characters were well written and I liked the friendships and team camaraderie, but I was frustrated a bit because there was a player who was making life difficult for Serena and Chris to be together, but there wasn’t anything they could really do about it? Also, the internet trolls bugged me. Overall, I really liked this book, and would recommend it, and am looking forward to the next book in the series!
cayks 9 months ago
Christian, center and captain for the new hockey team in NY, the Nighthawks. He's won 2 Stanley Cups, hot, single, a drunk for a father who only calls when he needs money. Serena, a rich girl disowned by her parents, has her gay brother and partner for business partners in her design business, a really neat grandmother, a 12- 14 size body that she promotes with her designs that she has insecurity issues issues with. Throw in the Nighthawks with multiple personalities and one vindictive teammate to make life miserable for a budding romance between the two. You will love finding out how they conquer their parents, issues and Might Mouse. Hot, sweaty,steamy, action packed with humor and sexy bodies. Ice Hot is a great read. I can't wait for the next book.
Anonymous 9 months ago
The Gist. Serena is a wealthy, hot, plus-sized businesswoman despite her parents body-shaming ways and a traumatic, body-shaming experience when she was a teen. Christian is the hot hockey captain with a fear of failure, a chip on his shoulder about his father, and women who want him for his status as a rich, pro athlete. It was great finding a novel where the heroine wasn't a size six and sassy-mouthed, and the hero loved her body. Christian and Serena have off-the-charts chemistry, and I found myself drawn in by these complex characters. As someone who's struggled with how others perceive my body, I enjoyed seeing some of myself reflected in Serena. I enjoyed the author's writing style and voice, and I will definitely look for the next Night Hawks novel.
DebiDG 9 months ago
Outstanding! This is my first book by Tracy Goodwin and I’m in such a fantastic head space right now. Started and finished in one sitting, this book has all the feels. I laughed out loud, cheered and sneered and fell in love with the characters. What I admired most was the actual lacking of any angst. The story line held my interest while the characters were honest and upfront with each other. I. Loved. That. The. Most. However, like every great book there must be a twist. Things needed to happen. And wow. Just wow! Can this be a standalone? One hundred percent YES! The epilogue...Loved it and now I’m hooked. A. Must. Read.
UpAllNightBB 9 months ago
4 Stars Review by Lisa Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Ice Hot is the first book in the New York Nighthawks series by Tracy Goodwin. And what a story to start with. Tons of chemistry jumping off this pages, the character's connection at its best. Drama with a capital D. With a side of humor that will have you laughing out loud. Christian is the new captain of the Nighthawks. But things are not so easy for the new captain. When his focus should be all about his new team/new season starting, Serena catches his eye and things can get a little off-kilter. Serena who has enough drama going on in her life doesn't' do one night stands, but a chance kiss that ends up being "the kiss" has her a little weak in the knees. And when Christian doesn't let up in his pursuit, then things can get a little hot under the collar. I enjoyed reading this story, it fun, flirty, steamy and with a side of drama to bring it around.
Nicolerko 9 months ago
This is the first book I've read by Tracy Goodwin. I had to give this one a read because hockey romance is one of my jams right now. I gobble them right up. Serena and Christian's first meeting is quite memorable. It set a fun, but serious note to the book. There were many times I found myself laughing while reading this, but this book also has a ton of heart. I'm not gonna lie when the couple had their struggle it was difficult to read. To see them struggle and go through what they had to was a little heartbreaking. Tracy did a great job on creating some very unlikable characters. One in particular I disliked the most and I wanted to knock some common decency in him. Serena is an inspiring character and one many women can relate to. I'm looking forward to more of Tracy's hockey hunks!
Aquamarine1951 9 months ago
This is the first book I have read by this author and it is an awesome read. The story had me reeled in from page one. I am glad I read this on a weekend because I was up all night to see how it would end. The author’s characters are well developed. Her plot flows smoothly and her storyline was well written. There is romance, heartbreak, family drama, sacrifice a villian and several emotional elements to the story that made for a fantastic plot. Serena Ellis is a wealthy Socialite from a Real Estate developer’s family and Christian Chase is Captain of the Nighthawke’s Hockey team. He has worked his way up from nothing to a star player earning million dollar contracts. They are a sexy hot mismatched pair that melt the ice together and have more in common in their emotional personal lives then they every thought possible. It is the kind of story which does not bore and makes you read every word without skipping pages. Loved Puck and Serena grandmother! I don’t like to give specific spoilers so I’ll say the storyline makes you route for Serena and Chris to achieve their HEA. I highly recommend. I received an advanced readers copy from the author through NetGalley for my honest opinion. It was a pleasure to read and review this book.
TracyFritts1974 9 months ago
This was a enjoyable read and I thought storyline was good I enjoyed reading about these two characters Christian and Serena. It had me hooked from the first chapter.
Jolie 9 months ago
I noticed lately that I have had a lot of hockey-themed romances in my TBR pile. Which is funny because I haven’t followed hockey in years. All these hockey themed romances are telling me something. They are telling me that I need to turn on the games again. When I read the blurb for Ice Hot, I was kind of “meh” about it. No lying. I got burned out on alpha males. I also got burned out on women who think that they can handle the alphas but end up becoming submissive. I surprised when Christian and Serena blew those misconceptions out of the water. While the book did start off with a typical alpha male situation, it turned into anything but. Christian was still very much an alpha male on the ice. But off the ice, when he was alone with Serena, he showed a different side. A side that I wasn’t expecting to see in a book like this. I loved it!! I thought Serena was awesome!! The whole situation with the Slurpee had me cracking up in bed. But what I liked the most about her was that she was one of the most genuinely written characters I have read to date. I read a lot, so that says something. By the end of the book, she morphed into almost hero status in my eyes. The author chose to detail cyberbullying in this review. As well as slut/fat shaming. Serena was at the end of that. She had been at the end of the fat shaming her entire life. Her parents did nothing about it. In fact, her father hired the guy who humiliated her. I thought she was strong and my admiration grew as the book went on. I was heartbroken when Serena and Christian broke up. Now, I wouldn’t normally be mentioning that but it was huge in the book. I am not going to say why they broke up but I will say that I understood why Christian did it. He wanted to protect Serena and in his mind, this was how he could do it. The only thing that I found fault with was how the team and management handled Mighty. I know that a hockey team needs to be a cohesive unit. Which is why I didn’t understand why nothing was done about Mighty until the end of the book. He caused so much harm, it wasn’t even funny. I was very surprised that Christian held off as long as he did. The sex scenes were as emotional and intimate as the book was. The author kept up the sexual tension throughout the book. It didn’t go away at all. Actually, it intensified the deeper Christian fell for Serena. It was amazing to read. You will need tissues for the end of the book. Thankfully, I had a bunch next to me (I am battling a cold). I started bawling the minute Serena met up with her mother and didn’t start until the end of the book. I loved the epilogue and thought the Slurpee was great!!!